Friday, September 19, 2008

How many dogs do I have?

I get stressed out when it comes to the dogs when I have had one or some for a long time. So, I could have 20 dogs but it doesn't stress me out if that 20 dogs changes about 1 a month. Does that make sense?

When I have had a dog a long time it just makes me feel so horrible for that dog and makes me wonder "Am I doing enough to find him/her a home?"

So, right now I have

Regal - mix returned 2 X's b/c of energy level. I warned the people but they refuse to listen! I am hoping that Karen, a women who already has one of my dogs adopts her b/c she is looking for a fly ball dog. Regal would be good at that.

Annie - Aussie leaving today for a foster to adopt home

Rusty - Aussie leaving today for a foster to adopt home

Camp - Mix that is supposed to get adopted Sunday.

Malcolm - Doxie / Min Pin mix. He is sick and I have been working all summer to try to fix him... it isn't working. I am fearing the worse for his fate :-(

Midget - female JRT, 1 year old. Just got her a week ago. SO FREAKING CUTE!

Robin - female JRT mix about 5 or 6 years old. What a sweet sweet dog!

Juno - female JRT mix 1 year old. A little scared of things. She was obviously over corrected when she did something wrong. She is going to be a really nice dog for someone though!

Razzel - male JRT mix. 1 year old. Bad boy... LOL!! Trying to housebreak him... not going so well. LOL!

Findlay - male JRT, 11 months old. Just a baby doll!

Kyle - male JRT/ Corgi mix. he was adopted last March but the people lost their home. I have been holding him for the last month. I am sending him to a foster home in Columbus tonight.

Petey - big mutt male. Nice dog. Very attached to me. I am not sure maybe I will keep him.

So, that is it for my house. I have Dorothy, Rose, Daisy and Munch all in foster care. OH and Jenny with the puppies AND I am getting in 2 more tomorrow night.


JRT's coming out of the wood work...LOL!!

Want one?

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