Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hutch and Huey update and a few other things

Sorry everyone had to wait so long for a Hutch and Huey update. I just had to share the crazy emails from the lady with the bratty kids.

Anyways, so Monday Dawn and Rob who had Hutch and Huey, decided that since Huey is so easy going and Hutch had been through so much in 1 month...dumped on Christmas Eve at the pound, spending time at the pound, being at my house, spending time at the boarding kennel, spending a week at the vet office, then back to my house and then to their house... he needed the stability of not being moved AGAIN, much more then Huey. Don't get me wrong Hutch is a GOOD dog but with every move a dog has it stresses them out and well Huey is so laid back you could move him a 100 times and as long as he has a soft bed (in a crate... he loves his crate) and food he is happy. Hutch needed Rob and Dawn WAY MORE!

Hutch is doing wonderfully and Dawn said (while knocking on wood) she is just so amazed how good Hutch is... She said the hardest thing about choosing between the two of them was that neither had any "issues" they are housebroken, loving, play only with their toys... they just couldn't get along with each other.

I talked to my rescue partner and she said PURE jealousy. It isn't that they couldn't get along.. it was that they couldn't get along right now because they were FIGHTING for attention... literally.

This is a PERFECT example of what I was trying to get the person from Tuesday to understand... this what I try to get people to understand all the time. Dogs are pack animals and they are most secure in their pack. If they keep getting re homed/loosing their pack or our separated from their pack for extended amount of time they are going to act out. What little bad habits they have might escalate with every move and what bad habits they didn't have they will have / get with every move. Dogs NEED to be part of a pack and have a defined order and that is with them NOT being the pack leader. Without this they are just wild animals doing exactly what their instinct tells them to do and that is the opposite of what they need to be, to be a member of a family.

So, Dawn, Rob, Hutch and Huey are all very happy. I am glad that Dawn and Rob understand what was happening because I did feel like a giant ass. My trainer said that Huey and Hutch got along so well at my house because of the defined pack order. I am the leader, Huey was there first so he was next in line, they Hutch but when they went together to a new home with new people they had to FIGHT for order.

Anyways, I learned my lesson! I always say get one dog, settle that one in and then get a second but these two did so good at my house together I thought it would be fine. LESSON LEARNED :-)

At least everything worked out. Now we just need to find Huey a home before I decide to keep him. OMG I so don't need another dog and Tyler would kill me. Not to mention I have two dogs coming into my rescue tonight... NO IDEA where they are going to stay. The one is an Aussie Mix. The Aussie mix does have a foster home but she can't pick him up till this weekend. I am probably going to board him... got to call June. I have Woody the white JRT coming in today too. Again, not sure where to put him.

I have Coco and Louise both adopted but they aren't getting picked up until Feb 7th... If it wasn't for that I would have two open foster homes.... I do have one open foster home and I am hoping she can take a boy, usually likes girls.

So, I guess that is it for now. Trying to figure out how to save the life of a JRT in Gallipolis Ohio.. can't seem to find any help???

Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate dissappointing people!

I am so upset with myself right now I could just throw my hands in the air and walk away from dog rescue.

The best part of rescue is taking a dog from the shelter that would otherwise be dead and finding him a home where he/she is loved and spoiled.

The worse part about rescue is
***when a puppy gets sick and you can't help him and he dies.
***when you rescue a dog and it is aggressive so you have to humanly euthanize him.
***when you get a dog in that someone has badly abused.
***when you adopt out a dog to a home and they return him for really no reason.
***when you disappoint someone! I HATE DISAPPOINTING PEOPLE!

My goal is for everyone to be happy. Yea, well I screwed that up.

Huey and Hutch (formally Duey) have lived at my house together, sharing everything. A very awesome couple came over and fell in love with Huey. Then they saw Hutch and fell in love with him. Oh my how are they going to choose. They asked if they could adopt two. SURE! I said.... now normally I have people adopt one and then come back when the other has settled and adopt two. BUT Huey and Hutch lived at my house and were totally fine with each other, the other dogs, listened well, were housebroken. So, it wasn't like they were dogs with issues that I would have to worry about.

UGH! UGH! and UGH again!

So, Huey and Hutch were picked up. Their mom was SOOO EXCITED and so was I. Their new mom and dad were awesome!

Then is all went down hill. Huey and Hutch decided that their mom and dad weren't allowed to share attention and keep getting into fights.

