Friday, November 27, 2009


You would think on a holiday I would have a day off from dogs.. LOL!!

Thanksgiving was good. We drove to Columbus to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's side of the family. On the way down I picked up Billy from his foster mom. He had a spot on his back and the vets in Columbus are SO SO SO expensive. Actually cheaper for me to pick him up and bring him back to my house then have her take him to a vet there.

Anyway, picked him up on the way down. When we got to my husband's Aunts house the babies were sleeping (his cousins kids). So, I left Billy in the car in his crate. We ate and the kids woke up so then we went for a walk with the dogs... my in laws dog, my husband's aunt's dog and Billy. Then Billy came in the house and played and played and played with his other cousin's GSD mix dog. Such a cutie. I think that the GSD mix was just excited someone wanted to play with her.. the other two dogs wanted nothing to do with her. LOL

We left after an hour or so because I had to get home to feed horses and take care of the dogs. That morning we did go on a 2 mile walk so at least they got out and ran for a bit.

Thanksgiving night I had one dog getting adopted who was in a foster to adopt home and Earl leaving for a foster to adopt home.

On the way back home from Columbus we passed a house that had FREE LAB MIX PUPPIES spray painted on a piece of ply wood. Of course today I drove to the house and talked to the people with the free labs.

Apparently the story is this... they have two female dogs. A small terrier mix and a larger mix breed. The large mix breed only has 3 legs. The women's son and his girlfriend bought 2 male yellow labs. The son's yard is not fenced YET and the girlfriend took off so she was left with both dogs. She didn't think that female mix breed with 3 legs could get pregnant because she only had 3 legs. I SWEAR that is exactly what she said!!

Apparently there were 8 puppies and only two were left. She has someone coming back for 1 on Monday. They were 10 weeks old and she did wait until they were 8 weeks to start giving them away and she made sure that only people from the area took one. She didn't want them going to far away.

I told her where I was from and that I would be willing to help her get her dogs fixed, the puppies fixed if anyone who took one needed help getting that done. I explained to her the importance, I gave her all my contact information and contact information for a low cost spay / neuter place... not sure if she will actually get it done but....

I talked to the lady about all her cats too. Told her that the spay / neuter place was having a discount on getting cats fixed during the month of December and I am sure they could help her with those too.

So, let me explain this house to you. It was a really nice house at one time, you can tell. It was made to look like a log cabin but isn't is a real log cabin. There are broken down cars EVERYWHERE, trash everywhere.. not bags of trash just like empty cans, boxes, ect. There are cats EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. My mom and I counted 6 and all we did was walk on the porch. On the porch there were empty Bub light boxes, one had a cat sleeping in it and one full Bud light box next to the front door. The windows had sheets hanging from them for curtains, some where falling down so you could see inside, sort of. The windows were covered in dog noise prints so they looked foggy.

There were probably about 5 green houses, the really nice ones with the glass not the plastic that were all falling down, doors broken off, there was a lot of trash around those... broken down lawn mowers and other pieces of equipment. It was about 2 in the afternoon and as we were leaving a guy came walking out of one of the green house with a beer in his hand. It was cold out and all he had on was a t-shirt and jeans. So, I am guessing at least one greenhouse worked?!

I hope the information I left for her about #1 the importance of spaying and neutering #2 what can happen to dogs who are given away for free and #3 my information, the spay / neuter clinics information all just sinks in and she is able to at least get the female dog fixed and maybe if we are all luck a cat or two.

It was really sad talking with the lady and standing on her porch. She just didn't have a clue but hopefully I helped. All you can do is share the information with someone right? The rest is up to them?!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Spay or Neuter?

If you think that just having one or two litters won't hurt anybody, this fact should change your mind: according to the Humane Society of the United States, 10,000babies are born in the U.S. on any given day. On that same day, however, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. Match those two statistics up, and you'll see that there will never be enough homes for all the animals born in this country unless we all take responsibility for spaying and neutering our pets. Change begins with YOU! Spay or neuter your pet!

Spayed/neutered pets live longer, healthier lives

Spaying your female pet greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer and completely eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer.

Neutering your male pet prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems, and helps him avoid serious health problems like hernias and perianal tumors.

Males neutered at a young age are far less likely to develop dominance or aggression-related behavior problems, including possession and food guarding, territory marking (lifting his leg on everything in sight), aggression toward other dogs, and "humping" inappropriate objects.

Neutering your male pet relieves him of the constant urge to go out in search of a female in heat. Ridding him of his urge to roam could very well save his life, and save you from a terrible broken heart.

