Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You have my dog, give it back!

Ok, I am looking for your opinion on this story.

My rescue friend was called by Henry County Dog Pound. They were full and really needed to move some dogs ASAP. They had some dogs that had been their too long and need an exit plan before they were killed. One of the dogs was a pure breed Husky. The Husky was picked up as a stray with another Husky. The other Husky was already killed but they kept alive the other one because it was a really nice dog.

The Huskies were picked up by the police at the beginning of June. June 12th is when my friend got the Husky out of the pound along with a few others that needed an exit plan.

The Husky is a very nice dog. Picked up with no tags on, just a choker chain. And like I said found with another dog that was already put to sleep by the pound.

1am Saturday June 20th my friend's house phone rings. She answers thinking something is wrong.. who calls at 1am??? "Hello" she says. On the other end of the phone is a man's voice. "I know it is late but you have my dog and I want him back!" She said, you are right it is late and hung up. She was half a sleep so didn't really realize what was going on. Not to mention, her number isn't listed anywhere so God only knows if the call was real.

The next morning she has an email from a 25 year old college student from Bowling Green who lives in an apt. above a bar, saying that the Husky is HIS DOG and he wants the dog back.

He said he has been looking everywhere for the dog. His entire family has been searching and searching for the dog. He claimed to have called Henry County and Wood County pounds and filed reports of a missing dog and Henry County was helping him locate his dog. He said he filed a police report too.

He said that dog had on a choker chain with tags and had run out the door one evening and just ran away. The dog even has a micro chip.

My friend sent the kid back an email asking a few questions like, was the other Husky that was killed his too? What day did the dog go missing? This dog was scanned and does not have a micro chip, are you sure this is your dog? ect.

The kid emailed back saying he didn't have to answer any of her questions. She needed to give him his dog back ASAP.

She explained to him that she took the dog from the pound $50, took the dog to the vet for check up, heartworm check and shots $100, wormed the dog $20 and gave him heartguard and front line $30. PLUS she has been feeding and caring for the dog since June 12th. She explained the kid woud #1 need to answer her questions and #2 reimburse her for the expenses.

He refused. He told her "I WILL GET MY DOG BACK!"

Well legally he doesn't have a leg to stand on so not sure how he thinks he is going to do that..

Anyways, my friend looked into the so called "missing dog reports" Wood County, Henry County and the police dept in the kids area, none of them EVER received a report or knew anything about a missing Husky.

The dog also DOES NOT have a micro chip.

Now my friend is upset. She doesn't want to ever TAKE some one's dog away from them but at the same time her obligation is for the well being of the dog..... a 2 year old Husky living in an apt. above a bar with a 25 year old college kid who can't seem to tell the truth to save his life is that really in the best interest of the dog?? And really is it his dog?? She really does believe it is. Apparently in March his Husky ran away and he recovered the dog at the dog pound.. which is where my friend got the dog from.

His story just doesn't add up and why won't he answer any questions like... how did the dog get loose and who was the other Husky that was put down by the pound?

So, what do you think....... let the kid have his dog back and eat the expenses? let the kid have the dog back assuming he pays her back? not let the kid have the dog back? what would you do?


LilliGirl said...

This is awful stuff. I get how she feels because I've been wrestling over that with the stray that showed up at my house last week. No one has looked for her to date that I can tell and I'm trying to get her into rescue. You can see her on my blog if you like.

My first thought would have been to ask him what's the dog's name and then call it to see what happened. Assuming its not his dog, which it either isn't or he's a liar (I believe the latter)I'd decide on a course of action first and then either tell him it wasn't his or let him know he could call back when ready to chat.

That's a tough one. Sounds liek the dog is better off being re-homed but if he istelling half the truth and she decides to return him he need

~Wyatts Mom~ said...

Wow thats not a good thing. If it is his dog then why cant he answer the questions? Im sorry but id excpect to be fully reimbursed by the dogs owner if it truly is his dog. Hes says the dog is micro chipped and hes not so its probably not his dog or hes a pathalogical liar.
The dog was in the pound for 12 days so he didnt look to hard for it. As far as all the reports he filed LOL that sounds like its all BS too. In my opinion the dog is better off being rehomed than with someone who is soo irresponsible.

k8_is_great said...

