Monday, March 30, 2009

Some days I want to be normal

Some days I just want to be able to leave work, go home, make dinner BEFORE 8 or 9pm, eat it while it is still hot, watch TV, drink a glass of wine and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Some days I want to be able to wake up in the morning like a "normal" person... let my dog out to go potty, feed him, get ready for work and actually make it to work on time.

Some days I want to go home after work and take a nap.

Some days I wish I could go out on Friday night with my fiance without thinking to myself "I have so much to do tomorrow" Heck I just want to go out.

Some days I want to sleep in.

Some days I want to go away for the day or weekend without worrying about animals.

Some days I want to check my email and not have 10 dogs needing a place to go before they die.

Some days I want to answer my phone and have it not be someone wanting to get rid of a dog.

Some days I wish I had the money to go shopping but I don't because I had to buy $500 worth of dog food.

Some days I don't want a million people coming and going from my house to see dogs.

Some days I wonder what would it be like to have never gotten involved with dog rescue? What would it be like to go home after work to a house in a neighborhood. What would it be like to say yea lets go out after work and if I don't get home till 3am oh well. What would it be like if I didn't have to run to the vet office every other day? What would it be like to not have to pay someone to clean my house, mow my lawn, etc. because I actually have time to do it??

Some days I just really wish I could be "normal"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Revolving Door

What a weekend!

Yesterday I went to a training seminar. I took some of my dogs, set up a little table. It was fun. The seminar was from 1 - 4 but I had to be there by 12 and I didn't actually leave till 5:45. I had a family come and meet Venus, fall in love and took her home in the morning. My entire day was with the dogs.

On my way home from the training seminar I had to drop off Minnie to her foster home and then go home, unload dogs and stuff and take care of the puppies. I didn't get done with everything and out of the shower until 7:30. I went the grocery store, went to Tyler's and made breakfast food for dinner. LOL!

Today it was basically the same kind of day. Starting at 9am with my first adoption appointment and not getting done until 4:15!! I am tired.

Someone came to see Frankie at 9am and left about 9:30am with Frankie :-)
I then feed horse and started my normal clean routine. Around 10:15ish a family came to meet and adopt Herman. They were here till about 11:00. As they were leaving the family for Cody came over and so did a family to see the puppies. While they were here visiting with their prospective new family member, another couple came over to see Molly the mom. The people to see Molly stayed a short time. They couple that was looking at Cody decided to adopt him so I did paper work with them and then the family looking at the puppies decide they wanted to adopt one so I did paper work with them.

THEN I had about 1/2 hour break to finish cleaning my barn and doing stuff in there. Then two more families came to see the puppies. They both adopted one as well. By this time it was about 1:15. Then one more family came to see the puppies as those two families were leaving.

They were here until 2:30 and decided to adopt a puppy as well. They left and then Beverly brought Cricket back over because her dog was jealous. Then Bob & Kim came over to take Millie to foster and THEN one more family came over to see the puppies.

I am tired. And you know what I got done today... NOTHING.. LOL!! I haven't showered, I haven't eaten, I haven't done anything for two days except be with dogs. I might just be turning into one.. LOL!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Trying to keep up

I feel a bit overwhelmed... I have a lot of applications coming in, which is a super good thing but I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to keep it all straight. Just too many dogs to keep track of. I think once this weekend is over I will feel better.

Sally, a person I work with came over last night and will be adopting Milhouse one of my 9 puppies. My niece wants Sparky so that is another one spoken for. I have 4 or 5 people coming over on Sunday to see the puppies, 1 person coming to see Venus and Frankie and.... Oh a really nice lady came over yesterday to see Molly the Mom. She is going to bring her husband back over to meet her. Oh and Herman, someone is coming to see him on Sunday too.

Ok, so that is good. It is just a matter of keeping it all straight in my head.. LOL!! I hate the feeling of not having things done and not being organized. I need to sit down and make sure I am organized. LOL!!

So, the puppies are doing great. They are good eaters. I am still working on getting mom to get all the worms gone and have stolid poop. Poor dog. I can't even imagine how she was able to have all those puppies and for them to be as healthy as they are.

