Friday, June 26, 2009

Gone for Two Weeks!!!

So, I am leaving tomorrow for my honeymoon TWO WEEKS. I must admit I am nervous to leave all my animals. Freaking out actually.. LOL!!

I adopted out my last to Multiple Breed Rescue puppies.. Tyson and Ridge. Tyson was in his home already but the adoption was official Tuesday. Ridge went home on Wednesday. They were so excited and I was too. They just seemed wonderful.

Oh and Molly is in her "foster home" Yea, whatever they are so keeping her.. LOL!!

That leaves me with NO Multiple Breed Rescues. I do have some JRT's in Ohio Jack Russell Rescue right now but they are well taken care of and applications are being reviewed by Andrea and Christie two of the reps. Man oh man they make life so much easier. They are on top of the dog stuff just like I am. Honestly won't be surprised by the time I come back al the JRT's we have right now aren't adopted and all new ones are in the program.. LOL!

Leaving is hard for so many reasons. Leaving my animals is the hardest part but also seeing all the emails of all the dogs that are moment away from death and knowing that I can't help right now. I mean I really shouldn't have dogs at my house because of the parvo outbreak until August / September but still. UGH!

I am so going to the pounds and getting like 10 dogs when I get back... LOL!! I am so lonely with out my dogs. They stress me out but I just love them so much.

I am excited to come home because I have 2 foster home applications. I told them both I would connect with them when I get back. I am pretty excited about that. The more foster homes the more dogs I can save!!!

Ok, well I probably will not write tomorrow so remember to educate everyone you can on the importance of adoption vs. buying and the importance of fixing your pets!

I will post as soon as I am back and let you know what dogs I am going to get from the pound :-)

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