Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Overwhelmed isn't even the word...

OMG! I am getting slammed in all directions. It is nice out my fianance is on a kick about getting the farm cleaned up... never ending process. So, any spare second that I have I am hauling something, cut something down, putting something up, moving something, burning wood, something around the farm.

I have 19 foster dogs... thank goodness I took the puppies to the vet today and I don't get them back till Friday so I have 14... LOL!!

I have no idea what to do with the GP as it is totally unhappy living in my barn.. can you blame her?

I am OVERWHELMED AT WORK.. seriously can't take it anymore. I have double the work load of everyone else....

I am just having a bad day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dog got hit by a car........

So, today I left work around 2:30 to go to a conference at the Art museum. Well they are doing a ton of construction and I got lost for about 45 minutes. The conference didn't last that long... well plus I was 20 minutes late. Anyways, the conference was over and I made my way back to 90 and headed home. Traffic was bad and there was a weird drive with out of state plates... made me nervous and I was behind them so I thought I better get off the highway and take a back road home before I end up in the accident because of this idiot.

I got off at RT 254 and headed towards home. "What the hell?" I said out loud to myself. There was a dog a BIG dog jogging right down the middle of the street. I pull over, of course no one else has and try to get the dogs attention. He really didn't pay any attention to me. Just jogged to the side of the road going through people's front yards. This area is super super heavy traffic. The dog got too far ahead of me so I got back to my car and was going to try to get a head of it so that maybe it would come to me. The dog crossed the road again and I was told by a women who stopped with me the second time that it was hit by a car. UGH!

Another man stopped to and helped me eventually get the dog. It is a Great Pyranes (spelling?) and was pretty muddy on the legs from wondering around and her back looked like someone tried to shave her hair???

A neighbor came out of his house and told me the dog was wondering around last night / this morning and he thought that maybe it was the people down the street. I loaded the dog in my car and said well if anyone is looking for it tell them I took it and they are NOT getting it back.

I took the dog straight to my vet office. He is really a she, spayed and micro chipped. We called the micro chip company but the dog was never registered to an owner. My vet looked her over and we think she is 4 - 5 years old. She seems to be in good health and weighs 86 pounds. She should probably weigh about 95 - 100 pounds.

Anyways, I took her home and will nurse her back to some better health and then try to find her home.

Well I had two people coming over tonight. One person to look at Jodie my JRT/Beagle mix and someone to look at the barn. The people who were here to look at Jodie were pulling up as I was unloading the big dog. I took the big dog into the barn and then showed them Jodie. As I was talking with them the people for the horse barn came over. I took them around the barn and showed them everything.... they left and then I finished up with the people who want to adopt Jodie. They are coming back to her on May 11th after she is spayed.

Then I had to clean the kennel, set up food and water for two kennels, settle in the big dog, put way the 5 puppies in the barn, feed the goats, get the goats clean water, bring horses in from outside, feed horses, set up feed for tomorrow morning, water the cats, clean kitty litter and clean out my car with the groceries I bought last night and some wrapping paper from work AND then I had to take the trash out and get Gloria's paper work and crates together for tomorrow because she is dropping of 5 JRT's to me tomorrow (also the reason I had to set up the second kennel). Then I came in the house grabbed a ginger ale and some chips for dinner, opened my mail, arranged a rescue of a senior dog in portage county AND got on the computer to check email, do some work for work and then wrote this blogg! one long freaking night!

Ok so tomorrow I am picking up the three dogs at the clinic, getting 5 JRT's from Gloria, getting the senior JRT from Portage and getting anther JRT on Saturday.... OMG!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

39 dogs and counting!!

Just did a count today and I have 39 dogs in my rescue right now! 7 of them are still at the pound but I am working on getting them out..... so I guess I really only have 32 dogs.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Took the dogs to the clinic today!!!

So, I dropped off Red, Lester and Pepper at the clinic today! I also took Rusty to a foster home yesterday so that leaves me with 5 puppies, Skipper, Jodie and Zack. AAAAHHHHH Feels like a doggie vacation!

I do have 3 more coming in on Friday so Friday is going to stink b/c I get everyone back from the clinic plus 3 more... LOL!! There is also a dog in a kill shelter I am trying to get out. So, maybe that will be 4 more that I am getting.. LOL

Well my email at work is not working very well AGAIN today so I better go. It is taking FOREVER to do anything!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nina found a home

Well this weekend little tiny Nina found a home. What a cutie she is. I just don't understand how her first owners could just give her up. The pound I got her from said she was micro chipped and they contacted the owner but the owner said "Nope we don't want her." WHAT?

