Friday, December 18, 2009

It is amazing.....

how people live in a life of denial....

I was contacted today by a women that lives in Cincinnati area. Her daughter works at a pet store and yes this pet store sells PUPPIES! The owner of the pet store took a female JRT out of a kill shelter b/c she had puppies. He weened the puppies, put them in his pet shop for sale and was going to take the mom back to the pound. He didn't want her, she was useless to him now that the puppies were old enough to be sold.


That just makes me so mad. So, now the women's daughter has the dog and of course can't keep it. She was thinking with her heart which can you blame her?? Poor dog!

The women said the dog is 9 year old female pure bred JRT and has a lump on her belly. Probably a tumor from being not fixed. She said they took the dog to the vet but the vet said it is too risky putting her under... the vet is an idiot b/c of the dog doesn't get the tumor removed and fixed ASAP she is probably going to die when the tumor bursts. And let me tell you that is SO GROSS!

I REALLY hate pet stores that sell puppies...... how the heck do you educate more people? I feel like I am not reaching enough people? Anyone have any ideas? I seriously thought about doing billboard ads but that would probably be expensive.

Oh and to top it all off there is another Mill Action coming up right before Christmas. Real nice huh? Merry Christmas little doggie you get to live a few more years of hell breeding and making money for some asshole who doesn't care about you AT ALL!


Anonymous said...

So...did you get the 9yo momma? If you take care of the surgery I can make room...though I would be "shoe horning" her in. Kathy

Dog Rescuer said...

The person is in Cincinnati so I asked them to try some local no kill shelters and rescues in the area. I totally have room now. Did an adoption event yesterday... so nice 2 dogs went home and 1 is supposed to go home today and 1 is supposed to go home Monday.

I am getting in 1 more today and I might be getting a dog from Marrow County.