Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deep breath......

Things are crazy right now. In a good way I think though. I got Phoebe and Tinkerbell in last night. My wonderful husband ran a transport... slowly but surely getting him hooked on the dog rescue thing. LOL!

Phoebe and Tinkerbell are both going to foster to adopt homes until I am able to get them fixed. they have to come back, get fixed and then can officially be adopted.

I have someone coming to meet Marshmallow on Friday, Buster is getting picked up on Saturday by a past adopter.. this will be dog #3 and I think Buster would love living with them. I am talking to someone today at 1pm about Banjo. And um..... I think Ozzie is going to stay with the family that has been fostering him. I really like the family and Ozzie LOVES the kids.

I have someone else interested in Spencer. They are going to come next weekend, this weekend is too crazy for them. So, Spencer will probably end up being fostered with someone for a week. Which will be good for him. Poor dog has been through hell and back. I really think the "husband" in the family abused him.

Oh and someone is coming to look at Kiwi this weekend. That dog is so CUTE! The foster home said she is perfect!

Hmm what else is going on... we are getting a female in from Allen County. I think Andrea is saving her today. As for JRT's in shelters there is one more in Guernsey County I am trying to figure out how to get. I called but kept getting voice mail and so I sent an email. Hopefully someone will get back to me soon.

It is so great when I have so many approved applications but so hectic at the same time trying to figure out who is going to who and making appointments and all that stuff.

As for the lady who was nasty about the holiday card.... I still can't get it off my mind. I talked to the group leader who I was fostering for at the time and she said she called them and left a message but hasn't heard back.

I have been getting a lot of emails lately about people wanting to dump their dogs. A lot of dogs 10, 13, 14 years old. Believe this... I had an email from someone who wants to re home their 11 year old JRT because they are retired, the kids moved out of the house and they are just too busy for the dog??? OMG so when you were working and had kids you weren't busy?? What the heck. Just tell the truth you don't want a dog any more because you are bored with it.

I hate that people try to make up excuses for why they are dumping their dog. Like getting rid of the dog is in the best interest for the dog. Whatever, just tell the truth you are lazy and don't want a dog any more. I seriously would prefer the truth over a bunch of made up stuff. But whatever makes you sleep better at night I guess.

Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of reason that are totally legitimate but 95% of them are NOT!

Well wish me luck that I can get some of the dogs to FOREVER homes and maybe a few of the dogs living at my house to foster care so they can have more 1 on 1 attention.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Puppy Mill Broker Caught in Insecticide Scam

Posted Dec 23, 2009 by lauraallen

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that Hunte Kennel Systems and Animal Care Inc., a division of Hunte Corporation, the largest U.S. wholesaler-distribu tor, and also an international broker, of puppies, has agreed to pay a $56,632 civil penalty.

Hunte is paying the penalty to settle charges the company illegally sold an insecticide meant for use on cows and pigs as a flea and tick treatment for dogs. Hunte is said to have repackaged and relabeled the insecticide, Prolate/Lintox- HD, and sold it under the name Paramite.

This scam is said to have violated the federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.
The Hunte Corporation breeds and raises puppies and also buys puppies from puppy mills and sells them to pet stores including to the notorious Petland and has been named as a co-conspirator in a scheme to sell skick puppies from puppy mills to the public. The puppies that even Hunte believes are not well enough or in good enough condition for sale to pet stores are sold thru newspaper ads, the internet or at flea markets. Hunte also sells puppies for research and sends them to other countries for other uses.

Go to for a look at the USDA's many citations of Hunte for violations of the Animal Welfare Act regulations. (Look at the Breeder and Dealer categories, under H for Hunte Corporation and T for The Hunte Corporation. )

Tak a look at an investigation of Hunte Corporation by the Companion Animal Protection Society.

In 2003 Hunte was cited by the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources for dumping dead puppies on its property in violation of the state Clean Water and Waste Management law.
In 2006 60 puppies were killed in a truck fire, and in 2007 94 puppies were jeopardized in another truck fire. The puppies were caged in Hunte trucks transporting them to pet stores for sale. Hunte trucks have been caught without air conditioning in the summer and with no windows.

