Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fran update

Well Fran's skin doesn't seem to be getting any better. I have here in the kennels with everyone else and she seems to really like that. I have her off lead and she just runs around the farm with the other dogs. She is just a happy little girl.

I am taking her back to the vet tomorrow. I think we need to get her on more medicine or at least something stronger.

I think she is going to be alright but it is going to take a long time!

Everyone else is doing fine. Ben has finally stop screaming like a pig when I pick him up. He is learning to trust so that is good. I did get two new JRT's on Monday. Nora and Tony. Nora is your typical female terrier and Tony OMG! What a chill out little guy. Someone is going to get an awesome pet with that guy!

I am getting two more JRT's on Saturday. I have no idea where I am going to put them. Oh and Ringo's foster home is going on vacation so I am supposed to get him back tonight. LOL!! He will stay in the house but the two new ones I am getting Saturday no IDEA!

Oh and I got a big dog yesterday at the pound... well she isn't big big but not JRT size... LOL!!

I have a few good applications on some of my dogs so hopefully my dogs will be able to meet them and it will be a match! I can't believe how slow adoptions have been. So, sad!!

Ok, well I got to leave work and run to the bank. I have some money to deposit and hopefully pay down on my $1,200 vet bill.... oopse! July was a rough month!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I might as well talk to the wall.

The one thing I always say is EDUCATION!! How do you stop someone from taking drugs? Education so they never begin in the first place. How do you stop someone from getting pregnant at the age of 14? EDUCATION on either don't have sex or ways to prevent getting pregnant. How do people become successful in their jobs? EDUCATION! Get a degree, get certified, etc.

I feel that the more I tell people about RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH where you are buying a dog from. Make sure that the breeder is not a back yard breeder or a puppy mill. If people know what to look for then they will not go out willy nelly and buy the first cute thing they see.

Want to know the warning signs to look for when buying a puppy? Check out

Things you should always ask the breeder / person you are getting the puppy from:


However, I am just wondering IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME????

Seriously, am I wasting my breath?

I have had several people close to me BUY A DOG from not so legitimate people :-( Why? Why? would you do that? Why?

"I found them in the news paper." They say to me. Do you really think a legitimate breeder would advertise in the news paper? Legitimate breeders almost ALWAYS have all their puppies spoken for before they even breed. Of course you never know how many puppies a dog will have so sometimes there is an extra one or someone backs out at the last minute but for the most part a legitimate breeder will already have the homes picked out for the puppies.

A legitimate breeder or even a rescue person will not allow puppies to leave there mom until they are AT LEAST 8 weeks old. First and sometimes second round shots are done, they are spayed or neutered or they make you sign a contract saying this will be done before the dog is 6 months or 1 year old.

I have had people say to me "but it has papers" WOOHOO for you. Doesn't mean a thing! AKC is nothing more then a money making business. The more puppies the more money they get for registration!! There are no DNA tests so God only knows who the parents are for sure. Heck I have a "Pure Breed" Australian Shepard that was an owner turn in to the pound because the guy had a litter and couldn't sell them all. I got her from the pound but knew right away that she was not a pure Aussie. I had her DNA tested... she is an Aussie, Chow, German Shepard, Beagle, Basset Hound mix. Pure breed MUTT is all she is!!

Oh my favorite line is "I rescued the dog from the Pet Store." You did? So, you didn't pay anything for the dog? You talked to the owner of the Pet Store and he gave you the dog and you took it to the vet got all the vet care it needed? Yea, I didn't think so. You bought it! You paid several hundred dollars for a dog that was probably sick and you had to spend a ton more money on. Right?

Ok, so you did a good thing that puppy wouldn't be a live if it wasn't for you. BUT you just stuck $300, $400, maybe even $1,000 into the hands of someone that is going to turn around and buy MORE puppies, subject MORE puppies to that life, expose MORE puppies to illness and mis treatment. So, really you just condemned MORE dogs to a life of sickness and possible death!

Think of it this way. Go to the store and buy a record. Any mega big box store. WalMart, KMart, Target, etc. Can you find one? Probably not. Why is that?


So, if people would STOP BUYING puppies from stores guess what would happen????? They wouldn't sell puppies at stores any more. Which would then make it so the Puppy Mills wouldn't have stores to sell puppies to so they would create less and what does that mean


Seriously, do I talk to my self?