Spaying your dog or cat eliminates her heat cycle and the mess that goes with it. Also, females in heat often cry and howl incessantly, develop nervous behavior, and attract every unaltered male dog in the neighborhood to your yard!

Altered animals are generally more docile and easier to train

In the span of seven years, an unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens!

In the span of six years, an unspayed dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flight to Ohio rescues 'puppy-mill' dogs

By Amy Worden Inquirer Staff Writer

When a Philadelphia animal-welfare activist heard that nearly 400 Lancaster County dogs had been trucked to an auction in Ohio last month, he saw it as a chance to call attention to animal abuse in Pennsylvania.

But because the dogs had crossed state lines, time was working against efforts to file cruelty charges.

So Bill Smith rounded up a private jet and flew off to the Farmerstown Sale Barn in Baltic, a rural village in eastern Ohio.

After combing the auction on Oct. 7, Smith and his group, including Pennsylvania SPCA agents and veterinarians, bought 12 Lancaster County dogs that they plan to use to show that abuse still existed at some kennels a year after passage of a tougher dog law.

When the group returned to Pennsylvania hours after the purchase, state SPCA officials prepared charges against six of the 12 Lancaster County breeders who sent dogs to the auction.

"The dogs were in absolutely deplorable conditions," said William Lamb, whose West Chester law firm will represent the state SPCA. "Based on the state of neglect of the animals, criminal charges were filed."

Pennsylvania kennel owners ship unwanted breeding dogs to Ohio to be sold - usually to other breeders - because auctions are illegal in the commonwealth. The Ohio auction, believed to be the first in that state of solely Pennsylvania dogs, was held two days before the major provisions of the stringent new dog law that Gov. Rendell signed in 2008 went into effect Oct. 9.

The law requires breeders to double the size of the individual cages for dogs. It also bans cage stacking and paw-damaging wire floors. Outdoor exercise is mandated and breeding dogs must be checked by a veterinarian twice a year.

The SPCA attorneys believe the breeders likely used the auction to reduce the number of dogs in their possession before the new law took effect, said Scot Withers, a law partner of Lamb's.

Attempts to reach Walter Peechatka, lobbyist for the Pennsylvania Professional Dog Breeders Association, were unsuccessful.

The dogs obtained in Ohio ranged in price from $200 to $650 and were picked out by veterinarian Cari Thomson of Schwenksville. She identified them as suffering from chronic disease and neglect, such as advanced periodontal disease and skin and eye conditions.

After the purchases, the group got back on the jet, which had been arranged through a Main Line Animal Rescue board member, for the 45-minute flight back to the Chester County Airport with the dogs.

They were whisked to SPCA headquarters in Philadelphia, where the animals were examined and documented - all within two hours of leaving Ohio.

Withers said time was of the essence.

"We got the evidence in another state and we had to establish the animals were in this condition at the time the people being charged were in possession of them," he said. "Otherwise, it allows a defendant to say, 'This happened after the dog left my hands.' "

For six years, Smith has fought against conditions in large commercial breeding facilities known as "puppy mills." He also has rehabilitated rescued breeding dogs.

"We knew we couldn't stop the auction, but it was a way to get abused dogs out of their kennels so owners could be prosecuted," Smith said.

Tracking identification tags attached to the dogs' cages and the animals, the Pennsylvania SPCA filed animal-cruelty charges against these kennel owners: Loren Nolt of East Earl, James Zimmerman of Ephrata, Nathan Myer of Lititz, Ella Mae Zimmerman of New Holland, Steve Stoltzfus of Gap, and John S. Fisher of Gordonville.

Their cases will be heard at various district justice offices in Lancaster County.

Reached by phone yesterday, Nolt said: "I have no comment on that."

Nolt sent 41 of the approximately 700 dogs reported in his kennel in July to the auction. The SPCA bought one of his bichons at the auction, based on what veterinarians on the trip believed were intentionally broken teeth.

The dog underwent extensive dental surgery this week.

Other breeders did not return calls seeking comment.

If convicted of the summary offenses, breeders would be subject to up to 90 days in jail and fines of up to $750. Regardless of the court penalty, conviction would provide grounds for revoking kennel licenses, Smith said.

"If we get one conviction, that person can't have a license in Pennsylvania for 10 years, and that could help hundreds of dogs in their kennel," Smith said, adding that he hoped the cases sent a message to other commercial breeders to take better care of animals.

