Thursday, April 5, 2012

Frosty found his home

Yesterday my little old man Frosty finally found a FOREVER home. Poor Frosty, I rescued him for my Dad's friend who ended up passing away. The man's wife tried to take care of Frosty but didn't realize he needed dog food and since she was use to cooking for 2 that is what she did. Frosty ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with her every day. Needless to say health issues a cured and she called me. After 8 months of medications, special diet, hopsitilization, etc. Frosty was adopted again by a little old man. a few months later Frosty was brought back b/c the little old man has passed away.


Frost went back up for adoption and I had a lot of interest in him. Probably because he is so freaking cute. I would call people before they would fill out the application and explain that Frosty is a little old man who has had a hard life and really all he does is eat, poop and sleep. There really isn't much to Frosty.

One family was ok with that and went to meet Frosty. They thought he was so cute and didn't mind he was old. They completed an application and were approved. I however encouraged them before making a commitment to adopting Frosty that they have their vet take a look at him. I didn't want anyone getting into something without knowing everything they could.

So last night I left work at 5:30, got home about 5:50. Ran in the house changed my clothes, Freedom peed on the runner in the hall so I had to clean that up. Tyler (my husband) and I jumped in the car and sped off.

I had to stop at the vet office to pick up some medication, drive to the boarding kennel which was the opposite direction from where we were going. Pick up Frosty, jump back in the car and head to their vet office. We were supposed to be there at 7 but didn't get there until 7:15. UGH! Then we were at the vet office for an hour. The vet looked over Frosty and said, yep he is old. LOL They ran a blood panel on him and he is healthy. All levels normal.

So the family adopted.

Tyler and I got something to eat quickly at Penn Station...mmmm best subs ever. LOL! and so bad for you!

Rushed home, I think we were home a little after 9pm. Feed horses, took care of the dogs and in bed by 10:30ish.


BUT Frosty finally got a home he won't out live. Poor guy.