Go to and
about franchisees that have brought suit in Ohio for what they claim are Petland and Hunte's sleazy, fraudulent business practices.

Hunte boasts tens of millions of dollars in revenues each year from the sale of 90,000 or more puppies as well as pet supplies such as the faked "flea and tick treatment" for dogs. The company's headquarters is located in Goodman, Missouri, and it is there that Hunte has its facility for puppies. Puppy mills are a big business in Missouri (, and the very agency charged with regulating breeders and dealers like Hunte, the USDA, has approved millions in Rural Development loans for the company in the past decade to expand its business. The business that profits from the misery of dogs trapped in puppy mills or bred and sold for research or worse.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can't get it off my mind...

Ok, I have been trying since Wed to not let it bother me but it really really is. I send out an e-card every year to all my adopters and volunteers. The e-card is just away to say thank you for adopting, happy holiday and sometimes give a little information. It is nice to send out an e-card b/c it tracks who has opened the card. After I think 2 or 3 weeks I get a message that says "" has not opened the e-card you sent out. So, I usually send a message to the person says "Hey I sent you an e-card!!"

Sometimes it goes to spam folder or sometimes their email address doesn't work any longer. That always worries me b/c then I don't have an easy to contact people. Usually for those cases I send a message via snail mail. Just want to make sure the dog they adopted is doing ok.

I have had the situation where the adoptive parent passed away and the family didn't know what to do with the dog. Sometimes the family moves and looses my contact information so by sending the email helps them reconnect with me.. just strange stuff like that.

The last thing I want to happen is for one of my dogs that I worked so hard to get out of the kill shelter, make sure the dog was healthy, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, processed applications, set appointments for people to meet, kept, feed, loved from anywhere from a month to a year to end up back at the shelter.

Anyway, this year I sent out a holiday card with a website link and a coupon code. Well the e-card deleted the website and I received a few message from people saying.. what website?? I sent out a 2nd email that said "sorry for the 2nd email but the e-card deleted links..." and I gave the website that was deleted along with a few other website addresses that I referenced in the e-card.

Well then like I said if people don't open the card I usually send an email that says "Hey sent you a card!"
Most people email me back and say that it did go to spam folder or just email me saying the email address I have they don't use that often any more... that kind of stuff. Or I get back a "mail failure" notice

One person emailed me back telling me they are too busy to receive emails from me so don't email them any more. They said the dog was doing just fine.

I emailed her back and said sure I will take her off my email list and I will snail mail her information on the puppy party. I send out two emails a year Holiday card and Puppy Party email. I asked her to just remember to update me should her contact information ever change.

She emailed me back and said 3 emails to open a card that she doesn't have time to open is over the top. She lives a busy life and doesn't want to receive emails from me or snail mail invite to something she would never attend anyway so don't send her anything via mail either. That Dog is just fine and that she would never give her to anyone. And that their are laws against spamming.

I told her I was sorry if my email came off wrong but that she signed a contract that said I would keep in touch just to make sure everything was going ok and I asked her how could I contact her that would not be such a bother.

She emailed me back

"STOP I have blocked you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

WTF??? Ok, # 1 why did she say that the dog is fine and she would never give her to anyone? I never actually asked about the dog so why do defensive? #2. Asking how I can contact you that wouldn't be a bother justifies saying to me "Stop I have blocked you!!!!!" Really? #3 you are so busy that you don't have time for email or regular mail? WOW. I wonder how much time you have for the dog? #4 you really needed that many explanation points?

This whole thing just really bothers me b/c I have never had anyone be so rude and defensive. Makes me wonder what is going on. The crappy thing is the dog was adopted through a group that I was fostering for when I first started fostering dogs so I have no real recourse to take up with the women. Normally I would just have the lawyer for the rescue reach out to her and have her provide documentation that the dog is ok.

I contacted the group and let them know what happened and that I was worried. They still have her original application and are going to call her vet office to see if the dog has been in lately and/or they know what is going on.