Dogs at the Ohio auction sold for as little as $1 to more than a $1,000 for breeds that produce high-price puppies, such as English bulldogs and Bernese mountain dogs, said Mary O'Connor-Shaver, an Ohio activist who is leading a ballot-referendum effort to ban auctions in that state.

Calls to the Farmerstown auction house were not returned.

Lori Caball, a surgeon with Metropolitan Veterinary Associates in Norristown, which has treated hundreds of puppy-mill dogs, lamented what she sees as the "dispensable nature" of breeding dogs that produce puppies sold in pet stores.

"It's the product - the puppies - that they are after, so they don't spend money on health maintenance," Caball said

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sad turn of a events

Last week was a hard week due to some childish, uncalled for behavior. It makes you wonder why when you do a good thing are people so harsh... then you realize... I don't do dog rescue for them, I do it because of them... people just like them that are so harsh to things (people or animals) who can not defend themselves / can't speak out against the cruelty.

My little Dante who has been so sick and is finally feeling better is a perfect example of a person being harsh/cruel/not nice to a living being who was helpless and defenseless against it.

Dante was taken by animal control on a humane call. Not sure of the exact story but the dog warden said that he was living in a small cage, unable to stand, in his own waste. The volunteer who took them from the pound said he was VERY dirty and his nails curled like a curly Q. They were so long he couldn't walk.

Anyway, Dante probably suffered more abuse then just being ignored and now that he is feeling better we are having issues with him not acting nicely :-( I am really worried about what his fate might be. I HATE THIS PART!

It isn't his fault he might be a bit unstable. Some jerk person did this to him. If he was my dog I wouldn't be thinking about it this much but I can't adopt out a dog that I am afraid might bite someone. Hey here is this RIDICULOUSLY cute dog who is a bit crazy and if you are not careful will bite you. Please don't ever tell him no b/c he will growl at you and I am afraid he will bit. UGH! This sucks. I am going to talk to a trainer.. maybe he can help.

Oh and everyone keeps emailing me or asking about the Chihuahua... The C-section was scheduled for Wednesday. However, Tuesday morning Gloria went to go feed everyone their breakfast and Iris would not come out of her crate. She called and called. She reached her hand in and 3 puppies were there in the crate with Iris! She had them all by herself in the middle of the night, not a sound. Gloria said the puppies do not look as big as they did on the x-rays. Thanks goodness! But that poor dog giving birth for the 9 millionth time. At least we can feel good that she will never have to do this again, never have to be uncomfortable and suffer this way again.

I might also be getting a dog from the local shelter who is older and has a tooth that is badly infected and actually caused some type of infection that caused a whole right under eye.. like on her cheek :-( I think it might be a beagle JRT mix. I just feel sorry for her and no one else is going to take an old dog with a health issue and that is totally not fair to let her die like that so I guess I am getting a new dog in.. LOL!

Dante could really use your prayers now so that he realizes no one is ever going to hurt him or be mean to him again. I tell all my dogs that when I get them, I whisper in their ear... "no one will ever hurt you again, PROMISE" I am sure they have no idea what I am saying and I might be weird but at least someone has made a promise to them that they will keep.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I wanted to share a typical day of emails with everyone.... I will summarize every email to give you an idea of what I receive:

Email #1:

Found JRT in Dayton Ohio area. The women said:
".....I found a Jack Russell wandering in a street in my area of town tonight on my way home. I couldn't see that anyone was outside looking for it. I stopped to see if she would come to me but she was very shy. I came home and brought my daughter back with me and she was able to coax this little gem over to her. ... She appears to be an old dog. She is very gray around her muzzle. It looks like she may be getting cataracts and she seems like she might be a little hard of hearing. She seems thin. I don't see her ribs when I look at her but I can feel them easily when I pet her. I can also see her backbone a bit. She does not look emaciated like the dogs I've seen rescued on animal planet and her thinness may be due to her age because her hind legs still seem quite muscular. Her toenails don't look great but don't seem terribly overgrown, but could use a trim. She has one dew claw, however, that is completely overgrown in a complete circle. Her ears look very dirty, too. She also seems to have a couple small sores (as small as a pencil eraser) - one on her front lag and one that looks a little worse on her back. The one on her back seems like it might be open a bit and not completely scabbed over."

Email #2:

We found this adorable Jack Russell puppy in Akron, Ohio and so far have been unsuccessful in finding the owner. This is a very sweet and loving dog and deserves a good home. We'd love to keep him but we have 3 dogs already. My husband has secondary progressive MS and our son has Aspergers so we just can't take on any more. Could you please guide me in the right direction? Do you have foster care providers in this area?

