Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's update -

The women's 8 year old male dog who was the father for the 30 puppies is getting fixed at their expense (granted it is only $50) on May 11th. The other male dog they have who is one of the puppies will be neutered at my expense (granted only $60) the same day.

Once both males have been neutered, I have agreed to take the female that evening.


The dog hoarder with 11 dogs I have not heard from and her address is not on her mail box. So, after I speak to the police dept. today at 4pm I will be turning her in for not have the dogs licensed and for them being all outside together all day with no shelter and no water. So, a phone call to the APL.

Hopefully something can be done.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updates from the 30 puppy email (read "Speachless" post first)

Here is the remaining email chain:

My reply:

WOW. I am not even sure where to start. Honestly my first reaction was complete and total disgust with this entire situation. 30 more dogs in this world when 4 million already die EVERY YEAR in this country from pet over population. I have so much running through my mind right now, so many questions....
What happened to the 30 puppies?
Are they now producing more puppies?
Why isn't your male dog fixed?
Your first female is fixed?
Why didn't you ask for help 1 year ago when the lady dropped the dog on your door step?
Was the dog really lost and the owners where looking for her but b/c you had her they gave up hope?
Why didn't you ask for help after litter #1? Or #2?
Do you think the lady that was going door to door was really the owner?

WOW! It just makes me so sad when I hear stories like this.... people dumping their dog, people not having their animals fixed, good person trying to help and ending up in a bad situation.... make me feel like what I do everyday saving dogs from dieing in a gas chamber and trying to educate people is a waste of time... but yet I keep plugging away at the never ending battle.

Do you have puppies right now? Where are you located?

I will do my best to try to figure what is the right thing do to / to help you. I did forward your email to me to several other rescue people.

Let me know if you have puppies right now and where you are located and I will see what I can do to help you.

She emailed me back:

I know it sounds bad but let me explain. We got our first dog when he was a puppy from a previous neighbor who thought it was funny to let his doberman fight with it. He still has the battle scars. I couldn't stand to be right next door to this and not do something. The female dog came to me after this, already fixed, when a very good friend of mine died. Her husband and young son had to move out of their house and into an apartment that did not take dogs. They asked if we could keep her until they could get "settled" someplace else. That was about 4 years ago so I don't see her going anywhere any time soon.
I looked online last year and made phone calls but nobody would take her without the possibility that she could possibly be put down. The APL just flat out said they didn't have room. I did not want to just leave her to roam the streets.
All the puppies were given away, some to people we know, some to strangers. We kept one that was brought back to us after it was given to a friend of my husband's because he is enormous and scared people with his mere size.
It is not the ideal situation but I really didn't know what else to do. I do not have the financial resources to care for this dog. If I am going to be judged for it then I will try to find help elsewhere.

My email back:

WOW! Sounds like people just take advantage of you, that sucks and totally know the feeling.

See the reason most places wouldn't help is because it is against the law to take in a stray dog. I know laws suck. But lets just say you contacted me a few days after that lady dumped her on you. I took her into my rescue and all of a sudden the owner shows up looking for the dog. If the owner wanted to be a HUGE jerk I can be charged with stealing and if for some reason the owner can prove the dog is valued over $500, I can be charged with a felony. See the law looks at dogs (animals actually) as property.. just like your car, your TV, your purse. TOTALLY not right.

Also, so you know it is FEDERAL law that every county in every state have a place for stray dogs to be taken to and for there to be someone responsible for picking up stray dogs. In most counties this is known as the dog pound. It is FEDERAL law that this facility hold dogs for no less then 3 open business days and the day the dog is brought to the facility does not count. Some counties have facilities that hold the dogs for the 3 days and kill them, some hold them for a week, some for months, some for as long as it takes to find them a home. ALL county dog shelter will euthanize (aka Kill) dogs who are sick or aggressive. You also have to remember being a county / government run facility if it could make money the politicians look good and are happy. So, if they just killed every dog after the 3 day hold they would never make any more b/c they wouldn't be selling any dogs. It would have been very unlikely that the dog that was dumped on you would have been put to sleep quickly, especially since you said she is a nice dog. Assuming you are in Lorain County she more then likely would have been taken out of the pound by a rescue organization such as mine.

