Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am going to break this down for you....... why people say VOTE YES and why people say VOTE NO and what I have decided.

Why Vote YES:

The reason that farmers BIG and SMALL say to vote YES is because they are scared! What are they scared of?? That is probably what is running through your mind right now. Well let me give you an example and hopefully you will understand.

Growing up on a farm and going to private school I was pretty much the ONLY one in my school who had horses (except one friend in the grade under me). My "city" friends would come over and LOVED to see the horse. Not realizing that they are "wild" animals and had been trained and worked with A LOT! One time a friend was over, mind you we weren't old enough to drive maybe like 12 or 13. I probably weighed 80 pounds (if that... i weighed 89 my first day of high school at 15 years old so....) at the time and the horse is at least 1,200 pounds. The horse would not stand still and was being bad. I slapped the horse on the shoulder and said "Stand!" My friend was so mad at me, I mean PISSED!

Ok, lets rationalize this. Do you really think an 80 pound girl slapping an animal on the shoulder (a very muscular part of the body) and the animal weighing 15 times as much as the girl was hurt by the slap? Really?

This is what farmers are afraid of....... people who don't understand animals, who don't realize what having animals is all about getting mad and making laws to protect the animals but making it impossible for farmers to do ANYTHING with the animals.

Someone I know has a horse barn where they give A LOT of lessons. On more then one occasion they have had people come to the barn and get upset that the horses are kept in stalls. Really?? Where else do you expect them to be? The people have actually said I thought they would be free to walk around inside or outside. Really?? Ok lets rationalize this.... if all the horses were #1 let to roam free inside and outside it would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep them clean. They are horses, they poop then lay in it then kick their feed on their poop and then eat it..

#2 horses are animals and if they don't like each other they bite, kick and could really injure each other. Not all animals get a long... JUST LIKE PEOPLE. The difference between people (at least most people) and animals is that if a person doesn't like someone the worse thing you do is call them a name, animals will KILL EACH OTHER! And they don't do it quickly!

#3 how would you feed them so the each one got enough to eat? Again they are animals and they don't care the horse next to them is younger, older, fat, skinny.. they want food and don't really care who is in the way!

So, anyways my point is farmers are scared that laws will be passed that sound good but really aren't practical. Example (and I know some people might get upset at this but sorry reality is a bitch). Horse slaughter houses have been outlawed in the US. Horses are STILL being taken to auctions, the horses are sometimes sick, injured or worse, they are auctioned off, put on a trailer with no food, no water and driven for hours and even days to Mexico and Canada to their slaughter houses. Sometimes when the horses arrive they are already dead. Starved to death, died of dehydration, died from being trampled by other horses on the trailer. They are pulled off the trailers and SLAUGHTERED! I have a feeling that Mexico and Canada isn't as nice to the horses as we were here in the US. If you know what I mean.

I would sure rather have slaughter houses in the US and know that the horses who are dieing are not being tortured. You know? So, in theory not having slaughter houses in the US is GREAT but the alternative is worse. Not to mention that there is a HUGE over population of horses and some people feel that if horse slaughter was still allowed in the US there wouldn't be as many horses dieing of starvation, being set free to fend for themselves, etc.

So, there maybe things we don't like or think are not good but the alternative is much much worse.

That is the fear among farmers and why they want issue 2 to pass. So, that animal groups who may not know, see or understand the big picture can't pass laws that will just hurt farmers and animals more in the long run. The board will be set up to block laws on farmers. I mean come on PETA got made at our president for killing a fly!

Why vote NO on issue 2:

Issue 2 will #1. be an amendment to Ohio's constitution #2. the 13 board member will be APPOINTED people by the Governor. They will have NO ONE to answer to. They can run a muck and there wouldn't be anyone to stop them. The only way to get them the heck off the board would be for the Governor to either get replaced OR get so pressured by the citizens that he has to remove / replace one of the members. #3. if the law does not pass everything stays the same.

There are way too many issues with issue 2. The uncertainty of what it will bring scares me more then just leaving things as they are.

There are people and groups who want us all to believe that if Issue 2 passes animals will be inhumanely treated. That is NOT TRUE! However, we as a society will have less recourse IF something inhumane is going on because the 13 member appointed board can give us (us mean society/public) the Heisman.

My only hope is that people think RATIONALLY about laws being passed about farms, farmers, treatment of dairy and poultry and live stock. Not everyone is horrible, not every farmer traps their laying hens in a small cage, not every farm treats their milking cows poorly. Most of them actually treat them pretty darn good. Happy cows produce more milk, healthy cows produce more milk... happy healthy chickens produce more eggs. So, why in the hell would someone who makes their living off producing eggs or milk treat their animals poorly?? Doesn't make much sense does it?

As much as I say I HATE THE AMISH! There are Amish out there that aren't puppy milling assholes. So, really it isn't fair to paint them all with the same brush now is it??

All blonds are stupid
All red heads are bitchy
All people that go to U of M suck (this might be true ;-) )

Just giving examples of painting everyone with the same label.. these aren't always true so we can't really say blanket statements like....... all egg farmers treat their chickens poorly and they live in small cages. This just isn't true and my sister visited egg and milk producing farms and did not see any of the horrible things she had heard. She saw totally the opposite.

So, I hope that Issue 2 doesn't pass as I think it will do more harm then good and I hope that people STOP and really take in facts and consequences before passing a law that effects others and NOT them directly.

Just to re cap. I will vote NO on issue 2

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Issue 2 making a descion??!!

Farmers say vote YES. Non farmers say vote NO.

