Friday, October 31, 2008

It is Friday already???

I just realized it is Friday and I haven't written all week. GEEZ!

Well I got a male JRT on Wednesday, a REALLY old Rat Terrier yesterday... he looks horrible, skinny, no teeth, poor dog.

I am working my butt off trying to save these three dogs in shelters. Just not enough hours in the day. I am seriously thinking of just taking Monday off work or taking a half day to go save them. I wonder how much vacation time I have left.

I am doing an adoption event on Saturday so we will see how that goes. Maybe I will get some adopted and if that happens that I will seriously consider taking 1/2 day on Monday to go save at least 3 dogs... 1 in Norwalk, 1 in Mansfield, 1 in Bucyrus...

The adoptions that I had over the weekend are going ok. Midget's family just loves her, Robin's mom renamed her Lucy and she is doing well, according to Valerie (a friend of Bob who took Missy home to foster to adopt) Bob just LOVES Missy and she is doing really well with Clyde (who use to be Peter).

Dorothy who was adopted the weekend before is doing well in her family and they have signed her up for training classes.

Boots on the other hand is not being a good girl.... I really hope she straightens out. I talked to her foster home and the people that had adopted her before... they both said the same thing, they didn't have any issues with her but had her on a routine. I am thinking that Boots is just so happy to be with Camp that she isn't paying attention. I really hope she figures it out.

Juno left go to a foster home on Tuesday. That foster home is really good and Juno need some exposure to different people. She is so shy.

Casper left for a foster home last night. Casper is one of the ones I was able to save on Friday along with Spencer. They are going to bring him over Saturday morning so he can go to the adoption event.

I have another person who might be interested in fostering.... just waiting to hear back. Hopefully that will work out.

So, living at my house right now is:
Oakly - the old guy I got last night
Theo - the dog I got Wed.

Plus of course my 2 JRT's and my 2 big dogs.

I guess that isn't too bad. Let's hope that I get at least 1 or 2 adopted tomorrow. Oh that would be so awesome!!!!!!!!

Paws crossed for Boots! She is my only concern, everything else is going ok.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures of Midget in her new home.

Beanie update

Beanie is a dog that I adopted out almost 2 years ago now. Here is the latest update on him:

I just had to let you know that Beanie got his first AKC agility title this weekend! He now has his NAJ which is his Novice Agility Jumpers title. We also got two qualifying scores towards his Novice Standard title and only need one more qualifying run to get his NA Novice Agility title! Our next competition is November 15th up in Columbus . I can’t tell you how many people stop me at trials and tell me how much they enjoy watching Beanie run. His enthusiasm is priceless!

I sent you some pictures from our October trial. The first one is Beanie warming up with his favorite toy. I can toss that ball a hundred times! The second one shows you how excited Beanie is about agility – he whines at the gate ready to go in. The last one shows Beanie on the table which in the middle of his fast run he has to stop at the table and either do a sit or down for 5 seconds and wait for the judge to say go.

Talk to you later,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What to do next...

Well Boots was picked up today by Camp's family. Oh I am just so happy for Boots. Camp is fine without his sister but Boots really isn't ok without Camp. I just can't imagine why it wouldn't work out. I think Boots family is a little worried about what it is going to be like with two dogs and are going to let me know next Sunday if they are for sure going to keep Boots. I am sure it will work... seriously if it doesn't work then I need to stop doing dog rescue because I suck.

All paws crossed that it works out.

Funny thing is I have two applications on Boots. I am going to reach out to them tomorrow. Maybe they will be interested in seeing someone else.

So, Regal didn't work out with that family that took her last week. She was getting way to dominate with the younger boy. I just don't know what to do with that dog. She needs a farm like mine where she can just run and run and play. UGH! Where am I going to find that? I just can't adopt her out to a city type home again. Doing that is just setting her up for failure. I am so torn with this little girl. She is no problem at my house at all. I can't keep another dog, for geez sake. I wonder if the guy who has skipper would want Regal. She loves car rides which Skipper doesn't like and that was the only thing that bothered him about Skipper... well I guess the fact that Skipper is kind of a wimp. UGH! I don't know.......

I can't adopt out Regal again and just set her up for another bounce back to me. I am so lost.

Oh so Bruno got adopted yesterday. Hopefully it works out for Bruno. She was a referral from someone that already has one of my dogs and is fostering to adopt little Missy right now.

