Monday, August 30, 2010

Anger management

I had to share this email chain; I am just floored at the screaming response I received. Not sure why I am because well I get stuff similar to this all the time but just thought I would share....

Email to me:

Sent: 8/26/2010 10:13:18 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: JRT female under 6 months

Hello. I realize that you are a rescue and your add said you have mostly older JRTs i am looking for a small female JRT or JRT mix that is younger than 6mths old. i would like her to not be fixed if at all possible. if you have any young puppies like this please let me know or if you know anyone that may have female JRT's (orJRT mixes with Rat terriers or Chi's) please let me know. i am unable to keep any pet over 25lbs full grown in accordance with my condo association rules so i am looking for a playmate for my 2 year old JRT. Please let me know i am looking to adopt a puppy in the near future. thank you

My response:

Re: Fwd: JRT female under 6 months
Date: Friday, August 27, 2010, 10:06 AM

Why do you want a dog that isn't fixed?

- A.

Her Response:

From: Devin Johnson
Sent: Fri, August 27, 2010 9:37:51 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: JRT female under 6 months

i do not think that a female should be fixed until after they have their first heat, people try to fix their dogs too soon, i feel that it can really effect the temperment and demenor of the pet. It is just a personal preference. the JRT i have will be 2 in october and i plan to have my JRT fixed at age 2. If you know anyone that has small female JRTs i am very interested. thanks!

My Response:

Subject: Re: Fwd: JRT female under 6 months
To: "Devin Johnson" <>
Date: Friday, August 27, 2010, 11:14 PM

Hi Devin -

Did you know that studies show that spaying a female early is actually much easier on them and they have less risk of developing mammary cancer (see attached pictures) It is actually considered "old school" way of thinking that having a dog go into heat is a good / healthy idea.

Anyone who is a legitimate rescue adopts and any legitimate breeder will ALWAYS fix their dogs prior to them being adopted or require a contract to be signed stating you will have the dog fixed by 6 months of age.

You are putting your dog at SERIOUS risk by not having her fixed.

Also, as a side note you NEVER want to put a female terrier with another female dog. Female terriers are very dominate and you will live the rest of your life splitting up fights. TRUST ME ON THIS! Been there, lived with it. It is not fun.

I am sorry but I am not able to find you a puppy that is not fixed. ALL and I mean ALL dogs that leave my care are fixed before they go to their new homes. I also do not allow someone to adopt from me who has a pet that is not fixed.

I urge you to do some research on spaying your female. The longer you wait the more at risk your pet.


Her response:

Well to bad you are wrong, i guess i dont want to adopt from someone who tries to set rules. once a dog is sold it is then the other persons property and anyone who make you sign a contract has alterior motives. I know what i am looking for and if you cant help me someone will!!!!!! I hate people who scream they are looking for good homes for animals and then try to controll the situation after the animal is no longer ANY OF THEIR CONCERN. By the way there is nothing wrong with not fixing an animal, and your full of shit my parents have two female jack russell terriers and i lived with them for over a year while having my JRT as well. Nice try but i would not adopt from you after seeing the type of person you are anyway. Have fun trying to find homes for these JRTs with that attitude. Poor animals i feel sorry that they are under your care!!!!

No need to respond. you have already been blocked and reported!


All I have to say is WOW! Anger issues or maybe a little upset that someone called you out on your bull shit?? I love the line "you have already been blocked and reported"
Reported to who the email police? Yea, ok? Crazy much?

It is sad how many people refuse to be educated. Any rescue person out there so that you know Devin is a 27 year old female in Campbell Ohio. I have her phone number and address if you would like to contact me for that information.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Thursday night was good. I had a large fund raiser with Love A Stray cat Rescue. It was crazy but it was our first one and we learned a lot of what to do and what not to do. LOL! It was a long night and it sucked b/c I was not feeling well that day.

I woke up Friday and felt horrible. I ended up going to work late and leaving early. I was supposed to go to a Den Trail on Saturday but when I woke up I felt even worse. I really wanted to go to that too just couldn't get out of bed. I had a wedding to go to Saturday evening which I was able to drag myself to. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! Amazing! The wedding was about an hour from our house so we just stayed the night. I ended up going to bed around 10:30. My head was killing me.. the pressure under my eyes kept making my eyes water.. people probably thought I was crying. LOL!

