Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Friends in from NJ surronded by dogs.......

What a weekend. I had friends in from out of town staying at my house and yet I ran around doing dog stuff... story of my life I guess.. LOL!!

Thursday night I had to meet transport to get two dogs, Friday night I had to meet transport to get 2 new dogs and pick up two dogs at the vet office that I had fixed. Transport was running behind so my friends that were coming from out of town, driving 7 hours actually made it to my house about 1/2 hour before I did. Then I still had to take care of all 14 dogs that are at my house, feed horses, take care of the goats and get ready to go out with them for the night. Good thing my one friend is JRT's obsessed and the other two LOVE animals.. LOL!!

Saturday we had stuff to do for my wedding but we had to take an hour detour so that I could pick up a dog. So, then I had 15 foster dogs at my house.

Then Sunday when they left I had them take a dog with them b/c they were driving right pass the adopters house in PA on their way back home.

My poor friends.

The good thing is Findlay got a home on Sunday because there were able to drive him so I am back down to having 14 JRT's at my house.

There are about a dozen or more in shelters that I am trying to figure out how to get them before it is too late, like it was for the Miami dogs. Stupid pound I am still upset about that.

Cool thing is there is another person who I sort of just met that fosters for another rescue who is as crazy about JRT's as I am. She was able to pull two on Thursday that I wasn't sure I could get to. At least I am not the only one.. LOL!!

Well this weekend I am going to take a few dogs to Pet Smart in hopes of getting a few adopted. Even if I can get just one adopted at least that way I have room for one more.

I do have an application in for Turner, my puppy mill dog that I have had since last November and I do have an application in for a couple who lives on a horse farm who wants 1 or 2. That would be awesome!!!

Fingers crossed... I will let you know how the rest of the week goes.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I cried today!

So, there are those days in rescue where you just can't take it. Today is one of those days.

A dog I saved last year can't walk b/c she had parvo SO badly (3 weeks in the hospital) that her body never grew right. She has all sorts of issues. #1 issue is she can't walk. Her parents bought her a stroller today so she can go places when they take her sister (real sister, I adopted them to the same home) for walks.

Just breaks my heart b/c she could be a normal puppy if some A-hole wouldn't have left her in a box near a dumpster in a snow storm when she was 4 weeks old. UGH! She was only 4 pounds when she was found and I got her. Her sister was only 2 #'s.


A dog I adopted out to a friend at work last August has been having runny eyes. Everyone including the vet thought it was allergies. Well emergency trip to the vet and then to a specialist he actually has some serious issues and because they were caught in time he is blind. UGH!


I got in a bunch of new dogs this week. By the time Saturday is over I should have about 15 - 16 JRT's living at my house. The crappy thing is, there are about 9 more at KILL shelters that I can't possible save because I have no where to put them.

To top it all off there were 2 JRT's in Miami County that I found out about on Monday. I thought well if I can get through this weekend and get everyone settled I will work on getting them out. I have so much going on this weekend... my friends from New Jersey are coming into town and 1 of them is in my wedding so we have to go try on her bride's maid dress. Anyways.... I thought just get through this weekend I will get them out next week.

HA! Yea right. Stupid pound! They killed them yesterday because they had kennel cough. WHATEVER!!! You are just LAZY! Two highly adoptable dogs just killed for no reason.

I am sorry I couldn't save you!

Franny Update!

Here is an email from Franny's new mom!

....we couldn't be happier with our new addition. She is a GREAT dog and we had BIG fun this weekend on a camping expedition. She just couldn't believe that she was allowed to run, play, and swim as much as she wanted. Every once in awhile we'd go to look for her, and find her all snuggled up in our sleeping bags. She loves to watch Steve fish, and was so exuberant when he caught something that she jumped off the boat and into the water - twice!!!! Another great thing about her is that she comes whenever I call her - and at the speed of light, too! Love that in a JRT!!!


this is Marney!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Feels like I am on vacation... LOL!!

Milo, Spot and Midget to the clinic last night to get spayed / neutered. I get them back on Wednesday night.

Camp was adopted Sunday.

Rusty and Annie left on Friday.