Over all it was a good weekend just worried about Regal and what I should do.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Juggling almost complete

Casper and Spencer arrived last night. OMG they are even cuter then the pictures. Especially Casper, he is so tiny!! They both have kennel cough and FULL of worms but I started them on medicine last night so we should be good in a week or so.

Robin went to her forever home last night and the lady LOVES her. I think I love the lady. She is so freaking cute.

Sassy left for her foster home today. Hopefully all goes well with that.

Midget is getting adopted at 1pm.

Missy is going to a foster to adopt home. The home already has one of my little boys from Feb. of this year.

I got a call last night from the family that has Camp. OH I AM SO EXCITED!! They said they are going to pick Boots up Sunday night and foster to adopt her. I know it is going to work, they are little nervous about what it will be like with two dogs but they are seriously not even going to notice Boots. Camp is way more work then Boots and really he isn't much work either.. LOL! Seriously those two dogs are just the best. I know their owner went to jail but he did a good job with those two dogs. If I could clone them I would 100 times over.

Juno is going to get picked up on Tuesday night to be fostered. That is going to be great for Juno. She needs the one on one attention and to be a little more socialized.

Muppet and Casper are going to go to get neutered Monday morning and the two girls that I am holding on to for another rescue are going Monday night to get Spayed. The girls I will not get back for more then a day or so after their spay. And of course Muppet and Casper will come home Thursday night to stay till they get adopted.

My other foster home is leaving for vacation tomorrow but will be back by the weekend so they are going to take someone to foster. I don't know who yet but maybe Bruno if he doesn't get adopted before then.

Rose who is in foster care has a great application on her so we will see how that turns out.

YAY!!! I am so excited. After the crappy beginning of the month I had this is turning out pretty good.

Rescue full of UPS and full of DOWNS. I am just glad I am on an up swing.. LOL!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Juggling dogs.

So, I am getting two new dogs tomorrow from Logan County Pound... Spencer and Casper.

Aren't they cute?

In order to get these dogs I had to some serious juggling.

Midget is getting adopted at 1pm on Saturday.

Robing is getting adopted at 11am on Saturday

Missy is leaving for a foster home to potential adopt home at 1pm Saturday.

Sassy is going to a foster home at 10am Saturday with our new foster home Judi. YAY JUDI!!

Juno is going to a foster home on Tuesday.

Muppet, Casper and Spencer are all going to the clinic on Monday and are there till Thursday.

Yea, so that is my juggling... LOL!!

Confused yet? Yea, well try figuring all this out.. LOL!!

So, where does that leave me? At my house after Tuesday will be Boots, Malcolm, Munch, Wolfie, Bruno and Razzel.

Thursday will be interesting because if transport runs I am getting 2 more JRT's and I will be picking up Muppet, Casper and Spencer from the clinic. UGH! DOGS DOGS EVERYWHERE... LOL!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Giving the dog away for free.....

Last night at around 6:30 I received a voice mail from an older lady named Phyllis. Her dog passed away and she was looking for another dog. She had gotten my phone number from the vet office.

We all know older people and how they can talk so I didn't call her back right away as I had a lot going on last night. By the way looks like Midget is getting a home on Saturday :-)

I called her back around 8:30pm. I talked to her for a little while and suggested a dog named Robin for her. A 7 year old JRT mix who is housebroken, walks well on a leash and loves to snuggle. Phyllis then asked me how much would it cost. I told her $100 for Robin. She said "Oh ok. Well I will have to wait till I get my social security check."

OMG! I thought NO WAY! That just totally broke my heart. I said don't worry about it, if you like Robin she is yours.

I called her back today and asked her what she had for the dog. She said she has bowls, toys, leash and collar. I am going to buy a dog bed, food and get her a tag and take the dog over there on Saturday.

I also asked her if she has any family in the area. She said her son is in Texas but her daughter in in Elyria. So, I got her daughters number and spoke with her today to make sure that her mom getting a dog was OK. Sue, the daughter said it was fine. Her mom is very lonely and she needs a dog to keep her company. I gave Sue all my contact information so that if anything ever happens or she needs anything concerning the dog to call me. Also, let her know that I do want my dog back if for some reason her mom can no longer keep the dog.

So, I am going over there on Saturday around 11am with Robin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Endings

In July I pulled 4 dogs from Licking County Pound. 2 were big dogs... Petey and Harvey. 2 were small dogs.

Petey was at the pound for 45 days. The dog warden just loved this dog and did not want to kill him. He asked week after week for a rescue to take him but no one did. I saw his face every Sunday when I get the kill list asking for someone to take him. He was just a big brown dog. Nothing special. Finally the plea went out that this would be Petey's last week on the list. If a rescue didn't take him the dog warden would have to kill him.

