Friday, October 31, 2008

It is Friday already???

I just realized it is Friday and I haven't written all week. GEEZ!

Well I got a male JRT on Wednesday, a REALLY old Rat Terrier yesterday... he looks horrible, skinny, no teeth, poor dog.

I am working my butt off trying to save these three dogs in shelters. Just not enough hours in the day. I am seriously thinking of just taking Monday off work or taking a half day to go save them. I wonder how much vacation time I have left.

I am doing an adoption event on Saturday so we will see how that goes. Maybe I will get some adopted and if that happens that I will seriously consider taking 1/2 day on Monday to go save at least 3 dogs... 1 in Norwalk, 1 in Mansfield, 1 in Bucyrus...

The adoptions that I had over the weekend are going ok. Midget's family just loves her, Robin's mom renamed her Lucy and she is doing well, according to Valerie (a friend of Bob who took Missy home to foster to adopt) Bob just LOVES Missy and she is doing really well with Clyde (who use to be Peter).

Dorothy who was adopted the weekend before is doing well in her family and they have signed her up for training classes.

Boots on the other hand is not being a good girl.... I really hope she straightens out. I talked to her foster home and the people that had adopted her before... they both said the same thing, they didn't have any issues with her but had her on a routine. I am thinking that Boots is just so happy to be with Camp that she isn't paying attention. I really hope she figures it out.

Juno left go to a foster home on Tuesday. That foster home is really good and Juno need some exposure to different people. She is so shy.

Casper left for a foster home last night. Casper is one of the ones I was able to save on Friday along with Spencer. They are going to bring him over Saturday morning so he can go to the adoption event.

I have another person who might be interested in fostering.... just waiting to hear back. Hopefully that will work out.

So, living at my house right now is:
Oakly - the old guy I got last night
Theo - the dog I got Wed.

Plus of course my 2 JRT's and my 2 big dogs.

I guess that isn't too bad. Let's hope that I get at least 1 or 2 adopted tomorrow. Oh that would be so awesome!!!!!!!!

Paws crossed for Boots! She is my only concern, everything else is going ok.

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