So, where does that leave me? With Juno and Robin who go Wednesday morning to be fixed and I get them back Friday. Findlay, Regal, Razzel and Malcolm (the foster that will never get adopted b/c he is sick). That is 6 dogs at my house... not counting Petey b/c I am probably going to end up keeping him unless some awesome application comes in for him.

I feel like I am on vacation with that few dogs.. LOL!!

Granted I am getting two on transport on Thursday and 1 on Saturday. With all the dogs back from the clinic and with the 3 I am getting that means I have 12 JRT's and Malcolm and Petey.

So, by Saturday I should feel completely overwhelmed :-)

There are about 10 JRT's on kill lists in Ohio Pounds. UGH! I hope they get adopted out of the pounds because I can't take any more dogs :-(

Friday, September 19, 2008

How many dogs do I have?

I get stressed out when it comes to the dogs when I have had one or some for a long time. So, I could have 20 dogs but it doesn't stress me out if that 20 dogs changes about 1 a month. Does that make sense?

When I have had a dog a long time it just makes me feel so horrible for that dog and makes me wonder "Am I doing enough to find him/her a home?"

So, right now I have

Regal - mix returned 2 X's b/c of energy level. I warned the people but they refuse to listen! I am hoping that Karen, a women who already has one of my dogs adopts her b/c she is looking for a fly ball dog. Regal would be good at that.

Annie - Aussie leaving today for a foster to adopt home

Rusty - Aussie leaving today for a foster to adopt home

Camp - Mix that is supposed to get adopted Sunday.

Malcolm - Doxie / Min Pin mix. He is sick and I have been working all summer to try to fix him... it isn't working. I am fearing the worse for his fate :-(

Midget - female JRT, 1 year old. Just got her a week ago. SO FREAKING CUTE!

Robin - female JRT mix about 5 or 6 years old. What a sweet sweet dog!

Juno - female JRT mix 1 year old. A little scared of things. She was obviously over corrected when she did something wrong. She is going to be a really nice dog for someone though!

Razzel - male JRT mix. 1 year old. Bad boy... LOL!! Trying to housebreak him... not going so well. LOL!

Findlay - male JRT, 11 months old. Just a baby doll!

Kyle - male JRT/ Corgi mix. he was adopted last March but the people lost their home. I have been holding him for the last month. I am sending him to a foster home in Columbus tonight.

Petey - big mutt male. Nice dog. Very attached to me. I am not sure maybe I will keep him.

So, that is it for my house. I have Dorothy, Rose, Daisy and Munch all in foster care. OH and Jenny with the puppies AND I am getting in 2 more tomorrow night.


JRT's coming out of the wood work...LOL!!

Want one?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Jenny is being a great mother. The puppies look like little rats at the moment...LOL! But they are still cute!

Here are some pictures of Jenny and the babies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Will you find a home for my bitting dog??

I received this email today:


We have a Jack Russell who is at risk of being euthanized if we cannot place him somewhere soon. He has bitten 3 people just this summer and it is becoming more and more difficult to prevent this from happening and still be able to function as a family. He is annoyed by children of whom we have a lot of interaction. It seems that he has gotten worse and worse over the last year. We have been contacted by the Board of Health to quarantine him to insure he was not rabid and keep his shots up to date. I am in the process of being sued as a result of his most recent attack on a young girl who was simply walking down the street across from my house. We were actually sitting in the door way and he slipped out suddenly and attacked her. I fell really badly about having to get rid of him because we have had him since he was 11 months old back in 2001. However, I will not be able to live with the guilt of having him bite an even smaller child especially if he maimed them in any way. I think he would do well around adults. I guess because he is getting older he is becoming less tolerant of children. I have very small grandchildren and I’m afraid he will eventually bite them. He has already bitten my 4 year old granddaughter because she stood too close to him while he was lying on a chair and she stared at him. I reminded her to not do that and to not get too close to him but he runs after them and barks whenever they play and make too much noise in my house. Please let me know if you can help in any way before we have to make this decision or it is made for us. This will be the second time I have been sued.

- A.

My response to her:

Hi A -

I tried calling but I keep getting your voice mail. I am afraid that humanly euthanizing your dog is probably the best thing. I know you don't want to hear this and I am guessing you are probably mad that I said that but hear me out.

