Thursday, April 10, 2008

WOW, people are strange... LOL

Well I have had a strange day or two. Someone accused me of being a dog breeder because they were mad at me. Want to know why they were mad at me?

Because they said I was a bad rescuer. So, I asked the person why the believe this because I am very passionate about dog rescue. I was just wondering why someone who doesn't know me or has never met me would say I was a bad rescuer.

She said it was because I put to sleep a dog without evaluating it. I said "REALLY! and what dog is this?" She said "a dog that growled when being pushed off a couch." CLICK! It hit me what she was talking about.

Long long story but we had a dog that if you told him to do something he was growl and snap at you. The foster home ended up being afraid of the dog and finally admitted to me what he was doing. I took him back to my house for about week and he bit me... bit me good! I had the dog put to sleep. She apparently was friends with the foster home and only got less then 1/2 the story and blew it up.

Aren't people crazy? So, she was mad that I questioned her why she would say things about me that aren't true and posted out on the Internet that I breed dogs. HAHAHA in what spare time? I believe it was all cleared up because my rescue friends put a stop to it. Anyone who knows me knows I am 100% honest and up front and DO NOT believe in breeding AT ALL EVER! I just don't see the need for it when there are so many dogs in this world.

Anyways, just thought I would share that funny story with you.. LOL!!

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