This issue is going to affect farmers so why do they say YES? What I have been told is because they are afraid that if Issue 2 does not pass then those outside of Ohio will be able to tell them what to do and not to do on their farms.

Those saying vote NO are saying this because the board of 13 members will have no one to answer to and may protect those who are not treating animals in a humane way and the board can do a lot of strange things that no one can control.

All valid points. Such a hard decision. Being someone who lives on a farm, granted not a major working farm like some of those who are saying vote YES but still understand their view point. And being someone who is worried about that animals I can see where others are coming from.

My big concern is that those who have never lived on a farm and those who don't know farmers paint them all with the same brush. Not all farmers are horrible people who abuse and don't care about animals.... one big farm or one person gets in trouble and now that is how everyone does it. That just isn't true.

This is a hard one... I guess we all have to do what we think is best and take in all the facts. Let's just hope that regardless of which way this goes that animals best interests are always kept in the forefront.

Friday, October 23, 2009

sick sick sick

I am sick with a bad cold... it started on Sunday with a headache, Monday I felt kinda out of it, Tuesday I was coughing, Wed I had a fever, Thursday I was the same as Wed and today I feel like my head is going to explode. UGH!

On top of that I am sick b/c I have so many dogs on a waiting list 2 from Carroll County, 1 Holmes County, 2 in Trumble County and um..... that might be it.....

I received probably about 6 emails from peopling wanting to get rid of their JRT.

I would rather be sick and laying in bed then knowing all these dogs are out there without a home :-(

The guy for Uno finally came out yesterday. Met Uno and said he would follow back up with me. I am not holding my breath as that might just turn into a disappointment. Someone was supposed to come over on Sunday but something happened and now they are going to wait to adopt another dog :-( And someone was supposed to meet Mac tomorrow but they are sick... at least that one I am confident they will reschedule when she is feeling better.

I do have someone coming for one of the puppies on Tuesday. So, that is good. Driving 3 hours from PA! I have to call the vet on Monday and do a reference check but assuming everything goes well there one puppy will be going home next week! YAY!!!

Let's hope adoptions pick up soon so that I can save some more dogs!

Cross paws please......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will anyone get adopted?

I feel horrible.. stupid swine flu.. just kidding. I don't have the swine flu but I feel like crap. But that doesn't matter still have to take care of all my animals.

I am hoping this weekend turns out to be a good weekend for a few of my dogs. The emails for help keep pouring in but I have no room to help anyone. :-(

The guy for Uno finally came out tonight and met him. He and his wife are going to go home and sleep on it. OH GOD I don't think I can take for another adoption to fall through.... I so so so hope they are going to adopt him.

I hopefully have someone coming over to see Mac this weekend and I have someone scheduled to come meet a few of the dogs and see who their dog gets along with. Paws crossed their dog likes someone and paws crossed the people for Mac get back to me on if they want to come see him on Saturday.

Oh and I have someone I am waiting to hear back from about the brindle puppy. They live in PA though so I am a little worried they won't want do drive this far..... OH man I so wish some dogs get adopted.

I am still trying to figure out how to help two dogs from Carroll County that the volunteers put into boarding and my "dogs in need" folder is so full in my email right now... UGH! I can't even begin to look at all of them b/c it makes me cry.

I hope things pick up soon.

Oh and on the issue 2 thing.... I am still thinking vote yes but I am still reading everything everyone sends me.. how confusing...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vote YES on Issue 2????

I keep getting all these emails about how I should vote NO on issue 2. I did not really understand issue 2 so I did some research. Here is what I found out and I will be voting YES on issue 2. ( I THINK)

To create the Ohio livestock care standards board to establish and implement standards of care for livestock and poultry.

Farmers in Ohio worked with the Ohio General Assembly to write the amendment proposed in Issue 2 which is strongly supported by legislative leaders from both parties. They did this because Out-of-state activist groups have signaled they would like to bring an initiative to Ohio that would set rigid, inflexible and impractical rules for how livestock and poultry are housed. This would lead to higher costs for consumers, put food safety at risk, increase the amount of food imported to Ohio, cause thousands of farmers to go out of business, and endanger the overall health and well-being of Ohio's flocks and herds.

The biggest problem is people who know virtually nothing about livestock farming are being misinformed about what is humane treatment. This group calls for housing that puts chickens and pigs in jeopardy b/c chickens and pigs are notorious for "fighting" when allowed to be penned in groups and they will literally kill the weaker animals. There is misinformation that claims livestock are kept in small pens where they can't move or turn around, or how the animals are kept in filthy conditions, etc. This is untrue. Again, non-farmers are uninformed and are being conned through emotional stories of animal abuse that doesn't exist.

There is also a lot of misinformation on who will be part of the board. Here is the exact language in the amendment:
Provide that the board shall be comprised of thirteen Ohio residents including representatives of Ohio family farms, farming organizations, food safety experts, veterinarians, consumers, the dean of the agriculture department at an Ohio college or university and a county humane society representative. If you read the full text of the amendment you will see even more defined information.

There is no doubt that we need to be informed and take action when animal abuse occurs. Whether it's pets or livestock, cruelty is unacceptable. There is no doubt it has happened and will happen again. But we must act with knowledge and regulate responsibly and not with outrageous regulations that increase food prices and put Ohioans out of work.

There is a main radical group that is spreading lies about this issue and they are WRONG in what they say. Please do not believe that issue 2 will in anyway protect those who mistreat animals or support puppy mills because it will NOT. The board that will be developed if issue 2 passes can actually help in STOPPING puppy mills and puppy mill auctions.