Your dog (depending on where you got him from) is probably in breed (pet store, back yard breeders are known for this) which has caused him to be aggressive. Dogs that are in breed are sometimes more aggressive then dogs that aren't. Dogs that are aggressive who are breed then pass that aggression down to their children. Hence the reason Pit Bulls are aggressive.... they aren't normally but people breed them to be by using the above mentioned methods.

Would you put to sleep a dog that is hurt physically?? It has cancer and is in pain. It was struck by a car and has horrible injuries that are not fixable. Would you put the dog to sleep humanely? I would hope you are a caring person and answered YES.

Aggression is a mental illness. So, your dog is in pain. Just not the kind of pain you can see. It is all in his head. So, then why wouldn't you humanely put him to sleep to stop him from suffering?

Dogs aren't like people. You can't sit them down on a couch and help them through their mental issues. And that is exactly what aggression is... a mental issue. Your dog is suffering and he is counting on you to do the right thing.

You stated that you are afraid that he will hurt someone else and you can't live with that guilt. He has already hurt several people and you said you are being sued for the 2nd time. So, you wouldn't feel guilty if you re homed him and he hurt someone else in the new home? I am sure you would.

Not to mention if you re homed him and he hurt someone else you can still be sued for re homing an aggressive dog.

Also, food for thought...90% of the time if a dog has an issue..... aggression, separation anxiety, obsessive barking, etc. It only gets worse when moved to an new environment.

You said you want him to go to an adult home..... that again isn't going to fix anything. I am sure that an adult home has children in the neighborhood. You said yourself he attacked a girl walking across the street from your home. He can do that in an adult home too. What about when the adult home has guests over... Do they have children? What about when they go to the vet... Will there be children at the vet's office? What if they need to go on vacation and board the dog... Will there be children coming to pick up their dogs at the boarding facility?

I am sure someone doesn't want to get a loving sweet dog that can never leave the confides of their home. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me and not what someone is looking for.

Re homing is not going to fix the fact he is mentally ill.

Also, I need to point out the fact to you that you love him. The next home might not. How would you like him to die? In your loving arms, with just a prick of a needle drifting off to sleep? In a new home with strangers that abuse him for his behavior? Maybe re homed again and again until he ends up in the hands of dog fighters who use him as bait dog? Maybe in a shelter where he is put in a box and gassed? Maybe of old age in the backyard tied to a tree where he has gotten very little attention the last 10 years of his life, with barely enough food and water exposed to the weather year after year?

This, I am sorry to say is the fate of many dogs. Please don't let it be the fate of your dog.

I 100% know how you are feeling and I 100% understand that this is going to be difficult. Attached you will see a picture of Ruger. My 1.5 year old Min Pin who I put to sleep at the beginning of the year because he was aggressive. He was wonderful with me, my mom and my fiance but anyone else WATCH OUT! You can loose a finger faster then you can say NO RUGER!

Ruger was mentally ill through no fault of his own. He was used as a bait dog and lost an eye at only 6 months of age. He was ALWAYS paranoid. He wanted to GET YOU before you could GET HIM. I worked with him for a year and spent over $3,000 on him to make him better. He was suffering mentally and I had to do the right thing by him.

He was only a baby and only weighed 8 pounds but he was dangerous and was going to hurt someone. I couldn't let that happen and I hated the fact he was suffering, mentally.

Good luck with your decision. I hope you choose the right one even if it isn't the easiest one.

11:36 all have been born *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Jenny a 4 year old JRT just gave birth to 4 female JRT's.

Another email update on Franny!

She is doing great. She and Bella are starting to get along. They have great fun chasing eachother! I took her to the vet last night because she was having some seepage from her incision. They gave her a shot and some oral antibiotics, and said she would be fine. We are taking her boating and camping this weekend, so we will take some good pictures!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What is new???

Friday was a crazy day at work and I ended up getting a new boarding horse at my house but when it comes to the dogs everything was pretty normal.

I got a call late Friday night from a family that is going to adopt Camp!! YAY for Camp. He is such a good boy and this family seems really nice. They have never had a dog before but with Camp that isn't going to matter he is so good!

