Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Non profit...

Do people not understand what that means?  Is the world so full of selfish people that they don't get it??

I had someone who adopted from me say yesterday after I told them I spent $26K on vet bill last year "Yea you probably made $80K re homing dogs"  I looked at him and said "No I lost $700"  Then he asked why do I do this then.
WOW!  Really?!

Then I had a lady who EVERYONE turned their backs on around end of November beginning of Dec.  I helped her out and she stiffed me with a $700 bill!

Oh and then the lady who returned Hanna b/c she followed her from room to room around the house stopped payment on her check.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME LADY!  #1. you never said you wanted your money back and #2. I had already deposited the check BEFORE your returned the dog. How about open your fat lazy mouth and tell me that you are too cheap to follow the contract you signed.. oh wait your a coward, I forgot!  And that is 100% proven b/c you haven't answered any of my calls or returned the message I left for you asking why you stopped payment on a check to a non-profit and didn't just ask for the money back.

Ok sorry had to vent.  Thanks blog! Writing has always helped me get through the crap.


Shannon said...

I've been reading your blog and it seems like almost everything you write about has happened to me too. Sometimes rescue sucks all the way around. It's always because of the people though.

Life Of Susan, A Dog Shelter Worker and Animal Lover. said...

That isn't good, at my shelter we recieved last Thursday 2000 dollars from a lady who donated money every year to a different organisation, that same day we recieved a 1900 dollar donation! Of course you get the people who couldn't care less, just like you mentioned, the good thing is though that people like us and other likeminded people are there for the animals.