Monday, July 28, 2008

I am not the only one who gets emails from crazy people!

A rescue rep in another state sent me this. At least I know I am not the only one!

Here is the email the other rescue rep. received:


I filled out and submitted an application to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier almost two weeks ago. To date, I have received no acknowledgement or response of any kind. The only thing I can figure is that either there are no JRT's available in this area, or that your organization is just non-responsive and uncaring. With this in mind, I am no longer interested in working with your rescue organization to find a JRT. Please cancel my adoption application immediately.

Thank you,
Chicago, Illinois

Here is what the rep wrote back:


Please accept my apology. Did you send your application directly to us at XXXXX@aol.com_ , or through the website?

Contrary to your misguided assumptions, we in rescue are neither uncaring and unresponsive, nor without JRTs in need of homes. We are simply a group of volunteers who have dedicated our lives, phones, email accounts, homes, cars, bank accounts, and hearts to rescuing unwanted JRTs and trying to place them in appropriate homes. With 100+ emails a day coming in, it's more than a little possible to miss one now and then. Most people simply send a reminder, or an email asking if, perhaps, their email had gotten lost in cyberspace. Some people resend their application - a rational and logical response to a situation such as this. Searching through all my emails, I see nothing from your email address, and so can only conclude that your application was, indeed, lost along the way.

It's unfortunate that you are unable to tolerate such occurrences, but it is best to realize that a lost email is nothing compared to the frustrations of life with a rescued JRT, and so, perhaps this miscommunication has spared both you, me, and any dog you may have adopted from us the unfortunate fate of being placed in a home with someone lacking in the necessary patience to deal with such a dog. I guarantee I don't have any dogs in rescue who would do well with an owner for whom patience and understanding are in such short order, nor do I know of any dog anywhere who would thrive in such a situation. I hope you will reconsider getting a dog at all.


I seriously think I almost died laughing when I read her email back to him. That is so freaking funny. But of course the jerk couldn't help him self. He wrote back:

I will not accept your false apology. Why did you choose to berate and insult me instead of trying to make up for your one of your co-volunteers shortcomings. Feeling guilty? I was patient for two weeks. If the web site is not functioning properly and delivering e-mails properly, then get it fixed or shut it down till it is fixed. E-mail does not just get "lost in cyberspace". That's a ridiculous. If you don't have the time, patience or understanding to process 100 e-mails a day, you are definitely in the wrong business.

Don't get on your high horse with me. I am both rational and logical You shouldn't be associated with any type of rescue organization with your cruel, mean and unfeeling attitude. I know how to care for a JRT, I find them much more intelligent and much better companions than most humans, such as yourself. It's a shame I had to deal with someone like you to begin with. Obviously, YOU are not perfect either.

I guess this guy doesn't work at a large corporation. I don't know about you but I have had work emails lost before... ones coming to me and ones I have sent out so it is possible. Telling S she is in the wrong business. OMG I wish this was a business and then maybe I just afford to I don't know PAY FOR MY WEDDING!! LOL!!

S is one funny lady and you don't piss her off... here is what she said back:


Your first contact with me was rude and insulting. Perhaps you are accustomed to getting positive results with that attitude, but you'll find that there are people who react in a way other than you'd expected. Mail does get mis-delivered. I ask again, to whom did you send your application? I truly don't think it was me, which makes your tantrum even less appropriate, if that's possible. But even if it did come to me, Mr Pot, you should check yourself before calling us kettles black.

Berate and insult? Re-read your own original email. I have nothing to "make up for" and certainly do not feel guilty for refusing to allow your arrogance to go unanswered. Your are a pompous and rude individual. You don't need a dog, you need a lesson in civility.

When you have done the work I do for the hundreds of unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs I deal with each year, I will defy you to call me " cruel, mean and unfeeling;" until then I will mark your comments down to ignorance.

The one thing you've said that's true is that I'm not perfect...but then again, I don't pretend to be.


OMG I think I completely lost it with her response. I know the feeling of dealing with people who just don't have a clue. All I can do is laugh and shack my head at people who live in a bubble and think the world revolves around them.. LOL!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My birthday present

So, yesterday July 24th was my 30th birthday. UGH!