Wish me luck this weekend that a few dogs get adopted. I have been writing this blog all day and I just got another phone call about Cody so hopefully he will get a home too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

88 Days till the wedding and 22 dogs that need adopted!

Anyone want to be a foster home!

Holy cow, the wedding is fast approaching.... way faster then I thought it would and I have a lot of dogs that need homes AND there are so many that need out of shelters before they die :-(

Spring is here and that means Christmas puppies are not cute, little and fun and more dogs are let outside to "run" and of course they aren't fixed so the wonder further from home and end up in pounds. And that means DOGS IN NEED EVERYWHERE!

I know of at least 4 JRT's that need out ASAP. I have 5 in boarding right now at $15 a day. UGH!

I need to do adoption events but at the same time I need to be home getting ready for the wedding and getting stuff done.

I have a Pet Expo that I am going to on Saturday in Westlake. Maybe I will have good luck there and next week I will go to Pet Smart. Fingers crossed some kids get homes ASAP!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Dear Ohio Dog Friends,

Please join us in our effort to pass The Ohio Puppy Mill Bill. The bill has been re-written to please all interested parties and includes a ban on dog auctions in Ohio.

State Representative Robert Hagan and Joint Senate Sponsors Jim Hughes & Gary Cates will soon introduce the bills. The Puppy Mill Bill will address the problems you may have seen on the Oprah Show and a law suit filed by HSUS against a pet store chain due to their purchase of sick puppies from mills.

What can you do to help? Please contact your Ohio State Senator and State Representative to ask them to co-sponsor the bills. It is important they hear from the people that vote them into office.

For more information on the bill and puppy mills in Ohio, visit,

For the Dogs,
Kellie DiFrischia

PS Please share this email with all dogs enthusiasts in Ohio.
Together, we can be a voice for the dogs suffering in Ohio Puppy Mills.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My personal HELL!

Yesterday (Thursday) before work I spent a good hour feeding, hugging, kissing my beautiful 9 puppies. As I prepared their food and set it on the floor for them to eat and play in.. LOL!! I did a head count. PUPPY EATING COUNT! 1,2,3,4.... 9 pooping puppies. I then took care of my other animals and got ready for work. I then left a note in my barn that said I had 3 week old puppies and to please feed them, love them, play with them. I have a horse boarding stable and my boarders love the dogs and ESPECIALLY puppies. It is nice because my dogs get a lot of attention between me, my volunteers, my family and 8 boarders and their friends and family.

During the day Anita and her son Luke who have horses at my house and Anita is a good family friend came to the barn. They were SO excited to see PUPPIES!!! They spent probably 2 hours playing and petting and feeding the puppies that afternoon. Not knowing how many there were Anita and Luke did a head count. 9 puppies HOLY COW!

After being at my house for a little while another boarder came to the barn. She is a little difficult to get a long with so Anita and Luke went in the house to talk to my mom and in the green house to talk to my Dad. This was about 3 or 3:30. By 4:30 the other boarder, her boyfriend and her friend had left. So, they went back to the barn to do spend time with their horses and say hi to the puppies again.

I came rushing home from work to give hugs and kisses to my puppies and fed them. My mom and sister were in playing with them when it was close to bed time so I asked them to put them in their house with their mom for the night. Not thinking about it I did not do another puppy head count.

I woke up this morning (Friday) and ran to the barn in my PJ's. PUPPIES!! They were all sleeping in their house, snuggling and warm. I said "BABIES" and they all woke up and started grunting like puppies do. I prepared their food and starting getting them out of their house one by one by one. As mom and the puppies were eating I did my normal PUPPY HEAD COUNT. 1,2,3,4... 8...8??? Where is 9?? OMG! I tore their house apart. NO PUPPY.

See where this is going???

Long story short I was missing a puppy. Ok, where did it go? It didn't get up and walk away. The puppies can barely support their own weight and when they "walk" they look like drunks.. LOL!! Freaking out I called Anita. Where could it have gone?

I arrived at work sick to my stomach 2 hours late. Unable to concentrate and feeling like my world was coming down around me. I had a feeling I knew where the puppy was but how do I call someone and say "I know you have my puppy, can I have it back?" I hate to accuse. What if I am wrong? What if they get scared and dump the puppy?

I called and asked the boarder's Grandma. Are X's friend trust worthy?