How did he get her number? That's what I would want to know first and foremost... kind of creepy that he got her number so easily if he can't give some basic info about the dog. Threatening her about the dog (since she has taken care of it since it got away) isn't very good either. I'd just be happy that someone had taken care of it while it was away from me.

House of the Discarded said...

I wouldn't give him the dog back. He has no proof that it's his dog. His dog has as microchip - your dog does not.

Period :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe she could get him to email some pictures of his dog?? Who doesn't have pics of their dog? Anyway, the suggestion about calling the name...and maybe asking if he knows any commands/tricks....should clear up any doubt. She should clear up the doubts for her own peace of mind.

Thoughts said...

Dont let the kid have the dog. HE LIED and its blatant and obvious. The dog has no microchip, there were no missing or police reports filed, and this kid is bad news. It is also not good for a rily Husky to live in a teeny apt above a BAR. She should absolutely NOT give this dog to this stupid kid.

Unknown said...

Call the police - report his threat to get his dog back and he used her unlisted phone number. Make him send photos of the dog, ask who his vet is and get permission to follow up the the vet re: the non-microchip. Good idea about checking the name. The onus now is on him to prove this is his dog. How did he know she has him? Does he live in the same city as the shelter who found him and then sent him to her? Yes, she should expect to be reimbursed. Do NOT let him know where you live if at all possible. If my lost Louie Beagle showed up, I would drive or fly to where ever he was found, reimburse everything and bawl my eyes out for someone taking care of him.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't give the dog back

debbie said...

I would imagine he got the phone number from the pound. I think the easy way to tell if it's his dog is take the dog - NOT ALONE - to a neutral place (or even the pound) and see how the dog reacts to the guy. If it's his dog, the dog should be ecstatic to see him. If he's not and doesn't answer to his name, case closed.

Dog Rescuer said...


The husky is 100% his. Apparently this isn't the first time the dog has run off.

The college kid spoke to a friend of my friend. He was a jerk at first but realized he wasn't getting his dog back if he kept the attitude.

The police were notifed that he was harrassing my friend and the kid was told he may not contact my rescue friend EVER again. If he does he can go to jail and charged with harrassement.

My friend left for vacation yesterday and will be back in a week. The kids father is supposed to call her next week when she is back.

My friend 100% agrees a husky living in an apt. with a college kid is NOT a good home. If the family wants the Husky back the father is going to have to agree to A LOT of stipulations.

Oh and apparently this isn't the kids dog.. it is the famiy dog. Why his family allowed him to take the dog to college in the first place is beyond me.

I will let you know what happens..

Anonymous said...

The kid sounds like an ignorant little lying shit. I still think the family should be responsible for reimbursement. Afterall, odds are good the dog would have been put down had she not rescued him.

9258 Photo said...

I've had this happen to me 4 times now. 3 of the times they were dogs adopted through the pound and the dogs had been at the pound over the 3 day limit. In all of those cases we didn't give the dog back or even meet with the owner, since the dogs came through the pound and the owners didn't have a legal leg to stand on (the dogs had no license, were at the pound over the 3 day hold, and they had made no attempt to find the dogs at the pound etc). The 4th time it was a dog that was lost by a college student at BG. The dog was found by another college student (wearing no collar, having no microchip) who posted flyers, put an ad in the paper etc trying to find the owner. The girl that found the dog wanted to keep her, but her landlord said no, so the dog was turned over to us. We had her spayed and all shots done. A couple of weeks later I get an email from this kid that I have his dog and her name isn't Pixie, it's Annabelle. Anyway, to make a long story short, we met with the guy. The dog growled at him and tried to bite him. He accused me of ruining his dog and said he didn't want her anymore.

Dog Rescuer said...


The father has never called. The kid has not tried to contact my friend. The dog is up for adoption and is REALLY NICE DOG!