Friday, February 26, 2010

My day today

Here is what my day is going to look like:

Leaving work driving 20 miles from work to the clinic picking up my 4 dogs that are there. Driving from the Clinic to foster home # 1 which is fostering Freckles... that is 22 miles. Driving from there to foster home #2 who is fostering Jerry... 23 miles. Driving from there to foster home #3 to drop off Skip.... 12 miles. Driving from there to foster home #4 to drop off Miley.. 10 miles. Then going home.

Now keep in mind the mileage I have above is simply city to city, so it will for sure be more then that AND we are in the middle of a snow storm.


Then when I get home I will have to feed horses, take care of puppies and then maybe just maybe eat dinner, see my husband and go to bed.

So, lets take bets what time will I get home??? LOL!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Avoid Puppy Mills ~ Cesar Millan

Puppy mills can be a danger for families that want to adopt a new dog. A puppy mill is a breeding facility with the sole purpose of churning out the most dogs for the least money - and to make the most profit.

Substandard breeding conditions and inbreeding can lead to health and behavioral problems in the puppies bred there. Since the 1980s, the Humane Society of the United States has been fighting to shut down these facilities. You can do your part by making sure to research before you adopt and by keeping yourself informed! Here are some tips to avoid adopting from a puppy mill:

Avoid: Pet stores, newspaper or journal ads, and great deals on the internet! Many puppy mills supply local pet stores, and ads in newspapers or on websites can easily falsify information. Remember Bandit from Season 2? His website said that he was from a licensed breeder, but he turned out to be the product of a puppy mill, costing his new family thousands of dollars in vet bills and heartache over his life-threatening health and behavioral problems.

Visit the breeder and ask questions!Ask to see the entire facility where the dogs are bred and kept. Is it clean? Spacious enough? Ask to see the parent dogs as well. Does the breeder show hesitation to let you see the facility or to let you meet the other dogs who are being kept there? Or is the breeder willing to just sell one of his puppies to anyone who walks in off the street, sight unseen? Reputable breeders will want to make sure their puppies are going to good homes. Beware of all these red flags.

Adopt from a shelter or rescue instead! This is the simplest solution. Rescues and shelters most often have the best interest of the animal at heart, and many of them are last chance adoptions. Remember: don't feel sorry! Adopt based on your energy level and compatibility!

For more tips on finding a responsible breeder, check out the guide.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No one realizes how much work goes into it

I really don't think anyone has a clue how much work goes into rescuing a dog. For example I received an email from a shelter that is 4 hours away from me. They have a pure breed JRT already neutered who will be killed on Friday if he doesn't find an exit plan. Well how the heck I am going to get a dog that is 4 hours away..

I asked the volunteer if they have any transport available and she says they do not. No help in getting the dog to safety. So, it is totally up to me to find a way to get the dog out of the shelter and to one of my foster homes or to me. I send out email and facebook messages and ask other rescues... then when I find someone that can help or a few people that will help save the dog I have to coordinate who gets the dog from the shelter, who the dog goes to from there and so on and so on until the dog is to safety.

I also have to figure out how to get the shelter the money for the pull fee. None take credit cards and very few take pay pal.

Then when the dog gets to let's say the foster home I have to coordinate getting the dog to the vet... 9 times out of 10 the dog isn't fixed so that needs to happen ASAP. Then the dog needs to be posted on line so we can start accepting applications, then process the applications, the arrange meetings maybe 1 time maybe 2 times before the dog is adopted.

While in our care I have to keep track of the vet records for the dog and make sure that everything is taken care of and addressed. Doesn't really seem like that big of deal, right? WRONG! When you have 31 dogs in your care and you have to make sure they are fixed, given shots and then booster shots, wormed, heartworm negative, kept on flea and heartworm prevention...... trust me I am always wondering "did I miss anything"

Oh then when we have adoption events.. a lot of work and planning and coordinating.

I must admit I have the best foster homes right now so life is a little easier then it has been ever before.... let's just hope I can keep up this pace.. LOL!

