Monday, March 2, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed....

Ok, so things have been going really good and this morning I woke feeling VERY overwhelmed. HOLY COW dogs everywhere!!!

I am getting 3 new dogs on Thursday.

I just got little Shelby who was a courtesy posting and Andrea pulled a female JRT owner surrender from Henry County today. And I have some sad sad news........
Crash is coming back into the rescue program ;-( His new mommy really loves him but as he has gotten healthier and stronger chasing the cats is WAY too much fun.
So, Crash is back looking for someone to love him forever and who doesn't have cats.
By the end of this week it puts me at 14 dogs looking for homes. aaahhhhhhhhh
Feeling very overwhelmed. At least 8 are in foster homes but still that is a lot of dogs to manage right now.
I hope some of my kids get adopted soon. Especially the Aussie Mix puppies and Miss the lab/shep. They are super nice dogs and do not deserve to not have a family.
Paw crossed for me please!


jane said...

i just stumbled upon your blog. your compassion is admirable!

i have rescued/adopted animals all my life (53 years). however, i can't bring myself to trust other people with these animals with whom i share life. at one point i had eighteen dogs, three cats, four horses and a pony.

as life does, it ended for a number of the dogs over the years, also all of the cats. i have held so many passing souls in my arms and heart it sometimes feels like i will crumble.

my adult son used to call me with, "mom, this kitten found me and..." or "these people have had this dog tied up for a couple years; it's skeletal and mangy, can you...?" and i always did.

people who knew me would catch me in town (i live in the country) and tell me about this stray, or that, or put me onto neglect or abuse.

there finally came a time where i could no longer continue to say yes to every one. i hate that, but it is true. there is a humane society near where i live. i'm certain i have handled more animals over the past fifteen years than they have, but now they've grown and have fosters, so i have mostly left things to them.

i've become a hermit of sorts, with my remaining fourteen dogs and four horses. i'm building a house with kennels in the plans. i am a DAV, so my job is to take care of the animals and work on my house. currently my home is half of the basement, heated by wood, which i harvest myself.

even though i do not have a full time regular-type job, i find myself overwhelmed all too often.

your spirit and determination, courage, generosity, all that you are and share, are wonderful gifts.

i have great respect for you. you've no idea how your story has touched me, already uplifting.

thank you.

House of the Discarded said...

I also stumbled upon your blog today. You and I have a lot in common - except that I'm working with cats. Such similar stories! :)