Monday, August 31, 2009

JRT's are falling from the sky!!!!!!!

In the last 24 hours I have received 4 emails from people with JRT's in a bad situation...

#1. A 70 plus year old women's daughter contacted me. Her mother who lives alone in a condo community bought TWO JRT puppies back in June from some breeder in the Columbus area. She wanted a dog, saw a sign on the side of the road and stopped. She fell in love with one of the JRT puppies......... like seriously who wouldn't JRT's puppies are SO FREAKING CUTE.. and they are cute for a reason.. they are bad.. LOL!! Anyways, the older women thought the JRT she liked was so bonded with his litter mate she better take them both. OMG WHAT!!!

So, some asshole (sorry but there is no better word to describe him) sold a 70 plus year old women with failing health, little income and a bad mind TWO JRT puppies.

Did he see her coming or what?? Oh I get so so so mad when people take advantage of the elderly. I just want to scream!

I really wish I could find out who this "breeder" aka asshole is that keeps selling all these JRT's to people in the Columbus area. In the past year I must have received a dozen emails from people probably more about JRT's they got from this guy.. it has to be the same guy. They all live in Columbus area and say the same thing... saw the sign on the side of the road. It was a farm with JRT's running around everywhere...


Sorry had to scream!

Anyways, I am working on getting the two dogs from the lady. I feel so bad for her. Apparently the dogs have gotten away from her so many times that she doesn't let them outside any more. They are gated in her kitchen and go to the garage to go potty... UGH! Can you imagine the smell on a hot day :-(

I feel so bad for the dogs and the lady. I told her daughter that I would help her find a dog that would be more suitable for her.. and HOUSEBROKEN! If my leads for Dolly fall through I may offer her Dolly. I mean that would be perfect for Dolly.. someone to follow around and a lap to sit on.

A guy contacted me that he just recently got custody of his 4 year old daughter. His JRT growls and tucks his tail every time the 4 year old comes near him. He said he doesn't know why but his Dad... the grandfather of the 4 year old emailed me and said the 4 year old is not nice to the dog. Not sure what that means.....

The guy who owns the dogs seems stressed and worried. He doesn't want anything bad to happen to the dog or his daughter. I told him to check with a vet and also hire a trainer to find out what exactly is going on with the dog. I didn't know until later that maybe the 4 year old isn't nice to the dog.

I spoke with his Dad and told him that if the situation gets worse or he feels the dog is not safe to let me know. The Dad said that his son was taking the dog to the vet tomorrow and already had calls into some trainers. So, hopefully they can work it out. If not he will contact me.

Some lady found a JRT (really looks like a mix). She some how found the owner and contacted him. The owner told her to let the dog find his own way home. The owner lived 60 miles from where the dog was found... 60 miles!! Can you believe that???

Anyways, the lady had the dog fixed but said the dog needs out of her house by Tuesday (which is tomorrow). I haven't responded to her yet because well... there are a few dogs in danger of dieing and I need to focus on them. I highly doubt that this women is going to sink $200 to get a dog neutered and then let something bad happen to it... so she is on hold right now.

There are 3 JRT's in Morrow County Pound that need an exit plan ASAP. I am getting the dogs tomorrow after work.. I hope.

There is a JRT in Fairfield County that isn't avalaible till tomorrow but that one is going to need an exit plan fast too. So, now I get to figure that one out.


sorry had to scream again.

When it rains it pours they say. And of course I want to go away this weekend.. this should be interesting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I wanted them to have a cookie before they die..

People always ask me "how do you deal with doing rescue?" Meaning how do I deal with all the death, the abuse, the sick dogs. I guess I just do it. I don't think about it. When I first started it upset me every time I heard of sick, abused, injured, dieing dog. Every time someone said "this dog is going to be put down." That was it I was all over it, had to do something. And still to this day every once in a while I just get sick to my stomach thinking of how many dogs die every day. But you know what YOU CAN NOT SAVE THEM ALL!