Cross paws I need to get some dogs adopted out this weekend. There are a BUNCH at kill shelters that need out ASAP!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend update

Well this weekend turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Happy got a home on Friday night, really nice couple and Bumper FINALLY got him home on Saturday. He waited a long time for a perfect home.. I received an email from the women who adopted him and sounds like everything is going well. I sure hope all stays going well... I put a lot of thought into approving a home for him so I sure hope I did right by him... ugh.. I shouldn't worry so much.. lol

With Happy getting adopted that means the boys I received from Scioto all have homes.. granted only 2 out of the 3 were place able but still Happy and Batman both have really great loving homes.

Now I have 14 puppies and 4 moms to go.. LOL! Actually 2 of the puppies are already spoken for.. Astro and Bentley. Astro is going to a friend at work, Joe and his wife. And Bentley is going to a guy named John and his fiance. They already have one of my dogs... I believe John adopted Tony.. now named Buddy about 2 years ago now.. or at least 1.5 years ago.

So, I guess that means I only have 12 puppies to go.. LOL!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Horrible Breeder just moved to CLEVELAND OHIO!

Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~

NJ puppy mill breeder Edith and Perry Buchko of Howell, NJ, who had
hundreds of Chihuahuas and Shar Peis, have now moved her business
to Ohio.

For more information of this couple, click here to read page 6 of the article, "Howell Twp. Puppy Mill Dogs Find Lifetime of Love in Carteret" - >

When it was ascertained that Windsong Acre Kennels, owned by Edith
& Perry Buchko, were "unloading" some of the older dogs, the kennels were visited by authorities and the Buchko's were urged to surrender as many as possible. They had no running water and there were problems with septic and sewage. The animals needed more resources than they were able to and willing to give them.

It has been shared that these dogs lived at a horrendous breeding kennel; some sick, many unkempt. Most of the dogs needed dentals, had
gum infections, cataracts, overgrown nails and some had heart murmurs.
Most of the Shar Peis had heavy infestation of heartworm - an easily
preventable disease, and sadly many were blind since no veterinary care
had been given to those that suffered from entropion eyelids.

Cages were stacked three feet high, with several dogs in each small crate. Edith Buchko admitted dropping dogs on their heads because she and her husband are obese and cannot bend down to put them down after they pick them up, so they just drop them. One of them had seizures due to being dropped (again this was by her own admission). She picks them up by the legs or whatever part of their body she can grab, as it has been described that they all cower from her.

After a November 24, 2008 inspection, the Buchkos had to clean up the rodent infestation, feces, and some of the other violations. Buchko was convicted of animal cruelty in 1991 and in 1996; her ability to sell with AKC papers was terminated. So the Buchkos created their own private dog registry called the Purebred Canine International Association where she pocketed "registration fees".

Edith Buchko was back in court in 2006 and has not abided by the Farmingdale judge's mandate. Finally, the kennel license was revoked, and the Buchkos were disbarred from the AKC, but she continued to operate while fighting the SPCA and going in and out of court.

(If you Google her name you will see the list of charges she's faced going back many years.)

The Buchkos cannot pass the regulations to continue as a kennel, and
now with the newly changed kennel laws in their county, rather than
give up her dogs they have moved their operation to Ohio. It has been confirmed that Edith is now living approximately one hour from Cleveland on 23 acres of land. It is said she currently has over 400 dogs living in two garages, and that one of the primary reasons that she will remain in Ohio is because our state "doesn't have any zoning or number restrictions", and she could continue her breeding business as usual.

We will continue to keep you posted on this couple as more information is received from the field...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PUPPIES FOR SALE ~ updated 02/18/2010

I don't know about you but I HATE when I hear or see "PUPPIES FOR SALE" a newspaper, on a telephone pole, flier, etc. Do people not have anything better to do?

There is this horrible breeder (use that term so loosely) down the street from me. Well I found a way to get people in trouble with the law for selling puppies.. at least in the state of Ohio it works.

#1. In Ohio it is illegal to separate a puppy less then 8 weeks of age from it's mom. You can turn someone in and they can be charged with a misdemeanor.