This morning we had to get up and get moving so we could check out of the hotel. We were home by 12:30. I had my husband move my hammock from the back yard to the fenced area where I let the dogs play. I let the dogs out, sat on the hammock for a few and then went and started cleaning the barn.. I kept going and doing something and then laying on my hammock. Took me all day to do my chores that normally take me about an hour to do. LOL!

I did get a dog adopted today so that was good. Another dog to a home.

It was a good day. I got to spend a lot of time with my dogs, which I haven't been able to do all week b/c of all the craziness.. geez so busy.

Well I hope this cold doesn't last long b/c I would really like to be able to do stuff without feeling like my head might explode. Not to mention if I don't take some time of over the counter something or another I have a fever. UGH!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy busy busy

This week has been CRAZY! I haven't had time to sleep let alone eat. Everything that could be planned or needs done has come down on me this week. I should have taken some time off from work this week just so I can get stuff done.. but then again I have had just as busy a week in work as out of work. OMG I can't wait till Monday. LOL! Here has been my week:

On top of the fact that everyday I have to;
Clean horse stalls
feed horses morning and night
feed / care for goats
feed / care for cats
feed / care for chickens
take care of the house dogs
clean kennels
scrub buckets and fresh water for dogs
feed dogs
exercise dogs no less then hours a day
medicine to all the dogs that need it... right now that is 4 dogs being wormed, 1 dog with ear infection and 1 dog needing eye drops

I think that is it for normal.. then you have all the little things like laundry and paying bills that kind of stuff that isn't every day but stuff you do at least once a week.

Ok so no top off normal life and going to work everyday here is the extra for the week

Monday: County Fair Started went to the Charlie Daniels Concert. Drop dogs off at the clinic to get fixed

Tuesday: Adoption at 5:30 and adoption at 6pm. Load car up with all the stuff for the fund raiser tonight. Received in the mail my bulk supply of Frontline had to put that away

Wednesday: Eye appointment for Woodstock. Fund Raiser meeting and getting last minute baskets together for tonight

Thursday: Fund Raiser

Friday: Picking Lucas up from the clinic. Going to the fair with friends. Getting my nails done for the wedding

Saturday: Setting up a booth at the Den Trail, have to be there by 8:30. Staying till noon and having a volunteer take down. have to rush home and get ready for a wedding in Akron. Going to the wedding and staying the night

Sunday: Coming home and have an adoption at 1 or 1:30. Have to get the dog that I rescued from my friend in Toledo. Have to be back out to the count fair b/c my niece is in the demo derby.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buying a Puppy

So, you want to buy a puppy. Where do you look? Internet? NewsPaper? Well check out this picture.

This picture was taking while authorities were seizing dogs and puppies from a women in Ohio. She was selling puppies over the internet and shipping them to their new homes. She was advertising how well taken care of her puppies were and what a great "home" life they have. REALLY?? Well not by the looks of this picture.

And remember PEOPLE LIE, so unless you go to their home and actually SEE where your puppy is coming from I suggest you stay away from buying a puppy through a NewsPaper Ad or the Internet. And really what legitimate breeder advertises that way?? I am mean really!

Go to your breed specific dog club and find out who is actually legitimate!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lucian update

Weighing in at only 33#'s when rescued and unable to hold up his own head. He has received a blood transfusion and other needed care from a clinic and is showing signs of improvement

Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Rascal's owner

Dear Mr. Smith -

Your dog was picked up by the local shelter and sat there for 2 weeks waiting for you to come pick him up. Even though you didn't care about him, he loved you. He ran in circles pacing his concrete kennel at the shelter until his feet were bloody. Since you never came back for him and he was so confused and literally was going crazy in that concrete jail cell the shelter was going to put him down. LUCKY for Rascal my friend Kathy felt sorry for him and took him in. Rascal was so skinny.. I guess you didn't have time to buy dog food because it was clear he hadn't eaten in a LONG TIME or at least not consistently. He had no hair where his collar was, I am guessing you just tied him up outside because you didn't want to deal with him any more. That was so nice of you, I hope when you become annoying to your family they tie you up outside and "forget" to feed you.

Kathy had Rascal for 2 weeks but had me take him to work with him a little more. Something was just not right with him. I took him in and worked with him for nearly a month. He was such a sweet dog, he would wrap his legs around my neck and literally would hug me. He got attached to me quickly. Obviously it is because I showed him love and attention something he NEVER got from you, that was clear.