For my birthday I rescued 4 dogs that were going to be killed. Two big dogs, one 4 month old terrier mix and Fran. Fran is very special as you can see!

She is missing all of this hair because of FLEAS!! You can't touch her because it hurts her but she wants you to pet her so badly. She just wants love and attention. When you do pet the small part of her head that doesn't have sores all over it, it is hot because of the infection on her skin from all the open sores and her scratching at them.

My vet gave her revolution to get rid of all the fleas and I am able to give her a bath tomorrow with special medicated shampoo.

We have no idea if she will make it through this because the infection on her skin could cause more issues. I will know in about two weeks if she will make it.

So, my birthday present to me was saving dogs that really needed me and that especially means Fran!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I deal with EVERYDAY!!!!

I just had to share this chain of emails with you. I get emails like this daily and pretty much tell the people the same thing every time. His reaction and my response is what I think is so funny.

Here are the emails in order:

Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 8:09:46 PM
Subject: My Jack Russell

Hello. My name is Kyle E###, and I'm from Reynoldsburg Ohio. I have a Jack Russel that may family can't handle anymore. We still love him to death, but hes bitten a few people, and whenever a door is open he will make a bolt for it. Since we can't handle him anymore, we need someone who can take care of him, and we know who will. Some place with a big yard and without the distraction of being able to attack somebody, like in the country or something. He's usually very lazy and sleeps all day, but when somebody comes over, he's all hops and licks, but if they try to leave he nips at them, or tugs on their clothing. His name is Jack Eakin and he does need a home. It's either he can get a home somehow, or we put him down, and that's the last thing we want to do. So, could you please help me and my family?? We don't want to live in constant anxiety from wondering if he'll bolt out the door or if he'll bite somebody and get put down. We really need your help.

-Kyle E###
(614) 759-####
P.S. My phone number is there just in case you need to call.

Ok, seriously what do you think my response would be to this email? OH PLEASE PLEASE let me take in this biting aggressive dog that scares you and adopt it out to a family where a small child can get bit and be disfigured for life. Seriously, what did he think I was going to say?

Well here is what I said:

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 17:32:29 -0700
Subject: Re: My Jack Russell

Hi Kyle -

I am sorry to say that a dog that bites can not be adopted out. Any dogs showing aggression either towards people or other dogs in our rescue are euthanized.

Since your dog has bitten if you try to re home him you MUST disclose this to the new owner. They new owner will more then likely need to carry special insurance on their home in case the dog bites again. The only problem is if he does bite the new owners can (and I have seen it happen to someone) sue you. You could honestly loose everything you own.

Also, you are emotionally attached to the dog so you would never abuse him but someone who isn't attached him will abuse him for his behavior. Your poor dog will die a horrible painful death from abuse.

I know you said a big farm or something but I live on a big farm and people LOVE to ride their bikes through the country. That would be a prime target for him to bite... there isn't a safe place anywhere for a biting dog.

I know this isn't what you want to hear but if your dog is aggressive and has bitten people you need to do what is right by everyone... the dog, you and potential people that he may bite. You need to put him to sleep in your loving arms. He is obviously mentally ill and unlike humans there isn't medicine or a therapist that is going to help those mental issues.

Again I know this is not what you want to hear but if I take him I will euthanize him and he will die alone feeling unloved... he doesn't know me. If you take him to a shelter, kill or no kill they will put him to sleep for biting as well. He will then die in a gas chamber be put into a plastic bag and dumped in the trash :-( That is really what they do :-(

Do what is right by your dog, I beg you before some little child gets bit or something really really bad happens.

So, today I get this email from him:

Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 10:27:51 PM
Subject: RE: My Jack Russell

Well, I just hope you know, that my dog was put down today, and it killed me to do so. And if your organization doesn't take in biting dogs to help them, your whole purpose is all but naught. That's the whole meaning of "Russell Rescue". You're supposed to save jrt's, and mine needed saving. I just hope you're happy that you failed at your job, and that you've killed a dog. Have fun.

I realize he is just mad that he couldn't blame anyone for his dog's behavior. So, I wasn't really angry about this email... made me laugh actually. Here is what I wrote back.

