Thursday, March 5, 2009

A rescued Jack Russell Terrier is famous again!

Not sure if a lot of people know this but Eddie from Fraiser was a rescue dog. He was saved from a shelter!
Well it has happened again. This time it is a Russell Rescue Inc. dogs.

Bucky was rescued by the Texas Chapter. Here is the story!

Bucky and actor Jesse Metcalfe on the set of Bucky's first movie
Bucky has an interesting story. I met him in October of 2007, when he was assigned to me as my rescue dog at a school for professional dog trainers. He had been saved by Phyllis, a member of the Jack Russell Rescue in Texas. Bucky was found on the streets, and was saved by Phyllis after being flagged for euthanasia for possessive aggression issues at the shelter. He was scared, and malnourished. She fostered him and then sent him to the dog trainer school's program to give him a second chance at life. I decided very quickly he was a blessing I would not be letting go, and I adopted him. He went through the academy for professional dog trainers with me, overcoming his possession issues and fears. His confidence slowly but surely came back to him, and he became an amazing trick dog, comfortable in his own skin. I ended up staying at the school and now work there. Soon after I was hired, we were contacted by an animal wrangler for film and Bucky got his big break in show business. He's in an upcoming movie called "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" a remake of the 1950's version. It stars Michael Douglas, Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn. His name is Woodward in the movie, and it was a decent role for his first time. This little guy is just amazing - in under a year he went from stray on the streets, to movie star. Originally assigned to me while in school because I'd never worked with small dogs, I will never live life without owning a Jack. Bucky is proof that these little guys have all the heart in the world, and that there are amazing dogs in shelters that if given a second chance can shine!

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