Due to the fact you mistreated Rascal so badly, starving him, chaining him up outside and you must have beaten him because he was clearly "not all there"

Rascal had good days, don't get me wrong. He was so good in the house, totally house broken and slept in bed with me snuggled close never moving all night. However, he continuously ran out the door when I went to leave because he was so scared I was going to DUMP him like you did. He was food aggressive with other dogs because you clearly NEVER feed him. He would get so worked up when I would leave he was just run in a circle, jump and bark. It was HEART WRENCHING to say the least.

There were days where he would know his name, look me straight in the eye, eat, act like a normal dog and then there were days where he was for lack of better words not on the same planet with the rest of us. This was CLEARLY from the abuse you suffered at your hands.

Due to your actions Rascal was laid to rest on Friday August 20, 2010. He went peacefully in my arms while I kissed his head and petted him. His last action was a lick to the vet as he stuck the needle in his leg. That is a vision that will be pierced in my brain forever.

I will never know his real name, I will never know his real birthday but I do know that he was LOVED BY ME. We all know that you didn't love him. I brought Rascal home, held his lifeless body in my arms, kissed him good night and laid him to rest on my farm with all of my other LOVED animals. He and I will one day be together forever.

I will pray that you NEVER EVER EVER again get another pet, I pray that you don't toss your family / your children away like trash when you get bored or annoyed with them.

I do prey that KARMA strikes you down and you get everything you deserve. You are a coward and in my eyes a monster. I prey we never meet because I am not honestly sure if I could control the urge to punch you right in the gut while telling you exactly how much of a low life you are.

Rascal's mom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

This just made me so MAD

I had to share this email b/c I am so mad.

Hi Amy, this is LXXXX HXXXXXX. I have a 7 year old Jack Russel that has really bad skin allergies, where he chews his hair off. I can't afford any more vet visits or meds. I put him on Craigs list to give him away & a lady told me about rescues for jack Russel's. I'm at my wits end! I'm thinking of putting him down because of his special needs & me not being able to help him! I feel so bad, because he's so great. He's great with kids, loves to cuddle, car rides & loves to go camping. If i could find him a great home & owner that would take care of him & his needs that would put my heart to rest!! If not, I'm going to have to put him down. I have found that people won't take him because of his problems. If you could help me I would deeply appreciate it!

Do you know what I read when I read this........... "I don't feel like dealing with my dog any more so I am just looking for anyway to get rid of him." UGH!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monsters in Dayton OHIO (post 2 of the day)

The monsters who walk among us - if you live in Dayton OH, this story is supposed to be on the news tonight. This dog was left to die in someone's basement. I believe there were three but I have not seen photos of the others. They are in rescue. Say a prayer they survive.


starved and left o die with 2 other dogsstarved and left o die with 2 other dogsPhotobucket

UPDATE: I just talked to Sharon Exxline of the Humane Society and the lady who took the dogs from the guy who starved them will be doing an interview on Channel 2 and turning in the info she has. The person or persons who let this happen to these dogs will be accountable. Having Lucien live is more than enough for me but this is really great for justice. Tune into Channel 7 or Channel 2 for more info!! (Who knows maybe even Channel 45). :0) Keep praying for Lucien..hes not out of the woods but he tried to raise himself up on his 2 front legs to have his belly rubbed.


I received some awesome news last night. #1 ANOTHER Petland is closing. WOOHOO! Now that only leaves 20 left in Ohio. Hey it is a start!

The other awesome news is I will be getting 4 dogs to safety this weekend. I am so excited. I was able to work out with my APL for them to take some dogs. The dogs just have to be ready for the adoption floor... meaning spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm negative.

OH I AM SO EXCITED! I feel like a million pounds have been lifted off my shoulders.

THEN the other cool thing is I am going to rescue 3 males.... still trying to figure out who, from where and how to get them to me. That seems like a bit of a challenge because all my normal transports are unavailable. :-( BUT regardless, I am going to save 3 males get them totally vetted and they are going to the APL too.

So, what if it costs a few dollars at least they aren't dead and I feel GREAT about that!

I am so excited.

Now to arrange transport... ugh! That is the hard part. I have 3 I want to get out of Clinton County which does not have a website so basically the dogs never get out of there alive. But there isn't a way to get them to me :-( I guess I need to see who else needs help and see if I can help them instead.. as long as I am helping someone, right?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There are days I really just want to walk away. Last night / today is one of them. Why is it that society feels it is ok to treat an animal like an accessory, treat it like crap, screw it up in the head and then when it doesn't perform the way they want it to, they can't figure out why and DUMP IT. Then I am the one that gets "guilt trip" emails from people who don't even live ANYWHERE NEAR ME. And I am stuck feeling like a piece of shit because I am not able to help an animal who is put to sleep or because I am now stuck working for weeks, months a year with a dog that is so backwards there are days I shake my head and say "Am I doing the right thing?"

