Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am speechless

I received this email today:

I found your website online and hope you can help me out. We took in a stray dog last summer that someone was going door to door trying to find its owner. The woman said she had to get back to work so my husband told her she could leave the dog at our house until she got off work. She never came back. I told my husband we couldn't keep the dog because we already had two dogs at that point. I checked a couple of places but nobody would take her. I didn't want to send her somewhere that she would be put to sleep. The male dog that we already owned got her pregnant and she had 11 puppies. We tried to keep them separated but we have limited resources and she ended up pregnant twice more (a total of 30 puppies). I cannot keep her any longer but I really don't want to send her somewhere that will put her down. If there is any way you can help me find her a home, I would greatly appreciate it. She looks like a Rottweiler/Sheperd mix but we really don't know for sure nor how old she is. All I do know is that she is very fertile. I don't have the money to have her fixed and she has to be kept separate from our other female dog because they have tried to kill each other on numerous occasions. She is good with other dogs except the one female we already had when she came along. Please let me know if you can help.


NoviceLife said...


AndeesResQdPups said...

OMFG you have got to be kidding me. They couldn't afford to get her neuterd but they could afford 30 puppies? Sorry but I have got to call the Bullshit card on that one. We all know how expensive puppies are. Peoples ignorance is just baffling. I notice she left out whether or not they sold or gave away the puppies. UGH 30 unaltered dogs out there due to one persons negligence, and thats exactly what it is.

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crystal said...

Here is some help lady "NEUTER YOUR DAMN DOG!!!!' then you maybe can try to elicit sympathy from someone who actually cares about dogs!!

How did you refrain from writing an all caps nasty response to her?!