News flash, if I would have taken in a biting dog I would have put it to sleep. So, I guess his fate was euthanizing either way. Better that he went to sleep in the arms of someone that loved him then a stranger.

And guess what THIS ISN'T MY JOB!! I am a volunteer!

I am actually happy that an owner took responsibility for his own dog and did what was right. Someone was going to get hurt and you did the right thing.

So did I fail at my JOB? No I am actually very successful in my job. Did I fail in my volunteer work? NOPE! I educated you and you did the right thing.

I know you are angry and want to blame someone but guess what I didn't breed the dog, train the dog or own the dog so really none of this is my fault. If you want to blame someone blame the breeder, the pet store, the puppy mill who ever you got the dog from. I really don't know you so I will not excuse you of anything like you did to me but in some cases it is the owner who causes a dog to be aggressive either through spoiling, not properly training or abusing the animal. Again, not saying you did any of these things.

Our mission is to help HOMELESS pets and place them in forever homes. Do you think we have a facility? Well we don't. We have MY HOUSE!!!! With 3 out door kennels and few volunteers. NONE of us our vets or trainers so I am not sure what you would expect us to do with your aggressive dog besides putting it to sleep. Sorry, I am not having it on my head if an aggressive dog hurts / scares a child.

We adopt out the dogs to the general public, there is no such thing as a special home for an aggressive dog. There is only one Cesar Milan (a.k.a the dog whisper) in this world and I think he has enough dogs! Therefore the dogs that we adopt out are NOT AGGRESSIVE. Again I repeat I would have just put your dog to sleep anyway.

So, I thank you every much for doing right by your dog. I am sad for the dog b/c it is not his fault but happy that he is no longer suffering mentally.

Thanks for doing right by everyone!

So, here is a taste of the emails I get EVERYDAY. People ask why do I help dogs and not people.... I think you have your answer! LOL.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who do I have now???

Ok, so Bob & Kim have Hanna - Kirsten has Kip - Lisa has Turner - Christie has Sadie and Daisy - Margaret has Abby.

I have:
Helen - who is going to her forever home on Saturday July 26th
Arthur - someone is coming for him on Saturday July 26th
Spud - who is going to his home tonight!

I guess that isn't too bad. Everyone is pretty good and doesn't run away so that is a good thing.

Now if things can just stay quiet while I get them adopted... LOL!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Update from last post

So, the wife emailed us. She didn't take the dog to the pound like the husband said. She found the dog a home. See a little effort and they were able to make a happy ending for the dog. That guy was just being a total and complete jerk.

I not only feel sorry for the dog who had to have an owner like that but for the wife that she has to deal with a husband that is a spoiled brat.. LOL!!

Dogs are not disposable trash at least the wife realized that and did the right thing by everyone. Thank goodness!

I give the wife a lot of credit for doing the right thing!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

At my limit.. LOL!

Well Friday was a bad day and I am not sure today was much better. I am just feeling very overwhelmed with dogs right now. This morning I checked my email and some guy emailed me this

"We have a need to place one of our JR's up for adoption immediately. My family has done all we can and today is our final day. I would like to put him with a rescue organization for JR's but unless we at least here from you or someone today - he will be surrendered to the local dog shelter where he will not be properly treated or placed. He's a great dog but like all JR's he needs a lot of attention or will continue to find himself in trouble. He was born last summer so he is just about a year old and coming out of the "bad" puppy stage. . Long legged broken coat, mostly white with brown markings. Attached is a recent picture."

When I read this email today it pushed me over the edge. I HATE THREATS!!! If you want to kill your dog by taking it to the shelter then do it, don't try to blame me for you being an a$$hole and taking the dog to the shelter. UGH!!

Gloria emailed him and explained we are full to the brim with dogs and have a waiting list of shelter dogs. She gave him some tips on how to maybe place the dog him self and some training tips if he wanted to try to work it out. He email back this"

"We currently have one 8 YO F JR and a lab rescue both are wonderfully behaved and good citizens. This past winter I purchased the new JR (Harley) from a pet store at the request of my 3 yo son. We did not and will not have the opportunity to turn him into a good citizen. In March my wife's Grandmother passed and my Mother was killed in a car accident and so 2008 has generally not been a good year with traveling, estates, et al. I simply do not have the time to help this little dog. He has severe chewing and nipping issues and mild housebreaking accidents that have been tolerated by my wife and today was the last straw when when ruined an expensive Natuzzi leather chair for the 2nd time, multiple pieces of family heirloom furniture, bannisters , and carpet - wood floor chewing. I did drive him (Harley) to the Franklin County Dog Shelter today, but absolutely could not leave him there where he could be euthanized or put with a inappropriate family. One of our neighbors agreed to take him for the next day or 2.He really is a GREAT dog, but needs someone to love him more than we are able.I could really use help!!!"