Harvey was an owner surrender to the pound. Owners turned him in because he ate a shoe. Yep, that is right ate a shoe! So, I of course felt bad for him and I took him too.

I also got Franny that day and Carl a 4 month old terrier mix puppy.

Anyways, I pulled all 4 dogs on my birthday, July 24th. I figured that way no one in my family could yell at me. It was my 30th birthday and that is what I wanted for my birthday.

Ok, so long story short we all know Franny was sick and she got adopted by a great family.

Petey well he is mine now. I am keeping him. Ever since Penny died he has been there right by my side. He is actually at the vet office today getting DNA tested and his dew claws removed.

Carl the puppy was adopted the week after Harvey was adopted and last I heard is doing great!

Harvey was the first to be adopted. He was adopted by a nice family who had a very small Min Pin. I mean very small Min Pin. Harvey was this HUGE Rottie mix. Well to show the happy

Monday, October 20, 2008

Follow up from Sunday's post.

Dexter's family emailed me back and said they may have worked something out where Dexter can be let out during the day. Hopefully this will work out and then they will not have to return him.

Ricky's mom is keeping him until we can find him a home.

I think that is it...LOL!! Dorothy did go home to a great family on Saturday. I will be sending them an email shortly to check in. I LOVE THAT DOG!!

Regal left yesterday too but she is such high energy I don't really have high hopes.. LOL!! The family was getting a dog for the two boys and they both really seemed to like Regal. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Regal. She is a great dog at my house but she is so much energy. Hopefully the boys will be able to keep her entertained. LOL! I will let you know.

I did get a few applications but they aren't responding back to me on follow up questions so I am sure those will go no where. UGH!

I received an email about a Logan County having over 150 animals up for adoption. The warden was instructed to reduce the population in 1/2 by destroying the animals. She is working feverishly with the help of some volunteers to get as many dogs to rescue before it comes to that. There are about 6 JRT's there...... and I can't help! **sigh**

I need foster homes!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Returning dogs everywhere....

Bruno the JRT was returned because the retired guy that had him for 4 days said he didn't have time for a dog!?

Ricky a beagle / JRT mix that I adopted out in March is being returned because the women says he is too much energy for her.

Dexter an American Eskimo dog that I adopted out Jan 2007 is being returned because the wife got a new job and works too much.

Nora the JRT was returned because she was a bad match... that I don't blame anyone but me on.

Robin the JRT was returned after 4 hours because the family forgot that they had an alarm system with sensors and Robin would set it off.

Boots the Rat Terrie mix was returned because the 4 year old had allergies (no ones fault on this one either).

Kyle the Corgi/JRT mix's family lost their home and moved to Columbus. While the settled in I said I would watch Kyle. They dropped him off to me the 2nd to last week in Aug. I still have him. I have him back up for adoption as I don't think they are coming back for him. They have NEVER called me and I even sent him to a foster home in Columbus to be near them and they have NEVER called the foster home either.

All of this has happened in October. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? I can't take in shelter dogs because I am so full and I am only adopting out one here and one there but I still have the same number of dogs because people keep returning the dog. UGH!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Checking emai....

I am totally completely obsessed with checking email. I am on email all day at work, I leave work, get home, check email, I change my clothes , go outside and take care of all my animals. I am outside for (well it is getting cold out and darker sooner so....) 2 or 3 hours. I come in the house, check email, change my clothes, make dinner, watch TV, check email, go to bed.

I wake up in the morning, shower and as I am blow drying my hair, I check email. I go outside take care of the animals, go to work and I am on email all day.

The weekends are a little less on email just because I am busy with the dogs but still it is Saturday morning and I have already checked my email. LOL!!

Why am I so obsessed with checking my email? Because maybe just maybe there is an application for one of my dogs. I don't want to miss out on a good home just because I wasn't fast enough on email. AND THAT SO HAS HAPPENED!!

Well people apply for a dog, they want to see that dog NOW!! Most people aren't up for the waiting thing. So, as soon as I get an application I try my best to reply to them ASAP, get their vet reference done and give them a call.

The only bad part about email is when you get emails about dogs that need help. Especially now since I can't really help b/c I don't have anywhere to put them.

Anyways, I have an obsession with my email.. LOL!! For me checking email is like going down on Christmas morning to see what Santa left you. You hold your breath the entire time you are walking down the stairs just hoping it is that certain present you told Santa you wanted.