I just don't understand where people get the right to email me about how disappointed they are in ME because they sent me an email about dogs in need and I didn't help any. Yea, ok lady because I just decided that those dogs should die. No, it is because I am only one freaking person with 20 dogs living at my house and NO MONEY!

I actually got two emails like that yesterday. And the one lady who emailed me when I replied back that I was aware of the dogs in need but unfortunately did not have room for them right now. She responded back that she was from California so there wasn't anything she could do. WTF! Are you kidding me? Oh I was so mad when I read that I just deleted her email back to me. UGH!

The one lady that sent the message of how disappointed she was sent it to several rescue people, I didn't reply all to her when I responded but I just told her it isn't a matter of not caring it is a matter of time, space, money and sanity. A few of the other rescue people were not as nice. One told her she needs to learn some rescue manners and until she has 25 dogs living in her house she needs to not tell all of us how disappointed she is... The email was VERY to the point and honestly nothing she said wasn't true.

THEN to add to my day, I am sick and tired of people adopting a dog and NOT LISTENING or wanting to put forth effort. I mean come on, when you have a baby if you decided AFTER the fact it is too much work TOUGH SHIT! you work through it, you get help, you deal with it. But oh no if the dog is too much work just send it back. IT ISN'T A CAR THAT YOU CAN JUST DECIDED TO TRADE IN!!!

Then I love the fact people try to make me feel bad that they are returning the dog.

I tell people absolutely everything that I know about the dog, good or bad and they always say OK. I tell them if you have any issues call me and I will walk you through what you need to do. Do they call NOPE!

They wait until it builds up to the point of frustration and call me like it is some sort of emergency saying they are bringing the dog back RIGHT NOW! Really? You are? Well great and were would you like me to put the dog in my pocket? Because that is the only place I have left!

I ask them if they want some tips on how to work through whatever the FIXABLE issue is and they always give me all these excuses of how they can't take the time. "I work full time" REALLY? Oh that must suck, I don't work full time I sit around all day and eat bon bons. "I just don't have that kinda of time to commit to the dog." OH so that is the real reason, you got a dog and realized how much work it is and now you don't want it so you are coming up with excuses as to why you need to bring the dog back. OH OK, now I see the real reason.

I do not, DO NOT give anyone their money back unless I feel it is my fault.. for example, I said the dog is great with cats and the dog chases cats. Then that is my fault and I will take full responsibility. But I am not giving you back your adoption fee because you are too lazy to work through a fixable issue with a dog and / or because you decided having a dog is a bad idea.

I am just at my witts end.

I have all these dogs that are dieing in shelters that I can't help but that I want to help, I have a house full of dogs that may not be adoptable but what am I supposed to do? They aren't aggressive they are just backwards because some asshole did it to them. I guess they are going to live at my house forever not getting the attention they need because there are too freaking many of them. I say in my head maybe I should just put them to sleep, no one is going to want to deal with this issue or that issue but I can't bring myself to do it. The dogs have so many good qualities, it is just their issue is a BIG issue. Or not really big just annoying as hell and hard to fix. Probably fixable but I don't have the time when I have so many that need fixed.

And then I have dogs that are returned for the stupidest reasons EVER and the people are totally unwilling to work with the dog.

You know what GET A CAT!

Monday, August 16, 2010

7 dogs adopted yet still no room

Two weeks ago I got in a JRT mom who my vet says in no way is a pure breed JRT. She thinks it is a Frenchie / JRT mix. Why? you ask b/c she has a genetic defect that only Frenchies get. LOL! How funny is that... plus her ears and her nose resemble a Frenchie. How weird is that... the funny thing is the women who owner surrendered the mom and puppies to me kept telling me she had the dogs papers. I of course so I don't need them nor want them. She was so surprised by that... I said they are worthless. They mean nothing. And now I know they really do mean NOTHING! The dog isn't even a PB. UGH Puppy Mills! Starting to wonder if PB's in any breed really exist any more, ya know?

