Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feeling better today :-)

Ok, sorry about yesterday. There are just days where I feel so overwhelmed. For whatever reason I am feeling ok today ;-) I did get a lot done yesterday.

I got another dog yesterday. It is kind of a complicated story as to why..... On May 7th I wrote about a little dog that I rescued that was about 6 weeks old, his name is not Tyson. Anyways, the story behind me getting him is this:

My friend Kim who does Shih Tzu rescue was at the city kennel (kill shelter for Cleveland). A family walked in with this tiny little puppy. Apparently the girl got the puppy over the weekend. A man was giving a way a box of free puppies. Needless to say her mom wasn't thrilled. So, they were bringing the 6 week old puppy to the kill shelter. The shelter worker said #1. The dog looks like a Pit Bull (IT CLEARLY IS NOT!) and must be immediately killed if they turn it in #2. If the shelter doesn't kill it, it is so young it will get sick and die anyways. #3. Because it is an owner surrender and the shelter is full the pup will probably be killed to make space for the strays that are coming.

So, the chances for this puppy are slim. Since my friend Kim was there she told them "give me 24 hours I will find a place for that puppy to go!" She called me :-)

Of course I took the puppy. Now here is the clincher. While the people were at the shelter a man walked in with a 6 month old Chihuahua / JRT mix. He was going to turn it into the shelter because he no longer wanted it. UGH! The shelter worker gave him the speech of if you turn the dog in because we are so full it will probably be killed before you even get home. The family with the puppy took the Chihuahua / JRT mix.

I kept in contact with the people about the Chihuahua / JRT mix and helped them with how to take care of it. THEY KNEW NOTHING about dogs. Seriously, get a fish.. LOL!! Very nice people don't get me wrong but they didn't live in the best of neighborhoods and well.... not trying to judge here but seriously get a fish :-)

I kept in contact with them knowing full well they would eventually want to git rid of the Chi/JRT mix. Yesterday I got him.

They did a very nice jog taking care of him. He has a nice shiny coat, not to skinny and not fat. He was comfortable with them so they were nice people just dogs are hard to take care of if you are dog savvy or do a lot to educate yourself before getting one.

Anyways, I have him now and named him Larry. He is now 9 months old and looking for a 4-ever home.


Update on the two sick dogs that I picked up last week. Gilligan and Dolly.

They both go to the vet tonight to spend the night. They are having surgery tomorrow. Gilligan is having his leg removed and Dolly is having the cancer removed. I need to take pictures tonight so that I can show the before and after. Paws crossed for Dolly because I am hoping the cancer is only in the one spot. If it spread to her lungs we are in TROUBLE!

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