If you would like to read more about Ohio's law or look up a law in your state check out


To report someone for not paying taxes on the sell of their puppies:

send an email to:

send a letter to:
The Ohio Department of Taxation
Enforcement Division
4485 Northland Ridge Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43229

There is a form you can down load on the Ohio Dept. of Tax website to make sure they get all the information they need to prosecute someone. Go to

REMEMBER you can do this TOTALLY anonymous!

The Ohio sales tax applies to sales of tangible personal property made in this state. The use tax applies to the storage, use, or consumption of tangible personal property in Ohio. Prior to H.B. 95, the Ohio sales tax statutes did not contain a definition of "tangible personal property." Effective July 1, 2003, a new R.C. 5739.01(YY) was added to the sales tax chapter. That section provides:

"Tangible personal property" means personal property that can be seen, weighed, measured, felt, or touched, or that is in any other manner perceptible to the senses. For purposes of this chapter and Chapter 5741, of the Revised Code, "tangible personal property" includes motor vehicles, electricity, water, gas, steam, and prewritten computer software.


#3. ANYONE who breeds in the state of Ohio must hold a Kennel License!
Ohio Revised Code, section 955.02, a kennel owner is a "person, partnership, firm, company, or corporation professionally engaged in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or sale." When a person breeds dogs avowedly as a hobby, "but permits sales to become such a factor that he advertises for sale" the breeding activity and dogs, that person "is professionally engaged in the business of dog breeding" and must be registered as a kennel.

In the state of Ohio if you have more then 4 dogs you will be forced to buy a Kennel License. If you buy a Kennel License they will force you to get a vendor's license. This law went into affect in July 2009.

#4. You do need a vendor's license to sell puppies - even if you sell just 1 litter a year. I called the Ohio Department of Tax and they are cracking down on people selling puppies and not paying sales tax. You are more then welcome to call them at 1-888-405-4039 to verify ANY of the information I have listed above!

*** I was told by Ohio Department of Tax that ALL complaints / tips submitted will be researched. Ohio is cracking down on people not paying sales and use tax and one of their targets are people selling puppies.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Adoption Day

Adoption Days are always interesting to say the least. We had a pretty good day. 2 JRT's and 1 Toy Aussie were adopted from my group and my rescue friend had 3 dogs adopted. It was a total mad house people EVERYWHERE! More window shoppers then anything though which can be a little annoying because they sit there and hold the puppy or the dog and then people who are actually looking for a dog think the dog is spoken for and move on. So, the only looser is the dog. Really if you think about it, the window shopper is being pretty rude to the dog. But try explaining that to someone....

Two interesting stories... yea, I think only two.. lol.

One couple was looking at a Pom mix and they seemed really nice. They completed an application and we found out they had a male Chow who is not fixed. Gloria (my rescue friend / partner) explained to them that they are not approved because their Chow is not fixed. She explained the reasons why the dog should be fixed. The man starting yelling at her and said he wasn't going to do that to his dog. Gloria said "you don't have to do anything you don't want to do but you aren't adopting from us if your dog isn't fixed." The guy screamed "well fine just kill the dog then." Gloria said we wouldn't have to find so many dogs homes if people would just fix their dogs in the first place. The couple stomped off.

My sister and I were laughing that some men think that fixing their male dog some how takes away from the dogs "man hood" That the dog should be able to have sex. OMG people putting human emotions onto dogs is enough to drive me CRAZY! Dogs have NO FREAKING IDEA! UGH men with small penis issues putting their insecurities onto their dogs is so annoying.

The second ridiculous story was this family came and FELL in love with a Pug. Nice Pug, very well behaved. They walked the dog all over the store and started filling up a cart of dog stuff. Told everyone "OH yea we are defiantly adopting this dog." The spent probably an hour, maybe longer with the dog. They filled out an application, were approved and started to go over the vet paper work. Gloria said he is 3 years old.... The family said WHAT?? 3 years old?? We thought he was a puppy. Never mind we don't want him and walked away.