So I got the mom and puppies in a week ago Thursday. Beagle puppies are so loud! They stayed the night Thursday night but Friday I took them over to be boarded. They were there the weekend and then I picked them up Monday morning and took them to the clinic where they stayed until Friday afternoon.. they were given shots, blood work run to make sure they were healthy and FIXED!!

I took them back over to the board kennel Friday and then picked them up on Saturday morning and went to Pet Smart. 4 of the puppies found a home from Pet Smart. 1 found a home yesterday and 1 was adopted that first weekend I had them but isn't getting picked up until tonight. I have one sad little puppy left :-( Poor thing. He is going to be SAD tonight. I am hoping that I get a good application for him today / tomorrow. I just feel bad that he isn't adopted and I want to get him in a home ASAP that way he can start living a normal puppy life and not one in a kennel.

My sweet heart Waldo was adopted yesterday too. YAY!!! I love that dog. The people that adopted him were really really nice. I feel great about them adopting him. They live in KY so that kinda stinks... I will probably never see him in person again. But I will bug her for pictures so I am sure I will see him. I love that dog.

I have someone who is supposed to come see Mork tomorrow. I hope that goes well and they adopt him. I got in the 4 brothers on Friday, thanks to Lenna and Mark driving to pick them up!!

They are AWESOME but I am afraid maybe too use to being around each other. I have them kenneled together right now but I am thinking one needs to go tonight / tomorrow with Janet, my foster home and assuming Mork gets adopted I will send another one with Nikole (Mork's current foster home). That will leave me with two and that is ok. Well Mary / Tim should be home from vacation soon so maybe they can foster one. I just want to get them separated. They seem pretty attached to each other.

I am really hoping that some of the JRT's get adopted this week / weekend. There are so many that need out of the shelters right now and I can't do anything... even with getting the puppies and Waldo adopted, I don't have any room. I had the puppies in boarding for goodness sake! That is just crazy.

Well let's hope some adults get adopted!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking it one day at a time

I received an email last night from an adopter who said that she doesn't know how I do it, the sad stories are enough to make her cry. I guess it is like being a crime scene investigator or an ER Nurse / Doctor you get use to it. Then I stopped and thought about that for a minute... WOW that is sad, you get use to the abuse, the neglect.. that I think is more sad then anything. I mean to see something so horrible so much that it doesn't bother you.

Well I guess that isn't a fair statement "it doesn't bother you" Oh because it does. I mean that is the point of me having this blog so that I can share what bothers me. If I didn't have this outlet I could only imagine how sad I would be all the time or angry, ya know? Writing it all down seems to help me coupe. I also think it is a good education for anyone who stumbles upon it. At least I hope so.. maybe someone out there was thinking of buying or maybe someone out there was thinking of breeding and maybe they ran across this blog and it helped to open their eyes. maybe?

Well this week was for sure a hard week, I had to say NO to every request that came in asking me to take a JRT or mix in. I just don't have the room. Last week I agreed to take in 4 males so those are coming today. I feel so bad that lives have been taken but how much can one person do?

I did receive some good news this week. My county dog pound is thinking about instituting a mandatory spay / neuter for all dogs leaving the pound. IT IS ABOUT TIME! I mean I know this isn't going to solve all the problems in the state but this will be just one more county pound that does this and that brings us one step closer. It might be a tiny step but it is a step and that is all that matters.

Well cross your paws that this weekend is a good weekend. I am taking the beagle puppies to PetSmart tomorrow in hopes some of them find homes. Waldo, my sweet Waldo is getting adopted on Sunday and I have someone who wants to come see Mork on Tuesday. That would be nice, to have a few adopted.

Of course there are like 10 that could take their place :-(

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My "special" dogs

1- 14 year old senior dog who is never going to get adopted

2- heartworm positive dog that has been with us for 3 months... they heartworm
will not go away

3 & 4 - 2 dogs with cancer who are basically hospice patients

5 - a dog that was adopted 3 years ago and returned to b/c the man can no
longer care for him but now the dog is TOTALLY backwards... rolls over,
screams like a pig and pees whenever a female tries to touch him. The man
apparently has been a shut in for 2 years so the dog was only with the man and
barely went outside. Not to mention he is really fat, unhealthy scary fat.

6 - a dog that I am starting to question if it is adoptable.. he NEVER stops
running away or trying to find ways to get out of whatever confinement you have
him in... he even learned electric fence only hurts for a minute.

7 -a dog that I am pretty sure is retarded.. not being mean, I really think
something is wrong with him. The lights are on but NO ONE IS HOME.