Well Nina got a home with very nice family in Avon. Mom, Dad, 3 sons who were very well behaved!

That is the only dog that got adopted this weekend. I did get an email about Skipper and I talked to the lady on the phone. She seemed very nice and I think Skipper would really like her. She just needed to talk to her husband. They had a bad experience with a puppy and I think her husband is a little gun shy. Can't really blame him, sounded like a really bad situation with an aggressive dog.

Oh I got 5 puppies on Saturday. Their mom is a Husky / Shep mix and their dad I am guessing is a Boarder Collie mix. The reason I think that is because they are black and white and LOVE the water... LOL!

Their mom was adopted from Richland County Pound on Feb 2nd by a women in Cleveland. On Feb 20th she noticed that her new dog was acting funny.... 6 hours later she was the proud owner of 8 more dogs.... Well she is keeping one, 2 of them a friend from work took and that left 5. So, I took them in and hopefully will be getting them fixed this week or next and in to homes soon.

Tonight I am taking Rusty to a foster home, Jodie will hopefully be leaving for foster home today or tomorrow and Lester, Pepper and Red are going to the clinic tomorrow and will be there till Friday. So, that leaves me Skipper who is living in the house, the 5 puppies and Zack. I am going to have a small doggie vacation starting tomorrow.... YAY!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

New dogs

Ok, so yesterday I got 3 dogs off transport.
Red who is a boxer beagle mix. He is about 1.5 years old and very friendly. He is so funny he just sits in the run looking out. He doesn't bark or anything, so funny.

The other dog I got was a Rat Terrier mix female about 6 months old and just sweet sweet sweet... Her name is pepper

Then there is Lester a male Rat Terrier mix. He is a funny little guy. You can tell he is so confused and lost. He needs a home where he can feel safe!

So, those are the new member of the crew!

I am heading to the pound tomorrow and getting 5 puppies tomorrow so ya never know there might be more... LOL!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Transport day... what am I going to get

Well is is Thursday, transport day from the pounds. I have no idea what I am getting either. I am supposed to be getting a Rat Terrier, male JRT, female JRT, lab puppies, senior collie, shep puppy and a boxer mix. Not sure if I am getting them all or just some... I guess we will see at 5pm when I meet transport.. LOL!!

Tonight will be busy settling everyone in and making sure they all get along... LOL! At least the weather is starting to get warm again. Man did we go through a cold spell. I had the dogs in the outdoor kennels but moved them in last week when it got rainy and cold. So, they have been in the horse barn for a week or so now. I am going to move them back out to the kennels on Saturday.

Saturday... Saturday will be interesting. I am getting in 5 husky/shep something mixes puppies that were born on Feb 20th. A women called me yesterday. She had gotten my name and number from Pet Smart where I do adoption events. She adopted a dog from Richland County pound on Feb 2nd. On Feb 20th SURPRISE!!! 8 puppies were born. A guy she works with took two of the puppies and is 100% getting them fixed, she is keeping the mom and 1 baby and said she is 100% getting them fixed. She was actually going to get the mom fixed but she was prego. So, that leaves 5 puppies... 3 males and 2 females. She said they are black and white so I am interested in see them and figure out what they are mixed with.

YAY puppies. I haven't had puppies in a long time and I have been wanting to get puppies because well I just need a puppy fix.. LOL! You know though in like a week I will be SO READY for them to go to forever homes.. LOL!! Especially having 5 puppies... hahahaha yea give me till Tuesday and I will be ready for them to go HOME...

Let's see the clinic is back in session so I will be taking 4 dogs every Tuesday morning to the clinic to get spayed or neutered and up to date on shots and then picking them up on Friday after work. I love when the clinic is in session because I get mini doggie vacations when I have 4 and the clinic for a few days.. LOL!!

What else is going??? Well I signed up for an adoption event on May 3rd at the Parma Pet Smart. As of right now I have 9 dogs that will be going.... not counting the one I haven't gotten yet. So, assuming I get the ones I think I am getting and I don't adopt anything out by then I will have like 16 dogs going to the event.. hahahahaha this should be interesting. I hope I have enough volunteers. It is going to be advertised on the Channel 8 news so I have a feeling it is going to be a mad house. Let's hope some of these dogs get homes.

This year has been really really slow. Last year at this time I had adopted out about 30 dogs... this year I have adopted out about 10 - 15 dogs. That stinks!

here are some of the dogs I am getting for sure today.........

Monday, April 14, 2008

YAY! For Sandy!!