With all that being said I do not blame you or judge you for taking this dog or your other dogs in. However, as for affording the dog to be spayed... I can understand the hardship but if you think of all the dog food you spent to raise 30 puppies you could have had her spayed. There are low cost spay neuter places out there. I am glad you are asking for help and willing to take help but you also have to understand it is heartbreaking to know there are 30 more unwanted dogs in this world who may or may not be producing 30 more dogs each per year. Even if only 15 are females, in one year that is 450 more dogs put into this world that no one wants :-( All I ask is that you understand that and that you educate others on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Without education, this HUGE over population problem and the killing of dogs will never end.

I will help you find a home for the dog as I feel that you were taken advantage of by some uncaring people and that just isn't right. And of course get her fixed before she gets pregnant again and / or re homed.

HOWEVER, I have one condition. The other dogs in your home will need to be fixed and I can assist you with getting them fixed. Like I said there are low cost spay/neuter places available and it would be under $100 to get them fixed and I have several people who said they would help you pay for it.

Let me know.

Here response:

I would appreciate any help I can get with this problem. I have wanted to get our male fixed for quite some time but it wasn't a problem until this female came along last summer. Our dogs don't roam the neighborhood nor are they let out without being on a runner. I wasn't even sure if the older one, who is 8, could be fixed at this point. Is there an age limit? The other one was born the middle of January, 2009. He is quite a large dog. My understanding was that larger dogs cost more to fix. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks.


I did send her email to a few other rescue people and I was offered $$ to help the women get her males fixed. So, we will see what we can do. Honestly though I would like to just yell at her and tell her what an idiot she is but we really don't need more dogs in this world so I bite my tounge for the greater good and HOPE that by me giving her as much information as possible she at least educates others she may meet. Hey a girl can dream!!!!

I am speechless

I received this email today:

I found your website online and hope you can help me out. We took in a stray dog last summer that someone was going door to door trying to find its owner. The woman said she had to get back to work so my husband told her she could leave the dog at our house until she got off work. She never came back. I told my husband we couldn't keep the dog because we already had two dogs at that point. I checked a couple of places but nobody would take her. I didn't want to send her somewhere that she would be put to sleep. The male dog that we already owned got her pregnant and she had 11 puppies. We tried to keep them separated but we have limited resources and she ended up pregnant twice more (a total of 30 puppies). I cannot keep her any longer but I really don't want to send her somewhere that will put her down. If there is any way you can help me find her a home, I would greatly appreciate it. She looks like a Rottweiler/Sheperd mix but we really don't know for sure nor how old she is. All I do know is that she is very fertile. I don't have the money to have her fixed and she has to be kept separate from our other female dog because they have tried to kill each other on numerous occasions. She is good with other dogs except the one female we already had when she came along. Please let me know if you can help.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christmas Season

Man oh man is it every going to slow down? For the love! Can you believe I just had someone email me to tell me they went to a shelter and someone had turned in what looks like a JRT puppy to a kill shelter. 9 weeks old. They turned it in saying it was a Chihuahua.. idiots for a zillion reasons. Who the hell can't find a home for a 9 week old puppy. Whatever.

Looks like I might not be getting any new dogs in this week (knocking HARD on wood). There are a bunch that need help though. Any Ohio people out there who read this if you are up for going to your county shelter or a near by county to save a JRT let me know :-)

It is so strange dogs are getting adopted but it doesn't feel like any are leaving my house. April 16th and 17th Miley, Champ, Larry, Sienna, Mitizi were all adopted. Monday Jordan went home and Sweeite was spoken for; she goes to the vet tonight to stay the night and then spayed tomorrow and picked up at the vet office tomorrow. So, how the heck do I still have so many dogs. LOL!

I don't know if I wrote about Ralf... he was chained up outside for un known amount of time and then his family moved out of the house and left him there. The neighbor was randomly feeding Ralf for about 6 weeks until she could find the correct authorities to help her get the dog off the property. So, I now have poor Ralf.

He was doing really well until last Friday he started with kennel cough! UGH! It is really bad kennel cough. Poor dog. I am hoping that he will feel better soon and praying that everyone else doesn't come down with it.

Oh it is going to be a long few weeks if the dogs come down with kennel cough. As soon as someone sneezes I am putting them on medicine. I do not need kennel cough when I have 15 foster dogs at my house!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dog Hoarder

Well yesterday I was headed to the dog hoarders house. 15 minutes before I was supposed to arrive she called and said that her kids were really upset that she was thinking of giving up any of their dogs. Now, mind you these are the kids she says are NEVER home....