Saturday the adoption event was a total bust. It rained and it was horrible out and honestly I really wasn't expecting much.. school just started people are not trying to make their lives more complicated with a new dog. However, one of the volunteers did take Teka home for the night. Her family has been looking for a dog for a months. They already have a dog but just wanted to find the perfect dog / fit, which totally makes sense.

Saturday morning she called and said they were keeping Teka. Teka is such an awesome dog, can't really blame them :-)

Then on Sunday a women who turned in an application for Boots came with her two girls and adopted Boots. REALLY nice family and I think Boots is going to be really happy.

Oh and Saturday morning a husband and wife drove 4 hours from MI and adopted Zeke. Nice people.

So, this past week / weekend Franny, Zeke, Boots and Teka went home. Now Camp's potential family is supposed to email me today and I have someone coming to meet Regal.

Fingers crossed!!

Also, today I dropped off Lucy and Mickey (I got them on Thursday's transport) at the vet's office. They will be there till Friday and then go to June's to hopefully find a home. June is awesome she isn't a full fledged rescue like me but probably should be... LOL!! I am sure she will find them awesome homes. THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE.. LOL!!

So, that is the low down of what the last few days have been like.

I will let you know how things go with Regal... all paws crossed!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night at around 7pm Franny's parents who have patiently been waiting for her picked her up. They were excited to see her. Fran well they were petting her so she was happy too.

Here is the email from Fran's mom that I received today:

Hi Amy,

Just wanted to let you know that Fran is doing well. She curled up in a round doggie bed last night in the corner in our bedroom and slept like an angel. Today we've been outside exploring a little (even in the rain) and playing with a toy. She's very skiddish, but also very kind, gentle, and seeking approval. Every once in awhile, she just runs into the room, licks my toe once and leaves. So CUTE!!!

It was really great meeting you, and we very much appreciate all you do for the JRTs and others. We will keep you posted on how the little girl is doing.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More dogs coming in.

The dogs at kill shelters doesn't seem to be slowing down. Here is what I am getting tomorrow on transport:

A fellow rescue friend is going to take dog #2 and #3 that are listed but I am getting them totally vetted for her first so I will probably have them for about 2 weeks.

I did get in 4 last week. 2 went to another rescue and 2 were full JRT's so I have them. Here is one of them, Zeke.

He was rescued minutes before he was going to die. He was brought to me at work so he had to hang out with me for a little while. LOL!! The picture is from my cube at work. He was a really good boy about it.

I also got a female JRT who is prego. Sorry, don't have a picture right now but I will get some up soon. She is going to give birth in 2 weeks. We did an ultra sound and we think (and I really hope) she only has two puppies. Good thing is I know what the father is since they were owner surrenders. The father (so they told me) was a Rat Terrie but honestly he looks like a Jack with prick ears! Here is his picture:

On top of all these guys I still have:

Boots (in foster home)
Razzel (in foster home)
Turner (in foster home)
Fran (getting adopted TOMORROW)
The two fat Aussies
Teka (foster home)
Daisy (foster home)
Kyle (supposedly baby sitting but I have a feeling they can't keep him)

I think that might be it... LOL!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Picture from the Party

Hi Amy,

Here is a pic of you and the dogs having fun at the Puppy Party.
Our little girl Lilly is in the photo on the right.......she loved chasing you.
She was so scared all day at the party but when you fired up that
Vehicle she became a different dog and she had so much fun running around.
It was so nice to see Lilly all fired up and running with all the dogs.
Thanks for letting her have that experience. She must have remembered
Living with you on the farm and as soon as she heard you start the engine
She got so excited. Anyways all of our jacks really enjoyed themselves
At the puppy party. Our dog Eddie made friends with one of the horses in the barn.
Maybe someday Lilly can chase you around again..........Take Care, Laurie & Jeff Pollard

Monday, September 8, 2008

Total amount raised


Thank you everyone!!

That pays 1/2 the vet bill!! YAY!!!!