YAY!! For Sandy she got a home on Sunday. Guess who adopted her... MY VET :-)

Things are going ok right now (knocking on wood at this very moment)!!

Pickles was adopted this weekend too. I have someone interested in Zack and Rusty! Nina went to a foster home. So that leaves me at my house with Zack, Rusty, Skipper, Jodie and Grafton. Not bad.

Ok well I am getting 3 from Ross County.. well maybe. That is the crazy pound that is mad at me for putting to sleep a dog that bit me and my vet. They are so ridiculous, they send emails to KY Russell Rescue and to Gloria but not to me because they don't want me to have any of their dogs. DUH! KY isn't going to help b/c we try to stick to our own states and if Gloria gets them the dogs are just going to end up at my house. Whatever makes them happy I guess.

I am also getting two dogs on transport Thursday and 1 owner surrender... I don't normally take owner surrender dogs but this guy is going to Iraq to server our country. Hard to say no.

Well that is all for now. Slammed at work so I hope I can get out of here on time today.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

WOW, people are strange... LOL

Well I have had a strange day or two. Someone accused me of being a dog breeder because they were mad at me. Want to know why they were mad at me?

Because they said I was a bad rescuer. So, I asked the person why the believe this because I am very passionate about dog rescue. I was just wondering why someone who doesn't know me or has never met me would say I was a bad rescuer.

She said it was because I put to sleep a dog without evaluating it. I said "REALLY! and what dog is this?" She said "a dog that growled when being pushed off a couch." CLICK! It hit me what she was talking about.

Long long story but we had a dog that if you told him to do something he was growl and snap at you. The foster home ended up being afraid of the dog and finally admitted to me what he was doing. I took him back to my house for about week and he bit me... bit me good! I had the dog put to sleep. She apparently was friends with the foster home and only got less then 1/2 the story and blew it up.

Aren't people crazy? So, she was mad that I questioned her why she would say things about me that aren't true and posted out on the Internet that I breed dogs. HAHAHA in what spare time? I believe it was all cleared up because my rescue friends put a stop to it. Anyone who knows me knows I am 100% honest and up front and DO NOT believe in breeding AT ALL EVER! I just don't see the need for it when there are so many dogs in this world.

Anyways, just thought I would share that funny story with you.. LOL!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Poor Sandy!

Well Holly called me this morning and just feels guilty about Sandy. She thinks with 4 kids and 2 dogs she just won't be able to give Sandy the attention she needs :-( Sandy is coming back to the farm today and is up for adoption yet again. I hope that Holly will sleep on it for a few days and change her mind and come get Sandy because I really think it is a great home and a great match for Sandy but Holly just feels overwhelmed :-( I am not sure who to feel bad for Sandy or Holly. Darn, I really thought that would be a good home.

Well I guess we will keep looking for sweet little Sandy's FOREVER home.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend update

Well I got the so called 3 JRT's off transport on Thursday. I say so called because 1 was a JRT, 1 was a 15 week old beagle JRT mix (that is ok, I knew it was a beagle/JRT) and a 5 month old boxer mix. I have no idea who got the bright idea it was a JRT... lol but is sure wasn't! I was like OMG where am I going to put this dog I have NO ROOM! Well not a lot I can do about it now. I learned a big lesson with this one ALWAYS GET A GOOD PICTURE... LOL

I took everyone home and got them all settled in. Elizabeth, a women that adopted a puppy from my rescue partner Gloria came over and picked up Bandit. She is a new foster home which is absolutely wonderful b/c she is a great person and I can use the help. I then took care of all the dogs I already had, took care of the horses, goats, cats and got ready for a nice girls night. My friend Kirsten (one of the girls in my wedding too) has had a rough month. Long story. Anyways Becky (another one of my friends and she has a horse at my house) took Kirsten out for dinner.

On the way to dinner we took Ricky my beagle/rat terrier mix to women named Sharon. Sharon has been looking for a dog for over a month. She was looking for a dog that could be trained as a service dog. Not sure if Ricky is the right dog so he is on a 10 day trial. I really think it is important that Sharon has the right dog for what she needs. I guess we will see.

Then Saturday... holly cow crazy day. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep so I didn't get up till 9am. Oopse. I was on email for a little while and then went outside to take care of all the dogs... 10 in total, take care of the horses, goats, cats, etc. Then I had to rush into the house and get ready to go wedding dress shopping (I really don't know why girl like it). Tyler's mom, my mom and I went to Catan's and I tried on about 5 dresses. UGH! I think I found the one I want... I don't want to rush into the decision so I am giving myself sometime before I buy it.