Their mom and dad tried really hard to work things out but it isn't fair to anyone involved if Huey and Hutch continue to live with each other. When you have two dogs you want to be able to enjoy them and love them not worry they are going to kill each other.

So, I guess I look like a big giant jerk because for some reason these two dogs decided they didn't like each other and their poor mom and dad are so upset and I am upset because they are upset and UGH!!!!!

I really hope that their mom and dad are able to choose one and then maybe in a year or so will consider a friend for whoever they keep. JRT's are pretty darn cute in pairs :-) I just pray that I don't look too much like an asshole for allowing two dogs to be adopted together. I can tell you I will NEVER EVER EVER allow that to happen again. I am sticking to my rule of get one now and one later.

JRT's are good dogs and they really do great with a friend but for some reason these two have decided to make me look like a jerk and prove me wrong.

GEEZ! And I am always saying two females won't work.. yeah thanks Huey and Hutch make a liar out of me. The males are supposed to be the less dominate out of the two sexes.


Friday, January 23, 2009


From time to time people tell me, "Lighten up, it's just a dog," or, "That's a lot of money for just a dog." They don't understand that distance traveled time spent, or costs involved for "Just a dog." Some of my proudest moments have come about with "Just a dog." Many hours have passed with my only company being "Just a dog," and not once have I felt slighted. Some of my saddest moments were brought about by "Just ad dog." In those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "Just a dog" provided comfort and purpose to overcome the day.

If you , too, think its "Just a dog," you will probably understand phrases like "Just a friend, " Just a sunrise," or Just a d promise." "just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy. "Just ad dog" bring out the compassion and patience that make me a better person. Because of "Just a dog" I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future.

For me and folks like me, it's not "Just a dog." It's an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the found memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment. "Just a dog" bring out what's good in me and diverts my through away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday people can understand it's not "Just a dog." It's the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from begin "Just a women."

So the next time you hear the phrase "Just a dog," smile, because they "JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND."

~Author Unknown

Some pictuers of JUST A DOG!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This past year has been a strange year for rescue. It seems every year that you are in is worse then the year before but honestly I think 2008 will go down as one of the worse years for dogs in a LONG LONG TIME! I think that it is carrying over to 2009 and I really hope that the trend ends soon.

It is estimated that 7 million dogs are killed in shelters every year... keep in mind this number doesn't reflect the number of dogs that are humanely euthanized at vet offices across the US... this is strictly shelters. And YES people do put to sleep their pets just because they no longer want them. However, 2008 those numbers are going to be WAY HIGHER!

Why? because people view dogs as a luxury. Ok, fine I can agree with that... if you can afford one then having one isn't that big of a deal... kinda like having kids. Don't try to have a kid if you can't afford one (now I realize accidents/miracles happen but you get my point).

If you are financially stable to have a kid right now you have one and all of a sudden you loose your job, your house, etc. Would you get rid of your kid?

THEN WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GET RID OF YOUR DOG?? An animal is part of the family. Now, finding it a new loving home... ok fine as long as you put the effort into it and check up on the dog! But dumping it on the street to fend for it's self, tying it up to a tree with no food or water no shelter, dumping it at the pound. COME ON PEOPLE!

As with every single year, this year is no different. Right after Christmas BLACK DOGS EVERYWHERE! It is so sad because black dogs are the number one most killed dogs in shelters. Why? Because they don't take very good pictures, they are scary looking and just ordinary :-( There is actually several rescues that ONLY rescue black dogs that is how many are in need.... any breed as long as it is mostly black. Isn't that crazy?!

So, for the next month or two we will have black dogs EVERYWHERE literally dieing for help and then March and April all the Christmas puppies will hit the shelters. They will all be about 6 to 8 months old and the idea of having a dog has warn off plus they were trying to housebreak a dog during the coldest part of the year so the owners were lazy about it and of course it is now the dogs fault that it isn't housebroken... same old same old.

So if you are in the market for a dog THINK BLACK! At least for now because those are the ones that are dieing by the thousands everyday. And in a few months from now if you are looking for dog pretty much any breed, size, color... there will be one in a kill shelter that is just under a year old.

Oh and if you like Yellow Labs you are in luck. Thanks to the movie Marley and Me we should have TONS of those! Thanks Pet Land you bunch of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......I will be nice for now!

