Wednesday, June 27, 2012

88 Counties in Ohio

There are 88 counties in OHIO with each one having at least one kill shelter. Some counties have more then one!

MBR has taken dogs from about 90% of the counties. It is hard trying to balance all the requests.... 88 counties with dogs in need, 88 counties emailing asking me to take a dog or 2 or 3 or 5, 100's of faces are emailed to me every week. It is NOT easy trying to decide who you can help and who you can't. ESPECIALLY when you know that by saying NO you just killed a dog.

It is even harder when you walk into the shelter knowing you can only take 1 or 2 and the dog warden is walking behind you telling you "This one is scheduled to die today. And that one tomorrow"

Making deals with the dog warden "if I take 3 will you give him another week." "What if I PROMISE to come get him next week?"

Then scrambling to find a place to put him and you think a week is enough time but it isn't enough time. Especially when adoptions are down and volunteers are limited and foster homes are on breaks. And you think to yourself, when do I get a break? To me a break is a weekend away... to my husband that isn't long enough.

Balancing family, work and dog rescue while trying NOT let the stress and pressure of making life and death decisions get to you. Knowing that the number that just came up on your phone is the dog warden but you can't answer because you are in a meeting at work. You know that you not answering probably means a dog will loose their life because you know that as soon as you call back the warden will say to you "oh you didn't answer and no one would take the dog so we put him to sleep"

Trying to make sure that your friends, your family and your husband know that you do love them and that you are there for them if they need you but yet the dogs are always pulling you in 100 directions at the same time. Spending FINALLY a nice dinner with your husband but your phone rings and it is an emergency situation with a dog in need... what do you do? Help the dog and risk making your husband mad? Or say you can't help and the dog will die.

Balance. Dog rescue is all about balance.... taking the most urgent dogs and praying that the other pound that is full will hold off putting anyone down just a few days longer because maybe just maybe you will be able to figure out something in a few days.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog fighting too close to home

This is the reality of dog fighting. This is NOT a dog in some far away place, this isn't a dog that is someone else's problem, these pictures aren't fake.  This is real and this is happening in YOUR BACK YARD!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012


We are getting:

THREE 8 week old JRT puppies and mom from Holmes County Pound. A Puppy Mill owner dumped them there because he couldn't sell the puppies and now they are too old, no one wants them.
Thank you to Rosi Harris for picking them up for us.

A volunteer rescued a sweet JRT puppy and will be fostering her until she can be placed in a FOREVER home.

The 4 adult JRT's and the 1 Chi mix that are living in a hot garage.. the story is this. An elderly couple in their 70's has them, they love their dogs but can't take care of them properly any more. They realize this and want to surrender them to the dog pound but the pound can't take in that many dogs. It is a small pound (Fayette County). The dog warden will go get the dogs tomorrow and then a passed adopted has offered to pick them up from the dog pound and drive them to Mansfield where she will meet another passed adopted AND voluntter who will bring them to my house.

WE ALSO HAVE THE FERAL FAMILY (Mom dog, Dad dog, Daughter dog and a litter of 3 week old puppies) which a group of volunteers are trying to rescue off the streets.


Friday, June 15, 2012

It isn't my fault

I love that line.  It isn't my fault my dog had puppies.  She was outside in her own yard when the neighbor's male got her.
Let me break this down for you:
#1. Why wasn't your dog fixed?
#2. Why was your dog outside unattended
#3. If you knew she got caught by the male why didn't you take her in to be spayed BEFORE the puppies started to form?
#4. Why didn't you ask for help from a Rescue group BEFORE the puppies were born?
#5. Why are you trying to sell them?

Sorry but it takes two to create new life.  If your 15 year old daughter walked in the house and said I am pregnant and I have no idea how it happened would you believe her?  NO YOU WOULDN'T
Would you blame the boy and say he is 100% responsible for what happened? NO YOU WOULDN'T
So sorry sweet heart you are not innocent and you are to blame just as much as the a-hole who didn't fix his male.!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I have never laughed so hard....

True story:

Amish Puppy Mill Breeder walks into the dog pound with 2 pure breed Yorkies. One male. One female.  He is getting out of the dog business.  He can't make money at it any more.  He was able to sell off most of his stock but no one wanted these two because they aren't producing any puppies.