How lame is that??? LOL!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

One day at a time

So, having rescue closed is such a hard reality. It is hard knowing that by saying NO the dog is going to die :-(

I am going to take in 2 dogs next Thursday. The only reason for that is because I will only have them over the weekend. Monday morning they will go to the vet clinic and be there for a week. So, that gives me this weekend, next week and weekend and one more week to adopt out a few and make some room. The bad thing is I don't have any applications or any interested parties at the present time. **sigh***

One day at a time is how I have to function. Wake up and pray today is the day someone gets adopted and I can take another from the shelter. And pray the weather stays good so I don't have to move the dogs inside. Moving them inside really limits what I can do.

Paws crossed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have had to make the very very very difficult decision to close my rescue for a short time. There are so many lives that need saved and just not enough time, money or room to save them :-(

We are 110% full and I don't have space to put one more dog. Which makes me very sad. There are 4 JRT's I would like to save right now that could really use my help but I have absolutely no where to put them. Unless by some miracle I get a few foster homes and or at least 6 dogs get adopted ASAP, I can't take in any more.

Rescue is full of ups and downs. You have your moments when you really want to say to someone "seriously were you dropped on your head too many times as a child?" There are so many times you think to yourself "Can I clone this person/family?" and "Thank you isn't enough" I can think of a few of those families right now..... Helen's family, Findlay/Franny's family, Miles' family, Pedro's family, Ralphie's family, Lilly's family, Marcy's family.... I can go on and on.

It is hard to say "NO I can't help" and know that means that dog will DIE but is it really fair to me, my family, my work, my dogs, my foster dogs, when I will just become stressed out, tired, poor and not have a place to put the dogs? That is a tough answer. To me being all those negative things is worth it when the dog finds it forever home but there just doesn't seem to be enough of those lately. :-(

I will pray tonight, tomorrow night and every night that the dogs I have now will find homes, the dogs that are in shelters I can't help will find homes and that I will be able to save more real soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy weekend

I had one busy weekend. Friday I got in 5 dogs. 2 were going to a friend that does rescue so I only had them for one night. The other 3 were staying at my place. 10am Saturday morning a women came over and FELL in love with one of the dogs I got in on Friday. The dog had already been to the vet and all that fun stuff so she was ready to be adopted, at least as far as the vet goes but I didn't know anything about the dog... age, attitude, etc. The women was friends with my dad and my vet so she took the dog home for the night.

The dog did amazingly well and she came back on Sunday and filled out the paper work. I literally had that dog for 14 hours.

Saturday I had an adoption event from 1 - 4 at a Dog Bakery. No one was adopted but two families did call me and come on Sunday and adopt. So, that was good.. sort of... the one family called me 4 hours later and said that the cat was scared (which we talked about and KNEW was going to happen) and that they have an alarm system with motion detectors. The motion detectors are set to go off if anything over 15 pounds moves. So, they can't keep the dog because it would be too difficult to re set the motion detectors. HUH!!????

That has to be the best excuse I have ever heard. OMG!!!

So, Sunday I had a women I have been talking to for at least 2 months come from MI and adopt Turner. Turner was a puppy mill dog that was rescued from being drowned by the miller. He came to me on December 1, 2007! Almost a year in rescue but he has finally found him home! YAY!!

Jersey also found a home on Sunday so that is good.

So, as of right now if everyone keeps the dogs they adopted.. LOL!! I had 3 dogs adopted this weekend.

I picked up the bad dog Nora or now known as Lucy. I still feel like a totally asshole about the whole situation. My foster home in Columbus picked Lucy up from the people that had her. She couldn't say enough nice things about the people, their current dog, their home, etc. Just makes me feel so bad that I matched them up with the wrong dog. What a great home. It isn't often that something like this happens. BUT I guess if I am lied to there isn't much I can do. Lucy just reminds me why I don't take in owner surrender dogs. I never get the truth.

So, the foster home in Columbus picked up Lucy and then her parents brought Lucy up towards me. I picked Lucy up and took her home. I am not sure what to do because at my house she is not going to get what she needs so I am talking to a trainer who might be willing to take her. I am just waiting to hear back... I sure hope she can.

Oh and I found out today that Boots, a dog I adopted out almost 2 months ago needs to come back. The daughter has allergies to animals and well Boots has got to go :-( Poor Boots. Hopefully we can find her a home quickly!