I just can't get off my mind how she acted. Was there something wrong with me asking how can I contact her that isn't a bother?? She signed a contracting stating that we/I could keep in touch. She was normal until know... they actually sent me a new updated email address just last year.

A rescue friend of mine said she has a similar situation with an adopter and when she looked into the situation more she found out that the dog was living outside in a barn with barely any human contact. And not a nice barn like a cold, dirty barn. Apparently the husband became a drunk and started abusing the wife and the dog. My friend got her dog back but it took her doing a little investigation work and having her lawyer write a letter asking for the dog back.

UGH! My stomach drops just thinking about it.

Sorry to write this post, I just had to get this off my chest.. it has really been bothering me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wonderful People

I seriously might cry while writing this blog post. I can't believe how many wonderful volunteers and adopters this rescue has. You are all so amazing!

For the first time in a long long long time vet bills are paid off before December 31st :-) I am usually running around the last minute stealing money from my savings account (ssshhhh don't tell my husband) to pay the vet bill. This year was totally different and it is because of the amazing amazing forever homes and volunteers that I have got to know and love.

Truly amazing.

Merry Christmas everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

***PS. make sure you give your rescue dog an extra tight hug tonight. For some this is the first time they have been loved and safe for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

14 puppies 10 weeks old

DUMPED today at the kill shelter. Today is kill day. They are owner surrenders so the first to be put down.

Wonderful volunteers are trying to raise $255 to help get them out and to safety. A humane society said they would take them if the volunteers can get them to their non kill shelter.

10 week old puppies..... dumped right before Christmas. Really???!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Foster homes and adopters

To all who are foster homes for me please expect something in the mail in the next few days. The dogs whose lives you have helped to save over this past year wanted you to know how much they appreciate being alive and if it wasn't for you, they would not be. Hope you like what they sent!

To all the adopters please make sure you received the holiday card. If you didn't then I might not have your correct address so please make sure you email me your updated email address and any other information like phone # or home address that may have changed!


Monday, December 21, 2009


Well Saturday went well. Andy and Boo found a home at the event and Sawyer was adopted in the morning. Someone came over to meet Ozzie and he is on a trail for a few days just to make sure everything goes Ok. So, far so good. And there is someone interested in Buster. I love that dog.

Daphne is settling right back into her foster home as if she never left 3 years ago!

Spencer came back yesterday. I thought he was adopted in 2008 Spring time but it was actually Dec 2008. So, the poor dog was only in the home for a year. UGH!

Earl is finally officially adopted ;-) That guy is a sweet heart. can't believe how far he has come.

I am getting in a CUTIE tomorrow, my co-workers named her Kiwi. She is so freaking cute

There is a male JRT in Morrow County that I am watching to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. So, far so good but I do need to make arrangements to get him out.

Oh and Butchie the heartworm positive dog that we treated and have had ALL year I believe is getting adopted this week. Andrea is handling the adoption so that is exciting.

In the last 2 months I have got some really awesome new foster homes.. actually this year has been amazing for getting new foster homes. It is so awesome to have foster homes who are so willing to help and do stuff. It is exciting to have people to help and care.

Well nothing else to really report.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Owner Surrenders :-(

I just went on my local Pound's website to check out what they have there. OMG! I want to scream.......

8 year old Saint Bernard owner surrender

Chocolate Lab owner surrender

2.5 year old mix owner surrender

Shepard hound mix found at the APL that someone had dumped... ASSHOLES!

Rocky a Rotti mix Owner Surrender

Female Beagle found at the APL... again a Dump... people think if they dump at the APL the APL which is a no kill will take them in BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! They have to go to the pound.

Bear a chow mix Owner Surrender

Husky / Lab mix Owner Surrender

Shepard Mix Owner Surrender

Female Beagle Owner Surrender

THAT IS ONLY MY COUNTY POUND. How freaking sick is that!!!!!!

Merry freaking Christmas to these dogs.. they will probably end up DEAD instead of with their family. Oh this just makes me so mad!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It is amazing.....

how people live in a life of denial....