He hands the dogs over to the dog warden and leaves.

A volunteer / shelter works handles the dogs and they are very nice, very social, very friendly.  Not your typical Amish Mill dogs.  They get out the camera to get pictures of the dogs to get them up on line so that hopefully they will get adopted quickly and out of the pound before it is too late. The pound is very small and the volunteers do a great job moving dogs out of the shelter but there are always more dogs coming in and some dogs that just sit in the shelter for weeks waiting for someone to take them out of there.

As the volunteers were handling the dogs they realized something.  The female had a spay scar!

OMG are you kidding me... that is hilarious! The Amish Mill owner had no idea that he dog he purchased or got for free out of the news paper or wherever he got it from WAS SPAYED

hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahhahah  THAT IS AWESOME!!!

Just another reason you should always spay / neuter your pets.   I know people don't believe me when I say be careful that your dog(s) don't end up in a mill producing puppies. SEE I AM RIGHT!  They do end up in Mills and look by having your dog spayed it saved her life!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Had to say something

On Lorain County Garage Sale Facebook Website this was posted:

I have a male 2 yaer old Olde English Bulldogge for sale. Asking $400 obo. He is more on the taller side but is ckc and ioeba certified. He has been with us since 10 weeks but we are going to a new breed of dog and would like him to go to a good family. He is kennel trained and doesnt leave the yard. I hear people wanting these dogs all the time but dont have the 1000 dollar plus that they run for. We just want a good home for him and therefore asking a rehoming fee. We have a kennel that is 8 ft by 8 ft that we can sell with him for 550 together. Let me know if you know anyone interested in this breed. Thank you.

**Picture of dog attached****

Here was my response:

Nicole do you have kids? I am only asking because are you sure that you want to teach them it is ok to throw away (or in your words RE HOME) a living pet just because you want a new one? Sorry but pet ownership should be for the LIFE of the pet, not until you get bored with it.

For anyone who wants to join the FB page to let Nicole Palmer know how you feel free, here is the link

Non profit...

Do people not understand what that means?  Is the world so full of selfish people that they don't get it??

I had someone who adopted from me say yesterday after I told them I spent $26K on vet bill last year "Yea you probably made $80K re homing dogs"  I looked at him and said "No I lost $700"  Then he asked why do I do this then.
WOW!  Really?!

Then I had a lady who EVERYONE turned their backs on around end of November beginning of Dec.  I helped her out and she stiffed me with a $700 bill!

Oh and then the lady who returned Hanna b/c she followed her from room to room around the house stopped payment on her check.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME LADY!  #1. you never said you wanted your money back and #2. I had already deposited the check BEFORE your returned the dog. How about open your fat lazy mouth and tell me that you are too cheap to follow the contract you signed.. oh wait your a coward, I forgot!  And that is 100% proven b/c you haven't answered any of my calls or returned the message I left for you asking why you stopped payment on a check to a non-profit and didn't just ask for the money back.

Ok sorry had to vent.  Thanks blog! Writing has always helped me get through the crap.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I will tie her to the door of the APL...

Yes that is a comment an adopter actually said to our adoption follow up coordinator on Saturday.

"If you don't take this dog I am going to tie her to the door of the APL"  Why the hell would someone say that??   The women who adopted Lucy after having her for 6 days left a message for our follow up adoption coordinator actually saying that.  I called the women back and asked her why she would say something like that, she said she didn't know what she was going to do.  I said how about call me and tell me you needed to bring her back to me.  Not really sure why threatening someone is the first thing you say and it is VERY disturbing that you would even consider doing something like that.  Her response was "people do it all the time"  I said that doesn't make it right and that is why the APL has video surveillance.   Honestly I wanted to go completely off on her but I didn't.  I kept my cool, spoke sternly to her and told her to bring the dog back to me as soon as possible.

The women had the audacity to send me a text message after she left the dog in a crate on my porch saying how much she is going to miss her.  REALLY???!!!  Are you kidding me??  You threaten to leave her tied to the door of the APL and you send me a text saying she is a good dog and you are going to miss her. Sorry but get a life, you are a heartless B!+(#