She said choosing which dogs go and which dogs stay is like choosing one kid over another. She kept saying how her dogs are her kids. Ok, I really can't blame her there.. you should feel that way so I can't really argue with that BUT 11 dogs when you can't afford to feed them.

The puppy my rescue friend took from her on Friday, my friend said was pretty sick with worms. UGH! Poor thing.

The hoarder lady said she wants to keep all her dogs. I explained to her I don't mind helping her keep 3 or 4 but there is no way I can afford to get them all fixed.

She said if I want to help she needs a bale of straw for the outdoor kennel. OMG a bale of straw is $4.00 you can't afford that???? Yet you want to keep all 11 dogs. 2 of which are puppies and could have a great life.

I am such at a loss as to what to do. Her house is gross my friend said. She said it was dirty and cluttered and there were broken windows, garbage everywhere.... The hoarder mentioned to me that she has a 19 year old, 18 year old, a 16 year old and one more kid. Should I call Child Services if she won't let me take some of the dogs? I mean they are all living in the house, the males are peeing on everything.. I know b/c whenever I am on the phone with her she is yelling at a dog to stop marking.. she has female dogs going into heat living her house.. UGH how gross is that??

I could call the dog warden too b/c she has dogs that are licensed. Maybe call the APL b/c when the dogs are outside they have no shelter or water.

I don't want to get someone in trouble but I am at a loss as to what to do. These dogs are just going to keep having litter after litter after litter. She told me that the one female is in heat and her son was screaming in the background about how he wanted another litter of puppies. OMG WHY???

I do have her worried about cancer and ployemetra so she does know she needs to get them fixed but clearly she doesn't have the money to. She can't even afford a bale of straw for the kennel.

I dropped off information for her yesterday... information about why to spay/neuter and pictures of Sasha's cancer and the information about ployemetra.... I told her I would call her in a few days after she looked all that over.

If anyone has any suggestions or idea PLEASE I am all ears.

Oh and I forget to tell you, she was giving the puppies away at 6 weeks. I told her how that was illegal. She had NO CLUE!

Monday, April 26, 2010

11 dogs, none fixed..

Friday after work I was driving to my friends boarding kennel where I board rescue dogs from time to time when I just have too many. As I was driving there not far from her house I see a sign in the front yard of a house "FREE PUPPIES" w/ a phone number. UGH! My heart sank... CRAP! I turned the car around and called.

A VERY VERY long story short the people started out with 4 dogs. One dog for each of the kids. They didn't realize that litter mates with breed. WHAT??? You have 4 kids of your own, there is no way you can be that stupid.

They only had one puppy left and my rescue friend went that night and picked it up. The puppy is pretty sick, full of worms. Nice puppy, very cute but aren't they all.

So, all weekend I have been talking to this women in hopes she will let me have some of her dogs. Talking to her is seriously like talking in circles. Her stories do not make sense, she changes stories half way through telling me one and she is ALWAYS yelling at a dog or a kid.

My rescue friend who went over there to get the puppy said that place was dirty and there was stuff/junk everywhere. Windows in the house were broken and taped with plastic bags over them. It was horrible and it smelled. She said that at least 6 dogs were all outside together in a big pen.

I am supposed to go over there today on my way home from work. I really really hope that I can get some of the dogs out of there. I just really don't understand how someone can allow this to happen.

What I have been able to gather from her is that they have had at least 4 litters if not more. And to top it all off her oldest son wants to let the male who is getting everyone pregnant breed just one more time!!!!!!! WHY???

I don't know how I am going to do it but I have got to get dogs out of there and QUICKLY!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The post office is selling "Rescue" stamps starting April 3o, 2010.

This is what the US Post office had to say about why they are doing this:

In celebration of the new Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps, the Postal Service™, together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo: Purely for Pets, is giving shelter pets around the country a First-Class Meal.

During the launch of the stamps, Halo will be donating a million meals to animal shelters around the country.

The Goal

We want more Americans to know about the millions of shelter pets that need good homes. Nearly half of the animals that enter animal shelters are euthanized. Many of these cats and dogs would have made a wonderful pet...if only given the chance.

You can make a difference. Adopt a pet, volunteer at a shelter, or just get the word out by buying these stamps.

The Stamps

This campaign continues the Postal Service's 50+ year tradition of raising awareness of serious social issues with special commemorative stamps. The 44-cent stamps feature photos of five cats and five dogs who were all adopted from shelters.