I was contacted today by a women that lives in Cincinnati area. Her daughter works at a pet store and yes this pet store sells PUPPIES! The owner of the pet store took a female JRT out of a kill shelter b/c she had puppies. He weened the puppies, put them in his pet shop for sale and was going to take the mom back to the pound. He didn't want her, she was useless to him now that the puppies were old enough to be sold.


That just makes me so mad. So, now the women's daughter has the dog and of course can't keep it. She was thinking with her heart which can you blame her?? Poor dog!

The women said the dog is 9 year old female pure bred JRT and has a lump on her belly. Probably a tumor from being not fixed. She said they took the dog to the vet but the vet said it is too risky putting her under... the vet is an idiot b/c of the dog doesn't get the tumor removed and fixed ASAP she is probably going to die when the tumor bursts. And let me tell you that is SO GROSS!

I REALLY hate pet stores that sell puppies...... how the heck do you educate more people? I feel like I am not reaching enough people? Anyone have any ideas? I seriously thought about doing billboard ads but that would probably be expensive.

Oh and to top it all off there is another Mill Action coming up right before Christmas. Real nice huh? Merry Christmas little doggie you get to live a few more years of hell breeding and making money for some asshole who doesn't care about you AT ALL!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doing what I can

Man oh Man will anyone get adopted??? UGH!! This is horrible. I am praying that some good homes come along soon. I am seriously getting a little depressed. I am getting so many emails from people who want to give up their dogs and so many emails about dogs that need help. There is an American Eskimo at my local kill shelter, I want to save him so badly but I can't... I can't because adoptions are so down that I am afraid of having way too many dogs with the cold weather and no real place to put them.. :-(

THIS SUCKS! Seriously no other way to describe this! Something has got to give.

You would think with the economy sucking so bad that people who not be buying puppy mill puppies from pet stores but they don't seem to have a problem finding people who will pay nearly $1,000 for a dog that may or may not be what they say it is, has no vet care, was probably taken from it's mother too young and more then likely is going to have health issues. Yet, I can't seem to get a housebroken, 2 year old, pure breed, good with kids, other dogs, cats and FULLY vetted dog adopted out for $150. WTF!

There are so so so many that need saved and just not enough people wanting to adopt. I want to cry!

I ran an ad in my local newspaper two weeks ago and I am running another this week...maybe that will get me somewhere. I am also going to the local Tractor Supply on Saturday and I am going to hang out with fliers, some dogs and PRAY that I can get some people interested.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help yourself!

Having dog issues??? Is it the dog or you??? People tend to blame the dog but it could be YOUR FAULT! You are doing everything wrong........

Check out Cesar Milan books on

They will help you gain a new understanding of dog behavior and will honestly change the way you deal / treat your dog.

Cesar's Way I really like the best...... it touches on a lot of things. For those of you who know nothing about dogs this is a good start. For those of you who think you know everything about dogs, this might change your mind. And for those in dog rescue you will probably read it and say "HEY I AM DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY" LOL!!!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the season...

To dump your dog. :-(

December always has a lot of dog dumps. I am not sure if it is because of holiday stress or just because people realized how much it sucks to stand outside with your dog in the cold weather and or take them for a walk in the cold, snow or rain.

I told you all about Daphne... so sad! I then had Buster returned on Sunday. He was adopted out by my senior foster home. We live like 4 hours apart so I just let her handle her own adoptions / who she is takes in... Usually I just tell her who needs help and it is totally up to her if she wants to take the dog in and then she handles everything... vetting, applications, etc. She does a great job.
Anyway, so she got a dog Buster and approved an application and adopted him out to a guy that lives near me. The guy contacted me and said that Buster was horrible and that my foster home lied to him and the dog was nothing she said he was. I asked him to give me a list of everything about Buster and of course I would take him back. After a month or maybe more of going back and forth he finally brought Buster to me on Sunday. I honestly thought I was getting the devil dog. I didn't want to post him on line until I knew for sure he was adoptable.