We would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Email #3:

An email regarding one of my rescue partners foster dogs. Email #4:

The every Sunday Kill List with approximately 80 dogs from 3 pounds on the list. Some just puppies, some mom with babies, some are so skinny you can see every bone in their body, some look scared, others look happy that a human is just touching them in a nice way, some big, some small, some purebreed, some mixes.


An email from a 13 year old who wants a puppy.. I told him his parents need to contact us.. lol Cute!

Email #6:

Picture of one of my foster dogs from the foster mom

Email #7

An application

Email #8

Philly News Article: Flight to Ohio rescues 'puppy-mil' dogs

** I will post the article in a few days so you can all read.

Email #9:

Dayton dog that was lost founder her family. She is 15 years old and deaf and blind so she gets confused. They family was very happy to have her back and the lady that found her thanked me for getting back to her on what to do.

Email #10

Someone that adopted a puppy from me wanting to get a friend for her.

Email #11:

Greyhounds need to be adopted or they will be euthanized.

Email #12:

Response back from a person that turned in an application.

Email #13:

Email back from a potential adopter about arranging a meet and greet.

Email #14:

message regarding vet paper work for a dog I helped place.

Email #15:

message regarding a 3 legged Weimaraner and a Blue Tick Hound that needs homes

Email #16:

Someone needing to re home a 7 month old Fox Terrier puppy who she doesn't have time for b/c she works, had a 2 year old and lives in the country with no fence.

Email #17:

White Shepard beautiful dog at Cuyahoga County Shelter that needs home ASAP.

Email #18:

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. update

Email #19:

Old Dog Days
Shopping Extravaganza & Open House
Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 28, from 10 AM - 4 PM
Sunday, November 29, from noon- 4 PM

The Sanctuary's Adoption & Education Center, 4681 Broadview Road, Cleveland, OH 4410

Email #20:

URGENTL There is a black lab in need of a home at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

Email #21:

Dog with seizures needing a home desperately.

Email #22:

Rescue person in need of a large outdoor kennel run.

Email #23:

message from a foster home asking about getting their foster dog to the vet.

Email #24:

message from a person who just adopted a horse I had at my barn and took care of for 2.5 years. She was rescued from a bad horrible situation :-(

Email #25

a women is looking for a home for her sister's GSD. Her sister went into the hospital.


I really didn't get that many emails today.. lol.. pretty quite but most Sunday's are. Monday and Tuesday are usually the days I get a lot more emails. I think people get back to their week day routine and either take breaks from work to look for dogs or realize they need to re home their dogs.

Mondays and Tuesday are usually pretty crazy too b/c the dog pounds always seem to pick up a lot more stray dogs on the weekends and since a lot of pounds are closed on the weekend the volunteers come to "work" on Monday and the pound is packed full of dogs. Most wardens will give volunteers only a day or two to move as many dogs as possible or.....

So, there you have it a sample of what I receive everyday. I am pretty particular about making sure I get back to everyone with in 24 hours. At the very least let them know that I received their email and will follow up soon.

I hear so many people complain that they email rescues and never hear back. I figure my rescue is small enough that I should be able to get back to people pretty quickly... I am sure the larger wider spread rescues get a ton more emails then I do.

It was funny when I was gone on my honeymoon I had 2 people answering emails for me. I gave them access to my email account... the one volunteer said she can't believe the number of emails I get.. LOL!! And the type of emails...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ohio Revised Code 955.50

Dogs; regulations re sale; receipt; transportation.

(A) No person shall sell, offer to sell, or expose for sale, for the purpose of resale or receive for delivery within this state, or ship from any point within this state to any point outside this state, for sale to the general public at retail, any dog under the age of eight weeks.

(B) No person shall receive from outside this state, or ship from any point within this state to any point outside this state, for sale to the general public at retail, any dog that is not accompanied by a certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian who is accredited by the United States department of agriculture and authorized to issue health certificates for animals in interstate commerce, certifying that the dog is sufficiently sound and healthy to be reasonably expected to withstand the intended transportation without adverse effect.

(C) This section does not apply to the transportation of dogs in interstate commerce by common carrier, provided that neither the point of shipment nor the point of receiving is within this state.

(D) No person responsible for the transportation of a pregnant dog to any point within this state or from any point within this state to any point outside this state shall be liable in damages for any injury to or illness of, or the death of, the dog or any puppies, whenever the injury, illness, or death results from the birth of such puppies during the time the dog is being transported.
HISTORY: 136 v S 256. Eff 6-4-76.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I could quit but the faces would haunt me...