OMG! Seriously? Again, the dog may have lost out on a home because they monopolized the dogs time and because the dog is 3 years old they no longer want the dog. You have got to be kidding me.

I just can't believe that some people are so irrational.

Then I have WONDERFUL people like the couple that drove 3.5 hours Saturday night, stayed in a hotel over night and adopted Jeff on Sunday. Jeff a 10 year old dog who live his entire life outside probably as a breeding dog, whose hair was stained yellow from living outside so long (it is finally white), is missing teeth and basically lived a life of hell until we got him.

I have the nice family that adopted Punkin who sent pictures the next day and just love her to pieces.

I have the guy who adopted Dudley and bought him a sweater to wear home, got him groomed before he left the store... So cute!

Just amazes me at the wide spectrum of people....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 week old puppies

The babies that were born at my house are doing well. Litter #3 is 1 week old today. Honestly I can't wait till they are 3 weeks old b/c right now they are kinda boring.. LOL! Litter #1 will be 4 weeks old on Saturday. OMG they are so freaking cute. They are just starting to figure out food. They take a few sucks and loose interest.

It just amazes me at 4 weeks how much they still need their mom. I see ads all the time for puppies that are 4 weeks old, I have heard people getting puppies at 4 weeks old. OMG! That is so little how can anyone think that is a good idea and/or the right thing to do. I wish more people would turn people in for separating puppies from their mom prior to 8 weeks. It is against the law in Ohio. Heck I have an entire blog post about it....

So, this weekend is our first adoption event at PetSmart since April '09. I am hoping that it is successful and I don't bring parvo home like I did last time which caused 3 puppies there lives. I am going to change completely after going to PetSmart before going anywhere near the puppies. I am going to bleach the bottom of my shoes and everything. I am not taking any chances.

The good thing is that any of the adults I have that are going don't live at my house so there is less of a chance for one of them to carry something to my house.

Well let's just hope for a lot of adoptions and NO PARVO!

Jeff is supposed to get adopted this weekend, Sunday actually. The people must be straight from Heaven. I mean Jeff is a good dog but he is older, has had a rough life and is a bit rough looking. I guess that just makes him more lovable.

Cappy is supposed to get adopted too... all the snow has messed things up. I really hope that goes through.

Well paws crossed all goes well on Saturday. I am going to college signatures for the Puppy Mill ballot while I am there too. 11 months to get all the signatures that they need to get it on the ballot and hopefully stop dog auctions. UGH! SICK!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When will dog auctions end??? I hope soon.. makes me cry.

Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~
1. Sat., February 13, 2010 Ohio Dog Auction. Below is a summary of the 353 companions (170 males, 183 females, 4 possible adds; includes breeders from MN and NY) expected to be placed on the auction block beginning this Saturday at approximately 10:00 AM:

Basenji 4 2 2

Beagle 6 1 5

Bichon Frise 24 11 13

Boston Terrier 7 5 2

Boxer 7 5 2

Brussels Griffon 10 3 7
Cairn Terrier 3 0 3

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3 2 1

Chihuahua 10 4 6

Cocker Spaniel 1 0 1

Dachshund 6 1 5

English Bulldog 4 2 2

French Bulldog 1 0 1

Havanese 18 15 3

Italian Greyhound 9 3 6

Jack Russell Terrier 2 0 2

Japanese Chin 2 1 1

Kerry Blue Terrier 1 0 1

Lhasa Apso 1 0 1

Maltese 8 4 4

Mini Pincher 1 1 0

Mini Schnauzer 2 1 1

Mixed Breeds 70 39 31

Papillon 3 1 2

Pekingese 1 0 1

Pomeranian 25 7 18

Poodle (no classification) 6 4 2

Pug 13 6 7

Schnauzer 24 10 14

Shibu Unu 2 2 0

Shih Tzu 30 17 13

Silky Terrier 1 0 1

Toy Fox Terrier 1 1 0

Weimaraner 5 1 4

Yorkshire Terrier 42 21 21
TOTAL 353 170 183

You may be interested to know that a 2009 report issued by the USDA has confirmed Ohio ranks seventh among the top 10 states with the largest number of USDA Class A licensed commercial breeders:

