Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sasha's rescue

Yesterday around 1pm in the afternoon I received a phone call from a frantic girl. She honestly wasn't making much sense, I wasn't able to speak to her right then so I told her I would call her back.

A few hours later I called back and spoke to her mom. Her mom shared the story of why they were contacting me.

Gracie (the mom), Kirsten (her daughter) and Gracie's husband were at the park on Saturday. They were going fishing. The husband is injured so he doesn't walk as fast as Gracie and Kirsten. A couple walked passed the family with a small dog following behind them. Since Gracie and Kirsten were a head of Gracie's husband they did not witness this but the couple got to their truck and the dog acted like it wanted to jump in. The guy kicked at the dog and missed but the dog continued to try to jump in. The man kicked at the dog again but this time hitting her. He yelled "NO SASHA NO you aren't coming" Gracie's husband yelled to the guy "what are you doing" The guy answered back "She is going to die anyway, let her be a good meal for a coyote."


Gracie's boyfriend tried to get their licenses plate number but wasn't able to read it. He scooped up Sasha and they took her home. Sasha is a sweet dog, housebroken, good with dog, kids... just a nice dog. Just one problem she has a HUGE HUGE HUGE tumor on her chest. See below

The family that saved Sasha doesn't have the money to take care of her tumor but in only 3 days have fallen totally in love with her. And honestly I can't blame them I have had her for all of 8 hours and I love her.

The family lived 45 minutes from where I was going to be today so they brought Sasha to me. They had to borrow money just to bring her to me. They are really nice and really caring people.

I need another JRT in my rescue like I need a hole in my head. I am NOT going to allow this dog to be homeless OR DEAD because of money. So, I told the family I would take care of her tumor, get her spayed, get her a dental, get her shots, heartworm tested and rabies shot. I would then return her to them.

They love her and said they can afford to feed her and do her yearly shots, they just didn't have the money to get her medical issues to taken care of.

Wednesday night I am dropping her off at the vet office. She is going to get "fixed" up on Thursday and I will get her transported back to them on Saturday!

Look closely at the pictures above you can see her tumor... tumor that would have NEVER existed if only she was spayed. The next time you hear of someone having a female dog that isn't fixed. Maybe you should show them Sasha's picture!


NoviceLife said...

OMG how heart wrenching :( HOW SAD - I just still cannot fathom that people do that. Thank goodness that family was there to witness that and take Sasha with open arms.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Let me help. Do you have Paypal? I checked the website but want to help you help Sasha - can't do much but something. How terrible of that couple to treat their dog in such a way and WHAT a blessing the family and the girl's boyfriend have turned out to be. Please, let me know.

Abby said...

The next time you feel like you fail the dogs, remember Sasha. Who else would do this?

selkie said...

who would ever have thought a tumour was a lucky thing? But think about the life that little dog must have had with those horrible horrible people... people who would abandon a dog, to be left frightened, hungry to die of exposure, starvation or yes, as food for a coyote. Yet then people like the ones you are helping came along... what a contradiction the human race is.

A.Marie said...

You are truly an angel sent from heaven above....what you are doing for God's creatures is amazing. May God bless you for your many efforts on behalf of these dogs. I am hugging my little JRT, Sheba, and giving her a little kiss. She is spayed, has all her shots, and her pelvic has totally healed from when she got hit by that car.

My Sheba was either dumped or she was lost...she had a collar but no one ever called the vet to claim her. Maybe they couldn't afford to her, either.

Anonymous said...

You are Awesome Amy! This little girl was lucky that this family was in the park & also that they contacted you! I hope everything turns out well at the vet & she can then go happy & healthy to her forever home! Dawn

Dog Rescuer said...

Hey Roberta! I do have paypal but don't worry about it. I had some donations come in and I will just put that money towards Sasha. I am not worried about the money, just Sasha and making sure she is happy, health and loved.

And if the donations don't cover it so what I don't got out to eat for a few Saturday's with my husband.. big deal.. lol

Carrie said...

To actually witness a dog dump? I would've gone ballistic and wound up in jail or something. The "found" family and you are so sweet to take care of her needs like that. Bless you guys.

marie said...

Jeez, i was going to ask you about her. i was playing with her a little today when i dropped off the other 2. Very sweet girl, Jace liked her. i miss way to much working.