Continue to support your local rescue groups, local Animal Protective League, and local Humane Society. These groups deserve your support and do not have hidden agendas.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prospective Pet Adopters Overlook Black Dogs and Cats, Shelters Say

Oct 9, 2009

They're just as friendly and just as furry, but black dogs sitting in animal shelters are often overlooked by prospective pet owners, according to animal rescue professionals who have dubbed the problem the "black dog syndrome."

"What we've learned is that large black dogs, and also black cats, tend to be the last ones to get adopted from shelters," said Kim Saunders, the head of shelter outreach for, a Web site often used by people looking to adopte pets.

"As a result, there are more of them in shelters and are euthanized more because of the lack of space," said Saunders, who says that one of the reasons she believes black dogs are overlooked is because they don't photograph as well as lighter-colored animals.

On sites like that list more than 300,000 animals that are up for adoption, bad photographs of dogs can result in them being ignored altogether, said Saunders.

For some shelters, the problem is so bad that they've developed special promotions to help draw attention to their black pooches.

Hope Hancock, the executive director of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Wake County in Raleigh, N.C., said that her shelter offered a sort of blue plate special to help get their black dogs adopted.

As part of the campaign, Hancock said a poster was developed to promote the black dogs in the shelter and it was decorated with a string of blue lights. People who decided to take home the black dogs were given a discount off the routine adoption fees.

"Sometimes black dogs are seen as scarier by people," said Hancock. "It's very, very unfair – you can get a bite from a little yellow Chihuahua faster than one of the bigger black dogs."

"It's not a fair assessment but it's the one that's made a lot of the time," she said.

Hancock said that the Raleigh shelter has also offered a deal on black cats, who also tend to go unnoticed.

The shelter developed a special portion of their Web site dedicated to these black cats and gave them each a superhero nickname, handmade them capes, and photographed them in the costumes.

"Many times, the black cats with no markings, much like the black dogs, appear to be a little bit plain, even though they're bursting with personality," said Hancock, "So we have to accentuate that."

Why Are Black Dogs and Cats Ignored More Than Others in Shelters?

Sherri Skidmore, the owner and founder of the Utah-based Black Dog Rescue Project, started her Web site to bring attention to the animals that are overlooked, which she says is a result of several factors.

"In the online age, photographs of dark-colored animals are much harder to see," said Skidmore.

In addition, the shelter atmosphere can sometimes offer no natural light to look at a dog's face in, said Skidmore.

People are looking for a face to fall in love with and if that dog doesn't stand out in a crowd, they just get overlooked," said Skidmore. "If you put a black dog and a lighter dog next to each other, people will be drawn to the lighter one."

Superstition about the bad luck of having a black cat or the way black dogs are portrayed as villainous or dangerous in movies also contributes to the problem, said Skidmore.

But Julie Morris, the senior vice president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, says that while the Black Dog Syndrome is talked about a lot, there are no hard numbers to support the theory.

"There is no research data and no controlled research to support [the Black Dog Syndrome theory], which doesn't necessarily mean it's not true, but just that there is no data," said Morris.

There are lots of compounding factors," said Morris. "Are there just more black dogs in shelters or is the real problem because most black dogs are also big dogs?"

According to Morris, the majority of people adopting dogs – especially those in urban areas – prefer smaller, easier-to-handle dogs which often times are not black.

"It's not really clear if shelters see this as a problem just because there are simply more black dogs out there," said Morris.

Even if the black dog syndrome isn't proven, Morris said that any adoption is a good adoption and there is no harm in these shelters drawing extra attention to dark dogs and cats.

Hancock is planning another special campaign to attract cat lovers to help deal with a recent influx of black cats at her North Carolina shelter.

"Human nature leads people toward things that are more vibrant and riveting in color," said Hancock. "It's very, very superficial... there is no inherent difference in these animals, they're just angels."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Can you take my JRT....

That seems to be a theme lately. I had 5 emails today from people wanting to give up their JRT's. 8 years old, 7 years old on special food for liver issues, 2 years old....... they all seemed like nice dogs too. I did not receive any of the emails that just make me cringe "I have a very sweet loving JRT who has bitten." Doesn't that sound like an oxymoron to you?

Things are tough. I had an adoption event this weekend and only 2 of my puppies found homes :-( I still have 4 sweet babies looking for homes. They will be 12 weeks on Wed and I just want to cry because they are still with me. They are growing up living in a kennel environment. How sad is that? I so wish I could find them homes... wait let me re phrase that GOOD HOMES. **Sigh**

Paige did find a home on Saturday. So, one adult dog and 2 puppies. That leaves me with

Puppy #1
Puppy #3
Puppy #5

And there are two that I am getting fixed (one is for sure a JRT.. the other I am not sure). They are from Carrol County pound and the Carrol County volunteers pulled them and have them in boarding. They were going to get put down. I would LOVE to help but I don't know where I would put them. IF I could get the puppies adopted then I would have room.......

I am feeling a bit helpless. I have people being nasty to me, some Pets Pajamas employee or the owner harassing me about Pets Pajamas not buying from puppy mills... whatever! Like a legitimate breeder is going to let their puppies go to a pet store... Yea, Ok!

If Pets Pajamas is so awesome why don't they take litters of puppies from shelters and ADOPT THEM OUT! Applications, spayed / neutered, full vetted. Adoption fee can be a bit higher say $300 or $400 to help pay for the rent on the building........... Oh wait they aren't doing that because that doesn't make money. Sorry, forgot!