Ok, seriously either the dog HATED the people, the people were liars or or or I don't know what... this dog is the sweetest dog ever! He is a good boy and hasn't done a thing wrong. The guy said he pees when ever a stranger greets him... hasn't done that yet. And I have had at least 20 different people in and out of this house since Sunday. The guy said he hides when you get a leash out... nope. He said he just drools and pants in his cage... again nope. The only time the dog gets excited and barks is when you ask him "Do you want to go bye byes in the car." OH he gets so excited.

I do think he is a bit sad though. Today is the first day he hasn't sat at the door looking for his people :-(

Then I have one more dog coming back on Friday. The person emailed me on Monday and said she got a divorce and her house sold and she needs to bring the dog back Friday. Really? You didn't know this like a month ago? UGH! I could have had him posted on line and possibly found him a home BEFORE she had to move. Just so frustrating.... I feel like asking so you mean to tell me you went to bed Sunday night married, happy and living in your house but when you woke up on Monday you were magically divorced and your house was sold? Come on! This stuff takes a long time.... hell my husband sold his house pretty quickly after putting it up for sale and it still took nearly 2 months to get all the closing stuff done and get everything moved out of there. Just frustrating...

I have been getting a good number of emails from random people wanting to get rid of their dog for my favorite reason ever "I just don't have time for my dog any more" Really?? Are you sure it just isn't you are selfish and don't WANT TO make time? Ugh!

I totally realize there are reasons where finding a dog a new home is the best thing for everyone involved but I feel there is no excuse to just DUMP! I know plenty of people who need or needed to find their dog a new home. Guess what each one of those people did everything or are doing everything in their power to find THEIR dog a home.

I guess people dump their kids too so I shouldn't really be surprised they do it their dog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shelter animals want for Christmas.....

Regardless of where you live or who you are, you can make a difference for Christmas with local animal shelters!!

Even if it is only $5.00 donation to your local animal shelter or rescue organization it helps!

If you would rather go shopping here are things commonly needed by shelters and rescue groups:




*Blankets, towels.... these can simply be from your closet... dogs don't care if they are used! And really this is something that is easy to give ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. Do you do spring cleaning? Fall cleaning? Throwing away sheets, blanket, towels??? Instead donate them to a local shelter. Ask if the need them first but I know there are groups out there that would be VERY GRATEFUL!

*Dog treats

*Chew bones.... I wouldn't get raw hides b/c some people don't like to give raw hides to dogs. If you really want to buy raw hides I would just ask the shelter or rescue group if raw hides are ok.

*Dog food.... but again ask what type of dog food they feed or would prefer.

*TIME!! Going and spending time at a shelter walking dogs, petting them, giving them a bath, maybe even taking pictures. I know a lot of shelters would really appreciate your time.

Some shelters have cats too. I do not rescue cats so I don't want to say what they need but if you are a cat person call your local shelter and ask them what the cats need. I am sure they would be more then grateful for your help!

And the very easiest thing in the entire world you can do that would me so much to MANY MANY MANY ANIMALS!

Adopt Don't Shop
Spay / Neuter


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DOG FOOD... what to feed?? (post 2 of 2)

Ok, someone asked me what I recommend as a good dog food. I thought it was an important question so I figured why not make a post about it so other can chime in.

I am not a dog nutritionist or a vet but I know what my dogs do good on. I know some people think the most expensive dog food in the world or all natural or this or that is the best but to each their own.

I feed my dogs Dad's dog food. It is #1. locally produced in the US. #2. family owned business #3. uses US produced ingredients. It is not by any means the top of the line. However, I have had dogs for 31 years and my parents have had dogs for nearly 70 years and this is what we have always fed them. The dogs have shinny coats, healthy teeth and bright eyes. I have never had a dog with a food allergy including any of my rescue dog get sick on Dad's AND because I do have so many rescue dogs coming and going Dad's seems to be very easy on their stomach. You never know what crap / garbage or lack of food a dog has had prior to coming into my rescue and I have never had a dog with stomach issues at my house.

I even have heard of a few breeders recommending Dad's.

Now Dad's has several varieties of dog food. The one I feed is Bite Size Meal. So, I am only speaking for that one.....