In order to help not drive myself totally and completely crazy I have set up limits for myself. Limits meaning #1. I do not take dogs from outside of Ohio. We have enough dogs in Ohio I don't need to go to Arizona, North Carolina, Florida and rescue a dog. Let someone in that state step up. #2. I do not take in owner surrender dogs. I stick to this 99% of the time. I look at each case and make a determination if I will help an owner surrender dog. Most of the time I say no because I need to focus on the dogs that are in immediate danger of dieing. #3. I do not take dogs who are not in danger of being put to sleep. That means a dog another rescue wants I am not going to fight them for it. Or if the dog is in a no kill shelter or another rescue has it and the dog is not in danger. #4. I do not take in dogs that are considered "highly adoptable" Most of the time they are adopted straight out of the shelter or another rescue scoops them up pretty quickly.

By making these rules for myself it helps a little to keep me from stressing out. Sort of.. LOL.

I receive emails every day of dogs in danger or dogs who are moments away from being killed. I have to just delete the email without reading it when I know I do not have room. Once I see a picture and look into the dogs eyes I feel compelled to help and YOU CAN NOT SAVE THEM ALL. I have to remove my feelings and just "move on" It sucks and almost seems heartless but one person can only do so much.

As you can see by the picture above Ohio is a big state with a lot of counties. I would say at more then 1/2 the counties I have gotten dogs from at one point or another. But there are countie I have never gotten dogs from or even heard anything about them.

Yesterday I received an email from someone who said "We are working on helping out Highland County." I had never heard of Highland County before. I checked my map and it is near Cincinnati. Apparently they have 100% euthanization rate at their shelter!!! 100%!! Can you imagine that???? EVERY SINGLE DOG that enters that shelter DIES! EVERY SINGLE ONE! Just makes me cry writing it.

The person who I was talking with said that they gathered a ton of supplies to take to Highland and they are trying to help the shelter out. A women donated 40 pounds of dog cookies to go to the shelter because she wanted every dog to have at least one cookie before they die.

And yet pet stores still exists and everyone is ok with that.........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why haven't you gone home yet?

Why do I still have these dogs? Seriously? They are all housebroken, good with kids, all are good with other dogs, all are good with cats except for one maybe two of them.
Why aren't then in a home? What is wrong with them? With me?
I really don't mind doing rescue. I am not going to lie I don't LOVE IT and there are a million other things I wish I was doing. I would rather be taking vacations, sitting in the hammock, 4 - wheeling more ofter, hanging out with friends more often, getting more of my house done faster, ect. BUT someone has got to help these little guys find a home. I have to re pay my debt, the debt that will NEVER be repaid until there are NO MORE PUPPY MILLS.
Getting dogs from the shelter moments before they are going to die, "fixing" them up if they are sick or hurt, getting them wormed, getting them fixed, getting their shots and working with them to make them more adoptable is great but I get really depressed when I have had one or some for a long time. And a long time to me is 2 plus months. It just breaks my heart to go out every day and see the same doggie faces staring at me through chain link kennels. So, happy to see me, so ok with the fact they are in a kennel all day while I am at work and get out to play but don't get to curl up in an air condition house or snuggle with a human. Just breaks my heart.
I always have to remind myself, they could be dead. My house isn't that bad and only a means to the end but UGH! I just want them in a home. I just want them to be loved by someone. Not that I don't love them but I love them all. I want someone to love THEM and only them.. ok maybe they can love one or two more but not 20 more. Ya, know?
All I want is for my kids to find a home. I know it will happen EVENTUALLY but eventually isn't good enough. They should be in a home NOW! Really they should have never been homeless and near death in the first place but selfish people lead to dead dogs :-(

Friday, August 21, 2009

Not sure what to think.....

I received an email in regards to a dog named Driver on Monday. The foster home that had him was considering keeping him. I sent the foster home the email and said "your call, what do you want me to tell these people.. yes he is still looking or no he has a home." The foster home emailed me back and said "tell them he is available."