So this is what I wrote back to him.

"I am going to be honest with you, your first mistake was buying a puppy from a pet store but what is done is done.

Also, when I read your first email it made me so mad. I don't really understand the need for threats. Your exact comment was "but unless we at least here from you or someone today - he will be surrendered to the local dog shelter where he will not be properly treated or placed."

Seriously what did you think you were going to gain by making that comment?

I am sorry if I am coming off harsh but I really am not in a good mood today. The last two days have been horrible (not that you care) but because of irresponsible pet owners, I just lost half my hay crop to rain b/c I was too busy running all over Ohio helping dogs whose owners have given up on them. I currently have 20 dogs living at my house who are looking for loving families. I sent three 3 month old JRT puppies to the gas chamber yesterday because I am totally out of room. There are two more dogs that will be killed on Tuesday if I can't make room and I probably will not be able to. Not to mention a family member passed away Thursday.

Your dog has not a clue how expensive your couch is. If you know he chews then why have you given him the freedom to chew on things? I don't know the whole story and not sure what you mean by nipping... there is a huge difference between puppy nipping and biting because he is aggressive.

Honestly, to me hiring a trainer sounds like a lot of these issues could be fixed. I know at this time I personally can't take in another dog. However what Gloria or KY rescue decide is up to them.

You have to understand we are volunteers. We have lives outside of rescue and we are willing to help those who truly need help but 99% of the time the owners can help themselves and make a happy ending for everyone.

Good luck to you."

I know I was being mean but I am so sick and tired of people dumping their dogs. OMG people give a little effort. There was a lady that adopted a Puggle from my rescue partner Gloria. Nice dog but needed a lot of work. Although at first she wanted to give up, she didn't and now she is so thrilled at how well he is doing. Did it take a lot of work? YES! Were there days she wanted to give up? YES! Did she NO!!!! At least she gave me hope that not everyone is lazy.. LOL!!

Anyways, so here is the guys email back to me

"Sorry. Didn't mean to come off as a threat. I emailed Gloria on May 28th but didn't hear back and and this time I wanted to convey the urgency.
Doesn't seem like I've made a very good impression on you all.
My wife is actually taking him to the shelter right now herself. "

Once again NOT HIS FAULT that he had to take the dog to the shelter. All Gloria's fault. Here is what Gloria said to him

"I was in Florida for 2 weeks over Memorial Day. Had over 3,000 emails when I returned. May have missed yours. Sorry."

I then wrote this

"Good for your wife. Hey whatever is easiest for you, right? Good values to teach your children. If something is old or a bother to you it is disposable even if it is a living breathing creature. I hope your children don't ruin your expensive chair.

Honestly there is probably a release fee to take the dog to the pound, you should have just taken him to the vet to be put to sleep. At least that way he won't die alone in a gas chamber, put in a black plastic bag and thrown in a dumpster like trash. Or adopted from the shelter and abused for the rest of his life.

He was a puppy that need training not dumped. I hope you can sleep tonight, I know I won't be able to.

A trainer and effort is all it would have took."

I will be honest with you, my readers. Normally I just let them know that I am full and how to place the dog on their own or if the dog has "issues" how to help "fix" those issues and try to work with them to find a better solution to dumping their dog. This guy today just pushed me over the edge.

I just can't stand when people say if you don't take my dog I will take it to the pound or if you don't take my dog I am putting it to sleep. Not to sound harsh but it is your dog, I can't stop you from doing whatever you want to do with the dog but news flash I am not dropping everything to run to your house to get the dog because you are LAZY or because you have to move into an apt. You mean you didn't know till this morning that you were getting kicked out of your house? You just woke up and the bank was standing at your front door knocking. You answered the door and they said "Hi. We are your mortgage company. You haven't paid your mortgage in about a year now so we are taking your home. Get out!"