I kept calling home to see if anyone had stopped over, may she would return the puppy?? By 5:30 I was home and still 8 puppies. I called the police. What else was there to do?

The police showed up about 7:30 and about 10 minutes later Grandma called me back. She had found the puppy and was on the way to my house with it.

The puppy is fine. THANK GOD! But I did file charges. Apparently the "friend" of X took the puppy.. put it in her sweatshirt so Grandpa who drives X to the barn wouldn't notice and then lied to her mom and said she found the puppy on the side of their house. Luckily the puppy was taken care of for the night and the mom of the friend said she took the puppy to the vet. That was $100 charge.

So, the puppy is safe back with it's litter and mom. There is HUGE chain and lock so no one can get near the puppies without getting the key.

That was my hell for the day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

9 Puppies have arrived

Yesterday I got a call from my dog warden. He said they just picked up a mom dog and 9, 3 week old puppies. He doesn't want to take them to the pound because he doesn't want them getting sick. Can I help.

It just so happens my dog stall is empty because I was able to get so many adopted last week and Jingles went to a foster home. So much for having 2 days without dogs to take care of.

They aren't officially mine until Saturday but I am sure no one is looking for this dog and her puppies. She has clearly been living on the streets for some time. She is VERY skinny, older and this isn't her first litter :-(

On top of 9 puppies and a mom dog taking up the entire dog stall, I have 4 JRT's coming today and there are 2 I am supposed to be getting from Gloria this weekend. Oh and I have a dog being dropped off on Saturday. So, this is going to be interesting. 7 dogs I have to find a place for PLUS Cody who is currently at the vet clinic. At least Margaret is going to take Minnie.

OMG now that I just wrote this all out, I am freaking. By the time these puppies are ready to go to homes it will be 2 weeks before my wedding... LOL!!

So, here are the puppies and mom.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend up date

Saturday was a good day. Ava was adopted by a really really nice family from MI and Preston was adopted by Patty in Southern Ohio AND at the adoption event Missy, Scout, Candi and Geo all found homes. Even two dogs that my friend Teresa brought with her found homes.

So, the dogs that needed homes after Saturday's event are Jingles, Cody who went to the event and Crash and Murrey who are down in foster homes near Dayton. Not bad I thought!

Tonight Cappy is going home. He has been spoken for since last week but they couldn't pick him up until tonight because they had family stuff going on. And Cody is at the vet along with Candi who gets picked up on Friday and Minnie a female JRT I got in last night. Jingles is going to a foster home tonight so you know what that means????


Well sort of, I still have Hope and Regal.. LOL!!

I am getting 2 JRT's from Megis County Thursday I think and I should be getting Murrey soon and I am getting a Female JRT from Scioto Thursday for sure and a male JRT mix from Defiance..... UM.... Oh and I think a rough coat JRT from Cincinnati area.

So, I am restocking. But at least I get like 2 days of not having to take care of a million dogs. Which is good because tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and I took the day off from work to go to the parade and such and Wed night I am going out for my friends b-day.

Thursday I will feel overwhelmed all over again.. LOL!!


That little girl is CRAZY. She runs and runs and runs and plays with toys and picks on the other dogs and is just a crazy little thing. She defiantly needs a home with a strong personality because she is the type of dog that if she doesn't have a strong pack leader will try to lead the pack.. LOL!!

Well yesterday she was outside with me all day building fence. Running around the back pasture, chewing on God knows what and of course trying to go the neighbor's just because I told her she couldn't. Hence the reason I put up fence now they can't get through the pasture fence ;-)

She was VERY tired by the time we came in the house and ate dinner. As you can see by the picture below.
Marshal Update
He is doing well. His skin is clearing up nicely and I think we finally have all the worms gone. Poor dog. He gets one more treatment of medicine on April 1st and hopefully by mid April we will be able to get him neutered and shots and in a home!!
I know I need to get more pictures of him... I will work on that.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It has been crazy!

So, sorry I haven't been keeping everyone update on everything. I seriously had the last two weeks of hell at work. I have been working until 6 or 7 at night so that means I am not getting home till about 6:30 or 7:30. That really stinks because I like to have quality time with my dogs so that is why I haven't been updating....