So, Tuesday I emailed the women who was interested in Drive and told her to complete the application. She did, I processed it, spoke with her and she wanted to come see Drive ASAP. So, I contacted the foster home and asked if she could bring Driver out that night. The foster home agreed and I set up an appointment for the family to come meet Drive at 7:30.

Tuesday was crazy... as you probably could tell from my last post. I also had a dog being returned. Just too much energy for the guy. He has another dog from me that is WAY laid back. Sometimes it happens.. a bad match.

OH and the baby kitten that I rescued on Saturday passed away. It had coccidia and although I was treating it, it was too late. UGH!

So, Tuesday night was crazy. Settling in 3 new dogs, Bonnie coming back, 2 dog appointments for people to see dogs and um.. yea, my normal chores.. LOL!

Driver's foster home dropped him off (1/2 hour drive for her to come to my house by the way) and he ran around and played while we waited. The family showed up right on time.

The other family that came over to meet Moxy my puppy was still there and we were finalizing the adoption.

The family for Driver visited with Driver and their dog really seemed to like him. But I had Charles Moxy's brother out playing. The kids feel in love with Charles and so did the mom. To make a long story short after about an hour of them calling the dad and going back and forth on wanting Charles I said I thought they should go home and think about it. Sleep on it, don't make a rush decision. I told them I didn't want to be rude but I was loosing day light and needed to get chores done.

I still needed to give dogs medicine, worm the new dog, put the dog that attacked me away so I could take her to the vet the next morning, take care of kitty litter, feed horses, take care of the mom and puppies.... luckily I had the kennel dogs taken care of, take Zoomy for a walk (a dog I am baby sitting), do laundry, do paper work, take care of Dillion, give the dog that was attacked a bath, check email.. oh and eat dinner.

While I am rushing around getting everything done the kids came to me at 9pm and said they wanted to take home Charles. I told them I am sorry guys it is 9pm and I have a lot of chores left to do, haven't eaten dinner and need to be up at 6am. They could come back tomorrow to finalize everything. Not to mention I already put Charles to bed for the night. I told them their mom could come talk to me if she wanted.

The mom came in and I said I was really sorry and I would love for Charles to go to a home ASAP but I just have so much to do. I told her I am not trying to be rude I just didn't have time to do paper work that late and that I would feel much better if they slept on it. We both agreed it was late and she said she would contact me the next day to make arrangements.

Oh and I should add the mom said they were going to Put n Bay on Wednesday and didn't have any supplies for a puppy. Coming to visit a housebroken 9 month old and wanting to go home with a 12 week old puppy... WAY DIFFERENT. So, really it was better for them to get everything ready before bringing the puppy home.

Anyways, I never heard from the family on Wednesday. I sent an email yesterday asking if they were still interested in Charles. I have not received a response...

I guess going with my gut feeling on this one was a good idea. I really wanted them to think about Charles before making a decision. I guess after sleeping on it they realized how much work a puppy would be. So, good thing I didn't let Charles go home that night, I would have just gotten him back after the thrill of how stinking cute he is wares off.

I did really like the family, they were really nice. We all get caught up sometimes especially when it comes to a puppy as cute as Charles.. LOL!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dark side of rescue :-(

For every happy wagging tail to every happy dog in a happy home there are the dogs you just can't save. There are the dogs that have been so badly beaten so badly abused that there is no turning back. If only they could talk and if only they could really understand that I am not here to hurt them but want to help them. **sigh**

Yesterday a volunteer went to the shelter and pulled 3 dogs. The dogs were very nice and sweet to her and seemed to be nice. Unfortunately the reality is 2 of them were NOT!

I will work with anything..... scared, shy, cancer, broken bones, heart worm positive but aggression I do not work with. It is not worth the risk to others (human or animal) and I think I proved that 10 fold last night.