Yea, I don't think so!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 more today

Getting two more JRT's today.

I have one heck of a day. I am picking up two JRT's across from work that are coming on transport. I have to go home, drop them off, pick up another dog and drive to the other side of Sandusky, Drop off the dog I have and pick up two more. I have to go home where 2 people are coming to my house to adopt the dogs that I just picked up on the other side of Sandusky.

THEN I have to settle in the two I just got, clean kennels, feed dogs, water dogs, feed horses, take out the trash and somewhere in there eat and sleep.. LOL!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Too good to be true???

So, for some reason things are going very good lately... I mean there are snags in the road but all of a sudden interested people for dogs I thought I would have forever. I am almost afraid to talk about it because I could jinx my self. LOL!!

I have someone coming to adopt my sweet little Blanche tonight. Poor Blanche that dog has been through hell. She and three other dogs were just left in a crate over night outside of a pound. Poor things. I have no idea what she is.. she is small cute and old and getting home so that is all that matters.

I finally found a home with kids and NO CAT for sweet little Dexter. They are supposed to come on Saturday between 10 -11am. I am so excited for him. That poor dog, he has been in rescue since January 18th

Helen and Spud are both getting adopted on Saturday as well. Their
families came out to see them over the weekend but they weren't fixed yet. So, they went to the vet on Monday and got their shots. That was an adventure 8 dogs to the vet. UGH! Anyways, they are getting spayed / neutered on Wed and will be ready to go home ASAP. So, both families are coming next Saturday for them. How exciting.

Oh and my sweet sweet little Jodie got a home last night! That is going to be a really good home. She is such an awesome little dog.
Thursday a women from Chicago is supposed to drive to my foster home in Troy Ohio (near Dayton) to see Willy so hopefully she will adopt sweet little Willy.
Friday after work Lisa who I work with is supposed to come get Ringo for a week trail. I know she is going to LOVE him. He is just an awesome dog.
Oh and two other dogs that my foster home in Dayton is fostering are coming to me tomorrow to be adopted. One by Keesha who I work with and one to a guy who filled out an application for Hannah the JRT.
Now, if I can keep this trend up.
Oh and tomorrow is transport day. I don't have any dogs (as of right now) that I am getting off transport. How awesome is that. I might actually be making some room. THANK GOODNESS. It is just so stressful and overwhelming when I have so many dogs. A little depressing too.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adopted!!! YAY

So, today was good. I had a family drive all the way from MI (3 hours) to pick a JRT. The decided on Helen but she won't be ready to go for 2 weeks. She isn't fixed yet. They said it wasn't a big deal, the drive was easy so they will be back in 2 weeks to pick up Helen. Then another couple came out, also looking for a JRT. They live about 45 minutes from me and they picked Spud II. He is getting fixed and will be ready to go in 2 weeks which they said was perfect b/c they need to get a crate and all the dog related stuff. So, that only leaves me with what 18 JRT's.. LOL!! I don't even know how many I have right now... LOL!!

Then this afternoon a lady came cover and adopted my sweet Great Pyrenees. YAY!! She already has one but she is 13 years old and she knows that it might not be too much longer for her. They are only supposed to live to be 12.

Oh and I have a lady from Chicago that wants to come meet and possibly adopted Turner my puppy mill rescue from last year. 6 hour drive! I think the foster home is on vacation b/c I haven't been able to reach her all week. I need to remember to try to call her tomorrow.. If I don't hear back from her by Monday I am going to swing by her house on my way home from work b/c the lady from Chicago wants to come on Friday. I am so excited about that b/c whenever someone is willing to put the time into a puppy mill rescue and drive that far, it is usually a great home.

Well.... um.. I don't think too much else is going on. I need to get better pictures of some of my JRT"s so that I have print outs of them for the adoption event on Saturday... that is if I am still going... I was thinking about it and well I only have 2 JRT / beagle mixes to take...everything else is a JRT or my two Rat Terriers aren't fixed so they can't go.

Ok, well email was slow today but here is to hoping I get some hits tomorrow... LOL!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry it has been so long

To anyone who reads this sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. It has been CRAZY!!