Getting all the haunting emails of who is going to be put down if someone doesn't help them, getting all the emails about dogs tied up outside (hello coyote food), hearing about all the people who are breeding for no real reason, getting the pictures of dogs that are mangled, broken, all used up from breeding..... horrible.

Like yesterday I think to myself "it would be so easy to just quit!" I mean really why deal with all the horrible stuff? Why?

I could just quit and not have to get emotionally beat up by people who don't understand. I started writing this blog so that people would understand the ups the downs the CRAZY people rescuers deal with.... not to mention it is a nice stress reliever to just vent about the things I see/hear/etc.

Some days are harder then other to deal with the reality of rescue.... see a face and know that tomorrow their won't be a tomorrow for that face :-( Yesterday was one of those days... too many faces looking at me, too many eyes worried and confused needing help but I can only do so much. Then I have people who clearly don't understand attacking me.

It would be so easy to just walk away. Why deal? Apparently my own friends who know what I go through don't even get it so really what am I doing besides spinning my wheels in the mud?

Then I realize, there are some people who get it... there are some people who may not have known something and now they do, either through me just talking about it or through this blog. Then I realize if I were to walk away from dog rescue who would pay? The dogs with their lives. The faces would haunt me and upset me way more then a few uneducated people.....

Having fun

Yesterday I worked from 8 - 6:30ish... missing a vet appointment for one of my dogs. Lucky for me my mom was able to get him up there. He was injured and I wanted to make sure everything was looking good on his injuries now that he is off ALL the medicine. The vet said all is looking well.

I had to stop at the vet office to pick up prescription food for a dog that isn't feeling well... a different dog. I ran home to find Mac on my porch which I expected. Mac's foster mom is moving to KY so Mac had to come back. We were both really hoping he would get adopted before she had to move but no such luck. Adoptions are way down. :-(

Then I had a family come over who was interested in meeting Mac. Mac was so nervous and confused and acted like a total butt head. UGH! Well they said they would call me and maybe try for another day. I hope they do, he is really a good dog. Both myself and the foster mom were shocked he acted so strangely.

I then went to the barn, took care of the other dogs, settled in Mac, cleaned stalls, feed the cats, horses, dogs, cleaned kitty litter, normal chores. By the time I got done it was 9pm. I still had to run the food for the sick dog to the foster home. By the time I got home from that it was 10pm. I then had to take care of Dante who is doing VERY VERY WELL by the way.

Then I had to take care of my house cat... still can't believe I have a house cat. lol

Then it was too the computer to get some work done (FOR WORK I might add). I did try to eat something for dinner but at 10:30 at night it is hard to eat.. ya know?

I was on the computer until about 11:30... my system kept timing out so I just gave up and went to bed.

What a day....

Oh and I forgot to mention that when I stopped at the vet office to pick up the prescription food. My good friend was there with a 6 week old puppy that she bought from a back yard breed. I looked at her and just started to cry. It is illegal in the state of Ohio to remove a puppy from it's mom before 8 weeks of age. And she knows what I do, she has sent people to me to adopt.... I don't understand.

Ok, well I am off to work now for what I am guessing will be another long day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It is the weekend!

Well Dante is doing GREAT! He is so cute. I have him in my laundry room. I took the "dog tub" which is basically just a regular tub in my laundry room... lol Anyway, I took the dog tub and filled it with blankets and he just lays in there. I have his food and water in there too so if he spills it, it is easier to clean up.. lol He loves it..

I took and put news paper on the floor and he potties right on the paper and then jumps back in his tub.. LOL!

I have been taking him out regularly but with all the medicine he is on he pees a lot. He has been doing very good when I take him outside. He pees at least 10 times every time and poops once a day! I know it sounds silly but a pooping puppy means he is eating! Big deal he is eating b/c if dogs can't smell they don't eat.

He is still very snotty... a lot of stuff coming out of his nose, he is coughing a bit and he is sleeping a lot. I am very excited that he is doing well.