The Aussie was a nice dog when it came to humans.. well sort of. I came home from work to do my normal evaluation of the new dogs. I played with the Aussie see what he would let me do and to see if I would get a negative reaction from him but I didn't. He seemed like a nice boy. However, when I tested him with other dogs. OUCH! NOT NICE out of blood... literally. He almost killed the little white JRT we pulled from the pound yesterday. Poor Travis has some pretty nasty bite wounds :-( The Aussie also attacked my dog. He went after my dog with a mission. Petey does not back down for anything... except me. I told him "PETEY OFF" and he started to walk away from the fight but the Aussie was having no part of it. Jumped on Petey. I took a bucket of water dumped it on the Aussie and then had to hit him with the bucket to get him off. Once he was off my dog, my dog walked away and the Aussie tried to go after him again but I was standing between them.... that dog was going to take down anything in his way. He wanted at Petey NOW!

I called the Dog Warden and told him to come back and get this dog. I was mad. At the same time though it is a good thing I got the dog and not some family looking to rescue a dog from the pound. OMG could you imagine if a child got between this dog and another dog. UGH!

The poor white JRT, Travis did get hurt. I cleaned him all up and put him on Medicine. He was taken for a ride that is for sure. Petey my dog is ok. Honestly, Petey would have probably killed the Aussie. Petey can be not so nice if he needs to be. And he will not let anything happen to his mom :-) I love my Petey!

So, I was totally sad about the Aussie and I feel bad sending him back to the pound. It probably isn't his fault that he is like that.. I mean it could be breeding but hard to tell. He did have fly bites on his ears and definitely knew how not to pull on a lead. Guarantee he was tied to some dog house somewhere. Why do people get a dog and tie it up outside? What the hell is the point of having a dog if you are going to tie it up outside and ignore it? It is like buying a car parking it in the drive way and NEVER going near it. What the hell is the point?

The other JRT mix.. black and white dog. She was defiantly beaten A LOT! She has some serious fear aggression. Now there are two types of fear aggression.... type one I am scared and I snap at you because I want you to leave me alone and type two I AM GOING TO GET YOU BEFORE YOU GET ME!

It is type two that is scary and you can not over come it. Once a dog has crossed the line of please leave me alone to I am going to get you there is not a lot you can do.

The female JRT mix was definitely past that point. She was Ok with the volunteer but was pretty much determined to eat me and my husband. The dog warden said she was hit and miss with people at the kennel too. Once day she would like you the next day she wanted to hurt you.

UGH! Makes me sick. This poor little dog didn't deserve to be treated so badly that she is now mentally gone.

Kirsten had to wrangler her up and get her in a crate so I could to take her to the vet today. That poor dog. Hopefully she will find peace now.

I did not sleep all night, tossed and turned. Just breaks your heart when you can't save them. There are people out there that say "just work with them" "find that special home" But I am sorry if you could see the wounds on the white JRT and the way the Aussie came towards me because I was in his way of getting Petey. And that poor little female mix she wanted to hurt me and hurt me bad. There is just so much you can do.

This is the side of rescue that people DO NOT SEE. The suffering, the helplessness, the heart ache.

This is the part of rescue I wish didn't exists... hell I really wish rescue didn't exists but can't have everything we want.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 more dogs in today??!!

Yes, I am crazy. Totally and completely crazy and need to be seen by a doctor. LOL!

I got in 3 new dogs today. My local pound was pretty full and come on look at these dogs TOO CUTE! Granted I am a fan of JRT's and Aussies so it is really hard for me to say NO. LOL!

I don't know much about them but I guess I will when I get home.

So, today is going to be CRAZY!

Bonnie is getting dropped off at my house tonight probably around 6:30, I have an approved adopter coming to see Moxy at 7pm. Drive is getting dropped off around 7 and at 7:30 an approved family is coming to meet him.

I need to settle in the 3 new dogs I got today, give them shots, worm them.... Kirsten (a volunteer) said the male Aussie has kennel cough.. GREAT! So, him and Lucy a JRT I got last week need to go on medicine.. which reminds me need to stop at the vet office on the way home. Out of medicine.

I need to give Leroy his booster shots.

And of course play with, feed and clean up after the dogs, feed horses, clean the goats stall, take care of the mom dog and puppies AND um yea, I think that is it. LOL!