Just to give you a taste let me tell you about Friday. Friday is pick up the dogs at the clinic day. So, I usually leave work about 4:15 / 4:30 to go get the dogs. I was slammed at work but had to leave to pick up the dogs. Clinic actually stays open an extra 1/2 hour for me.. they close around 4:30 on Fridays. The clinic is 45 minutes the opposite direction of home.

Shelby was leaving for a weekend foster (and if she is good adopt) home and Teresa needed to her dog from me. So, I get to the clinic give Rob Shelby and Teresa Happy and load up Frannie the beagle, Willy the deaf Aussie, Bailey the lab mix puppy and Preston the JRT. I leave there and go back to work.

It was a nice day and they were in crates... well except for the Aussie. He was just loose in my car. (There is more to that story.. stay tuned.) I get to work about 5:15ish and worked on finishing up stuff until 7pm. I then leave work and drive to Denise from Aussie rescue's vet office to drop of Willy. When I get to the vet office and opened up the back door I realized Willy pooped and then walked in it. So, I know have poop all over my car. Granted this is why I have blankets and stuff down but still. Oh and the entire reason I don't have him in a crate is because I let someone borrow my big crate.. Denise had to load up 3 puppies that were leaving for Canada and then get Willy from me and load him up. I leave Denise's vet office about 7:30 ish.

I had to drop Bailey off to June. So, I call June and have her meet me off the highway. Her husband meets me and picks up Bailey. I rush off and it is about 7:50ish.

I drive all the way to Sandusky which is about 45 minutes pass my house. I meet Gloria around 8:45ish. I had to take back roads to the highway because I had to drive pass the turnpike which is what I needed to take to get to Sandusky because I had to drop off Bailey.

So, I meet Gloria give her Frannie and pick up Scout, an another Aussie for Denise and two JRT mix puppies.. now know as Candi and Cody. I then get to finally drive home. I get home about 9:30pm. I then have to go in the house put on my barn clothes, play with my dogs, take care of the barn, clean up after the dogs, give medicines to those who need it and settle in all the new dogs I have... Because the entire day got all screwed up because I had to go back to work I now have to find a place for the Aussie to sleep for the night. Denise was supposed to come get him but I was running several hours behind schedule and well it was too late for her to drive to me and get him.

I also had to get everything ready for the adoption event on Saturday..... I was able to get everything done and go to bed by 1:00. Never ate dinner but hey that is all in a day of a rescuer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Owners of Bully Breed Dog Beware!

Good thing we have breed specific regulations. Just read below and check out the picture!
If you have a dog that belongs to a 'dangerous breed' category And you also have a small child, please take this as a warning.

Don't leave your dog with the child unattended under any circumstances.

Only a little moment was enough for the following to happen. See the photo
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I hope those are washable markers.. LOL!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

You were loved more then you know.

In 2007 my rescue partner rescued a senior dog from the pound. The poor little thing was so skinny and full of worms and just looked like she lived a rough life or at least the last year or so was rough.

A very nice couple fostered her and then adopted her. They adopted her in Aug 2007 and came to my puppy party September 2007. The sweet little girl was so happy to be carried around everywhere.

Unfortunately today I received this email. I am now sitting at my desk crying like a baby!
Hello, Gloria

About a year and a half ago (in August) I fostered (then adopted) a little cockapoo that you had rescued. You had named her Gretchen (named after the person who worked at the shelter). I had re-named her Billie

I wanted to inform you of the very sad news that I had to have Billie put to rest on Saturday. I'm heartbroken and have been crying all weekend. Billie was a sweetheart and I had gotten even more attached to her than I was to my other two dogs that I raised from puppies. She would follow me everywhere and cuddled next to me every night on the couch and in our bed.

When I first adopted her, I took her to my vet for general visit. She had two large heart mummers, one on each side of her heart. We also determined after a couple months, that it was very apparent that she was deaf. She didn't learn her name and didn't respond to loud noises. We had to be careful waking her up from sleep as to not startle her.

Poor little Billie's immune system was weak. Only a month and half ago, she became very ill with diarrhea and suddenly began bleeding blood clots. She was in the vet hospital for three days with IVs and antibiotics. Thankfully, is was just an infection as was treatable. When I returned to the hospital to pick her up, she was just as spunky as she always was.