I will not be getting any more dogs in for awhile. I have to close my rescue. The weather is going to start getting really bad and I have 14 JRT's at my house and I can only have 6 during the winter so unfortunately a lot of JRT's are going to die unless I get some foster homes and / or some adopted quickly.

Paws Crossed that not too many die!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A victory for PA... now when is it going to be Ohio's turn??

PA: Victory--Puppy Mill Reform Bill Passes!

PA HB 2525

ASPCA Position: Support

Update, 10/10/08:

Governor Rendell signed HB 2525 into law the night of Thursday, October 9. There is expected to be a bill-signing ceremony sometime next week. The rules regarding euthanasia went into effect immediately—meaning that it is no longer legal for people to shoot their own dogs in Pennsylvania.

Congratulations, Pennsylvania—you did it! At approximately 3:00 P.M. on Wednesday, October 8, the Pennsylvania State Senate passed HB 2525, the puppy mill reform bill, in a landslide vote of 49 to 1. Because there were amendments, the bill had to return to the House of Representatives for concurrence, but the House acted swiftly, passing the final version by a vote of 183 to 7 at around 7:00 P.M. Rep. Art Hershey, an outspoken foe of HB 2525, excused himself from voting at the last minute.

Although we are not pleased with some of the amendments that were added to the final bill, HB 2525 will still require commercial breeders to double the cage space required for dogs. It also prohibits wire flooring and the stacking of cages, mandates exercise for all dogs, requires that ALL dogs receive veterinary care every six months, and requires that animals be humanely euthanized by licensed veterinarians. This legislation will have an enormously positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of dogs in Pennsylvania’s puppy mills.


I high lighted the key points to this bill. Not allowing cages to be stacked is HUGE! Requiring vet care means SO MANY puppy mills will probably shut down because they don't want to pay for that. Do you have any idea how expensive that is going to be for them. WOOHOOO!!!

Humanely euthanizing dogs, again a HUGE expense that they are not going to do. The only bad thing about that is they may just dump the dogs at shelters or on country roads.

Oh this is great news! It is going to take a while for this to really impact the puppy mills but lets hope that people inforce this bill and we should see that change even faster!

WOW! I dream of such things in Ohio!



Dara, his new mom called me. He is home and eating like a horse and wanting to play!


Follow up from yesterday.


So, I think I have things figured out with Nora. She is coming back to me via my foster homes parents on Sunday. I am still pretty upset about the whole thing.


Well Bruno did come back yesterday and is just sweet as ever. That dog is so cute.


So, I talked to Findlay's mom last night. Findlay is STILL in the hospital. Seriously I might just completely fall apart over this. I LOVE that dog. OMG!! I am hoping to hear from them today that he is doing better. I am literally living on egg shells over this....


Ok, some good news. The 2 male JRT's that I was supposed to get yesterday I did not get because another rescue took them. That is good now I can save some that really need me.

I am getting 2 female JRT and 1 male JRT today from Gloria. The two females Gloria had all their vet care done so that is one less thing I have to worry about. The male JRT is only 6 months old and I worry because he was exposed to Parvo. I hope he is going to be ok. I am going to have to keep a close eye on him.


I still have no money.. LOL!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Born to die

Ok, this is why I have to stay strong and keep saving lives by running a dog rescue

I have to stay strong, it is just hard.

Can I cry?

This week was going pretty good. I have 8 JRT's at my house which for me feels like a vacation. Dogs got adopted this past weekend, I have an adoption event Saturday so maybe a few more will get adopted.



A few months ago I took a female JRT from another rescue to help them out. This dog is a mess, she is nothing like I was told and had an issue with her throat that made her sound like a pig. She was a total pain in the ass and when she finally got adopted everything was fine at first but has gotten worse. Long story short, the women who adopted her is bringing her back and I am going to have to EU her. UGH!!

I feel horrible because I look like the asshole. I hate when I adopt out a dog and things go badly I just feel so guilty.


Bruno who was adopted on Sunday by an older man is being returned because he refuses to crate Bruno and Bruno is messing in his house.

I had Bruno in my house and everything was fine. He went outside to go potty and everything. I told the man that I wasn't 100% sure if he was housebroken but he hasn't had an accident in my house and was even left alone for 4 hours.


Findlay who was adopted Sunday September 26th came down with an upper respiratory infection and is currently at the vet. OMG. You have no idea how much I love this dog. I want to jump in the car and drive to where he is... if I did that I would probably cry the entire way. There are just some dogs I fall in love with and get really attached to and this is one of them.