So, good news Gilligan (the dog with 3 legs) is doing great. I think I breifly mentioned I picked him up on Saturday morning. He is doing good and seems to be able to climb stairs (at least 4 of them that go to my porch) and wants to play with the other dogs. A little trouble trying to lift his leg to pee but he will figure it out.

Pretty sure Gilligan has a home.. just waiting to hear back from the guy. He said he would call me today to make arrangements to pick up Gill. Oh and get this Gilligan is housebroken, how super awesome is that?!

Oh and Sassy has a foster to adopt home. YAY!! Fenced in yard, no other dogs so she gets all the attention AND her vet reference... I said her name and the lady was like "I don't have to look up her file. Nancy does everything and anything for her dogs. Great home." YAY!! I even asked if they thought she would be ok with a deaf JRT. And they said Oh heck yea!

YAY!! Wow this week is WAY better then last week. I better stop talking about it.. LOL!! I am getting excited dogs are getting adopted. I love happy endings.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Adoption event drama

Saturday was my adoption event at Tractor Supply. I have never done an adoption event there before so I was really nervous. I advertised it for 3 weeks, hunt up posters on telephone polls and posted it all over the Internet. It turned out to be HUGE! So, many people.

10 dogs were adopted on Saturday. All of which are good homes I feel really good about. BUT HOLY COW there were some really really really rude people.

Example #1.

A women asked how much it was to adopt. I told her it depends on the dog and it is anywhere from $100 - $250. She got this horrible look on her face and said "WHAT!" for a dog. I replied "ALL or our dogs came from a shelter on the day they were going to die. Even though the shelter was doing to kill them we still have to pay to save them. Some shelters charge as much as $50 to $60 and sometimes more for the dog. We then worm them, feed them, get them fixed, they get shots, front line, heartgard, ect." She said that is still a lot of money for a dog. I told her to go look in the paper for a dog that is free. Take it to the vet get it fixed, get it all it's shots, get frontline and heartgard and feed it for 1 month. Then come to me and tell me how much she spent. If it was less then $200 to do all that then I will give her $200! She walked away all mad. She knew I was right!

Example #2.

The event started at noon. I had gone on Friday night and picked up a bunch of dogs at the clinic. Two of the dogs I picked up at the clinic were already adopted and NOT on our website. They were getting adopted in Toledo so my rescue partner Gloria was taking them back to Toledo with her on Saturday after the event so that they could get adopted. I brought them to the event so it was easier then her going another 1/2 hour to my house and then back tracking to go home.

Some lady actually called my house... MY HOUSE after the event was over, probably around 6pm. and was pissed off because she was there PROMPTLY at 12 noon and the 2 cutes puppies were adopted already. How can 2 puppies already be adopted if the event started at noon and it was totally not fair.

OMG LADY seriously???!! Next time I will leave them in the hot car to die! Idiot!

Example #3.

We did have a few dogs that were not fixed yet that were at the event. They are getting fixed this week and can not go home until Friday. So, anyone who adopted them would need to come to my house Friday evening and pick up their dog.

We had 2 that this was the case for.

The one was a beagle. Again the event started at noon. A women came around 3ish and was looking at dogs and she asked about several dogs. She then asked about the beagle. We told her it was adopted. She threw her hands in the air. Screamed "THIS IS RIDICULOUS! WHY WOULD YOU HAVE DOGS OUT THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN ADOPT!" and she stormed off.

Ok first off lady the entire point of the event was to get dogs adopted. So, a OH HOW GREAT FOR THE DOG! would have been nice. Secondly, it was the end of event sorry we adopted out a few dogs. And it is a beagle... we can find you about 100 of them... actually know of 3 sitting in a shelter right now that are probably going to die. And again we are next to a store NOT IN A STORE on the hottest day of the year.. what would you have liked us to do with the dog?? Put it in the HOT car? I think in a crate under shade tents with a nice breeze and a bowl of COLD water was a better option. IDIOT!

Example #4.

A lady was very interested in Leroy. She said she had just lost her job and she couldn't really afford the $200 adoption fee. Could we lower it to $150. Seriously, she asked me that.