But over the past couple weeks, she seemed to be sleeping more often than usual and was more hesitant using stairs. I thought that it was just her age and maybe she was developing arthritis. But during the past week she was becoming more irritable towards our other dogs. At that time, I didn't really think much of it as she never really did want much to do with our other dogs.

Early Saturday morning at 4:30 am, my fiance woke me to tell me that something was wrong with Billie. She was in bed with us and was lying up against my fiance. He felt her shaking, which woke him. I first thought she was having a stroke or heart attack. I held her close to me to keep her safe and realized that she appeared to be having a seizure. It lasted about a minute or so and then she seemed completely normal. I called our vet and planned to take her in as soon as the office opened to have her examined. Then a few hours later, she had another seizure. I rushed her to the vet. The doctor prescribed a medication to give her daily, but the medication wouldn't be fully affective until two weeks of administering. The other option was a 24 IV drip first, then the medication on a regular basis. The doctor tried to gently tell me that she didn't want to give me false hope and that with Billie's current age and health, and the fact that she was having multiple seizures in a 24 period, that it was likely that there was something more serious going on with her. There was really no way of knowing without additional tests and an MRI. There was no guarantee that the medication would work. With her hear mummer getting worse, she didn't expect that she would be with us for too much longer. She would most likely continue to have more serious health problems. The doctor also said that the medication itself, sometimes will make the dog lose it's zest for life and lose interest in most everything except sleeping. She didn't think that would be a humane life for her, either. The doctor suggested that I take her home and try the medication first. If she had more multiple seizures, then I should rush her back in and then I could then make to decision to either try the 24 hour IV or to put her to rest.

Within half an hour of being home from the vet, she had another seizure. Then another one a couple hours later. It was horrible to see her go through this. Each one weakened her more and she was having a hard time recovering from them. Seeing her condition after the fourth seizure, I felt in my heart that it was time to let her go. I also felt that our vet probably felt the same way, although she didn't want to come right out and say it. We took her back to the vet and I held her close to me through her final journey. Even my fiance sobbed with me.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, but she doesn't have to suffer through any more illnesses. I have no regrets in adopting her and want to thank you for bringing her into our lives. She was the best little dog. She loved people and loved to be petted and cuddle ad was as cute as could be. Please thank Amy for me as well. I am going to miss little Billie and will be grieving for some time. Thankfully, I have two other dogs that seem to know something is wrong as they keep coming up to me giving me kisses. I certainly would consider adopting another senior dog some time in the future as I was happy give Billie a good life for her last year and a half. I just with that she could have been with us a little longer. Thank you so much for rescuing her and bringing her to me. This photo was taken of her during her first summer with us.

Laurie S.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hope update and others (2 of 2 posts)

Hope is doing GREAT GREAT GREAT! That puppy is a spit fire. OMG so freaking cute. She has both of her casts off. We took them off on Wednesday. They were rubbing her little legs and irritating her.

She is using her left leg and doing pretty good. Her right leg I don't think will ever be normal. That is the one that was the worse of the two. She walks a little side ways but that is ok gives her character.. not that she needs it.. LOL!!

She is so tiny, 7.5 pounds. But don't let her size fool you. She will put any dog in it's place. My Aussie puppy Expresso is very playful and if he tries to play with her and she doesn't want to she barks and snaps at him.. she will even chase him. So, funny.

Hope is in LOVE with Disco my 80# black lab. He lays on the floor and she crawls all over him and licks his face.

She is a little dare devil too. If you aren't careful and don't watch her like a hawk she will climb up the stairs, jump off the back porch, try to get on the couch... She is crazy. LOL!

Since it does take a bit of effort for her to stand and walk and run she has resorted to sitting and spinning in a circle when she wants to play. It is so funny.. oh geez if anything she is the only thing keeping me from not totally stressing out over what all has been going on this week.


Marshall is doing well too. His skinn is healing and he will get more medicine tomorrow. He went to get a bath yesterday so hopefully he is smelling better. Boy did he stink. LOL!!

I am hoping that by end of the month I will be able to get him neutered and shots and all the important stuff.

He is nothing but a love bug that is for sure.