1. MO - 1,370

2. OK - 498

3. IA - 322

4. AR - 308 (ranked 5th in 2008)

5. KS - 291 (ranked 4th in 2008)

6. PA - 202
7. OH - 161 (a 400% increase in the number of Class A licensed "commercial" breeders just six years ago!)

8. NE - 142

9. SD - 102 (ranked 10th in 2008)

10. TX - 91 (ranked 9th in 2008)

*To view copies of USDA Animal Welfare Inspection Reports,
click here

**To view a summary of state puppy mill laws,
click here.

2. Ohio Dog Auctions Act. Ohio has no laws preventing dog auctions. Many concerned citizens firmly believe the auctions serve not reputable breeders but large commercial facilities where dogs are bred to produce as many puppies as possible in conditions ranging from unsanitary to inhumane.

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is spearheading a new, citizen-backed ballot initiative – The Ohio Dog Auctions Act. The measure (similar in language to Pennsylvania's Statute 459-603) will establish a statute to the Ohio Dog Law making it illegal for anyone to auction or raffle a dog in Ohio. It also would prohibit bringing dogs into the state for sale or trade that were acquired by auction or raffle elsewhere.

As of January 1, a total of 7,202 signatures have been collected of the minimum 120,700 signatures required. 228 volunteer Petition Circulators helped raise awareness of the Ohio Dog Auctions Act by helping to collect signatures from 64 counties. Voters across the state are communicating with their fellow citizens and starting to gather a goal of a minimum of 120,700 signatures by December 1, 2010 to to put the proposed law before the Legislature in January 2011.

Volunteer petitioners are needed to make this initiative a reality in Ohio —we have until December 1, 2010! We need everyone's participation to make this vital effort a success!
  • New Campaign Kits! A new campaign kit to help gather signatures contains a media release, an informational sheet on the top questions (with answers) everyone needs to know on Ohio dog auctions and an informational sheet on best strategies in helping to raise awareness and gather signatures from registered voters. To download these and other informational materials, including a copy of the Initiative Petition (Ohio Dog Auctions Act), please click here.
  • Town Hall Meetings! For dates, times and locations of upcoming Town Hall Meetings (as they become confirmed), please click here.
  • Signature Gathering! With over 121,000 signatures needed for the Initiative Petition to be placed on the 2011 ballot, much help is needed from additional volunteers! For dates, times and locations of upcoming Signature Gatherings (as they become confirmed), please click here.
3. Ohio Voters Against Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions. If you haven't done so already, we invite you to join the over 1,700 voices who have become members of our FaceBook group, "Ohio Voters Against Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions." Membership is FREE, and our portal serves as a great vehicle in which to receive timely updates on issues and campaigns addressing Ohio dog auctions, puppy mills and the entities that support and keep them in business.
For more information on how you can become a member, click here.
4. Campaign Gear. If you are interested in purchasing any of our low cost 'Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions' gear to help raise awareness of the Ohio dog auctions (t-shirts, car magnets, lawn signs, etc.), please visit the 'Contact Us' page of our website,
Thanks everyone for your continued dedication to serving as a strong voice for the dogs!

LEGISLATIVE ALERTS: Please visit our Home page for pending legislation impacting the welfare of OH animals -

P.S. You or someone you know has requested you be added to the Columbus Top Dogs email list. If you do not want to receive emails from, please reply and put "remove from list" in subject. Thank you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Allergic to the dog.

I have to share this story because I think it is SO SO SO important.

My friend at work Shannon has one of my dogs, Scottie. Scottie was taken from one the the nasty kill shelters. We aren't really sure what Scottie is but he sure is CUTE! Shannon adopted Scottie a few months after starting at my work.

Long story short Scottie is the love of their life. Shannon is always coming into work telling me stories of how great Scottie is. Then Shannon got pregnant. Shannon was somewhat worried about the dogs reaction to kids but took it all in stride. They did what all the experts said to do to introduce the baby and the dog. Scottie did GREAT with the baby. Now 2 years later Shannon's son and the dog are BEST FRIENDS.

