Thursday, October 23, 2008

Juggling dogs.

So, I am getting two new dogs tomorrow from Logan County Pound... Spencer and Casper.

Aren't they cute?

In order to get these dogs I had to some serious juggling.

Midget is getting adopted at 1pm on Saturday.

Robing is getting adopted at 11am on Saturday

Missy is leaving for a foster home to potential adopt home at 1pm Saturday.

Sassy is going to a foster home at 10am Saturday with our new foster home Judi. YAY JUDI!!

Juno is going to a foster home on Tuesday.

Muppet, Casper and Spencer are all going to the clinic on Monday and are there till Thursday.

Yea, so that is my juggling... LOL!!

Confused yet? Yea, well try figuring all this out.. LOL!!

So, where does that leave me? At my house after Tuesday will be Boots, Malcolm, Munch, Wolfie, Bruno and Razzel.

Thursday will be interesting because if transport runs I am getting 2 more JRT's and I will be picking up Muppet, Casper and Spencer from the clinic. UGH! DOGS DOGS EVERYWHERE... LOL!!

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