I told her that $200 for a fully vetted dog was pretty cheap and if she can't afford an adoption fee what is she going to do if something were to happen with the dog and it need to go to the vet. I told her flat out she might want to reconsider getting a dog because they can be expensive.

She really wasn't an idiot, she was a very nice lady. I think not having a job she was bored being at home and figured she had time to spend with a dog. Which is great but if you can't afford one then probably not a good idea.

It was just shocking to me how many people were upset over dogs being adopted. It was defiantly successful but not 100% I will do it there again just because of how rude people were. The store was really excited that we had it there and asked if I would come back... I will think about it.

It was a lot of work getting everything put together to go there. I spent 3 days loading up vehicles with all the crates. I had to take wire cages so I loaded up my dad's van with all the wire cages, 4 tables, a tent, all the applications, print out of the dogs, ect. I then loaded up my SUV with all the carrying crates that the dogs were brought to the event in....

I woke up at 6 am to make sure everything was done at my house before the event, went to the vet office at 9am to pick up Gilligan, went to one of my volunteers houses to pick up my tables and then went to the store and started setting up at 10am. We were done setting up by 11am and as I was setting up I was getting hit up by people... so that was a good thing.

The day went so fast. There were so many people.

I started packing up around 3:30ish and the dogs were all on their way to my house or back to Toledo to foster care by 4:15ish. I then finished packing up / cleaning up and was home by 5ish and THEN I had to unload everything... including dogs and put everyone way.

I wasn't done with everything until 8pm. UGH! exhausted.

It was worth it I think but just not sure I will do it there again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is NOT a paying job!

Dog rescue is not a paying job and I am not a miracle worker. I have a real job that I have to drive to every day, 30 miles to be exact. I have a real job that pays my bills AND THE BILLS FOR ALL THE HOMELESS DOGS! I have a real job where I spend every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 5pm. I have a family, A VERY BIG family with two elderly parents who I take care of / watch over. I have a husband who feels he is second in my life to the dogs. I have dreams and hopes and dogs of my own.

Why is it that just because I want to do something in life that actually has meaning do people think I have nothing better to do then take their dogs into my rescue? Why is it that people think I am some type of miracle worker?

Dear Amy -

I have a 2 year old deaf JRT who barks non stops, destroys everything, digs and has chewed his way out of our chain link fence more then once. We are not able to keep him any longer as we can not provide him the attention he needs.

My husband and I work full time..........

Really you work full time??? NO WAY!! Both of you?? Wow that must be tough. I personally just sit around all day and wait for people who don't want their dogs which they bought on impulse from the pet store and never trained to email me so I can spend EVERY SINGLE WAKING HOUR OF MY LIFE REHABILITATING YOUR DOG. I mean I don't want you to have to stop taking tennis lessons or hanging out with your friends after work.



I am contacting you today because we are moving into a new home and our dog of 10 years is no longer able to control his movements. He has pretty much ruined all the carpets in our current home. We feel it is best that he finds a new family to live out his life. We do not want to take him to a shelter because we are afraid he would be put to sleep because of his age and condition.......

OMG no way you are moving into a brand new house! Oh yea please please bring your dog right over. I would hate for you to be inconvenienced by your dog. Good thing I live in a piece crap house where dogs can just poop and pee everywhere!

I need your help. I have a 4 year old JRT that was my husbands dog before we got married. The dog is extremely aggressive and has bitten both me and my husband as well as my 7 year old numerous times. We are having our first child together and I fear how the dog will act with a small baby in the house. The dog is very aggressive with other animals and is not fixed.

Can you help us find him a home where there are no children or other animals?

Seriously lady??? Where exactly is that home?? ON THE MOON??

Ok, sorry I just had to let out my frustration and make a few jokes. And yes these are real examples of the types of emails I receive... Granted my comments here are not what I say to the people, I do give them suggestions on what can be done and / or help them the best I can to make the right decision for everyone involved. AND YES ANONYMOUS who thinks I am pro abortion (check I HATE PETLAND posts comments) I sometimes recommend HUMANELY euthanizing the animal.... not drowning it mind you... humanely euthanizing it.