Then I rushed home and when I got there Jim and Priscella were already at my house. I had a 1:30pm appointment with them to look at my JRT's for adoption. They adopted my little Spencer. I am glad they adopted him because they seem really awesome and they even brought pictures of their dog that passed away. They had an entire album of him... I really liked Spencer though and wished I could have kept him a little longer but at least he has a great life now :-)

Then while they were there Holly came over. She and two of her kids came over and looked at Sandy my lab/shep mix that I got from the dog hoarder in Wellington. Holly didn't take Sandy home, she wanted to sleep on it. Which I totally understand. Getting a dog is a huge deal and you should never rush into it. Then while Holly was looking at Sandy a girl named Laura came over to check out the barn. She is thinking about bringing her horse to my barn. She seemed really nice.

Then after everyone left, I got changed so that I could get a few things done around the farm and of course play with my dogs a little. By 7pm I was tired and went in the house and got ready to go to my Fiance's house.

This morning I got up about 8am as I had a lot to do today. I had 3 people coming over to meet and possibly adopt a few dogs. Holly did come back and get Sandy. She is on a 10 day trial with Holly. Holly is very sweet but not sure that she can handle the stress of another dog. They already have one dog and she has 4 kids. That is a lot to be responsible for but I think if she gives it some time she will realize the 2 dogs will entertain themselves and it really wont be much more work. Then Ginelle and her family came over and adopted the boxer mix puppy I got by accident. She was already spayed and had her shots so that is good. I was able to get her a home so quickly. Ginelle's family was just the cutest too. That is was a great match. Then Jane and her husband came over and adopted Coco. They brought me pictures of their backyard and were really excited about getting Coco. I think they were really awesome people too and will just LOVE Coco to death. Poor Coco has been through so much, she so needs someone to give all their attention to her and just love her forever.

So, needless to say I had a great weekend and feel great about everyone who adopted one of my dogs this weekend. No doubt that everyone that adopted a dog this weekend were just great families and I am just so excited. It is so rare to have that many adoptions in one weekend and that many GREAT families. I just can't get over what great families adopted my dogs this weekend.

Hopefully everything works out ok with everyone. I am going to wait till next week to take in any new dogs just in case someone doesn't get along well or feel like the dog they adopted just isn't a good match for them. However, I really can't see that happen. I really think everyone was a perfect match.

I love this part of rescue... dogs getting homes and families getting a new family member. YAY!!!!

Oh so after everyone was over this morning I had to rush off to my friend Tracy's wedding shower. The wedding shower started at 1pm and went until 4pm. I got home about 4:30pm and changed my clothes and went outside to play and take care of all my animals. Then about 7pm I changed and went to my Fiance's house for dinner.

SO, that was my CRAZY but good weekend!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Filling up and moving outside

So, I got a new JRT yesterday. He is an old guy about 8 years old. He seems to be a nice dog. You can tell he has had a rough life. I am getting 3 more on transport today.... I don't know anything about them.

Well maybe things are going to get better now that the horrible winter is finally over. Ricky my beagle rat terrier mix is going on a 10 day trial with a women named Sharon. She seems like a very nice person. I have a family coming to look at Sandy my Lab shep mix. Sandy is such a good dog. I know they will love her. AND I have another application from a guy in Youngstown. His 11 year old JRT died and he wants another JRT. He came to the right place when he contacted me.. LOL!! I got them coming out of my ears :-) Hopefully he will fall in love with one and that would be 3 dogs in new homes this weekend. YAY!!!!

I shouldn't get too excited but it makes me happy to think someone is getting a home... LOL!!

Well yesterday I moved everyone to the outside kennels. I hope they are going to be ok out there. I mean it isn't too cold, right? UGH! I worry too much. They have a lot more room out there and I am sure it is nice not to be in my barn. I filled the dog houses with straw so I am sure they will be fine.

Well not much else going on, just fingers crossed that Ricky, Sandy and a JRT find homes this weekend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, I am getting in 3 more dogs this week. 1 I am picking up tomorrow from my local pound and 2 more are coming on transport on Thursday.

I have 8 foster dogs now plus I am watching my friend Great Dane... it is like having another horse at my house... LOL!! Now I am going to add 3 more dogs to the mix. This should be fun.
I don't understand why things are so slow. No one is adopting. Can you believe I have gone 4 days without an application. The last two applications I received one changed his mind on getting a second dog and the other hasn't called me back. :-( Totally stinks!