Sunday, March 29, 2015


People sure do act like total children when they don't get their way!

I really want to say "you filled out an application not an order form!"  

In 1 week we have had:
An application that was great but the foster home's 2 year old was in LOVE with the dog.  We let the 68 year old man know that the foster home was going to keep the dog and that in turn made him scream at us, hang up and then send a nasty gram.   I think the 2 year old would have been less childish if the dog was going to be adopted by someone else.

An application from a women who has an unspayed 1 year old Great Dane.  When I asked why the GD was not spayed she said because they were thinking of breeding her.  SERIOUSLY!  Let me add that prior to this conversation she had asked the adoption fee because money was tight but clearly not tight enough to breed a dog.  Dear lord!  When I told her that we were unable to approve her application because we do not condone breeding she replied back with "this is why people no longer go to shelters, she hears people complain all the time about being denied because they don't have a fence"  My reply was "yes some rescues require a fence for all adopters.  We do not require a fence for all of our adoptions but do for dogs who must have a fence.  And comparing needing a fence to breeding a dog is like comparing an elephant to a mouse"
For the love of Jesus people STOP BREEDING!  I know you think your dog is special but that is because IT IS YOUR DOG.

An application from a women who said she would return a dog that soiled in her house.  I told her I can't promise that the 8 month old puppy would be housetrained and I wouldn't promise or guarantee any of our dogs will be even if they are in the foster home so I wouldn't be able to approve her application.  Of course she sent me a nasty gram.  I didn't reply.  I am sorry I have to do everything I can to make sure the dogs are adopted to FOREVER homes and GOOD homes.  When the dog gets older are you going to call me to bring the dog back b/c he is peeing in the house.... sorry not taking that chance.