This dog rescue stuff is not easy! For sure!

I did a count about a month ago of how many dogs I have pulled from shelters, how many were placed, how many were sick / old and passed away and how many I have humanely euthanized for being aggressive. The numbers were shocking.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Puppies have arrived

Yesterday I received a female JRT mix and 6 puppies. The puppies are 2 weeks old. They were turned over to Holmes County Dog Pound (aka Kill shelter) by the mom's owner. The owner was sick of the stupid dog getting pregnant. OMG SERIOUSLY????!!!! UGH!!

Also yesterday I got two dogs from Henry County Dog Pound (aka Kill Shelter). They were owner surrenders. A 8 year old JRT and a 3 year old mix. The owner was pregnant and couldn't have the dogs. I guess you can't have a dog and be pregnant at the same time??
I MIGHT understand if these were HUGE dogs and bad but they are under 20 pounds and REALLY nice dogs.
Oh and to top if off they were already fixed, had ID tags on and are micro chipped. So, at one time they were loved and cared for. I don't understand why being pregnant changes all that? I am sure 100% for sure these two dogs would have been just fine with a baby in the house they are sweet dogs.

Could you imagine being 8 years old, living your entire life with the same family and then one day BAM you are in a shelter moments away from being gassed to death???!! That poor dog probably thought she was being dropped off at a boarding kennel and can't figure out why she has been there so long.
Today is the day for Gilligan to have his leg removed. I am picking him up around 6pm. I hope everything turns out ok. Poor dog is loosing a leg and getting neutered. He is never going to want to go the vet again..LOL!
Larry is getting adopted today too. I am super excited about that. The couple seems really nice and Larry is a very good dog.
I am also going to need to get ready for the adoption event on Saturday. I am so nervous it isn't even funny. I REALLY needs to get some dogs adopted. I haven't gotten any inquires about dogs in a week now. Things are SLOW SLOW SLOW! Way more dogs should be getting adopted then this... I can't save more if I can't get the ones I have adopted... oh stress.
After Saturday is over then I have to get ready for a garage sale and my husband's old house. It sold so now we have to get rid of all the extra stuff. Some stuff it his some is mine but it is all in his garage. Then the following weekend my niece is driving in the demo derby at our county fair. Then it is labor day weekend and I might be going 4-wheeling in WV (depending on how many dogs I have). THEN is the puppy party and then it is Woolly Bear festival..I am going to have a booth at the Woolly Bear festival with a few dogs up for adoption and some fund raiser stuff to sell. Oh I am nervous about the Wooly Bear Festival..anyone who wants to come sit with me please come up. I am stuck there from 10am - 6pm. UGH! Long day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puppy Mill Bill in Ohio. Please support it!

How would you like to live here? This picture was taken Feb 2008 during a puppy mill rescue mission!

The Puppy Mill Bill will end the torture, abuse and brutality against dogs
in puppy mills in Ohio.

Ohio is 2nd only to Missouri for number of puppy
mills (11,000 kennels statewide) and is reported to be the worst
conditions of any state in the US.

With common sense standards, the bill will regulate high volume dog
breeders who house dogs in filthy, inhumane, cramped conditions that
contribute to congenital diseases, high medical bills and behavior issues.

The statewide enforcement authority will conduct bi-annual inspections.
Standards will insure dogs used for breeding in Ohio have medical
attention, clean living environments, exercise and socialization. This
will protect Ohio’s consumers from undue veterinary expenses and
promote public safety by encouraging behaviorally well adjusted puppies.

Ohio law does not protect the public from puppies living in overcrowded,
unsanitary conditions where genetic diseases and stress/behavior issues
from illness, injury and neglect are being sold to an unsuspecting public.
Responsible breeders already exceed standards set forth in the legislation.

We need your help to pass this bill. Please contact your state rep & state
senator to let them know you want this bill for a safe and humane Ohio.

For more info

This picture is of a poodle from an Ohio puppy mill who had to have most of her teeth removed. Notice her inflamed red gums.