8- 10 year old dog that has had a dental and his breath still smells like
death. We have had him for 3 months and haven't had one hit on him.

9 - a dog that is totally scared of children. When you first meet him he is
REALLY hyper and people can't get pass that... he is actually a really nice
dog and doesn't do anything wrong. However, if he sees a kid he runs, hides
and if the kid comes nears him pees.

10 - a dog that needs his eye removed.

11 - a dog that is super awesome but is trained in agility and he can't go live
with just anyone. If he doesn't have a job (agility) to do he invents things
to do and ends up in trouble.

12 - a puppy mill dog that I have been working with for months.

13 - a dog with a horrible flea allergy

Monday, August 9, 2010

Making the hard decision...

Who dies?
Who lives?
Who is adoptable?
Who isn't adoptable?
Who is worth working with?
Who is loss cause?
Who lives?
Who dies?


OMG PEOPLE STOP BREEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, can you tell I am at my wits end today?

This totally sucks the emails keep pouring in for dogs needing help. Today I had to say NO I don't have room to TWO JRT's who are going to be killed today. Basically I killed them b/c I don't have room for them. How the hell is that fair???
Jack Russell Terrier Picture Jack Russell Terrier Picture

I then receive help emails from a few other shelters in Ohio but I had to tell them to see if anyone else will help b/c I am full to the brim. For the love I have dogs in boarding!!!

Then to top it off I have to, absolutely no way around it HAVE TO start making some tough decisions.

I have a dog dieing of cancer and heartworm, Reese. He is of course the best dog ever. I can't find anyone to "foster" him until he dies and I really don't want to leave him in the foster home he is in right now for too much longer. They have 2 small kids and I don't think it is fair to allow the kids to see a dog "go down hill" as they say. I wish there was someone out there who would foster him and love him just for the time he has left. I do have to call the vet today and talk to her about "options" for him and find out exactly how much time he has left.

Then I have Ben who was adopted 2, almost 3 years ago. The man who adopted him said he could no longer are for Ben and had to return him to me. Ok that is fine but he forgot to mention him and Ben have basically been shut ins for the last 2 years and Ben is terrified now that he is away from him. He SCREAMS like a pig if a women touches him, he rolls over and pees EVERYWHERE. We have been working with him for 2 months and there doesn't seem to be any progress. A friend and fellow rescue person said it will take 6 months to see improvement.... I have dogs dieing b/c Ben is taking up a foster home... the dogs marked to die don't have 6 months! What the heck am I supposed to do? There are so many dieing, good dogs with no issues...
THEN THEN THEN......... I have Rascal who was FOR SURE beaten over and over and probably screamed at. He responds to nothing when he is doing something wrong. It is like he is numb to being corrected because he has been beaten so badly. He is the SWEETEST dog in the world but it is like the lights are on and no one is home. What do I do with him? I mean he isn't adoptable.. you put him in a crate and he poops and then dances in it. He barks like crazy when ever you leave him... I just don't know. He is a good farm dog but who out there has a farm that wants a farm / barn dog?

THEN I have Rudi who is hyper as all get out but settles down with attention. He is housebroken but TERRIFIED for children. He is hyper but not bad but someone has to get past the hyper to see he isn't a bad dog.

THEN I have Eddie who is STILL heartworm positive. The good thing is he is a nice dog who is really good in the house so that isn't too bad but he has been taking up a space in our rescue for 3 months now while we try to get rid of his heartworm.

THEN I have Woodstock who I have to remove his eye. UGH! Not that it is going to be a long time care thing it just remove his eye and be done but poor thing.

issues, any more issue dogs? Nope I think that is it...

Oh well I do have Tootie the puppy mill dog and she is a bit backwards but she will get it figured out, just takes them awhile. But still taking up space...

I REALLY HATE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS TO DOGS. I mean really, a $5.00 a month heartworm treatment for Reese or Eddie. NOT beating the crap out of your dog and Rascal would be fine. NOT allowing your child to torture a dog and Rudi would be fine. FIXING YOUR FREAKING DOG and I dunno 1/2 the dogs in my rescue wouldn't need RESCUED!

I need more foster homes! Or the world needs less stupid people but I think it will be easier to find foster homes.. LOL

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's adventure

It was the day of the crazy people. I have 3 stories.

