Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy 4 days.

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I changed my schedule at work so I have a little more flexibility but yet I feel like I can't get everything done.. how is that possible?

Thursday I got in 5 new dogs, 5 urgent dogs. I had to leave 2 dogs at the shelter because there was a chance they wouldn't get killed over the weekend. Luckily they didn't and I will be getting them on Thursday.

When I got home on Thursday after work it was about 5:30, I had to run to the vet office, had an adoption pick up, had to settle in the 5 dogs I had just got PLUS one of the horses in my barn had hurt his leg so I had to take care of that. By the time I got into the house at ate dinner it was 9:30.

Friday I got up really early, like I said I am trying to make it to work early so I can leave. I was able to make it to work by 6:45. Was trying for 6:30 but oh well. I had a busy day at work but was able to leave by 2:30 to get to the vet office to pick up the 2 dogs that had surgery, get home b/c the black smith was coming over b/c of the horses hurt leg and then plug in from home to work a bit.

My Mitizi was adopted on Friday night and Kay a poodle/JRT mix that I had gotten in 2 weeks before got adopted as well. Apparently she has a broken jaw... the vet that did her spay said she isn't in any pain but it does need to be repaired. I am not sure how old the injury is b/c I have had her 2 weeks and she was at the shelter for over a month. Poor dog. How the heck do you get a broken jaw? I swear in rescue you see it all....ugh!

Since she is eating just fine the adopter and I said that we would just figure out what the best course of action is for her and go from there. I played phone tag with my vet all day Friday so I am hoping to talk to him tonight when I go in... I have an appoint for every day this week. LOL!

Oh and get this one of the dogs that I have was diagnosed by the vet with depression.. they think it it is post pardon depression... how strange is that?

So, Friday Mitizi went home, her family couldn't have been any nicer but I still miss her. Saturday was a good day... I got up, feed horses, took care of dogs, loaded up Champ and Larry and then went to pick up Sasha at the boarding kennel where I had her so she could recover. I drove to drop them off on transport so they could be adopted on Saturday.... which they all were. It was good they all got adopted but that took all morning, I left at 8 and didn't get home til 12:00. Then Sienna's family came over and adopter her. THEN I cleaned up after the dogs, played with them for a bit, tried to take pictures, cleaned horse stalls, took care of the cats, goats and cleaned my barn. OH and took care of the horses bad foot and um.. oh then had to take down my windmill b/c someone hit it with a horse trailer and it was about to fall down.. not really sure how you hit A HUGE windmill but they did. So, to my very long week and very long day that was not on my top priority list but it was either leave it and it would hit the house or take it down.

Let me just say I had a few beers on Saturday night and went to bed by midnight.. LOL! What a crazy time.

Yesterday was at least a quiet day THANK GOD!

Now for a new week... got to figure out who needs rescued from the kill shelters and who can wait till next week.

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