Thursday, April 26, 2012


Things are slow!  and I am mean really slow.  March we have a great month and had a lot of adoptions including Freddy who has been in rescue almost a year!  I don't know why.  He was a cool little dog.

We haven't had an adoption since April 14th.  YIKES.  I have had 2 returns though :-( GRRRR.. one totally not the lady's fault at all. She is sick and I really like her has a person, she has gone through some rough patches since I have known her and has really come out on top.. the best she can but now she is sick and it isn't something that is going to get better, only worse :-(  I feel bad for her.  She is hanging on to the dog until I have room but still a return.  The other people that returned the dog only had him 3 weeks and they returned him over a training issue. An easy to fix training issue.  I said to them at least 10 times, are you sure you don't want to work through this. OH NO we just can't.  WOW then maybe you shouldn't have a dog b/c it really isn't a big deal.  And to top it all off it is an 8 pound dog. We aren't talking a 50 - 100 pound dog here. LOL  Whatever.

I am hoping that a few dogs get snagged up quickly.  I have some REALLY nice dogs right now so I am super surprised that there isn't more interest in the them.. I mean I am not even getting emails. UGH!

All paws crossed here that some will get adopted soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lovey the JRT

Yesterday while I was on the phone with my rescue friend Kathy talking about Sally and Donny and some other rescue stuff, she said Marty keeps calling let me call you back.  A few minutes later Kathy called me back.  Marty was desperate to get a hold of her because a JRT was hit by car in the middle of the night and picked up by the dog warden.  The owners are going through a divorce and don't want the dog.  The dog appears to have a broken leg and is peeing blood.  I said to Kathy "Did you tell her to take the dog to the vet? That dog needs to get to the vet ASAP!"  Honestly I don't remember everything Kathy said to me but I remember her saying "Who is going to pay for it?"  I said "I will, I don't care about the cost just get the dog to the vet"  I think we then talked about which vet.  All I could think about is that baby in pain and I wanted her to the vet ASAP.

Marty took the poor dog to the vet for blood work and x-rays.  The last report I received was she did not have broken leg so that is WONDERFUL!  The bill is only $500 which seriously with some of the dogs I have had this year, that is a drop in the bucket.

What is important is the baby is ok and she will be coming to our rescue soon and will FINALLY be loved and part of a family who actually cares about her.

Here are some pictures of the cute baby and her injuries.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sally and Donny

Last week April notified me of 2 dogs who were posted on Urgent Ohio Dogs (a facebook page).  They had been seen on a Garage Sale website, listed as "Free"  The picture below was attached to the ad....
As you can see by the picture the dog is not in good shape.  The minute I saw that I said WE WILL TAKE THEM. Where I was going to put them or how we would pay for their medical was not a thought... we will figure it out.  I mean come on look at that poor dog's eyes, look at her back and the missing hair.  SICK!  The people who had the ad posted were contacted and the first time anyone talked to them they gave a fake address.  If you are so worried that you are going to get in trouble for the condition of the dogs THEN DO NOT LET THEM GET THAT BAD!  Come on this is not days or weeks of neglect and abuse this is MONTHS or YEARS.

When April got there they took the female and carried her to the car.  They acted like they were being helpful!  NOT!!  When she got to my house with the dogs it was clear why they carried the female to the car from the backyard.  SHE CAN NOT WALK!  Well sort of can walk but not very well.

We took both dogs to the vet on Friday, Donny the male is  heartworm negative and is now neutered!  Here is a picture of his back... all the hair loss is from fleas.  He is currently on medicine for his skin, steroid pills to help with the chronic itching and ear medication for his horribly dirty and infected ears.  I have to give him a bath every 3 days to also help his skin.

Poor sweet Sally the female she however is in A LOT worse shape.  After 1.5 hours at the vet office running tests and getting x-rays it has been determined that this sweet girls is fixable but is going to need at least 2 surgeries, maybe 3. She has to have surgery on both eyes b/c her eye lashes grew inward instead of outward.  This is something that should have been taken care of YEARS ago, you are able to tell this is a problem when they are just puppies.  Why it was never addressed God only knows.

Then we get to the reason why she can't walk... both of her hip joints are deteriorating. It is hard to tell if it is from injury or bad breeding.  The vet seems to think it is from bad breeding.  She also has a knee cap that is poping in and out of place.  That is defiantly from bad breeding.  This poor dog is in pain 24/7 with bone rubbing on bone and has been suffering like this for a long time.