Just a bit discouraged sometimes when so many need help and none are getting adopted.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to spay / neuter your dog


Every Sunday I receive the "kill list" The list is from just a few pounds in Ohio... 3 maybe 4 county pounds out of 88! The list usually has about 80 plus dogs on it. The list is called a "kill list" because the dogs not taken will be killed on Friday morning. This list is where I first saw my dog Petey. Who at this moment is basically laying on my lap.

Petey is a great dog. Not 100% sure how old he is.. maybe 4 years old the vet guessed. I got him last year on my birthday. He was already housebroken, crate trained, knew basic commands. Petey is a GREAT dog. Of course was not neutered, he is now :-)

The profile picture on my blog is Petey's "kill" picture from the pound.

Here are some of the dogs on this weeks "kill list" So, don't tell me that only mutts or "bad" dogs find their way into shelters or that their really isn't an overpopulation problem or that YOUR breed of dog isn't found at a shelter. Here are the pictures and some information about them......

1231 is a beautiful lab who needs your help ASAP.He is about 1 years old and weighed 54lbs when the picture was taken. Please help this guy

Beagle Picture1328 This guy is saying let me out please He is about 2 years old and just so happy and cute

Labrador Retriever Picture1352 This girl is very sweet and needs some love and a good family to show her love.She is 3 years old and 45 lbs. She is available now owner didn't have time for her

Labrador Retriever Picture1348 Now this is HUGE sweet adorable loving neutered 148 lbs pure lab. And just as gentle as can be and loves belly rubs. He is great on lead and oh so very handsome

Boxer Picture1355 This girl has some separation trouble. Family thought it was cruel to put her in a crate while gone. Better than where she is now. She is a very nice well behaved lady.

Rottweiler Picture1356 This girl was so glad to get out of her kennel it took several times just to get this picture. She was found dragging a cable so she is a tie out dog but hopefully someone will make her a inside dog this time around. She is about 1 years old and weighs 60 lbs

German Shepherd Dog Picture
German Shepherd Dog Picture1360 This sweet girl needs some TLC and good food and lots of love. She is so skinny and so raw on her behind. Look for pictures of how skinny she is and her flea allergies.Please help her ASAP

Chihuahua Picture1365 This guy is so cute AND well behaved. Loves every one and is a real cudlebug

Meet lacy and her 5 puppies.They need a rescue to help them along their way to new homes. Lacy is only about 1 years old and the pups are about 3 weeks old.eyes open but no teeth as of yet.
Aren't they just adorable.She is a excellent mom and is a little scared of people but she just needs
Lots of love. Very nice girl.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Picture10-17-09 Belinda really needs your help. Belinda is a female yellow lab that lost her newborn pups about a week ago. She is about 1.5 years old and weighs 45-50 pounds. She craves attention!

Jack Russell Terrier Picture10-17-09 This little pack consists of 4 male Jack Russell Terrier mix pups about 6 weeks old. They are all boys. These little ones received their first bath and are being de-wormed with Panacur. They will receive their first 6 in 1 puppy shot next week. Some are smooth and some are wiry

Beagle Picture10-01-09 Cherokee is a female beagle about 25 pounds and 2 years old. She is a bit uncertain about her new surroundings at the Pound. Cherokee loves children and has an even temperament. She has a nice soft coat of white and brown.

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Picture10-11-09 I had a bath and like to run and play! I may try to dominate smaller dogs. Jum is a 1.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog. He weighs about 35 pounds and appears to be a purebred. He has a docked tail. Jum is friendly and attentive . He also seems to be good around other dogs. He has a nice temperament

Terrier Picture523-524 This dog will be for adoption on 10-19-2009 This dog was picked up as a stray and approx. Age is 3 mth. And it weighs approx. 10 LBS

Setter Picture09-21-09 Questor is a male, chestnut-brown Setter mix. He is about 9 months old and weighs 40-45 pounds. He has an enthusiastic temperament and is friendly. This dog has a beautiful coat and some unique face markings. He would love a new home soon!

German Shepherd Dog Picture10-17-09 Flash is a 12 week old male German Shepherd mix with a very nice looking face. He is being de-wormed with Panacur and received his 6 in 1 puppy shot 10-16-09. He is a little subdued in the Pound environment but he has a pleasant temperament. He will not be a big dog.

Chihuahua PictureMC-1 this is a male chih mix, tan with white coloring, short hair and a medium size, friendly and cute

Labrador Retriever Picture1289 This girl is about 1 years old and weighs about 40 lbs she is so pretty and well mannered.

Beagle Picture1322 This gal is so calm and so sweet.She just lays in her kennel waiting for the right person to see her and take her home. She is about 2 years old. Real nice girl

This is just a FEW of the dogs on the list... didn't want to bore you with ALL of them...

So, the next time you hear someone say they want to breed tell them about these faces who when you wake up on Saturday morning to spend time with your family.... will more then likely no longer exist. OR you think to yourself "ONE litter won't hurt anyone" please go to your local pound / local kill shelter and give each dog a cookie, look them in the face and tell them ONE litter won't hurt anyone EXCEPT THEM as they are lead to the gas chamber and killed.


And above are actually 29 reasons!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why do people think it is ok???

Why is it people think it is ok to be rude, nasty to me and when I try to explain something or defend myself I am the bitch?

Why do people just out of the blue email me ranting? A few weeks ago I received an email from a person (not sure if the person was male or female because they did not sign their name). The email said that they were a single person who was looking for a dog and she (assuming here) was pissed off that people who call themselves 'rescues' were selling dogs for up to $200. Nothing makes me more mad then when someone says "how much are you selling the dog for?" UGH I am not selling the dog... they are for adoption. Maybe it is just one of those little things that annoys me and I should learn to just ignore it. I just think that "selling" sounds so puppy mill. I guess that is why I hate it when people say that... I am sure 99% of the time they don't mean anything by it but it is just so insulting to me.

