Sunday, March 15, 2009

It has been crazy!

So, sorry I haven't been keeping everyone update on everything. I seriously had the last two weeks of hell at work. I have been working until 6 or 7 at night so that means I am not getting home till about 6:30 or 7:30. That really stinks because I like to have quality time with my dogs so that is why I haven't been updating....

Just to give you a taste let me tell you about Friday. Friday is pick up the dogs at the clinic day. So, I usually leave work about 4:15 / 4:30 to go get the dogs. I was slammed at work but had to leave to pick up the dogs. Clinic actually stays open an extra 1/2 hour for me.. they close around 4:30 on Fridays. The clinic is 45 minutes the opposite direction of home.

Shelby was leaving for a weekend foster (and if she is good adopt) home and Teresa needed to her dog from me. So, I get to the clinic give Rob Shelby and Teresa Happy and load up Frannie the beagle, Willy the deaf Aussie, Bailey the lab mix puppy and Preston the JRT. I leave there and go back to work.

It was a nice day and they were in crates... well except for the Aussie. He was just loose in my car. (There is more to that story.. stay tuned.) I get to work about 5:15ish and worked on finishing up stuff until 7pm. I then leave work and drive to Denise from Aussie rescue's vet office to drop of Willy. When I get to the vet office and opened up the back door I realized Willy pooped and then walked in it. So, I know have poop all over my car. Granted this is why I have blankets and stuff down but still. Oh and the entire reason I don't have him in a crate is because I let someone borrow my big crate.. Denise had to load up 3 puppies that were leaving for Canada and then get Willy from me and load him up. I leave Denise's vet office about 7:30 ish.

I had to drop Bailey off to June. So, I call June and have her meet me off the highway. Her husband meets me and picks up Bailey. I rush off and it is about 7:50ish.

I drive all the way to Sandusky which is about 45 minutes pass my house. I meet Gloria around 8:45ish. I had to take back roads to the highway because I had to drive pass the turnpike which is what I needed to take to get to Sandusky because I had to drop off Bailey.

So, I meet Gloria give her Frannie and pick up Scout, an another Aussie for Denise and two JRT mix puppies.. now know as Candi and Cody. I then get to finally drive home. I get home about 9:30pm. I then have to go in the house put on my barn clothes, play with my dogs, take care of the barn, clean up after the dogs, give medicines to those who need it and settle in all the new dogs I have... Because the entire day got all screwed up because I had to go back to work I now have to find a place for the Aussie to sleep for the night. Denise was supposed to come get him but I was running several hours behind schedule and well it was too late for her to drive to me and get him.

I also had to get everything ready for the adoption event on Saturday..... I was able to get everything done and go to bed by 1:00. Never ate dinner but hey that is all in a day of a rescuer.

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~Andeelyn~ said...

Holy Crap!! You have been busy I dont know how you do it. I am soooo excited that the adoption event went so well. Cant wait to hear the updates on Hope and Marshall!