Oh hey Cleveland Ohio Residents bringing up Pet Land totally reminds me!! PROTEST FEB 7th from 1-3 Great Northern Mall Pet Land. Bring Posters that share the truth with people!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Thanks for Joan who adopted Munch fostering Scooter I was able to get another dog out of the shelter. This poor JRT sat at the shelter for a month. He is high energy right now but if I spent a month in jail I would be high energy too.

I named this guy Woody b/c he came from Wood County Dog Pound in Bowling Green Ohio.

So, take a look at this little guy above. He is the 4th dog from Wood County Dog Pound that looks EXACTLY like that.... Bean, Ike, Dillon and Arty all came from Wood County Dog Pound, all of them have the same body style, all of them are totally white.... now that is just strange.

I am 100% sure some jerk is breeding JRT's that look like this in Wood County and either dumping them or the people he is selling them to are conveniently loosing them. The other strange thing is every dog that looks like Woody that I have gotten from Wood County Dog Pound is a MALE!!! Hmmmmmm

Oh and NONE OF THEM were neutered when I got them from the shelter. GRRRRRR!!

That brings me to my next thing... there is a breeder of JRT's right near me! I have already had 5 of his dogs in my rescue. That just irritating... If you would like to send him a letter and nicely explain why breeding dogs and especially JRT's is a bad idea please do so:

Willy Collins
15302 State Route 511
Oberlin Ohio 44074.

You can simply point out the fact that breeding dogs for money is not a legitimate reason for breeding and that JRT's are extremely over breed especially in Ohio and that 7 MILLION dogs are killed in shelters every year because there aren't enough homes. Oh and don't forget to mention that Lorain County Dog Pound has a JRT on death row about every week and not all make it out alive. I wonder how many are the dogs he brought into this world?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am only human...

Ok, so today I had a rough day. **Elizabeth, Tom so owes me. LOL!!

So, today I had a crazy day at work... some dog related some not.

I left work at 5:10 drove 25 mile per hour MAX 1/2 way home on the high way b/c we are in day 3 of a snow storm and headed straight for June's where I have 4 dogs boarded at $15 a day b/c I have WAY TOO MANY DOGS.... actually that is not true. It is just too freaking cold outside and I don't feel that the dogs should be in my horse barn.

Anyways so after work I drove to June's. I got there about 6:00. I took my 4 JRT's outside to play with them.... Huey, Regal, Scooter and Hutch. We played outside for about 1/2 hour... maybe a little longer. I put them all back in their kennel (they share one) and then I sat in the kennel with them just hugging. I really needed my dogs today.

Sometimes when I leave work there is nothing more that I want then to go home and hug a was one of those days.

So, anyways I hung out in the cage with my dogs for about 1/2 hour. It was actually kind of funny b/c the two people that work at the kennel and June who owns the kennel came to the cage to talk to me.. LOL!! I almost felt like a dog.

So, after sitting with my dogs for 1/2 hour, I went home, picked up Louise, stopped at the grocery store and went to Tyler's to make dinner.

I made dinner and started drinking a glass of wine that I bought while at the grocery store.

Anyways, my point is my glass of wine is now gone.... I just had one of those days.

I am sitting on the couch at Tyler's house. He went to bed a LONG time ago! I am watching CSI NY with little Louise sound a sleep next me typing away on Tyler's lap top.

Seriously if it wasn't for my dogs I might be less stressed but at the same time when I am stressed they take it all away...

So, ask me again why I do this???

Monday, January 12, 2009

3 JRT's left behind...

So, there are 3 JRT's that I know of that are at shelters and if I can't get to them will probably end up dead. UGH!! Do you have any idea what a horrible feeling that is?

It is so hard because I try to have a "normal" life.. clean my house, do laundry, cook, hang out with friends, watch TV, go on vacation, get married... LOL!! But to do all that I need to control the number of dogs I have in my care. But to control the number of dogs I have in my care means I have to say "NO I CAN'T TAKE THAT DOG." To do that means that the dog will probably DIE! DIE, how horrible is that.... I always say to myself... you being overwhelmed means that dog no longer existing, dieing.. How can I seriously say let them die?

It is just hard sometimes...... who am I kidding all the time.. LOL!! You are literally speaking about a LIFE.. UGH!!

Sometimes this dog rescue stuff just gets to me. When I first started doing dog rescue it ALWAYS got to me. The sad reality of it now is that I am numb to some of it now. I use to cry for days over a dog being sick with parvo and dieing. Now, I am sad but rarely do I cry. The sad reality is although that one dog died of parvo (which I haven't had in over a year now.. knock on wood) there are 10 more waiting to takes it's place in my rescue. Now, that makes me cry.

