Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Saturday we had an adoption event at Tractor Supply. It was a good day. A lot of dogs found homes and we met some really great people and I feel great about the dogs that were adopted.

Since we had such a great day we were easily able to rescue two new dogs. Both of them were very much in need and I am sure we were their only chance at a second chance.

The first dog was taken out of Lorain County Dog pound in Ohio. Look at the condition of this dog!

This is completely and totally due to fleas. The volunteers said that the dog looked black when he came in because there were so many fleas crawling all over his body. can you believe that?? What the hell is wrong with people? Someone clearly loved him at one time, he is neutered.

The one volunteer at the pound said that after he was treated and the fleas all died the poor dog slept for 24 hours straight. It has probably been so long since the dogs wasn't scratching and itching every second of the day.

Saturday night he was give benydral until we could get him to the vet on Monday. He was also given a medicated bath. He was given medicine at the vet office and we will continue to give him medicated baths until he is all healed and then we will place this doll up for adoption.

The promise has been made to him that NEVER AGAIN will he be treated so badly. We promised him that he will be loved and a member of someone's family very soon!

The second dog we got out was a 10 year old JRT who was picked up as a stray and NO ONE would help him because he was old. I was worried why an older dog who is neutered ended up in the pound.
Here is the funny story. He walks so slowly on the leash, in my barn and fenced in area. BUT as soon as the gate was cracked for him to get out he ran like a bat out of hell and it was 10 minutes of 3 of us running around like crazy people and me throwing my jack over him to catch him.

Oh it was something straight out of a comedy show!

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Karen said...

I am glad I found your blog. You are doing great work! Those are two lucky dogs who found you!