I am getting 2 male JRT's today, 3 more from Gloria sometime this week and Gloria and I just pulled a dog from the shelter that had a broken leg. I couldn't let it suffer. I don't think that it is a JRT but like I said I can't let it suffer.


I have NO FREAKING MONEY!!! LOL!! I am so broke that I can't get dogs fixed until I get some adopted b/c I can't afford to get them fixed.. LOL!! Now that is just plain sad!

Ok I think that is it.... I am going to go cry now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Check this out

another blog about animals :-)

Spot update

There is definitely something wrong with Spot's spine. What? I don't know yet. The vet office kept him over night and are doing X-rays today to see what is going on with this poor dog. I am so upset this dog is in pain and I didn't realize that right away. UGH!

Well hopefully it is fixable.

Paws crossed.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok, I had to share this.

Bob and Kim who have adopted 3 JRT's from me also foster 1 for me. Kim's parents adopted 1 from me and are currently fostering to adopt Rose. So that is a total of 6 JRT's.

Check out pictures of the Jack Pack from the weekend!!

Now seriously, how can you not want a herd of JRT's :-)

Weekend update

This weekend turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Friday I left work about 4:00ish. I headed straight to vet office number 1 and picked up Levi who was neutered. Then I headed straight to vet office number 2 to drop off some money and pick up front line. THEN I went home.

I got home let out all 14 foster dogs, 4 dogs of my own and the two dogs I am baby sitting (1 of them is a 180# Great Dane)!

I cleaned kennels, gave everyone fresh food and water and gave medicine to those who needed it. Just like I do EVERY DAY after work.

We went for a walk in the back field and then I had to take care of my barn. I fed my horses, swept the isle, cleaned the goats water, fed the goats, cleaned the stall the GD is staying in (you didn't think he stays in my house did you... lol), clean kitty litter and then I put everything in my car that I would need for the adoption event.

Then I put together crates in the garage... lined them with paper, put blankets, food, water and some toys in each crate.

I had to give everyone bath that was going with me to the adopt event on Saturday. 8 dogs in total :-) Yes, I gave 8 dogs a bath! Then I put them in crates in my garage so they wouldn't get dirty. By this time it was about 8:30pm.

I then went in the house and started printing out the paper work that I needed for Saturday and making sure everything was in order.

Around 9pm Erin and Gary came over to see all the JRT's. They adopted Milo and left about 10pm.

Saturday was the adoption event from 10 - 2. I got up, fed horses, goats, cats, gave medicine to the dogs that needed it and loaded up the dogs and off we went.

Levi was adopted Saturday at the event. Munch and Robin went to foster homes.

On Saturday when I got home from the event I did my usual routine that I do every evening.

Sunday I actually did something that didn't involve dogs at least in the middle of the day because in the morning I did my normal routine of taking care of the animals.

Sunday evening Bruno was adopted and I did my normal routine with all the animals.

It was a nice weekend and 3 dogs got homes and 2 went to foster homes so that is good. I like it when they are living in a house and not at my house in a kennel. I mean I guess it is better then dead but I worry about them too much.. LOL!!

Well here is to hoping more get adopted this week / weekend.

I do have 3 more coming into rescue this week. LOL!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Poor Spot

I have this cute little JRT that I named Spot. She is just cute and sweet and someone has for sure beaten the living tar out of this dog.

I have a strict policy... NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS! I will not adopt out dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs. There are just so many in this world that are sweet perfect house pets why would I let an aggressive dog take up a spot in my rescue when I could save 5, 10, 15 nice dogs in it's place. I know, I know HARSH!! But that is the reality of what I do.

It isn't easy to have a dog for a week, a month, two months, heck once I had a dog for about year and spent over $2K on him and had to put him to sleep because he wouldn't stop attacking people. Even at 8#'s he could really do some damage when he would bite you.

Just not fair to let a dog mentally suffer like that, ya know?

Anyways, so I have this dog Spot. He was fine at first as far as being a nice dog but as time has gone on he has gotten more and more aggressive. I took him to this lady I know who owns a grooming shop and who does a little training with "damaged" dogs. She is optimistic but I don't think he is getting any better. Until now he hasn't bitten anyone to the point of breaking skin. That all changed this weekend... he bit her husband really bad.

She thinks he might be in some sort of pain and it seems to be getting worse. So, I am going to take him to the vet Monday at 5:20pm and see what might be wrong with him.

If there is something wrong with him physically we will work on fixing him but if there isn't then I am afraid.........