Saturday I had a foster to adopt home come pick up the brindle puppy, shorts. Oh I am so so so so excited. Makes me feel so good to have him in a home. I really hope they want to keep him.. GREAT HOME! I also have someone coming to see Sherman on Sunday. I seriously would feel so so so much better if my puppies had homes. Plus I could really use Sherman's foster home to foster Josie my Chihuahua JRT mix. If I new she was housebroken for sure I am sure she would get adopted a lot faster.. she is cute :-)

I have had 4 extra dogs here for a few days. I am watching my friends two dogs while they are on a mini vacation (they got both of the dogs from me) and I have two dogs from Gloria who are getting adopted from my house Sunday. It will be nice to have them gone.... so stressful having a bunch of extra dogs at my house plus I am afraid to let them off lead because they aren't mine and I haven't had time to work with them to off the least train them. Plus on top of that I have Josie and Andy who are new dogs so I haven't had a chance to work with them on off the leash training AND on top of that I have Dante and Jeff who are still on medicine and separate from everyone else.

Just stresses me out with so many to take care of... ya know? Once 2pm comes around tomorrow I will feel much better b/c several dogs will be gone and it will be a little less hectic.

Oh.. geeze... it is late and I have a huge day tomorrow... have a lot of people coming over tomorrow for dogs and then I have to go to Sam's club and Tractor Supply. I have to get some house necessities and I need cat food, cat bed and oats for my one horse... ugh! Long day tomorrow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dante update / Chi update / Life update

Took little Dante to the vet yesterday after work. NOT GOOD! He either has doggy H1N1 or pneumonia. The vet said if it is H1N1 just say a prayer... if is it pneumonia medicine and prayers which is what we are doing.

Dante has to be separated from all the other dogs so that no one else gets sick. Regardless of what he has it is contagious. So, he is living in my laundry room in the dog tub :-) I fill the tub with blankets and propped up his head so he could breath.........

I didn't want to put him in a crate since the animal control office said he has been living in one covered in his own stuff for a really long time. Mindy who got him from the pound for me said his nails were curled all the way around. He couldn't eve walk. She said she had never seen anything like that. OMG! Can you imagine if this dog got put to sleep in the pound....... UGH! Living such a horrible life for God only knows how long and then dieing like that...... ya know what even if he is so sick that he doesn't make it, at least he died LOVED!

People who do this stuff to dogs make me so darn mad!

Anyway, Dante has a 50 / 50 chance my vet says so please say a prayer for this cute little boy!

Ok, the prego Chi from last week. She had an ultra sound on Tuesday and the babies all seem healthy. She is scheduled to have a c section on Wed. However, that can be pushed back if she is not producing milk. She has to be producing milk before we can do the c section! So, let's hope that happens before the babies kill her.

The poodle with heartworm started his treatment on Monday...... 60 days worth of treatment. UGH!


I got a new dog in today from Tiffin Ohio. I haven't met him yet but heard he is a nice dog.. LOL He is at my house right now waiting for me.

So, yesterday when I was at my vet office.. my vet office is family owned and my family has known / been friends with them forever. Old man Dr. XX started the practice, his son took it over and now his daughter works there. The daughter and I are only a few years apart.. 4 - 6 maybe.. She is younger.

So, yesterday I go to the vet office and they tell me she was attacked by two dogs, Cane Corso mix dogs. The breed is VERY aggressive.. not like people made them that way aggressive like people say about Pit Bulls but actually hard wired to be MEAN! Apparently the neighbor was breeding them.... it is one of the people I sent a letter to asking nicely to please stop breeding and explained the over population too. IDIOTS!

The dogs left their yard and attacked her in her own yard! 20 bites to her arms, butt and back. It will be on the local news tonight.

Animal Control was called and everyone was trying to catch the dogs. They ran into the road and were BOTH hit be a semi. DEAD! Well law states that anyone bit by a dog, the dog has to be quarantined for 10 days before it can be euthanized. Well since the dogs are dead they have to have their heads (yes ONLY their heads) sent for testing. GROSS!

And to top it all off the vet that these people use for their dogs is YEP you guessed it. My vet, the same vet the dogs attacked!



Everyone just pray for Dante, Ok?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dogs getting homes???

Friday came and went. And I am sure glad it went quietly. UGH!

Saturday was a busy day I had appointments at 11, 12, 1 and 2. The 11 appointment was just a window shopper but he was referred by a REALLY good home so I can't say no.

12 appointment was someone looking at Mike my little guy from Holmes County. So, freaking cute! He was adopted.

1:00 appointment was for George. I was really excited about this one...... more to come on that in a minute. George did come home but he is back now???!!