Check out

to pre - order your stamps!

Get The Basics on Adopting a Pet

Why Adopt?

Step 1


The animals up for adoption weren’t surrendered because they’re bad pets, but because their owners weren’t able to care for them. Shelter staff make sure the animals up for adoption are healthy, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. And they do their best to make sure all animals are well-socialized before heading to a new home.

Step 2


Looking for a particular type of pet? Shelters have a great selection of animals. In fact, 25-30 percent of shelter pets are purebred. Or, contact a rescue group that focuses on the type of pet you’re looking for.

Step 3


Shelters are non-profit organizations. Their fees, to cover the animal’s care, are often much less than the prices charged by pet stores and breeders. Plus, because most shelters spay and neuter pets, you’ll be saving on vet bills.

Step 4


Studies show spending time with an animal can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Plus, caring for a pet creates a loving relationship that lasts for years.

Step 5


Last, but not least, you’ll be saving a pet’s life. Up to 4 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year because shelters don’t have enough room for all the pets given to them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I want a break

Every once in a while I think to myself what if I STOPPED. What if I stopped doing dog rescue. I guess I am just having one of those moments. It just gets so tiring. My husband went to his sister's lake house this weekend, she needs to get some work done on a storage barn they have...anyway, I couldn't go. Why? Because of the dogs.

I know when I am feeling like this I just need a weekend get away but I am not sure when I will get one of those. Could have been this weekend but I have to go to a Baby Shower, another party and a get together for my friends wedding..

I just need a break!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy 4 days.

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I changed my schedule at work so I have a little more flexibility but yet I feel like I can't get everything done.. how is that possible?

Thursday I got in 5 new dogs, 5 urgent dogs. I had to leave 2 dogs at the shelter because there was a chance they wouldn't get killed over the weekend. Luckily they didn't and I will be getting them on Thursday.

When I got home on Thursday after work it was about 5:30, I had to run to the vet office, had an adoption pick up, had to settle in the 5 dogs I had just got PLUS one of the horses in my barn had hurt his leg so I had to take care of that. By the time I got into the house at ate dinner it was 9:30.

Friday I got up really early, like I said I am trying to make it to work early so I can leave. I was able to make it to work by 6:45. Was trying for 6:30 but oh well. I had a busy day at work but was able to leave by 2:30 to get to the vet office to pick up the 2 dogs that had surgery, get home b/c the black smith was coming over b/c of the horses hurt leg and then plug in from home to work a bit.

My Mitizi was adopted on Friday night and Kay a poodle/JRT mix that I had gotten in 2 weeks before got adopted as well. Apparently she has a broken jaw... the vet that did her spay said she isn't in any pain but it does need to be repaired. I am not sure how old the injury is b/c I have had her 2 weeks and she was at the shelter for over a month. Poor dog. How the heck do you get a broken jaw? I swear in rescue you see it all....ugh!

Since she is eating just fine the adopter and I said that we would just figure out what the best course of action is for her and go from there. I played phone tag with my vet all day Friday so I am hoping to talk to him tonight when I go in... I have an appoint for every day this week. LOL!

Oh and get this one of the dogs that I have was diagnosed by the vet with depression.. they think it it is post pardon depression... how strange is that?

So, Friday Mitizi went home, her family couldn't have been any nicer but I still miss her. Saturday was a good day... I got up, feed horses, took care of dogs, loaded up Champ and Larry and then went to pick up Sasha at the boarding kennel where I had her so she could recover. I drove to drop them off on transport so they could be adopted on Saturday.... which they all were. It was good they all got adopted but that took all morning, I left at 8 and didn't get home til 12:00. Then Sienna's family came over and adopter her. THEN I cleaned up after the dogs, played with them for a bit, tried to take pictures, cleaned horse stalls, took care of the cats, goats and cleaned my barn. OH and took care of the horses bad foot and um.. oh then had to take down my windmill b/c someone hit it with a horse trailer and it was about to fall down.. not really sure how you hit A HUGE windmill but they did. So, to my very long week and very long day that was not on my top priority list but it was either leave it and it would hit the house or take it down.

Let me just say I had a few beers on Saturday night and went to bed by midnight.. LOL! What a crazy time.

Yesterday was at least a quiet day THANK GOD!

Now for a new week... got to figure out who needs rescued from the kill shelters and who can wait till next week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sasha's Cancer is gone now!

