Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Owner could server jail time...

Well Dante the little sick dog that Mindy and Missy worked so hard on helping me save is on another round of medicine. That poor dog, just can't get the fluid to clear up in his lungs :-(

I spoke with the dog warden where we pulled Dante from and told him about how sick he has been and how when he started to feel better he acted like a jerk. I told the dog warden I couldn't neuter him yet b/c he is so sick. If a dog has kennel cough or is sick you can't give them vaccinations.. it is pointless. Kind of like getting the flu shot while you have the flu. And a dog really can't get fixed until they are updated on shots... around in a circle we go.. LOL!

I told the dog warden that he acted like a jerk and can be a bit "aggressive" So, I was unclear as to his fate. The dog warden said that the owners of him did have charges filed against them and have already had one court date to enter their plea. He said that best case scenario they get a huge fine but he was hoping that there was enough evidence for them to go to jail for 1 year. Wouldn't that be nice??

Dante and I had a bit of a falling out on Wed. He jumped in my car and when I asked him to get out he acted all "FU" and stood his ground. Not wanting to get bit, I said "Dante you suck!" and walked way to do something else. When I walked back around the car to see if he has gotten out, he had. I told him he was a bad dog for trying to bite me and he tried to bite me again. This time he got in trouble for acting like a jerk. He looked at me like "Oh geez, ok fine I won't do that." Ever since he has been ok.

When ever he gets growly I just pick him up. I think his big thing is he gets in trouble for something and then thinks after I tell him no that he is going to get beat up. So, I tell him no. He growls and acts like a jerk and I pick him up. Seems to be working.

He is also not allowed to sit in the furniture.. now does that happen when I am not at home I am not sure but furniture sitting is a privilege NOT A RIGHT! Just like a kid borrowing mom and dad's car... privilege not a right.

We will keep working with him and sees what happens.

Little Earl is doing GREAT in his foster home. He tried to mark twice Leslie, his foster mom said but he was told no and hasn't tried since. Apparently his big thing is watching TV. He sits in front of the TV and just stares.. LOL!

Mac got adopted on Saturday afternoon! YAY and Josie left Saturday evening for a foster to adopt home. It is with an older guy whose wife has been put in a nursing home because of her failing health and he is lonely. Seems to be going ok. Just one minor issue with her wanting to eat EVERYTHING that drops on the floor but they are working on it.

George FINALLY has someone coming to see him tonight. I think it is going work out great. I am so so so excited.

Um.. what else. Oh THANK YOU to Dee who adopted Sherman from me on November 2nd. Sherman was one of Sarah's puppies. Anyway, Dee helped save the newest member of the rescue family

Not sure I am keeping his name Weezer. I was think Marshmallow... he is a bit over weight and all white.. LOL!! Call him Marsh for short.. lol

Anyway, thanks to Dee this little guy is SAFE!!

I think that is all the updates for now....... working on getting 2 more JRT's to safety and working on getting an American Eskimo.. hopefully all can be saved!!


Dog Rescuer said...

and just found out of 2 more JRT's that need rescued... here we go!

A.Marie said...

Hi there! Thought I'd update you on our lovely Jack Russell Terrier that we adopted (she was the dog that got hit, had a broken pelvis, and was crate-resting at our local vets).

Anyway, she is just a love! She absolutely ADORES my hubby, loves the rest of us, including the cats and our other dog (a chihuahua) and it's like she has always lived here.

I did find out that she has a fascination with christmas tree ornaments. We had to move the boottom ones up more towards the middle. She liked to take them off and chew them! I saw her do it, the little scamp! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Dog Rescuer,
I have a 3 year old Jack Russell who is in need of a good and patient home. My fiance and I are living with his parents who will no longer tolerate our dog, "Goose."
We have loved her for over 2 years now, but unfortunately we are just not able to take care of her with everything going on in our lives.
Please help!
email us at jay_beane@yahoo.com
Vanessa and Jay