Well I am hoping that the JRT's that are in shelters will be safe until next week. There is absolutely NO WAY I can take them this week. It is too cold and I have JRT's everywhere. Huey and Hutch (formally know as Duey) are going to be neutered next week and then head for home on Saturday 01/24. Win, the puggle is in his home and Chance his brother has someone very interested in him. Crash is getting neutered tomorrow and he leaves on Sunday (assuming all goes well with the meet and greet). So, come Monday 01/19/2009 I should have a little room... I just highly doubt 2 out of the 3 JRT's will be around that long. UGH!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maybe doing better

Ok, I might be doing better today... might. A really nice couple came over yesterday and the husband fell in love with Huey. DUH! who the heck wouldn't. God I love that dog. And the wife really liked Duey. SO YAY!!! They are going to adopt both of them. WOOOHOOO!! Duey's new name is going to be Hutch ;-) I LIKE THAT!!

The only sad thing is they can't go until I get them neutered and that isn't for 2 weeks :-( Poor dogs.

I did have one dog Scooter leave yesterday for a foster home so that is cool. Bob and Kim said they would pick up a foster next weekend and Crash should be getting a home on Sunday. Then Huey and Hutch go to the clinic next Monday to get neutered and are there till Friday AND then get to go home Saturday...

So, all in all next week is going to be rough with dogs everywhere but the following week should be better.

Now for the emails about dogs in kill shelters. there is a really nice JRT in Wood County Dog Pound. He has till Thursday... maybe I get them to hold off on putting him down and I can get him next week... I hope so!! HE IS CUTE!

Ok, fingers crossed things go smoothly next week. Also pray I get a few new foster homes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week is coming to an end!

Well all three Puggles are in a foster home.... well one is in it's forever home but the adoption isn't official until I get him neutered. So, two Puggles I need to find a home for. Hopefully I can soon.

I have a nice family coming to see Huey on Friday. YAY Huey!! I love that dog.. said something to Tyler about keeping him.. I got the "look" LOL!!

The people that said they were interested in Louise never called back :-( Poor Louise! She is a nice dog too... should would make the perfect lap dog for someone. She is so little.

I have a family coming to meet and hopefully adopted Hamlet. I think they will like him. Hammy is a good boy too.

I guess that really is it. I might be getting a female JRT with flea allergy really bad. Poor thing... I hate seeing a dog all itchy.

Well I guess that is all the excitement for now :-)

Finger and toes crossed that I get a few more hits... Louise, Dottie and Duey are nice dogs.... then deserve to be in a home not rescue!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Doggie update

Yesterday a nice couple came out to my house to see the Puggles. They decided to adopt Win. Funny thing is the wife works at the same company as I do. They are going to foster Win until I can get him neutered... because of the holidays everyone I use is all booked up and I have to wait till the week of the 19th. UGH!

Lotto who is going to a foster home tonight and Chance leaves for a foster home on Friday. So, that is good. Maybe if I am lucky they will get adopted quickly and the adoptive family can foster them until they are ready to be neutered.

I have someone interested in Louise. They are supposed to call me today and let me know if they are coming out tomorrow to see her. She is going tonight to get her shots and will be spayed in a few weeks. The family is going to Disney World so the timing works out great.

I have someone that wanted to come see Hamlet this past weekend but he needed updated on his shots which he is getting tonight so they said they would come this weekend. Fingers crossed they do.

Oh and I talked to the most amazing women on Saturday.... I think it was Saturday. She wants to adopt Crash! YAY!!! She lives near Dayton but said she doesn't mind driving. She is coming the 18th to spend some time with Crash. Not sure if he will be neutered by then but she was OK with that. With him having the broken Pelvis I don't want to put him through surgery and have it hurt him.

So, that leaves no leads or potentials for Chance, Lotto, Regal, Oakley, Duey, Huey and Dottie.

Huey is going to end up living with me forever if someone doesn't step up fast for him. OMG I love that dog. I really wish someone I know would take him. I am seriously in love with this dog he is so freaking good!! Just every once in a while there is one that grabs at me but I know it is better to find them the perfect home. I can't keep them all :-( And you know I would if I could.. LOL!!

***so Bob K. when are you ready to foster again... LOL!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a crazy few days..