I have people email me ALL the time if they can have a discount on a dog or if I can take $50 off the price........... again I am not selling these dogs. I always email people back and explain why the adoption fee is what it is. Personally I think it would be more rude to email someone back and say NO
So, I explain.

We are a NOT FOR PROFIT organization that takes dogs from kill shelters. Even though the kill shelter is going to kill the dog we still have to pay to save their life. It can be anywhere from $15 - $110. We then have to worm the dog $20, front line $12 ,heartgard $15, shots with heartworm test $70 and then get the dog fixed $100 - $150. Not to mention the amount of time and gas we spend running the dogs to and from the vet. The dogs also get collar, leash, toys, bed, etc.

So, that is my normal response....

I find it COMPLETELY insulting that people ask for us to lower adoption fees? Am I wrong in feeling this way?

I guess I wouldn't really care about all the people that email me and belittle me and tell me what a horrible person I am if I wasn't so passionate about my dogs and about rescue.

I am just not sure what to do any more. I think I am going to start doing what other rescue groups do. I am just not answer people's questions any more.

I am done.


This is why there is an over population of dogs and cats. People want what they want and they want it NOW. Why work for anything??? We are a got to have it at our figure tips, go to have it now type of society. I am not saying I am innocent here..... I feel lost without my cell phone, without text messaging, I have little patiences when I have to wait for someone or for something EXCEPT for when it comes to things that I think are "LIFE CHANGING"

For example GETTING A DOG!!!!!!!!!

My husband always says to me "call them back", "email them back", etc. He always tells me that I need to follow up with people but you know what my thought is "If they really truly wanted the dog / puppy they would call ME, they would email ME."

I am not selling a product, I am adopting out a living breath creature who I have poured my heart and soul into, who I have sacrificed for I don't want it going to someone who might not want it, might not love it, might not be happy to have him/her. It is a big responsibility, a big commitment to adopt a dog and if they people aren't ready I am not going to pressure them.

On the flip side of that I also deal with the people that regardless of what I say THEY HAVE TO HAVE THAT DOG! You said you want a dog that is housebroke, the dog isn't housebroken. You wanted a dog to play with your other dog, this dog is more of a loner. You want a black lab, this is a Min Pin mix. You want a dog good with cats, this dog HATES cats.

They don't care.......... "I just love that face!" "It looks like my old dog" "it's cute" Oh that is great but the dog is also everything you said YOU DIDN'T WANT!

The concept behind what I do as a rescue person is to take unwanted dogs and find them homes where they will be wanted FOREVER not just until the novelty of having a dog wears off.

I can't tell you how many dogs I have held in my arms and said OH I WANT TO KEEP YOU. Is that fair to the dog? NO. Is that fair to me? NO. So, I find the dog a home it will be the happiest in. Does it suck b/c I want to keep the dog.. YES! HELLO Uno.. I want to keep him so bad but I know darn well with all the dogs that I rescue I don't have time to train a puppy and he is NOT going to get what he needs from me. Will he be happy sure but could he be happier somewhere else YES! And deep down I know that so I have to let him go.

People are so selfish they can't seem to see that though. Do you really think it is easy to tell someone NO? Do you really think it is fun? Well if you do then please volunteer to approve and deny applications because to be honest is SUCKS!

Sometimes you just like someone so much and you want them to have a dog so bad but you know that they dog they like is TOTALLY wrong for them. The dog isn't going to be happy and the person will probably end up not happy and where does that leave me?? Feeling like an asshole for matching someone up with a dog they don't like and getting it back in 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year and having to find it a home all over again but now it has behavior issues that I have to correct first because either the person did not know how to handle the dog or because the dog is depresses / confused now that is lost yet another home!

It must be nice to be a breeder and actually make money at this and not give a shit where your dogs go, who is happy, who is healthy, hell who is being humanely treated and who is dead!

It must also be nice to be the people who don't have a clue and think I am just some mean nasty bitch who is trying to ruin their lives by not allowing them to get a dog they want. It must be nice not to care about my feelings and that writing me an email to tell me that I am a horrible person and how they are going to go buy a dog from a Pet Store and be ok with doing that. You know what just come to my house and slap me in the face..... it would hurt less, plus then I could slap you back. LOL!

I am just sick or rude, nasty, ignorant people.

Hey guess what NEWS FLASH I have been denied to adopt a dog. Before I ever got into rescue. But lucky for me the person who denied me educated me in why....... which is also what I try to do and I understood, I wasn't happy but I saw their side of things. It would have been a bad match....... I didn't swear at them, call them names and write a belittling email to them. It was their dog and they were doing what was best for the dog. Apparently I am the only person who can see 2 sides to every story! Apparently I am the only person who realizes that sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don't! Apparently I am the only person who sees shades of grey!

Uno's family said they would come today, Friday.... I haven't heard from them :-(

AND the person that wrote me a nasty email about how they didn't get the dog they wanted in the time frame they wanted...... just to let you know....... the dog isn't mine. It was a courtesy post for another rescue so I actually had NOTHING to do with the application. The women emailed me and belittled me and I didn't even know this women existed until she did that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good news

Well I spoke with the family that was interested in my Uno. They are probably going to come on Friday to see him. YEA! He sent me an email last night which I got today saying he want to come mee the little guy. Asked me if I had any more pictures of him and I said I could send him a cell phone video. I got back Oh my goodness........ lol

So, that is good. That dog is crazy cute!