When choosing a dog food you always want the first 2 out of 3 ingredients to be some type of meat. Or if you can get a dog food with 3 out of 3 that is even better. More then likely you are only feed 1, 2 or 3 dogs. You have to remember I feed 4 everyday BUT usually have 6 - 10 extra at my house. Hence Dad's is affordable :-)

Anyway so you really want to see meat as the first few ingredients when feeding your dog. Now sometimes people get Lamb and Rice formula or Chicken and Rice or Chicken and Oatmeal.. if that is the case then those two things should be the first 2 ingredients!

You really want to stay away from soybean meal, ground wheat flour, corn syrup, wheat middlings, sugar..... those type of things
all those things are nothing but fillers. Corn is filler as well but I don't' really think corn is all that bad.. I have never heard of a dog being allergic to corn but I have heard them being allergic to flour and wheat and sugar.

You will notice that the better dog food you feed your dog the less he/she has to use the bathroom.

Someone said to me that there dog poops 5 times a day. They aren't sure how one dog can poop so much. I asked "what are you feeding" Alpo, she said. I told her she is better off feeding shredded news paper. Alpo is nothing more then a bunch of fillers so of course your dog is going to poop more... nothing in the food is of nutritional value. So, think of it this way... you sit down for dinner and eat a BIG bag of Doritos's or you sit down and eat a salad, a steak, corn and some mashed potatoes. Ok, now tell me which one makes you feel like CRAP? Now you know how your dog feels.

It is funny if you google dog food almost every brand you can get the nutritional label except for Alpo. They do not have the nutritional label listed...

Honestly if I had the money the dog food I would feed my dogs would be Natural Choice by Nutru. I really do think that it has best ingredients. But with feeding 20 dogs at any given time that really isn't in my budget!

And a few more helpful things (at least I think they are helpful) to think about:

#1. Do not go with what the label on the bag says to feed your dog. It is probably TOO MUCH FOOD. Remember they want to sell dog food! My rule of thumb is if your dog is too skinny add a little, too fat take a little away until you can find a happy medium. It is important that you can't see a dogs ribs or back bone but they still need to have a waist, if that makes sense.

#2. NEVER EVER EVER FEED people food or soft dog food. VERY BAD! Dogs can not brush their teeth and when you feed soft food to them it gets stuck in their teeth and decays. It then causes a cavity which then gets all infected and they get a gum disease which then gives them a blood disease and which shuts down their liver and kidneys are your dog dies a horrible painful slow death. So, really is feeding your dog a potato chip really worth it?

#3. Milk bones are very good for their teeth. Raw hides are not so great. They are dipped in formaldehyde... yes what the preserve dead bodies with. Do you really want your dog eatting that?

#4. If your dog is over weight cut his/her food in half but to make it so the dog doesn't feel hungry make the other half of his / her normal food green beans. Yes, canned green beans are perfectly fine for a dog and a great diet method :-)

#5. Carrots are a healthy snack for a dog too. Not too many but a piece of a large raw carrot or some small bite sized ones are good for them. And most dogs love carrots.

#6. Remember in the winter your dog is less active so slim down on the food a bit and then increase in the summer when their and your activity level increases!

Well I hope this helped and please feel free to add a comment on what type of food you think is best and why! It is always good to get different points of view.

Daphne update (post 1 of 2)

I took Daphne to the vet yesterday. The vet thinks that her dry skin, red belly and thinning hair is all from a bad diet. UGH!

The foster home that had Daphne 3 years ago took her back to foster. So, that is a good thing. It will be familiar to her. Poor dog.

She is such a great dog that I know I can get her placed very quickly but I want her looking better so I am going to give it some time for her to get looking /feeling better before I put her up for adoption. I want to make 100% FOR sure that the home she goes to next is FOREVER and not until a new man comes around....

Well looks like the cold weather has a few dogs not feeling so well. UGH! I hate sick dogs, I feel so bad b/c they can't exactly say to you "I feel hot, have a headache and a runny nose." You just have to guess and watch and try to get them on the right type of medication. Poor things.

Other then that not too much is going on... I haven't received (knocking on wood) any notifications about JRT's in kill shelters. I am sure they are out there but I am not looking for them.. don't need to, they always find me. LOL!!