A volunteer was speaking with a women with a Corgi. Very nice looking dog. I over heard the volunteer and the women talking about breeders. I spoke up and said do they breed for money or are they showing b/c if they are breeding for money that is just wrong and totally not legitimate. The volunteer said Oh no she shows. I said oh then all of her puppies are probably or at least if she is legitimate would be all spoken for...

Apparently by me saying the breeding for money is wrong pissed of the lady with the corgi b/c she said "That is your opinion. GOOD BYE (in a high pitched squeaky annoying voice)" I felt like following her outside and saying "I am sorry did I upset you? Breeding for money is SICK especially when there are 4 million dogs dieing in shelters every year and your corgi is a dime a freaking dozen sweet heart!" UGH!

I didn't, I just laughed.

THEN this women was talking the ear off over every volunteer to the point we were making things up to get each other away from her. She was driving Sam completely crazy and I said Sam did you ever get your phone out of the car? You better go get it, that person was supposed to call you.

April walked up to me when I got corned by her and said your phone is vibrating... The lady must have drove us all crazy for nearly 2 hours.

Oh and here is the best part.. she lives in an extended stay hotel, has 8 cats apparently 3 are female and said something about kittens but her 3 males are fixed??!! She has a male pappion and she bought it at Pet Land and she was telling me what a nice dog he is and what nice quality he is and how isn't neutered and she has been looking for a female to breed him to.

OMG! SERIOUSLY???!! This was for real and not some type of joke?

I of course told her how Pet Land gets dogs from Puppy Mills. She said no that isn't true, I spoke to the person that sold my puppy to the petstore. I looked at her and said that is a dog broker mama'

Then I of course told her about Reese and Sasha (by the way if you remember Sasha the tumor dog from March?? I think is was.... she has to be put down, the cancer came back and is taking over *sigh*)

Then she was telling me about how Love-a-stray turned her down to adopt 3 cats and she thinks is it because they felt she didn't have enough money. I looked at her and said No it is because your dog isn't fixed. She said oh no that isn't it.

I said yes it is! I know I wok the same way Love - a - stay does and I wouldn't approve you to adopt either. You would have to get your dog fixed. She just said Oh

Later she has the nerve to ask me the adoption fee my exact words were "100 - 200 but you can't adopt until your male is fixed" SHE FINALLY walked away. UGH! She was annoying.. I guess the annoying part is someone who refuses to be educated / to learn.

Then the most horrible thing happened. This is a bit confusing of a story so I will summarize...

A family walks in with a very small fluffy something puppy. The puppy is like a rag doll in this ladies arms. The puppy throws up, which of course alarms me. I look at the puppy.. this puppy is SICK! It's head was just hanging there like a doll, life less. It's gums were light pink instead of nice dark red (like what yours look like right now).

What I got of the family is they paid $500 for the puppy from a lady who has many different breeds of puppies in her back yard. She doesn't breed them she gets them from breeders and sells them. She is VERY REPUTABLE and has been doing this for 15 years.. that is what the man told me.

I said did you sign a contract? NOPE. I asked if the puppy was fixed. NOPE! I asked if the puppy had shots.. that it actually did have. I told them that a puppy should not be in any public places, taken from walks or in their front yard until 2 weeks AFTER it's last set of shots. The puppy can very easily get sick and die.

I also told them if the puppy throws up again, has diarrhea or the gums turn white to take the puppy DIRECTLY to the emergency vet hospital.

OMG you should have seen this puppy. It had NO LIFE.. and anyone who has seen the puppies I have at my house... they are the same age as this puppy and are SO PLAYFUL. Even when they are tiered they are still very alert. This puppy was not.

I hope I am wrong but at the same time I just want to scream.........Why won't people stop buying.. UGH!

The funniest thing is the man kept saying how reputable this person was they got the dog from.. REALLY?

NOW FROM SOME GOOD NEWS! I heard that Pet Land near the mall is closing!!

WOOHOO I am going to through a party.. assuming that is true. That actually made my day. LOL!

Have I said lately I HATE PET LAND! Sacks of poop! I HATE THEM!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What does your life mean?

Tonight I was watching TV one of those stupid gossip TV shows. They were interviewing some famous millionaire TV / singer star person and he said "Everyone has a purpose in life, you just have to find yours"

I thought WOW! Nicely put. I feel that way too. I mean if you aren't adding value to "life" then really what is the point? I know someone who grew up in a big family, married a hard working sales guy who makes good money, they have no kids, take a million vacations to all over the world, live in a big house, she works part time and really has no worries in life... both her and her husband are in good health in their early 50's. Nothing tragic has every happened to either of them. Neither volunteer anywhere and / or are part of anything "greater" I often think UGH that has got to suck.. LOL I am sure glad I don't have her life.. I would feel empty.