2:00pm appointment was for Gordy the black and tan puppy. He did get adopted. NICE FAMILY! So, 2 more puppies to go........ Man I wish they would get homes. Just makes me so sad they aren't in homes. Sherman is at least in a foster home but poor Shorts :-(

Well to fill you in on George. He did go home on Saturday. BUT I got him back on Sunday. I was outside picking up leaves from 8am - 4pm on Sunday.. yes my yard is that big.. LOL! I had my phone in my jacket pocket. I went to go get it just to make sure I didn't have any phone calls. There was a message from a women saying she found a dog with my phone number on it. HUH??? one, two, three, four, five, ect..... I have everyone...... **Beep Beep** my text message goes off. I open my phone it is a picture of GEORGE!


So, I call the lady. She said she found him running through her back yard. I told her George got adopted yesterday. She asked by who, I told her and then she said

"Do me a favor, just come get him before he gets hit by a car." Well according to this lady the person that adopted him leaves her dogs outside when she is not home and they get loose and run away. Nothing has ever happened YET she explained but she would feel horrible if something happened to George and it will!

Long story short. I decide to wait to see how long it took for the lady to call me to tell me George was missing. 5 hours it took. I told a white lie to her because the neighbor asked for me not to tell her what I had found out. My white lie was that I didn't have her number and I wasn't home (the following part is true)so I had a friend pick George up and get him back to the foster home. (this part is a lie) I told her that the person that found the dog went to her home and she wasn't there. She never denied it when I told her what time George was found....

So, I guess I am better off just keeping him in rescue until I can find him a home. George is a NICE dog and I was be CRUSHED if something happened to him. Plus George doesn't run away so I find the fact that he did odd and a sign.. ya know???!!!

Anyway, that really sucked b/c I really liked the lady :-( Her other two dogs were for sure well taken care of but I just can't risk George being hit by a car.

Monday was calm. Yesterday was crazy!

Yesterday I worked very hard with the help of some willing volunteers and passed adopters to save the life of this little guy!

What craziness that was....... literally saved him in the nick of time. He was in Youngstown... Mindy from Alliance picked him up, took him home, spoiled him a bit. Her husband this morning took him to Akron to Missy who has had him at work all day. Missy and I are meeting in 1 hour in Grafton. I am then taking him straight to my vet. Missy fears he may be sick :-(

The dog warden told me that he took this guy from a guy that was keeping him in a cage covered in his own waste :-( A very small cage the dog warden said. **Sigh**

OH!! Almost forgot to tell you I got in TWO more dogs on Friday night (late) a Chi mix and a REALLY REALLY nice JRT female from Holmes County. I am getting another dog tomorrow from Tiffin and um....... should be getting an owner surrender.. waiting to hear about that one. The owner is in a mental institution AND there is another JRT in Mahoning County that I am working on saving.

Geez O' Geez it never ends.... Now if I could get some adopted that would WONDERFUL!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some more coming...

I have confirmed appointments for someone to come see and possibly adopted Mike and George :-) WOOOHOOOOO!!! I am waiting to hear from the approved application that is interested in Shorts but was also contacted by someone else who I am waiting on an application from them. I am also waiting on an application for what seemed from her email a nice family in Indiana for Butchie. OH PAWS CROSSED!

I did confirm I am getting a sweet JRT mix from Holmes County. I feel bad for her she is pretty skinny. Her name is Josie

I am also working on getting a 9 year old who will be going to foster care with Christie in Troy. Hopefully we can help that little sweet baby too.

Unfortunately, Billy is doing WONDERFUL at his foster home but his foster mom's roommate said he is allergic to him. So, he will be coming back.

Jeff is doing better today, swelling has I think gone down... or maybe it just moved around not sure. I did not go to work today.. just worked from home and he has been sitting next me for the majority of the day while I am on the computer.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who have been crossing their paws for my rescue and THANK YOU to everyone who may have said a little prayer for my dogs. Whatever you all are doing it is working so please don't stop. I am so so so so happy when dogs are finding homes... makes what I do all worth it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things are LOOKING UP!

I am nervous writing this blog.... things have really been going well lately.

Uno found a home last week, a great home. Lenny was adopted Saturday, Skittles was adopted on Sunday (more about that in a minute) and Tucker YES I SAID IT my little project dog Tucker went home last night. AND I have a GREAT application on George. She is coming Saturday 1pm to meet George.. who will be called Junior if she takes him b/c her other dog is named George.. LOL! AND AND AND I have someone interested in the Bridle puppy.

Oh not sure if I told you but I got a new foster home on Sunday. Really nice girl in Columbus. She took Billy. And Margaret was able to take Sherman to foster him so that is good.

Now, if I can help ALL the dogs in the shelters that I have been notified about I will be fine :-) I am working on it.....

