Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just heartbroken

I have no idea why but today I am having a hard time dealing with the death... isn't that strange, just the other day I talked about how the abuse doesn't bother me like it use to. But today I received 2 phone calls from shelters who I know only call when things get bad and I received 4 emails from 4 different shelters asking / begging for help.

THERE ARE SO MANY HOMELESS DOGS! So many are going to die this week and I am sick over it. To think that today they are breathing, eating, wagging their tails and by the weekend they will no longer exist. Why doesn't that bother anyone else? WHY???

DOGS ARE NOT MERCHANDISE! DOGS ARE NOT A WAY TO MAKE MONEY. Animals feel, animals hurt, animals breath, animals eat.... just like us stupid humans. So why is it that people are mean to animals??? I know people are mean to people as well but at least the ones who "aren't wanted" aren't killed off and put in a dumpster. At least humans can talk about what has been done to them and can hopefully get help. Animals are helpless....

so many will die this week.... that hurts, a lot.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Life is just busy

I feel bad, I don't blog like I use to. Sometimes I think maybe it is because this rescue stuff isn't new any more. When I first started in rescue the things I saw really bothered me... the abuse, the neglect but now it is like YEP saw that before. It is rare when something shocks me any more. Isn't that sad!

I have had dogs thrown from cars, dog fighting dogs, dogs that are almost starved to death, endless number of hoarder and mill dogs. I use to hold them and cry... I still hold them but I don't cry any more. I see it too much, you can't let it drain you emotionally. You have fight for the dogs and if you are so emotionally drained by the horrible things that you see you aren't going to help anyone.

I have learned too that I need to do stuff for me. I am fighting a battle that I may never see won, at least not in my life time and there will always be dogs that need saving so take that vacation, take that break, do something for me once in a while, it isn't like there won't be more dogs that need saving once I am back from vacation, done taking a break, etc.

How sad of a reality is that.

I have learned too that people are liars... not all but most and trusting them I should do with caution. I helped a lady with her 2 dogs while she was in a women't shelter. I knew deep down she was going to stiff me with the bill for her dogs. AND SHE DID! I know I should get working on trying to get that money back but at the same time what is the point. She isn't going to pay.

Like I said when the person who I thought was a good person sued ME/the rescue after re homing a dog that she didn't even own. If you can sleep at night knowing you are screwing over a non profit organization, have at it. And news flash, didn't hurt the rescue at all... always good to have lawyers as adopters :-)