This pug, from an Ohio puppy mill, had an untreated, unknown injury to his eye which hardened over and gave the appearance of a wooden eye. This injury is many months old and was never treated. After being removed from the puppy mill, his damaged eye was removed.

Removed from Tuscarawus Puppy Mill, March 2008, because we have no laws regarding high volume breeders, this dog was returned to the breeder.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who is coming? Who left?

Dolly is continuing to LOVE the kitten. I am now allowing her to sleep with it but only when I am home. I mean it is a JRT with a cat!!!

Tic, Tac and Toe were adopted this weekend. YAY! I really like the families that adopted them too. Someone came over to meet Larry on Friday night and said they were very interested in adopting him. Larry can't leave till Thursday after his neuter surgery.. I sure hope he can be neutered on Thursday.. praying he doesn't get kennel cough.

Gillian I think is FINALLY getting over his kennel cough. Hopefully he will have surgery on Thursday as well. I would really like for him to go to the adoption event on Saturday.

I am getting nervous about the adoption event. I hope it is successful. I did put some post board signs up in random places so hopefully!!!!

What else is going on... Oh I am getting a mom mix JRT and 6 puppies on Wed. A little nervous about that. They are only 2 weeks old. I really hope nothing goes wrong with these guys. I guess we have 10 weeks to see how it goes. UGH!!

Sassy my deaf JRT is back at my house. Having housebreaking issues at her foster home :-( She is going to the vet today to get tests done. I really wish I could find this dog a home. My vet said her number one issue (outside of being deaf) is the she keeps getting bounced around from place to place.

AND on top of regular chores and taking care of animals, I have to get ready for the adoption event on Saturday. I REALLY REALLY hope that it is successful. I need to move some dogs in good quality FOREVER homes. ASAP!

I still need to go through the kill list to see if there is anything I should take but I am kind of thinking I need to get through this weekend and then take in some new dogs. I want to get adopted what I have before taking in more.... y

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dolly's surgery and her love for cats??!!

Wednesday I came home from work and picked up Dolly (the dog with cancer) and Gilligan (the dog with the broken leg) and took them both to the vet. Gilligan had a temperature and was coughing when he got really excited. So, he was not able to have surgery :-( Poor dog. At least he isn't in pain. Dolly was doing just fine outside of the softball sized tumor on her belly.

I picked up Dolly Thursday after work. She was in A LOT of pain. The vet had to remove 2 of her nipples in order to get ALL of the tumor, she was also spayed at the same time. I brought her home, set her up in a crate in the front room of the house and she did not move until this afternoon.

Ok, so here is the strange part. 2 weeks ago my niece called my mom, who lives with me and said she found a kitten near her apartment. The kitten did not have it's eyes open and needed to be bottle fed. Since my mom is always home she volunteered to take care of the kitten and try to save it. My niece kept the kitten one night and then brought it to my mom....

The kitten was maybe a week to a few days old. This Wed it's eyes started to open.. they aren't all the way open yet. Ok, so you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this... Well when I came home from work today my mom said Dolly was going crazy running around the house today every time the kitten started crying. Being a JRT we figured she wanted to eat it.

So, this evening I am organizing all my dog files (I know awesome Friday night huh??!!) and making sure everyone has all the shots they need and revolution or frontline & heartgard. The kitten starts to cry so my mom feeds him and puts him back in his box with the heat packets. The kitten will not be quiet. Dolly is going crazy.. not barking but looking around for where the crying is coming from. I took the kitten out of the box and showed the kitten to Dolly. I held on to Dolly just because I wasn't sure what she was going to do.

Long story short for about 1/2 hour Dolly licked and tried to hug the kitten. I put the kitten down and Dolly picked it up and tried to go hide it / take it some where. Of course it made me nervous so I took the kitten asap but if Dolly was going to hurt the kitten she would have done it by now. She literally had the kitten in her mouth and I took the kitten out of her mouth.

How weird is this?? A JRT wanting to mother a kitten.

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures of her....