Her son kept was having some "allergy" issues. The doctor at the hospital told Shannon that is was the dog. 100% the dog. The dog has got to go.

Shannon refused to believe it was the dog but her son has to come first, right?! I mean Scottie is technically her first child but the health of her human son is very important to her.

Shannon did her best to clean the house of all dog hair, keep Scottie off furniture and try to keep Gavin from hugging Scottie as much as he normal did. BUT Shannon didn't really believe or want to believe that getting rid of the dog was the answer.

She took her son to see a specialist to find out really what was her son allergic to. The tests took a few weeks to come back and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the news. Praying and crossing our paws that it really wasn't the dog. The thought of #1 getting rid of their first child, the dog was so heartbreaking to Shannon and her husband. #2 Scottie was seriously her son's best friend. How can you just take a 2 year old's best friend away?

Scottie stayed in the house even though the allergy tests hadn't come back yet and the hospital doctor said they needed to get rid of him ASAP!

The allergy tests came back and guess what IT ISN'T THE DOG!

I told Shannon she needs to tell the doctor at the hospital to not jump to conclusions. I mean think about if Shannon would have believed the doctor and got rid of Scottie like so many other parents do. Poor Scottie would have been torn from a family that he loves, a little boy would be heartbroken from loosing his best friend and Shannon and her husband would have lost their first baby, the dog. And for what? For NOTHING more then a doctor just ASSuming something.

The lesson learned for anyone reading this until you can PROVE with an allergy test that it is the dog or the cat or the whatever animal DO NOT jump the gun and dump your pet! You could be doing it for nothing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppies update

The puppies that were born on Friday morning are doing well. The male puppy that was born on Thursday morning is doing much better. I don't think that the last 2 mom's have enough milk for their babies. Since Lexus had 5 and Caddie had 2 and Lexus kept kicking the boy (the runt) out of the bed, I took the boy and had him moved to Caddie. Caddie excepted him and he is doing really well.

The first litter just turned 3 weeks yesterday. They are starting to "walk" a bit like drunk sailors but they are walking.. lol Their eyes are totally open and they are starting to play with each other. So, freaking cute.

Mercedes litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday so they have started on their 3 days of wormer. Viper the all black one does not have eyes open at all but Chevy and Shelby do. It is so weird. Chevy is about 3 times the size of Viper and Shelby. Seriously the dog is HUGE!

I picked up some babies milk and I am getting a bottle this afternoon so I can start supplementing the last 2 litters. I am really worried that they aren't getting enough to eat.

Keep paws crossed that everyone stays healthy!

I love these puppies but man are they a lot of work, why would anyone want to do this on purpose.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Litter #4 born this morning

Caddie had her puppies this morning. So, that is it all the puppies are born. 14 in total.

Caddie had 2 little girls.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Born Today

This morning I woke up to 5 new babies. Lexus (the all black mom) had her babies this morning. 4 girls and 1 boy.
The boy is not doing very well so please pray for him and cross your paws.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two things annoy me.......

Tell me if I am wrong here but 2 things annoy me and I just seem to be seeing it a lot lately.

#1. A rescue group comes into a shelter and takes all the puppies in a litter (or sometimes just the cutest ones in a litter, leaving behind for example the black ones) and leaves mom behind to die.

THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! If you are taking a litter of puppies you should under obligation and seriously because it is the right thing to do take the mom. How can you as a so called rescue person walk into a shelter and look at the mom and say THANKS FOR THE PUPPIES BUT I AM GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE TO DIE!

I think that any rescue person / organization that does that shouldn't be allowed to call themselves a rescue. You aren't rescuing shit! You are just taking out of the shelter what is going to be easy and quick to adopt.

I am sorry but to me rescue is taking dogs that ACTUALLY NEED HELP! Not, just the cute, the young, the HEALTHY. I really feel like I am alone in feeling this way some days.