Sasha had her surgery yesterday.... spay, tumor removal and dental. Poor dog wasn't feeling so good yesterday. But she will be happy and healthy for the REST of her life!

Here are pictures of Sasha WITHOUT a tumor :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Christmas Season is here.

In rescue we have Christmas season but our Christmas season is in April and May when the weather gets warm and all the puppies that were stocking stuffers or gifts from Santa are now about 6 months old and NO FUN any more. The novelty has worn off.

I currently have 23 dogs in our rescue.... mind you most live at my house. I have 5 new dogs coming in tonight to my house. I have 1 coming in on Tuesday to the Troy foster home and I know of about 5 more that need rescue ASAP or they will die. No pressure on me or anything.

OMG! I am just feeling the pressure and not sure what to do. I just can't stand the thought of letting these 5 die but I can't save them all...I am going to try though.. LOL

I have to remember why I got started and try to keep a chin up. I was contacted by someone who "interviewed me" and it really helped me to re gain focus because honestly I have been feeling kind of down with seeing so many homeless faces. You can check out the article at

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sasha's rescue

Yesterday around 1pm in the afternoon I received a phone call from a frantic girl. She honestly wasn't making much sense, I wasn't able to speak to her right then so I told her I would call her back.

A few hours later I called back and spoke to her mom. Her mom shared the story of why they were contacting me.

Gracie (the mom), Kirsten (her daughter) and Gracie's husband were at the park on Saturday. They were going fishing. The husband is injured so he doesn't walk as fast as Gracie and Kirsten. A couple walked passed the family with a small dog following behind them. Since Gracie and Kirsten were a head of Gracie's husband they did not witness this but the couple got to their truck and the dog acted like it wanted to jump in. The guy kicked at the dog and missed but the dog continued to try to jump in. The man kicked at the dog again but this time hitting her. He yelled "NO SASHA NO you aren't coming" Gracie's husband yelled to the guy "what are you doing" The guy answered back "She is going to die anyway, let her be a good meal for a coyote."


Gracie's boyfriend tried to get their licenses plate number but wasn't able to read it. He scooped up Sasha and they took her home. Sasha is a sweet dog, housebroken, good with dog, kids... just a nice dog. Just one problem she has a HUGE HUGE HUGE tumor on her chest. See below

The family that saved Sasha doesn't have the money to take care of her tumor but in only 3 days have fallen totally in love with her. And honestly I can't blame them I have had her for all of 8 hours and I love her.

The family lived 45 minutes from where I was going to be today so they brought Sasha to me. They had to borrow money just to bring her to me. They are really nice and really caring people.

I need another JRT in my rescue like I need a hole in my head. I am NOT going to allow this dog to be homeless OR DEAD because of money. So, I told the family I would take care of her tumor, get her spayed, get her a dental, get her shots, heartworm tested and rabies shot. I would then return her to them.

They love her and said they can afford to feed her and do her yearly shots, they just didn't have the money to get her medical issues to taken care of.

Wednesday night I am dropping her off at the vet office. She is going to get "fixed" up on Thursday and I will get her transported back to them on Saturday!

Look closely at the pictures above you can see her tumor... tumor that would have NEVER existed if only she was spayed. The next time you hear of someone having a female dog that isn't fixed. Maybe you should show them Sasha's picture!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nice to know

Yesterday we had an adoption event. It was a nice day, a bit windy but a nice day. I invited 2 of my rescue friends. 4 of my dogs were adopted and 2 dogs from another rescue were adopted. So, it was a pretty good day.

The highlight of my day was a women who worked at Giant Eagle made a special point to come over after work and say hi to me. Apparently a year or so ago she was trying to adopt a dog and was having a hard time of it, getting no response from rescue groups. She said we talked over email and said I really helped her. She ended up getting a dog from another group but just wanted to thank me.

The lady was so nice and just made my day. Especially since a women had contacted me just the day before about an aggressive dog issue she was having and how she wanted to re home her dog. I sent her this long email about how she should hire a trainer specializing in behavior issues and explained why re homing the dog was not a good idea... all the reasons why...

I get an email back from her that was nothing but negative. I simply emailed her back and wished her luck and told her to please re read my email and refer to the very first thing I wrote... HIRE A TRAINER should be your first option... UGH! People sometimes I think only hear (or read) what they want and don't take all the advice.. LIKE HIRING A TRAINER.