Ok, for bad news. Mr. Earl beat up Jeff :-( It is complicated to explain but I have talked to 3 trainers, 2 rescue people and my vet about what happened and NONE of them believe Earl needs to be put to sleep for aggression. BUT Earl is no longer allowed to be left alone with other dogs. The short of it is, he is a puppy mill dog that spent his entire life "breeding" Although he is neutered, he still only knows breeding and my neighbor (UGH don't get me started on that) has beagles in heat (thank God he doesn't breed). I brought a new dog in last week, Oscar. Oscar wasn't fixed. That upset Earl and he felt threatened.

I took Oscar on Monday to get neutered and Jeff came back from his foster home on Monday. Earl and Jeff were kennel mates before but to Earl Jeff was new and a threat. Earl took is "frustration" out on Jeff :-(

Jeff is badly bruised and is pretty swollen but the vet said he will be ok in about 5 weeks :-(

Oh about Skittles. So, the people that adopted him seem great. Really nice people, love there female JRT even though she has some issues. They show there female JRT in JRTCA trails. So, that is super cool. They were looking for a JRT no more then 15 inches tall that would do go to ground. You need a JRT that has some prey drive. They liked Billy but he has a tail and you can't register them if the have a tail :-( Anyways, they decided on Skittles. On Skittles paper work it said he was 13 inches tall. They said that was ok.

I met them on Sunday and they were really nice and they really liked him. They emailed me and said that when the got home they measure him and he is only 12 inches tall. The shelter must have measure wrong :-( They are a little disappointed because they have to show in a different division then they wanted to.

I feel really bad. They said other then that they are really happy. There current dog can be nasty with other dogs but they are getting along great and even sent me a picture of the two sleeping in a bed together.

I hope they are happy with Skittles. Do you think I am worrying too much? I just want people to LOVE their dog and the dog to be happy and the people to be happy.... oh maybe I am over thinking it.

Anyway, on top of everything that has been going on with me Gloria my rescue partner took 7 dogs from a dog hoarder in Toledo area. UGH what a mess. One of the dogs has heartworm. One is prego... not far along but God only knows what the dog is breed with......... I have done nothing but run back and forth to the clinic. So, annoying b/c the clinic couldn't be in a more inconvenient out of the way location.. but beggars can't be choosers. The price is right :-)

Everyone cross a paw or 4 that Brindle and George's adoptions go through and that I can save some of the dogs in the shelters. I will try to find time to put up their pictures and locations just in case anyone can help!

Monday, November 2, 2009

9 owner surrenders NINE!!!!

Well this weekend was good. Skittles found his forever home which I think he is really going to like. They are going to teach him how to do "go to ground" YAY! I love when Jacks get to be Jacks!

Lenny left for his forever home too! YAY FOR LENNY! He gets to be an only dog and get all the attention which is EXACTLY what he wanted :-)

Billy the kid left for a foster home on Sunday. Young lady in Columbus. Perfect for Billy because she has a fenced in back yard and he is comfortably sleeping her in bed when I texted her this morning :-) Billy was NOT happy living in the kennels.. he was ready for a house. What he really needs is a home but we are still looking for that.......

Jeff is being a bad dog at his foster mom's house and I would rather the bad dogs live at my house so that my foster homes don't get burned out. I think Mike is going to go that foster home and Jeff will come back to me. Poor Jeff, he just needs a permanent home.

So, as of right now I have at my house
Sherman - puppy
Shorts - puppy
Gordy - puppy

In foster care I have
George - how he doesn't have a home yet is BEYOND me

I think that is it....

I really need a foster home for the puppies. They are getting older and bigger and have NEVER EVER lived in a house. That just is not fair. Anyone out there want to foster a puppy?

I still have a bunch of dogs on my waiting list at kill shelters. I know I lost a few over the weekend... they were killed.

It is bad out there, no one is adopting, vet prices and dog food are going up and did I mention no one is adopting??!! UGH!

I received 9, yes NINE requests from people wanting to owner surrender their dogs last week Monday - Thursday NINE dogs whose owners no longer want them for whatever reason. How crazy is that? And yet Pet Stores are selling puppies like crazy and Puppy Mills are producing them faster then ever. SICK!

I received the kill list last night. OMG there are probably 10 dogs on that list I would take in a heart beat but I can't because I have no place to put another dog and because adoptions are so slow I can't risk having too many dogs over the winter.


Sorry for the rambling......... a lot on my mind today.. can you tell? LOL!