Yesterday was transport today. I actually only got one dog off transport yesterday. Good huh? The other 3 I was supposed to get all got adopted. I don't know if I am going to jinx myself here but I feel like the JRT population might just be catching up with it's self. There doesn't seem too be as many... there is still a ton .... as many as there was last year.

If a breed looses popularity like the JRT's have over the last 8 years or so. Frasier went off the air and the movie the Mask is pretty old now. They say if the mass breeding stops breeding them and they aren't selling well it takes about 5 years for the population to catch up with it's self. So, maybe do you think??? Could I be that lucky??

I have heard that pet stores don't carry as many JRT puppies because they don't sell for high money any more. I have heard Puppy Mill owners (aka Millers) say that they aren't' breeding JRT's any more because they are too hard sell.

Just got to keep up the education and maybe maybe we (all rescue people... those who do rescue and those who have adopted from a rescue) are actually making a different. Do you think?

Anyways, the new guys name is Preston and he is SKINNY!!!! A bit confused but a sweet little boy. I really like him.

Where did all the crazy people come from? (1 of 2 posts)

I just need to vent for a moment

So, this week has been out of control. Work has been crazy due to one person trying to be difficult. That should probably be another blog.. LOL!! And on top of that it seems I am getting a lot of emails from people where my jaw just drops when I read them.

Well for starters Lola is not going to a foster to adopt home :-( The reason why is so strange. There is this lady who has a grumpy old small dog and wanted a female lap dog. So, when I got Lola in I told her about her and she thought that might just work. I called her vet reference and the vet said that her dog was pass due on shots, rabies, heart worm test and they hadn't bought front line or heartgurd since 2006. That is nearly 3 years with out a vet check or shots.

I was give people the benefit of the doubt.. maybe they have another vet or give shots themselves or ...... So, I emailed her and told her I spoke to the vet and they said your dog was pass due on shots since 2006. My exact words were "I don't want to assume anything so that is why I am checking with you."

She write back that she is insulted that I think she doesn't take care of her pets and that maybe she shouldn't adopt from me. HUH???!!! WOW!!

Needless to say I was in shock. I have never had that reaction before. I emailed her back and said just that.. I have never received a reaction like that from anyone. I told her good luck with her little boy and wished her all the best.

I am still scratching my head on that one. I thought she was a nice lady on the phone.

I have received emails this week from people wanting to give up their JRT puppy because it destroyed $500 worth of stuff. Like the puppy has any idea how much things cost and how about don't leave the dog alone so it can destroy things.

I have had people email me wanting to find a home for their 9 year old behavioral issue dog (they don't want to deal with it any longer), a dog with seizure (they are sick of paying for the medicine), a 7 year old not housebroken dog (they can't deal with the peeing the house.. he is not neutered!).

Oh and even got an email from a women looking for help for a guy who runs a puppy mill in MI. She of course doesn't think it is a puppy mill and doesn't see anything wrong with someone having 50 - 60 "breeding stock" dogs (that is what she called the JRT's). She sees nothing wrong with it and feels the owners constitutional rights are being compromised and everyone is against this poor honest business owner. OMG!

What is wrong with people?

THEN the one email that just put me right over the edge. I will be honest my response to her was a bit harsh but I just snapped.

I received an email from a lady who breed her JRT. The JRT had 4 puppies. She sold 2, is keeping one and can't seem to find anyone buy the 3rd one. Her exact words were "I have tried several different methods to sell him, but at this point I would just like to find him a good home."


Those are the emails I have dealt with this week.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A rescued Jack Russell Terrier is famous again!

Not sure if a lot of people know this but Eddie from Fraiser was a rescue dog. He was saved from a shelter!
Well it has happened again. This time it is a Russell Rescue Inc. dogs.

Bucky was rescued by the Texas Chapter. Here is the story!

