Sunday, April 26, 2015

I am not Willy Wonka

I am a busy person, I don't do "fluffy" very well.  If you ask me a question that is a Yes or No type of question then you are going to get a reply of Yes or No.  I am not being mean, I am not mad at you, you asked a questions I answered.  Sorry I didn't thank you for emailing me and ask you how you are doing... to be honest I am rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off and I just don't have time.

I was always taught not to lie so if you ask me "do you think I am a bad pet owner..." and my answer is YES don't tell me I am mean, horrible and curse at me.  I am not the one with 3 emaciated dogs living in my house, a dead mom chihuahua and before I stepped in 3 dead puppies but now 5 dead puppies because you took too long to ask for help.  NOT MY FAULT!

I have had it up to my eyeballs in stupid people today.

A lady didn't want 2 of her dogs because they were "old" and she had 2 new puppies.  Oh and NONE of them are fixed and all have been purchased from a back yard breeder or a pet store.  Got mad when she asked about one of the dogs.  I didn't know her name, honest I didn't care and she asked a question on FB so I answered.  My answer was "Walter went to another rescue who specializes in Doxie's.  He has to under go 3 - 4 months of treatment for heartwork.  I spent SO much money on Buddee (500) and Bob the cat (1,000) I didn't have the funds for him.

Apparently that makes me a bad person???!!  Um who gave up their dogs? Who gave up their OLDER dogs and kept the younger ones??  Who was offered to have both of the younger dogs fixed for $25 each but has yet to take me up on the offer??  OH RIGHT YOU DID!  It is not my fault that you feel guilty for being a shitty pet owner.

Guilt is a bitch.

I am not going to apologize because you realize you aren't a good pet owner and that you treated your dog(s) badly.  I am not going to apologize for not making you feel like you are a wonderful person for owner surrendering your dogs.  I am here to take the dog(s) you threw away like trash and make them feel loved, wanted and happy.  I am not here FOR YOU.  You are part of the problem not part of the solution.
I understand people get into bad situations and need help and I am happy to help them but 3 people I had to deal with today are not one of those people.  They are selfish, irresponsible and have never had to take owner ship for their bad actions.  I don't go out of my way to point it out but I don't go out of my way to make them feel ok either.
All I hope is karma is real and some day they fall victim.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

This was posted on Craig's list and wroth sharing!

Craigslist Pet Policy Please Read

Craigslist clearly states animal selling or breeding is prohibited.

Pet Posting Guidelines

Some of your posts are painful to read. Do us all a favor and memorize this list. 
*Unless he ate a loaf of bread, your dog is NOT a PUREBREAD, he is a PUREBRED 
*Horses are thoroughbred; dogs are not. 
*AKC is NOT proof of breed quality. Two horribly bred dogs can have AKC puppies 
*Rehoming to ENSURE good home, not INSURE good home 

*It is spelled: 
Neuter not Nueter or Newter 
Chihuahua not Chiguagua, or Chiuauauaua, or Ciuauaua or Cheewawa 
Rottweiler not Rottwhiler 
Shih Tzu not Shitzoo 
Cocker Spaniel not Cockerspaniol (and they do NOT come in 'miniture') 
Jack Russell Terrier not Jack Rustle Terryor 
There is no such thing as a Golden Lab 
German Shepherd not Shepard 
Puppy not Puppie 
Very not Verry 
Adoption not adaption 
You had your dog dewormed, not wormed. No one gives dogs worms on purpose 

*It is 'a lot' not 'alot'. 
*Multiple dogs 'are'; one dog 'is' 
*YOU didn't provide a loving forever home and you can't GUARANTE that someone else will either oh and it's GUARANTEE 
*Your dog is 'housebroken' not 'housebroked' 
*Your dog was 'spayed' not 'spade' 
*Your dog was born, not borned. 
*Commas and periods are your friends. USE THEM. 
*Just say 50.00 adoption fee. Rehoming fee does apply is stupid, evasive, wordy and unnecessary. 
*Every sentence! Does not need! An exclamation! Point! 
*It is not "please only call if your interested", it is "please call if YOU'RE interested". You're is 'you are'. Your is possessive (your hat is nice). 
*There are a few exceptions, but to keep things simple, follow this general rule: 'a' comes before a consonant, 'an' comes before a vowel. 'A cat', 'An apple'. 
*You don't need to clarify that you will only give your dog to a 'good loving home'. It is assumed that decent people are not going to give their dog to a random scumbag. If you are concerned about the quality of the adopter, do a HOME CHECK (you should anyway). 
*Stop threatening to take the dog to the pound if someone doesn't 'save it'. YOUR lack of responsibility is not other people's problem. Also, before threatening us with the pound, take a few minutes to view this video: so that you know what exactly your'e doing to your pet. 
*You interview a PERSON; you do a HOME CHECK. You do NOT interview a house 
'Rehoming fees' are NOT $400.00, nice try, but NO. 
*PLEASE stop saying you have to 'get rid of' your dog. You 'get rid of' an STD; you hopefully find your dog a better home than you choose to provide. It is heartbreaking to see you care so little for a dog who probably loves you more than life. 
*Some of you play the cute little game of saying "No rehoming fee, Adoption fees apply" HUH?! CUT THE ****,JUST TELL US HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WANT FOR YOUR BELOVED. You are starting to sound like a used car salesman. 
*STOP blaming your landlord. It is YOUR responsibility, as an adult, to find out what the pet restrictions are BEFORE you bring a dog home. 
*Stop blaming flaggers for interfering with your dog finding a home. Your refusal to honestly post the rehoming fee is the reason the dog isn't finding a new home. 
*Please Please Please stop giving your pets away for free. People who collect pets for medical research or dog fight bait aren't going to tell you that is why they want your animal. They will seem sincere when they tell you they desperately want to add a new member to their family. A $50.00 adoption fee will protect your pet from many untold horrors. 
*One last thing. If you have an 'accidental litter', and you are asking $250 obo, YOU ARE A BYB. Don't pretend to be a victim of circumstance, or innocent. If it were your teen daughter who got pregnant, we would all understand; you can't spay your human child (although that might not be a bad idea in some cases). You CAN be responsible for your pets though, so it is not an accident if they get pregnant.