Friday, March 6, 2009

Where did all the crazy people come from? (1 of 2 posts)

I just need to vent for a moment

So, this week has been out of control. Work has been crazy due to one person trying to be difficult. That should probably be another blog.. LOL!! And on top of that it seems I am getting a lot of emails from people where my jaw just drops when I read them.

Well for starters Lola is not going to a foster to adopt home :-( The reason why is so strange. There is this lady who has a grumpy old small dog and wanted a female lap dog. So, when I got Lola in I told her about her and she thought that might just work. I called her vet reference and the vet said that her dog was pass due on shots, rabies, heart worm test and they hadn't bought front line or heartgurd since 2006. That is nearly 3 years with out a vet check or shots.

I was give people the benefit of the doubt.. maybe they have another vet or give shots themselves or ...... So, I emailed her and told her I spoke to the vet and they said your dog was pass due on shots since 2006. My exact words were "I don't want to assume anything so that is why I am checking with you."

She write back that she is insulted that I think she doesn't take care of her pets and that maybe she shouldn't adopt from me. HUH???!!! WOW!!

Needless to say I was in shock. I have never had that reaction before. I emailed her back and said just that.. I have never received a reaction like that from anyone. I told her good luck with her little boy and wished her all the best.

I am still scratching my head on that one. I thought she was a nice lady on the phone.

I have received emails this week from people wanting to give up their JRT puppy because it destroyed $500 worth of stuff. Like the puppy has any idea how much things cost and how about don't leave the dog alone so it can destroy things.

I have had people email me wanting to find a home for their 9 year old behavioral issue dog (they don't want to deal with it any longer), a dog with seizure (they are sick of paying for the medicine), a 7 year old not housebroken dog (they can't deal with the peeing the house.. he is not neutered!).

Oh and even got an email from a women looking for help for a guy who runs a puppy mill in MI. She of course doesn't think it is a puppy mill and doesn't see anything wrong with someone having 50 - 60 "breeding stock" dogs (that is what she called the JRT's). She sees nothing wrong with it and feels the owners constitutional rights are being compromised and everyone is against this poor honest business owner. OMG!

What is wrong with people?

THEN the one email that just put me right over the edge. I will be honest my response to her was a bit harsh but I just snapped.

I received an email from a lady who breed her JRT. The JRT had 4 puppies. She sold 2, is keeping one and can't seem to find anyone buy the 3rd one. Her exact words were "I have tried several different methods to sell him, but at this point I would just like to find him a good home."


Those are the emails I have dealt with this week.


Hope said...

I'm in awe of people, like you, who devote yourselves so completely to doing rescue work. Thank you!

Thoughts said...

I seriously dont know how you do Amy. First of all, the first lady was pissed because you called her out on not taking care of her dog, bottom line. You figured it out and guilty people will always react like that.

Second, as far as the lady thinking a puppy mill was an honest business, screw that. If you take her dogs then you are indireclty helping the mill.

Some people are so clueless it's infuriating. I would have snapped a long time ago.