Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Too good to be true???

So, for some reason things are going very good lately... I mean there are snags in the road but all of a sudden interested people for dogs I thought I would have forever. I am almost afraid to talk about it because I could jinx my self. LOL!!

I have someone coming to adopt my sweet little Blanche tonight. Poor Blanche that dog has been through hell. She and three other dogs were just left in a crate over night outside of a pound. Poor things. I have no idea what she is.. she is small cute and old and getting home so that is all that matters.

I finally found a home with kids and NO CAT for sweet little Dexter. They are supposed to come on Saturday between 10 -11am. I am so excited for him. That poor dog, he has been in rescue since January 18th

Helen and Spud are both getting adopted on Saturday as well. Their
families came out to see them over the weekend but they weren't fixed yet. So, they went to the vet on Monday and got their shots. That was an adventure 8 dogs to the vet. UGH! Anyways, they are getting spayed / neutered on Wed and will be ready to go home ASAP. So, both families are coming next Saturday for them. How exciting.

Oh and my sweet sweet little Jodie got a home last night! That is going to be a really good home. She is such an awesome little dog.
Thursday a women from Chicago is supposed to drive to my foster home in Troy Ohio (near Dayton) to see Willy so hopefully she will adopt sweet little Willy.
Friday after work Lisa who I work with is supposed to come get Ringo for a week trail. I know she is going to LOVE him. He is just an awesome dog.
Oh and two other dogs that my foster home in Dayton is fostering are coming to me tomorrow to be adopted. One by Keesha who I work with and one to a guy who filled out an application for Hannah the JRT.
Now, if I can keep this trend up.
Oh and tomorrow is transport day. I don't have any dogs (as of right now) that I am getting off transport. How awesome is that. I might actually be making some room. THANK GOODNESS. It is just so stressful and overwhelming when I have so many dogs. A little depressing too.

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