OHIO STATE TICKETS (donated by Tom and Sharon Friedmann)
silent Auction

Chrissy McCurdy - $150 was the winning bid.
50/50 Drawing
$68 prize

Debbie Garlesky


Florida Trip
1 week stay in a Condo in Sarasota Florida
(Donated by Patty Wilde)

David Berger


Dog Basket - Margaret Hendershot

Football Basket - Jason Thomas

Dinner and Movie Basket - Sharon Hamrick

OSU Dog Stuff (donated by Waggle Tags)
and a home made blanket (donated by Margaret Hendershot)
- Chrissy McCurdy

Breakfast basked - Becky Goldring

For the Home Basket - Sandy

For Her Basked - Sharon Friedmann


Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am a nervous wreck!

So, this Saturday is my annual fund raiser. I am so excited but I am a nervous wreck. I just hope everything goes off as planned.

Then of course this week I get about 6 emails / calls about emergency situations. AAAAHHH

I am getting a JRT male today.. well in about 1/2 hour. Then a Prego mom JRT tonight. However, I took in a 6 month old Doxie mix yesterday and coming with the JRT mom is a the father of the puppies... a Rat Terrier. There are two JRT's in kill shelters that I have on hold so they are safe for now. I will be getting them next Thursday.

So, I am stressed out because I have no where to put all of these dogs. I am so stressed. I already have 12 foster dogs living at my house... no 13 because of the Doxie mix puppy.

I asked a few rescues for help with the Doxie Mix puppy and the Rat Terrier but no one seems to be really offering to help. That just makes me mad because when I get emails or calls from other rescues about JRT's I am willing to help or if they get into bad spot even if I don't have room I will help. Yet, I have asked for help 1 time and I get NOTHING! UGH!! I seriously never ask for help...

Just makes me mad, stressed out and well a nervous wreck.

Why are there so many dogs? Then you have idiots like the people that I talked about in my last post buying dogs from back yard breeders who tell them it is one thing and it really is another.... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

I will be honest sometimes I wish I could have a normal life not run by dogs but then I think they would be dead without me and I go to the pound and save more.. LOL!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What breed of puppy did you buy??

Ok, so I have to rant today! As you know, I save dogs and puppies from kill shelters. A lot of the times they are pure breed but some mix dogs from time to time too. The mix breed puppies I do my best to determine what breed they are and of course ask my vet. With a mix breed dog you can ask 10 people and get 10 different breeds. So, know one really knows.

My dog Penny who was clearly a mutt everyone said Rotti, Dobi, weird things I clearly didn't see in her. So, last year for Christmas I had her DNA tested. She was an Australian Shepard, German Shepard, Chow Chow, Beagle and Basset Hound mix. ???? Yea, the only think anyone had right was the Aussie.. LOL!!

So, like I said when you get in a mutt you do your best to guess at the breed. I have had people adopt a dog from me that was a mutt and take it to their vet. Their vet tells them it is something TOTALLY different then what I or my vet said. They get MAD AT ME!! MAD AT ME??? Huh? I didn't breed the dog how can you be mad at me!

Anyways, so yesterday I was at my vet office. A women was there with a T0y Fox Terrier. Pure breed the breeder from the paper told her. LOL!! OMG!!! At least the women wasn't that stupid she said she knew the breeder was wrong on the breed but she bought the puppy anyway.. ok that makes her stupid. The dog is CLEARLY some type of Doxie mix. It looks just like a Doxie but it has the markings for a Blue Healer. Really strange!

Then a family was there with two dogs. They again answered an ad in the news paper for Pug Beagle mix dogs or as people like to say Puggle. They bought 2 dogs. CLEARLY NOT Puggles. One is HUGE, brindle color with a Pit Bull face, clearly a Pit Bull face! The dog looks like it is going to be HUGE. The other one is the size of what a Pug is grown but is only a puppy. The dog clearly has Pug mixed in there somewhere but is NOT a Pug Beagle mix.

Neither people were all that mad. HUH??? You just bought a dog or dogs from some breeder and you have no idea what they are! The man with the Pit Bull and Pug mix puppies said and I am totally quoting here "The guy we bought the dogs from was an honest guy. I am sure he didn't lie to us. He had a lot of dogs so maybe he just got confused." OMG OMG OMG

PUPPY MILL!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously people are really that stupid??

And we all wonder why and how these "breeders" can stay in business. OMG!!!!!!