I had a lady call me today that works with one of the volunteers cousins. She seemed really nice and was interested in Paige. Oh that would be wonderful!

Also, received an email from someone interested in Mac. I sent him the application....... hopefully he sends it back and it is a good one.

Oh I really want these dogs to get homes.......... PAWS CROSSED!

So, today will be a fun day. I have to collect poop! I need to get everyone fecal tested well not everyone just George, Billy and Tucker so that I can make sure they are clear.. oh.. and the puppies.

My husband is going to love me.. he is going to have to take the poop in tomorrow.. LOL!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The phone never rang..

I have received a lot of emails, text messages, facebook posts, etc. People wondering, hoping that the phone rang.


Needless to say I am sad. Maybe he will call tonight or tomorrow....maybe I will get an email saying he will come to meet Uno.

All my babies are special to me and I want the best for each of them but I really really really want to keep Uno and I will only let him go to a home that I am 200% sure will be the best of the best of the best of homes and honestly THIS GUY IS IT!

I just feel disappointed because when I take these dogs from the shelters I tell each and every single one of them.... I know they are dogs but I still think that if I tell them enough they will believe me... I tell each one

I feel like I am not keeping my promise, I feel like I am failing AND I HATE TO FAIL when I can't find them a home. I mean they all find homes BUT I think 30 days is way too long to be without a family, without someone to love you.... really one day is too long but I need to be realistic.

I just want my dogs (aka my kids) to be happy. I really want everyone to be happy and I get really down when people / animals aren't happy. Although I know they are probably OK at my house and too them living there isn't too bad. They get food, fresh water, treats, all the running they desire on 16 acres, toys and each other but if they had a family they would like that better. They would get a couch, a tv, MORE hugs and kisses then I can give them and one on one attention. So, they don't know it but they will be happier not living at my house... LOL

Well wish me luck, cross your paws and say your prayers that this Saturday is a successful one. Lots of dogs get adopted and families are happy with their new family member. And if anyone wants to come out an help. I can use the help. There will be myself, my rescue partner in Toledo and my rescue friend there with dogs... probably around 30 dogs maybe more looking for homes.

Hoping for good people to come.

My rescue partner in Toledo is a bit worried. She received an application from someone in the town where the adoption event is taking place that wants the dog to live outside full time. Although to each their own and as long as a dog is not CHAINED up.... oh I hate that.... if someone wants a dog to live outside full time then go for it. Who am I to tell you what to do. I wouldn't personally do it but whatever. I realize I have dogs in kennels outside but NOT during the winter and it is temporary... hey they could be dead so you pick.. outdoor kennel or dead... Yea, that is what I thought.. outdoor kennel.

HOWEVER, for the dogs and the puppies that we have put so much time and money and effort into we really want them to be house dogs.

I have only one time allowed a dog to be adopted that was going to be an outdoor dog. That was Skipper an Australian Cattle Dog. She was a bit strange as I am sure she was abused and the person adopting her lived on a Cattle Farm and wanted a barn dog that would hang out with him while he worked in the barn and ride around in his truck with him.... Yea, well Skipper was an AWESOME farm dog. So, I was 100% ok with that.

But in a development, with a kennel in your backyard... I don't think so. That is so not nice. I don't care if the dog house is heated.

At least with Skipper she had like over 100 acres to run out, barns to run in and out of, people coming and going and other animals to keep her company. She wasn't just put in a kennel in the back yard and basically only paid attention to when barking or being feed.

I am to the mind set that nothing in this world is black and white and sometimes there is grey. I listen to every one's story / situation and make a judgement if I think #1 my dog will be loved, #2. Safe #3 cared for and #4 (the most important) HAPPY. If I can say YES YES YES AND YES then I am ok with adopting to that person. Some rescue people don't like me b/c of that..... people get denied to adopt b/c they once had a dog hit by a car, they don't have a fenced yard, they off the leash train a dog, they have never owned a dog before, etc. Ok now that is JUST STUPID!

A lady I worked with was denied to adopt because she worked over 30 minutes from her home. They rescue organization actually told her that if she got a new job closer to home they would allow her to adopt. They even sent her a list of companies closer to her house........ WTF!!!??? She was an Executive Director, not a clerk at a store! Whatever!

Well I am still waiting for the phone to ring..........

Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting for the phone to ring....

It has been a hard few months. Adoption after adoption falling through for un known reasons, stupid reasons.....

One family came to see a dog and asked me a million times if they could adopter her the day they met her. So, I made sure to arrange for them to meet the dog right away. They were a great application and I didn't want them to loose interest or find another dog. The kids loved her, the parents seemed to like her and their dogs was fine with her. The dog sometimes hold up one leg when she runs.... it is a Jack thing. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with her. They spent an hour at my house and said we will talk about it as a family and get back to you... that was a month ago. The family did not say anything to me about the leg, I would have explained the reason why JRT's sometimes do that, I have talked to my vet about it 1 million times. It is a small dog thing... but they never said anything to me. The asked the foster home why she does that but not me. I have NEVER heard from them... isn't that rude? If you aren't interested just let me know.

Then another family well just mom and son came out to see a dog and my dog acting like an ass decide to pick a fight with him. The lady and her son spent 45 minutes with the dog and in the last 10 minutes is when this happened. They said they would come pick the dog up on Friday. On Thursday I get an email from the lady saying that her husband isn't comfortable with the dogs aggression????!! WTF???!!! The dog wasn't aggressive, my dog was being an asshole and they got into a scrap. Big deal lady. If you can't handle that don't get a dog.