I did find out that Tina the JRT who bit that I talked about yesterday was adopted. WOOHOOO! I am really excited about that. YAY!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Did I fail??? I sure feel like I did.

Sorry it has been a week... last week was crazy. I started a yahoo group for those interested in helping and WOW did that turn out awesome. As far as I know we were able to save all JRT's (even a few mixes) from kill shelters in Ohio :-) WOOHOOO!!

There is one JRT in a shelter but she has a bite history and I am afraid my hands are tied with that one :-( Totally sucks b/c I don't think it was the dogs fault but if our insurance found out... we would be screwed!

I have had several dogs leave for a foster to adopt home. Which is GREAT! Josie and Earl both left around Thanksgiving and their foster families said they are keeping them. I went over to see Josie yesterday in her new home and make it official. She was very happy! I am supposed to get together with Earl's foster mom on Sunday... Oh I am so happy for Earl.

This is Josie!

This is Earl:

Marshmallow who I rescued on Tuesday with the help of Dee went to the vet on Thursday for a wellness check and to a foster to adopt home that night! Things seem to be going well there. I need to check in today.

Jeff went to a foster home with a really nice lady. Hopefully she likes him.

With the help of Mindy I rescued sweet Roxy from Portage County. Roxy was dumped there on 10//26/2009 by her family who had owned her since she was a puppy. Roxy is now 8.5 years old. They bought a new house and didn't want a dog in the new house. So, they dumper her at the kill shelter. The shelter did everything they could to keep her from being killed but it was touch and go. As soon as I heard of the situation I jumped at the opportunity to help her. She is in a foster home now and a past adopter is interested in meeting her!! So, maybe she will have a home and their current JRT they adopted from me can have a sister!

Mindy also helped rescue Dover who is for sure a mix.. LOL!! Mix of what?? Good question... I am thinking Whippet b/c man that dog is fast.. LOL!!

The on Saturday April rescued Ozzie from Coshocton. They said he was a JRT but kinda big... well she brought him over to my house... I have never laughed so hard in my life. He is a Basset Hound / JRT mix. Who thought that was a good idea?? LOL!!

Dante left today to go to Kathy's who will hopefully be able to work with him and help him through his "issues" I really like that little guy, I am sure with Kathy he will be fine.

Then for the crappy part of this weekend......... DAPHNE!

Daphne was brought into our rescue in September 2006. She was scared and shy and had obviously been horribly miss treated. The foster home worked with her and she was doing so well. This young single mom filled out an application and wanted to adopt Daphne for her 9 year old son. She thought it would be good for her 9 year old since he was a bit sad that his dad left. The foster mom and I spoke to the potential adopter of Daphne a million times. It seemed like a great match for the boy and Daphne. The boy and Daphne have been best buds for 3 years.

The mom in the past 3 years, go married, moved, had a baby and is due to have a 2nd baby with her new husband. According to the mom the new dad doesn't really care for Daphne and is always yelling at her. Since they are having baby #2 the dad wants the dog gone. Her son is really upset about this but the dog has got to go.

So, yesterday Sunday Daphne gets dropped off at my house. She was wearing a black coat and the guy brought with her a box of stuff. It was horrible. The box of stuff consisted of a torn up blanket that the guy said she slept on, two toys with some of the stuffing torn out, a new rope toy, a bag of some nasty Kibble and Bits dog food (seriously shredded news paper has more nutritional value) and a leash.

I threw away all the toys that were torn open and the blanket. I took the dog food and gave it to the chickens. Poor Daphne was so confused.

I took Daphne in the house and took off her coat and noticed that her hair on her back was rubbed off / thin and she had a few thin spots of hair on her head, her belly was all red too. Not sure what is going on with her. I have a vet appointment tonight so hopefully it is nothing more then being on crappy food.

I was able to touch base with the foster mom who had her 3 years ago. They are meeting me at the vet office tonight to get her back. I think that would be best for Daphne because it will be familiar to her.

I feel so horrible. I feel like I failed this little dog. Totally sucks. Hopefully this time I won't fail her....