On top of all the genetic issues, she too is missing most of her hair on her back and is VERY VERY thin.  That is just from having a-hole owners.  Here are the pictures of sweet sweet Sally

Even though she is in horrible pain, she wags her tail and    is so happy to be loved and wants to be loved.  This poor girl is on medication to help heal her skin, her skin is horribly infected.  She is being given eye drops to just help ease the pain until she can have surgery and is taking a steroid pill to help with itching and has ear medication..  She is scheduled for first surgery on June 1st.  We have to wait that long b/c of her skin infection.  The idea of her waiting until June 1st to have surgery is KILLING ME!  I want to get her fixed and feeling better ASAP.  The thought of her being in pain even one more day just makes me sick to my stomach.

We are hoping that we only have to do 2 surgeries but we might end up doing 3.  It will be July, maybe August before all of her surgeries  are compete and she is some mostly healed.

The total cost of her surgeries will be just under $3,000.  We are hoping for donations to be made in Sally's name either pay pal to or to the vet directly 440-458-4291.  Anyone qho makes a donation will get a tax deductible receipt!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Frosty found his home

Yesterday my little old man Frosty finally found a FOREVER home. Poor Frosty, I rescued him for my Dad's friend who ended up passing away. The man's wife tried to take care of Frosty but didn't realize he needed dog food and since she was use to cooking for 2 that is what she did. Frosty ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with her every day. Needless to say health issues a cured and she called me. After 8 months of medications, special diet, hopsitilization, etc. Frosty was adopted again by a little old man. a few months later Frosty was brought back b/c the little old man has passed away.


Frost went back up for adoption and I had a lot of interest in him. Probably because he is so freaking cute. I would call people before they would fill out the application and explain that Frosty is a little old man who has had a hard life and really all he does is eat, poop and sleep. There really isn't much to Frosty.

One family was ok with that and went to meet Frosty. They thought he was so cute and didn't mind he was old. They completed an application and were approved. I however encouraged them before making a commitment to adopting Frosty that they have their vet take a look at him. I didn't want anyone getting into something without knowing everything they could.

So last night I left work at 5:30, got home about 5:50. Ran in the house changed my clothes, Freedom peed on the runner in the hall so I had to clean that up. Tyler (my husband) and I jumped in the car and sped off.

I had to stop at the vet office to pick up some medication, drive to the boarding kennel which was the opposite direction from where we were going. Pick up Frosty, jump back in the car and head to their vet office. We were supposed to be there at 7 but didn't get there until 7:15. UGH! Then we were at the vet office for an hour. The vet looked over Frosty and said, yep he is old. LOL They ran a blood panel on him and he is healthy. All levels normal.

So the family adopted.

Tyler and I got something to eat quickly at Penn Station...mmmm best subs ever. LOL! and so bad for you!

Rushed home, I think we were home a little after 9pm. Feed horses, took care of the dogs and in bed by 10:30ish.


BUT Frosty finally got a home he won't out live. Poor guy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Saturday we had an adoption event at Tractor Supply. It was a good day. A lot of dogs found homes and we met some really great people and I feel great about the dogs that were adopted.

Since we had such a great day we were easily able to rescue two new dogs. Both of them were very much in need and I am sure we were their only chance at a second chance.

The first dog was taken out of Lorain County Dog pound in Ohio. Look at the condition of this dog!

This is completely and totally due to fleas. The volunteers said that the dog looked black when he came in because there were so many fleas crawling all over his body. can you believe that?? What the hell is wrong with people? Someone clearly loved him at one time, he is neutered.

The one volunteer at the pound said that after he was treated and the fleas all died the poor dog slept for 24 hours straight. It has probably been so long since the dogs wasn't scratching and itching every second of the day.

Saturday night he was give benydral until we could get him to the vet on Monday. He was also given a medicated bath. He was given medicine at the vet office and we will continue to give him medicated baths until he is all healed and then we will place this doll up for adoption.

The promise has been made to him that NEVER AGAIN will he be treated so badly. We promised him that he will be loved and a member of someone's family very soon!

The second dog we got out was a 10 year old JRT who was picked up as a stray and NO ONE would help him because he was old. I was worried why an older dog who is neutered ended up in the pound.
Here is the funny story. He walks so slowly on the leash, in my barn and fenced in area. BUT as soon as the gate was cracked for him to get out he ran like a bat out of hell and it was 10 minutes of 3 of us running around like crazy people and me throwing my jack over him to catch him.

Oh it was something straight out of a comedy show!