Ever since I can remember I have always thought that I needed a purpose. I went to school to be a police officer... well I am not one so that didn't work out very well. LOL! Stupid 9/11 messed that up.

I think that maybe me rescuing dogs, educating people about spaying/neutering and helping people with their dogs is maybe what I was "meant" to do. I was ALWAYS rescuing something when I was a kid... a kitten, a squirrel once, a skunk, a bird you name it I probably had it / saved it at one time.

Honestly doing dog rescue isn't easy on my relationships. My husband is often says I spend too much time with the dogs. My response is always you knew this BEFORE we got married. LOL
I do feel like I am crappy friend and I stress out about it a lot. I don't call my friends and "chat" I HATE talking on the phone. Seriously you aren't on Facebook I don't keep in touch.. LOL

It is so hard to do things with my friends b/c I have to worry about who is taking care of dogs, feeding horses, etc. I do my best to make sure I make it to all kids b-day parties and I try to remember to send cards. Half the time I buy them because I can at work and then forget to mail them. I find them a week after their b-day and think well shoot I can't mail it now.

What is your purpose in life? Very good question.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you do this everyday?

I was asked today "You do this every day after work?"

I had 3 grade school girls who wanted to come out and help with the dogs. They came out today so I had them help me with my normal chores. The one girl, her family adopted a dog from me. Her mom said to me "you do this every day after work?"

Yep sure do and today is a NON crazy day.. today actually went pretty smoothly. LOL!

My NORMAL (whatever that means) day:

5:30am wake up and get ready for work. Getting ready for work also includes giving medicine to dogs, feeding house dogs and just making sure all the animals are ok. Since my husband lost his job he has been feeding horses! TOTALLY AWESOME!

I leave for work and usually arrive around 7ish.

I leave work around 3:30ish give or take all depends on what time I get in.

When I get home I go upstairs change out of "good" clothes and put on barn clothes. I go outside,
put goats away,
let puppies out,
let dogs out in the fence,
fill up the baby pool for the dogs,
clean horse stalls
clean dog stalls
take all the dog bowls and scrub them out
shake out blankets in the dog houses
fill up water bowls for barn dogs
fill up food for barn dogs
feed horses
clean up kitty litter
make sure cat water is fresh, cold and clean (they have an automatic water)
give goats food
give goats clean, fresh, cold water
fill up watering cans
clean outdoor kennels
empty water pales
clean water pales
shake out dog beds
make sure dog houses are clean
fresh water
fresh food
give worming medicine, eye drops, medicine to who ever needs it
walk everyone back to kennels or put those that belong in the barn back in their stall.
take care of chickens
I then go in the house, answer emails, sometimes eat / make dinner, watch TV, feed house dogs, laundry, clean up house or whatever normal house stuff needs done.

This is assuming there isn't any adoptions, vet appointment, emergencies, new dogs coming in or well anything outside of the norm.

With luck I am in bed and asleep by 11:30pm.

That is my life!

Monday, August 2, 2010


It seems I am getting a lot of applications from people with un altered dogs. Ok, so this is my chance to help educate. Out of all the applications I have received where I explained to them why I can't approve their application but will re consider if they get their dog fixed ONLY ONE PERSON has said "Oh geez, I didn't know all this" and had her dog fixed. ONLY 1.

I posted the nasty comments from the lady with the boxer but can you believe I actually got one from someone who has 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs that live in their garage and that they are going to breed. The female is almost 2 years old and the male is just about 1 years old. They said the female they were going to breed 2 times and then have her spayed but the male was going to stay a stud. UGH! I seriously wanted to vomit.

I wrote back to them and said I hope you know that Ohio is cracking down on people breeding and you have to have a kennel's license, a vendor's license, collect tax and pay income tax on the sale of the puppies. I haven't heard back surprise surprise. UGH!

Why in God's name would you want to add more dogs to this world. I don't care how rare and special you THINK your dog is but seriously your dog is only special to you. Sorry but that is so true.

Well I am hoping that the applications I have left over from Friday of last week come out ok. I need to get some of these dogs moved, QUICKLY! I am going to do an adoption event at Pet Smart on Saturday..... let's hope I can get some of these dogs into home!