I emailed her back and told her if the dog was aggressive it would be humanely euthanized. I DO NOT tolerate that... the thing about her timing with that is that I had put 3 dogs down that week for being aggressive. UGH!

I had another family come out and see the puppies and say they would call me....... NEVER HEARD A THING!

I am getting the crappiest applications for my puppies. 20 year olds working at a fast food restaurant wanting to get a dog for their girlfriend for sweetest day. Or a young couple living in an apt. where the weight restriction is 40 pounds...... mom is 30 pounds and since I don't know what dad was / is I can't guarantee the size. I am not adopting out a puppy I will get back when it hits 45 pounds.

Now I am sitting here staring at my phone waiting for this guy to call me back about one of the puppies. My favorite puppy actually. He had an awesome application and when I called the vet office they didn't even have to look up his record. I said his last name and they were like Oh XXX yea he does ANYTHING for his dogs. Apparently his last dog had cancer and he had her getting chemo for 18 months. Do you know how expensive that is???? OMG I really hope he calls back...........

I am still at work... part of me doesn't want to go home and start cleaning stalls, feeding horses, taking care of dogs.... LOL! I am just discouraged right now because nothing is getting adopted. One here, one there but I am not getting in a lot of application, people email me and I ask them follow up questions and never hear back, they come over and then drop off the face of the earth. My husband says you should follow up with them....... NO, I am not a salesmen. If they want the puppy / dog they will call me back. I want people to want them not feel obligated.

Anyways, I just feel sad for the dogs I have had for a long time. George.... he is so cool how the hell I still have him is BEYOND ME! I mean what an awesome dog, listens well, housebroken, good with other dogs, good with kids, likes to play fetch, wire hair so sheds less.. why doesn't anyone want him? I have Paige who is a sweet little girl who LOVES kids and is housebroken. I have sweet sweet Lenny who is so depressed being in foster care and not having a family that he has lost weight. I have him in a foster home now.. he was at my house... just to get weight put back on him. When he was at my house I had to watch him so closely. Every person that came up the drive he tried to jump in their car and he would follow their car down the drive looking at it like "DON'T LEAVE ME" he was so dumped on the side of the road.. classic sign. He is housebroken and is a GREAT DOG!

What the hell is wrong with them that no one wants them? What is wrong with me? Am I do something wrong?

Then I have the 9 million emails from people saying they want to get rid of their dog for one stupid reason or another. I HATE HATE HATE the people that threaten me when they email me about their dog they want to dump.

"I rescued a dog in Aug and now due to a divorce I need to find her a new home. If I do not find her a new home by the time I have to move to Mississippi on the 16th then I am taking her to the pound."

Ok lady it is your dog, take it to the pound. That is on you. You didn't know you were having marital problems in Aug. It all just started in the last week? You didn't know you were moving until the 11th when you emailed me? Seriously??

Of course I don't say that but I want to.. LOL!!

Or the people that say to me. "If I can't find a rescue to take her or a suitable home I am going to put the dog down." Ok! Fine by me, your dog, your conscious. Sorry don't mean to sound heartless but what do these people think I am going to do??? drop everything and come running to their aid?

And my favorite is "I have an aggressive dog who I can no longer trust. She is a sweet dog and would be perfect for someone who doesn't have kids and no other pets." UGH!

I am just waiting for the phone to ring hoping that the guy I talked to today calls and one of my puppies can have an awesome home...... RING PHONE RING!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ohio Dog Auction

October 7, 2009 Farmerstown Ohio Dog Auction

Please make sure to send letters!

Write (or fax) letters to the Holmes County Commissioners (Joe Miller, Ray Feikert and Rob Ault) asking them to support a ban on Ohio dog auctions. Emphasize that you will not be spending any dollars in HolmesCounty until this event no longer takes place in their community!

The contact information is:
2 Court Street, Ste 14
Millersburg, OH 44654-2001
Phone: 330-674-0286
Fax: 330-674-0566

Also, a big thank you to Sharon Harvey, Executive Director, Cleveland Animal Protection League (APL):

This is what she said:

"The Cleveland Animal Protective League supports efforts to ban dog auctions in the State of Ohio. Dog auctions allow the "puppy mill" industry, which is comprised of breeders who use inhumane practices to breed and house dogs, to prosper by acting as an intermediary in the sale of their breeding dogs and offspring. Their dogs are commonly kept in small cages, sometimes in horrific conditions, and denied the ability to express natural behaviors, such as the joy of running and experiencing affection. The Cleveland APL vigorously opposes any activity or practice that results in inhumane treatment of animals, so accordingly, we applaud efforts to ban dog auctions and regulate "puppy mill-type" breeding in the State of Ohio and across the United States. - Sharon Harvey, Executive Director, Cleveland APL"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself???

It seems to me lately that people are listening to what I am saying to them. I feel like I could say to someone..... oh the dog you sent in an application for lays golden eggs and they would not even hear me.

I had an application come in that was really good. A single retired guy... we will call him Frank. Anyways, I call Frank leave a message, email him my phone number and I don't hear from him. A few days later I try calling him again and emailing him again. Still nothing. I send an email that says "Thank you for your application. I have been trying to reach you and since I haven't heard back I am going to delete your application so I don't keep bothering. If you are still interested please reply back to this email. Thank you."

I do that all the time because I don't want to keep bothering someone who has changed their mind. Ya know?