I wonder why is it that people ask you for advice and then when you give it scream at you? Doesn't make much sense does it?

Anyway, my point is it is nice to know that there are people out there that appreciate the time I take to answer their questions, emails, give them advice, etc. because I was really starting to wonder...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bitter sweet...

Today the last of the puppies are getting fixed and 3 of them go home today, 1 is getting looked at / possibly adopted Wed night and 1 goes home on Saturday.

That leaves 2 that need to be spoken for and I am waiting for calls back from the people.

All the puppies should be in their adoptive homes by Saturday afternoon.

I am so ready for them to go but at the same time I am going to REALLY miss them. LOL!

Of course I have been contacted by several pounds with JRT's and other terriers in need of getting out ASAP. So, soon I will be just full of adults but I am totally ok with that having puppies is way TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

I am always worrying if they are going to get sick, the stress doesn't stop after they are adopt out either b/c it isn't like I adopt them out and forget about them. And I got a flood of applications and I HATE turning people down and I don't want to make anyone angry but I have to do what is best for the puppies....

Oh I can't wait to relax.. LOL!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ready to talk abou it..

Ok, so why I am / was feeling horrible.

Story number 1:

I had rescued all those prego mom's and the dad's back in January. Well the puppies all 14 of them are grown and 7 have gone to home the other 7 are getting fixed tomorrow and off they will go. 1 out of the first 7 that I adopted out is being bad. Basically he is a dominate dog and he is being a brat. I feel HORRIBLE that he is being bad b/c I adopted him to a friend of mine at work and he has wanted at puppy / dog for so long and I just feel horrible that the dog / puppy they finally adopt is a strong willed, dominate puppy. Now it isn't anything that can't be worked with and he is going to be a wonderful pet it is just going to be a lot more work then it should be especially for a first time dog owner. Just makes me sad.

Story number 2:

Wayne was adopted last weekend. I had 3 people interested in him. One lady took 2 weeks to get back in touch with me about coming to meet him and I was already talking to the family that adopted him when the 3rd family got in touch with me.

So, family who adopted has never had a dog before. Wayne is a great dog who is housebroken, good with kids, good with other dogs, etc.

The stress / work / pressure of having a dog was too much to handle for the family. All the work of the dog of course feel on the wife as the dad travels, kids are too young to do anything, etc. So, they returned him on Saturday.

She has called me Friday with a few complaints - all of which I was able to talk her through. Complaint #1. He stares out the window like he wants to be outside. #2. When he is outside alone he gets into stuff #3. The neighbor's dogs bark at him and he barks back.

I asked if there were any issues like chewing on things he wasn't supposed to chew on, potty in the house issues, bad with the kids... NOPE NOPE and NOPE!

She called me Saturday to say they have decided they aren't dog people. UGH! I called both families who were interested in him and they have both since adopted another dog. Poor Wayne.

Story #3:

Jerry my GSP who is very very very scared, timid and OBVIOUSLY was abused but is the sweetest dog you will ever meet was adopted by a nice couple 2 weeks ago. They new exactly what they were getting into with him.. the foster home and I both explained he is very quiet, likes to lay around inside and doesn't play with toys.. or actually play at all. I joked he was a lazy old black lab trapped in a GSP body.

I received an email from the adoptive family on Thursday. Here is what the email said:

Unfortunately, he bit (husband's name) last night on the head and ear as we were trying to play with him. (Husband's name) was playfully trying to get him to play with some new toys, he made a growling sound at Jerry and had his head down, Jerry went after him as if he was another dog, growled and bit him. The bite wasn't terribly bad but did draw blood in two places.

SERIOUSLY???? Why in God's green Earth would you do that?? A scared dog and you get in his face and growl at him??? I wouldn't even do that to my own dog that I have owned for 2 years and is in NO WAY timid, shy, scared.

Here is a picture of Jerry with his foster homes 2 year old son. Looks like a real mean dog, huh?

Now Jerry has a bite history. THANKS!

I am just really done with people, they do nothing but disappoint me and the dogs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I feel like a failure today.

Ok, so I just typed a blog about how shitty I feel about what all has been going on the last few days.. I hit some sort of button and it all deleted. That seriously adds to my day.

I am too upset to type is all again...

Let's just say I feel like I failed about 3 dogs and 1 family so right now I am not liking being in rescue or really having anything to do with dogs...

I just can't handle disappointing people or dogs and I have managed to do it all in 3 days! GREAT!