Well I got 4 dogs last Thursday off transport. Helen, Mable, Rob, Kip. I got Arthur on Sunday and two more last night Ben and Spud II. Everyone is a JRT except Rod and Kip they are Rat Terriers and REALLY nice dogs.

I had to turn down two female JRT's today. I said if they can hold them till next week I will try to make the room. I hate saying that but I have NO WHERE to put anyone.

I have 5 dogs in Kennel 1, 4 in Kennel 2 and 3 and I have 1 in the barn with Kennel cough.

Monday I have to take 7 dogs to the vet office after work for shots and then make appointments to get them all neutered and spayed.

Saturday I am going to try to do an adoption event with the one that are ready to go.

Oh did I tell you the girl that adopted Jodie brought her back. I knew that was going to happen. She broke up with her boyfriend and had to move out of the house... I lectured her about the responsibilities of a dog and "what if you move" Oh I would never move somewhere I couldn't take Jodie. REALLY! that last a month and half. UGH!!

So some really awesome non dog related news... my best friend had her baby on Tuesday. SO FREAKING CUTE!! I really don't like babies but this one well I am the God Mom so of course I think he is the best thing ever!! LOL!!

Well I am hoping for a good weekend. I have someone to come "pick a dog" on Saturday and someone coming to meet Mora my Great Pyrenees. So, with any luck maybe two will get adopted. I just got my pet finder account up an running so I am hoping for some hits from that this weekend.

Off to check email and pray there aren't any JRT's that need me right now!!

"Rescuers Need Rescue, Too" By Chandra Moira Beal

Animal rescue is deeply rewarding yet extremely difficult work. To survive in this realm, one must find healthy ways to cope with the emotional challenges. Here are 10 points to ponder.

You can't save them all. Even if you spent every hour of every day working to save animals, you still wouldn't be able to save them all. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your efforts.

Work smarter, not harder. Manage your rescue efforts like a business. Organize tasks to make the best use of time. For example, time spent recruiting more volunteers may make more sense in the long run than trying to do more yourself. If you find yourself pulled in many directions, you might be more effective if you focus on one rescue facility, one geographic locale, or one species or breed.

Just say no. Many people feel guilty when they can't take care of everything that comes up. Be realistic about how much you can handle! If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to say, "I can't right now." Delegate to others when possible, and ask for help when you need it.

You are making a difference. Whenever you question whether you're helping very much, remember the old parable about the man walking on the beach, picking up starfish who have washed ashore and tossing them gently, one by one, back into the ocean. Another man approaches, notices that there are starfish on the beach for as far as the eye can see, and asks, "What difference can you possibly make when there are so many?" Looking at the creature in his hand, the first man replies, "I can make all the difference in the world to THIS starfish.

Celebrate victories. There are happy endings to many rescue stories. Rejoice in what is working. Of course, seeing an animal go home with a loving family is the greatest reward of all.

Small kindnesses do count. It's common to think that small efforts don't mean as much as large victories, but stopping to pet an animal, even for just one minute is worth doing. Your touch may be the only friendly attention he or she receives that day. Grooming, holding and comforting, or intoning softly that you care, are activities that many shelters don't have time for.
Find outlets for emotional release. Rescue work can be physically exhausting, emotionally draining and spiritually challenging. Don't dismiss your feelings or think you're a wimp for being affected by it all. Talk to someone you trust about what you're experiencing. Cry when you need to. Write your feelings in a journal.

Channel your emotions into action by writing to the editor of your newspaper or your local representatives about the need for animal protection legislation.

Take care of yourself. Make time to do whatever makes you feel good. Take a relaxing bath, or go out to dinner and let someone else do the cooking. You need to recharge your batteries in order to maintain mental and physical health.

Don't downplay your compassion. When people ask me why I rescue animals, often I'm tempted to say, "Oh, it's not big deal" or "Somebody's got to do it," when in reality I rescue animals because I care so deeply about them. Compassion is healthy, normal and necessary for this work. Let people know how important this cause is to you. You just might inspire others to become involved.

Never give up. When you get discouraged, it is tempting to throw in the towel. Despite all your hard work, you may not see real change in your lifetime. Still, giving up won't make it any better. Take a break, and come back fighting. And remember the man and the starfish.