Bucky and actor Jesse Metcalfe on the set of Bucky's first movie
Bucky has an interesting story. I met him in October of 2007, when he was assigned to me as my rescue dog at a school for professional dog trainers. He had been saved by Phyllis, a member of the Jack Russell Rescue in Texas. Bucky was found on the streets, and was saved by Phyllis after being flagged for euthanasia for possessive aggression issues at the shelter. He was scared, and malnourished. She fostered him and then sent him to the dog trainer school's program to give him a second chance at life. I decided very quickly he was a blessing I would not be letting go, and I adopted him. He went through the academy for professional dog trainers with me, overcoming his possession issues and fears. His confidence slowly but surely came back to him, and he became an amazing trick dog, comfortable in his own skin. I ended up staying at the school and now work there. Soon after I was hired, we were contacted by an animal wrangler for film and Bucky got his big break in show business. He's in an upcoming movie called "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" a remake of the 1950's version. It stars Michael Douglas, Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn. His name is Woodward in the movie, and it was a decent role for his first time. This little guy is just amazing - in under a year he went from stray on the streets, to movie star. Originally assigned to me while in school because I'd never worked with small dogs, I will never live life without owning a Jack. Bucky is proof that these little guys have all the heart in the world, and that there are amazing dogs in shelters that if given a second chance can shine!

*** This story was taken from

You can go to the link and leave a comment or just read the comments :-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Work has been absolutely crazy and their seems to be a million emails from people wanting to get rid of a dog or dog they found or a dog in a shelter. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

BREATH!!! In threw the nose out threw the mouth.. LOL!!

Ok, so some good news. Two of the dogs that I was supposed to get out of the shelter were adopted. :-) So, now I am only getting one. YAY!!! I also have 5 potential forever homes.. I say potential because 1 I spoke with wants Crash and Christie is calling her to talk to her to make arrangements. 1 is interested in a new girl we got two days ago Breena, he needs to talk to his wife and call me back. I really like him. 1 is interested in Jingles but is going to call me back this weekend. I sure hope she does because I think it is a good match. And I have two foter to adopt situations going down with Lola and Shelby. :-)

So, that is the good news!!

I think I might be getting a female JRT owner surrender this weekend. She isn't fixed. That always scares me.

And I might be getting in this rough coat guy.. not sure if he is JRT or a mix. Whatever he is cute.

Oh, and there is a JRT at Mercer County pound that we are going to get on Monday. The dog warden said he would give the dog till Wed. So, maybe he will get a great home this weekend but if not we will get him out Monday.

I guess that is, it for now. I am just waiting for people to get back to me on adopting and about dogs in need.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed....

Ok, so things have been going really good and this morning I woke feeling VERY overwhelmed. HOLY COW dogs everywhere!!!

I am getting 3 new dogs on Thursday.

I just got little Shelby who was a courtesy posting and Andrea pulled a female JRT owner surrender from Henry County today. And I have some sad sad news........
Crash is coming back into the rescue program ;-( His new mommy really loves him but as he has gotten healthier and stronger chasing the cats is WAY too much fun.
So, Crash is back looking for someone to love him forever and who doesn't have cats.
By the end of this week it puts me at 14 dogs looking for homes. aaahhhhhhhhh
Feeling very overwhelmed. At least 8 are in foster homes but still that is a lot of dogs to manage right now.
I hope some of my kids get adopted soon. Especially the Aussie Mix puppies and Miss the lab/shep. They are super nice dogs and do not deserve to not have a family.
Paw crossed for me please!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Being a Foster Parent


1. Companionship without a lifetime commitment.

2. Animals that have endured hardship can benefit greatly from a loving home.

3. Fostering provides a great lesson in compassion to children and it’s a wonderful, life-affirming experience.

4. If you have one or more dogs or cats, one more won’t make a difference to you, but it sure will make a difference to the foster animal who otherwise might not have a second chance at life.

5. Fostering increases the likelihood of adoption. When the dog/cat you’ve fostered is loved and accepted in its forever home it is because of the love you’ve given them!

6. Increased "human interaction" greatly helps foster animals who often come from neglectful or abusive situations, and lets not forget what "pet interaction" can do for you by lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, and giving you a real sense of self-worth.

7. You undoubtedly will get attached but when you meet the new family that's ready to provide a permanent home for the dog/cat you’ve fostered you’ll feel more than satisfied to see him/her move on to a new life.

8. Its fun!

9. You’re able to share with your foster animal what a life filled with love should be.

10. More foster homes means more animals’ lives will be spared from pounds and kill shelters. Only a small fraction of animals impounded every year are rescued from the terrible fate of euthanasia. FOSTERING IS A REAL WAY TO SAVE A LIFE!