That is why I took all the mom's and dad's from the shelter 2 weeks ago. There were plenty of rescues wanting the mom and puppies but NO ONE wanted the dad's. UGH! Makes me so mad. I kind of did it to prove a point.

Don't get me wrong I am glad that I did, I LOVE THOSE DOGS anyone who is connected to me on my facebook page can see that. I swear I have so many pictures of those babies. Oh they just make my day to go home to them.

Oh and good news Batman was adopted :-) YAY for Batman!

#2. That annoys me is that people ALWAYS, let me repeat that ALWAYS come to rescue when they are having issues with their dog and / or need to rehome their dog. But where do or did they turn when they wanted a dog????

THE NEWSPAPER (because we all know that all the good breeders advertise in newspapers... NOT!), the Pet Store (because that is where you can get a really great PUPPY MILL BREED dog that has so many issues you can't handle it after 6 months. Not to mention the Pet Store is oh so helpful with training issues and matching people up with a dog that suites their life style) and /or they turn to the internet where some dog is SHIPPED like a pair of shoes to your front door.

They add to the pet overpopulation problem, putting money into the hands of assholes, I mean criminals. BUT if they have an issue or need to rehome the dog the first thing that pops into their head is CONTACT A RESCUE.........WTF.

I really just want to say to people, ya know what if the Newspaper ad, the back yard breeder, the Pet Store that sold you your dog was so wonderful to buy from why aren't you turning to them now????

Ok, just needed to vent :-) I feel better now.

Actually what I need is to go home and hug puppies. I love puppy breath!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Mom #2 Mercedes

Babies Born Friday January 22nd - Saturday January 23rd

Chevy 01/22/2010 around 10pm

Shelby born 01/22/2010 around 10:30pm

Viper born 10/23/2010

Mom #1 - Portia

Babies all born at the shelter on 01/16/2010





Two more mom waiting to give birth!!! Any day now!!!!

Lexus -

Caddie -

Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Tired....

WOW the puppies are a TON of work, cute as hell but a TON of work. Seriously why in the hell would anyone want to breed to make money? There is not a snowballs chance in hell that you are going to make money at this if you are just breeding randomly and not breeding to keep some fancy gene pool going. UGH! It is so much work and the puppies are only 2 and 1 week old. LOL!

Well I guess that is how people make money at it, they don't do it right.

The mom's are all doing well. The 2 week old puppies have their eyes open and the 1 week old puppies are growing. The one from litter #2 is HUGE looks like he doesn't even belong with the other two. He is literally double in size, maybe triple. PIG!

The 2 mom's that haven't give birth are doing ok. The one is super friendly and a total lover, lap dog. The other acts all shy so cute! They both LOVE THEIR BELLIES SCRATCHED!

The males are doing ok. The one tried to eat me. I now I have a hole in my hand. OMG does that hurt. Well actually I have a hole on both sides of my hand but it is the one on my palm that hurts the worse. It is right in that muscle for your thumb.. ugh!

The other two are doing great. One is adopted already.... foster homes mom FELL IN LOVE with him.. lol And the other is in a foster home just loving life, he is good with cats and everything :-)

I had a lot of adoption this weekend.... Lucy, Libby, Polly, Kiwi and Batman. Pretty good weekend!

There are 3 maybe 4 dogs in kill shelters I am working on saving. I called on about 7 today but luckily 3 got adopted or taken by another rescue. YAY!!!

Let's see what else is going on........... my friend June rescues a bunch of puppies so I am going over there tonight after work to give them all shots. Apparently they were all living outside in a pen.. ugh!

The American Eskimo was neutered and had his dental on Wed. It was under $300 so that isn't bad and the little old lady was so happy to have that all taken care of. My vet office said she asked about how much it would be for Revolution and when they told her how much she said "oh my I can't afford that." I hope her family / kids step up and help her. If not you know I will...

So, I guess that is it for catching you up on everything.

Last week was CRAZY, I sure hope this weekend isn't as bad. I was so tired by Friday I could hardly stand.. seriously! I am getting up an hour earlier to take care of mom's and puppies and work is crazy b/c it is the end of our fiscal year so I have been taking work home with me.