He mails me back. FOR SURE interested. He is coming from 3 hours away so he asks me if he can have a discount because he has to drive???!! WTF! NO, I am not a department store dude. Dogs don't go on "sale" Well at Pet Land they dog... I want throw up every time I see "PUPPY SALE" It should say under it all puppies 1/2 off and 1/2 dead. UGH!

Anyways, I told him nicely as I could NO the adoption fee is to help cover their medical expenses...

Then he asked me if a particular dog was pure bred. I explained to him we are a rescue so to us and the vet they look pure breed but who knows.

I told him the story of this lady who adopted a JRT from me. The JRT came with AKC Papers saying he was a pure JRT. Of course I traced the papers back to a puppy mill in Ohio that sells to Pet Land. Anyways, I threw the papers out. WORTHLESS! The new owner for fun had him DNA tested... he came back a Rat Terrier Chihuahua.

So, who wants some JRT"s papers for there NOT SO MUCH A JRT???!! Apparently you can get them... LOL!!

That didn't phase him at all..... he then asked about another dog. Is it PURE BREED??? Explained to him AGAIN where we get our dogs from...... He asked SEVERAL MORE TIMES! I finally said to him.

"This is the last time I am going to EVER answer your question about a dog being pure breed. We are NOT the breeders, we get these dogs from KILL SHELTERS ON KILL DAY! There is no guarantee they are "pure breed" and we will not guarantee it. If we think a dog maybe a mix we will state it in their bio. Do not ask us again."

There was more to the email because there were a few other issues with the guy DEMANDING things but I won't get into that.... I told the guy he is more then welcome to come to my house to meet some of the dogs and that he should be more concerned with a personality / behavior match then if the dog is pure breed.

I haven't heard back from him... LOL!!

I am dealing with another guy right now that doesn't seem to want to listen either. He is interested in adopting TWO of my puppies. I explained to him that two puppies are a bad idea and sent him an article listing all the reasons why it is a bad idea. Do you know he sent me back and email saying he wanted to adopt TWO. I emailed him and said you live XXX which is about 7 hours from me. We do not transport our dogs you would have to come to me. And he said he would make the drive for them. THEM???!! WHAT??? THEM??

What part of TWO puppies at the same time is a bad idea do you not understand? UGH!

I emailed him back and flat out asked him if he read the article I sent him about who TWO PUPPIES ARE A BAD IDEA

I told him I will not adopt out two dogs or puppies to the same home and the same time. UGH! Waiting to hear what he has to say.

I think I am going to deny his application just because he doesn't seem to listen and if he gets one of mine he will just turn around and get another one from someone else and then I end up with the dog back when it is 2 years old and completely out of control. NO THANK YOU!

Oh and here is a good one for you............ My dog Petey is my dog for many reasons. 1 of them being because he is mildly aggressive. I am a dog person, I can control it and I have never had any problems. I LOVE my Petey and kinda of like his mean streak.. LOL! I know if I was in my yard and someone tried to hurt me Petey would do some damage.

Anyways, so this mom and son came out to see Skittles. They haven't owned a dog before. The son really wants a dog. They played with Skittles and walked him around and were really liking him.

I walked over to them of course Petey was following me. I was standing talking to them and Petey barked at me. Which he does when he wants me to go 4 - wheeling. We are working on getting him to STOP doing that. He is getting into big trouble for barking at me. Anyways, he barked at me.. I think is startled the women a bit who was holding Skittles. This upset Skittles and he barked back. Then I took the leash from the women to tell Skittles it was ok. Skittles was just doing his dog duty of "leave my people alone." Skittles went over to Petey and being a small dog jumped up to sniff Petey. Well Petey was in a mood and got nasty with Skittles. I had to yell at Petey and remove Petey from Skittles as he had him pinned to the ground.

UGH! PETEY! He got in big trouble for that one.

I talked to the lady and her son for a few more minutes. They said they would come back Friday for Skittles. OK great!

Thursday I get an email from her that says "I am sorry to tell you but my husband (who wasn't at my house mind you) is not comfortable with Skittles aggression."

WTF!!!!!!! My dog is the asshole not Skittles.

I emailed her back and told her that I am sorry she feels this way since it was my dogs bad behavior not Skittles. I told her that I take aggression VERY seriously and if I feel a dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs I put them down ASAP! I told her 3 dogs in the last week have been put down in our rescue because of aggression issues.

I also told the lady if she would like to have her husband meet Skittles at the foster home and or talk to the foster home I can have the foster home call her.

I have not heard back.. I think what the email really means is "We know NOTHING ABOUT DOGS and we got another dog."

I spoke to the foster home who laughed hysterically that anyone would think Skittles is aggressive. She was like "He doesn't even bark! Even when the other dogs are barking at something." She said even if the lady said Yea, I want to talk to the foster home, the foster home said NOPE they can't have Skittles if they can't see what an awesome dog he is.

I have had 3 adoptions fall through this week all for stupid reasons. One being Skittles... the other two are SO LAME not worth explaining.. LOL!

It totally stinks when you talk to someone and they are all excited about a dog and want to see it right away and ask if they can take it home they day they meet it and I re arrange my entire life so they can come ASAP and then they say "we are going to think about it" AND NEVER NEVER CALL OR EMAIL OR ANYTHING!

Just be honest.. if you changed your mind or got another dog FINE. But at least let me know.

I have gotten pretty good at feeling people out. The one family that came over to see a dog said they were going to go home and think about it.. as they pulled out of the driveway I said "We will not hear from them again" that was Monday today is Saturday... I haven't even received an email saying "we aren't interested." UGH!

I wish adoptions would start to pick up. I have 9 week old puppies with NO APPLICATIONS! How is that possible???!!!