Crazy not really in a bad way just plain crazy. Let me tell you my schedule the last two days.


8:30 got up went out side feed horse, goats, cats, dogs, cleaned dogs, goats and kitty litter. Played with the dogs. Also, ran on my tread mill for 1/2 hour. Yes, I have a tread mill in my barn so I can run while my dogs play :-) Very clever of me I think!

11:00 Quinn's family came to adopt him. after they left I jumped in the car and went to the vet office. I left the vet office at

11:45 and headed to June's to pick up adoption money to pay the vet. I then went to work to get a few things done. I left work at

1:30 and headed to pick up a 1 JRT and 3 Puggles

2:45 arrived to pick up Puggles and JRT

3:15 left to head back home. On the way home stopped at Margaret's to drop off front line and heartgard for her foster dog, Dottie. Then went home to drop off the JRT and then headed to the vet's to pay some on my bill and then headed back to June's to wash the Puggles in her grooming tub because they smelled so bad!!

4:45 arrived at June's to bath dogs.

7:00 left June's and went home and wormed the JRT, put away the Puggles and wormed them

7:45 arrived at Tyler's and made dinner.

8:30 ate dinner, checked email, watched some football and fell asleep.

Today's Schedule

8:00 woke up and went home.

8:30 feed horses, goats, cats, dogs. Cleaned up dogs and cleaned kitty litter. Played with dogs

9:45 Razzel was dropped off by his foster home. Continued playing with the dogs. Also, wormed the JRT and the Puggles.

10:30 Razzel's adoptive family came to meet him and adopted him!

11:00 they left and I continued to exercise the dogs.

11:30 Louis was dropped off by her owner who was no longer able to keep her.

11:45 put all the dogs away and settled Louis in.

12:15 - 1:45 helped Tyler with the construction on our garage. Never buy an holder house.. never ending projects!! UGH!!

2:00 left to go pick up Lily and Lucy who were getting adopted. I had to drive to Ashland to meet the transport.

3:30 met the transport and picked up the dogs and back on the road again.

4:45 back home and Lily's parents were waiting for her in my driveway. They helped me take Lily and Lucy out of the truck and walked them while I cleaned up Lucy's pee in the crate. Poor dog has been in the car since 11:00am. They adopted Lily and were on their way.

5:30 Lucy's family came and adopted her.

6:00 Back to the barn to play with the dogs and feed them and clean up after them.

7:00 get a shower

7:30 write this blog while my hair dries.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Greedy people

Holy crap what is wrong with people? Seems I ask that a lot!!

Well I received an application for Huey one of my sweet heart JRT's. The application stated that the people have a English Bulldog female who is not fixed. I emailed them back and said that I wouldn't be able to adopt to them until their female was fixed. Here is what they said to me:

We will get her spayed after her 3 rd litter, we just raised a litter of 5 pups from her sired by a CH from Wellington. As I'm sure you will disagree with raising pups for a profit the $7500 did come in handy while my husband is going to school full time. I just wanted a little JRT for my personal companion. I guess I will look else where and good luck with your dogs.

Seriously made me sick to my stomach. GREED GREED GREED that is all this is. Dogs are not money making machines, they aren't items to be purchased at the store... they are living breathing animals who feel pain and happiness. Granted they don't have the ability to reason and they can't fully understand you but seriously they aren't merchandise to be sold like such.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I seriously just want to freaking SCREAM!

So, that is idiot example number one.

Idiot example number two....

I received a phone call today from a person transporting dogs from Coshocton County Pound tomorrow. A "breeder" (using that term loosely here) was turned in for the horrible living condition of her dogs. She had 28 dogs living in small dirty cages with little to no food and frozen water exposed to the cold weather. She was told either give them adequate housing or turn them into the pound.... GUESS WHAT SHE DID!!!!

Yep, you guessed it all 28 dogs turned over to the pound. Obviously the pound couldn't handle that many dogs and were already near capacity as it was. A lot of dogs were put down yesterday :-( Poor dogs didn't even stand a chance.

Anyways, a bunch are being taken from there tomorrow morning. The ones remaining many will be killed Friday evening.

I am taking 4. I must be crazy b/c I am going to have to set up a place for them. I really don't have the room. I am getting a VERY CUTE JRT and 3 male 5 month old puggles. I am sure they will get adopted quickly... the puggles I mean... at least I hope they do.

Idiot example number 3 I am going to have to give you at a later date... I will explain why late... stay tuned.