Friday, November 30, 2012

The emails that annoy me...

When I write bio's I try to put as much information as possible in the bio's for the dogs.  Maybe I am just being "biiiiii" today BUT I just find it annoy when I receive an email and it says

I am interested in XXX (dogs name) please call me

I am sorry I don't mean to be rude but if I wanted to chat with someone on the phone I would have my number posted. 

Then I get the emails that say 

Tell me about XXX(dogs name).

What exactly are they looking for here. Again information is in the bio and if there is something specific you want to know ASK ME!  I am not going to GUESS at what you want to know and send you a big long email. I have better things to do then try to read you mind.

And then my favorite:

can you tell me the cost and age of XXX (dogs name)

OMG you are kidding right. How about THAT INFORMATION IS IN THE BIO TRY READING IT!

Just annoying have to spoon feed people information all the time.  I honestly reply to those emails with "check the bio"

I received an email the other day from someone that said "Will you take $150 for the puppy" I just replied back NO

I am not trying to "sell" these dogs and with puppies seriously $200 doesn't even come close to paying for everything that goes into them.  Feeding for 8 weeks, worming, potty pads, the endless amount of cleaning, shots, microchip, getting them fixed.  At $30 a bag that they go through at least a bag a week the last few weeks you are out of your mind if you think for one freaking second money is made by puppies. UGH!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

why lie

I am not really sure where lying is going to get someone.  I mean 99% of the time you get caught.  You might not get caught right away but you are going to get caught eventually.

We have had SEVERAL people lie on applications to adopt a dog.  REALLY???  They say they own their house but when we check the auditors website THEY DON'T!  Then we ask them why their house is listed under someone else's name and one person confessed that she did lie and the other person said they weren't going to get a dog right now, they changed their mind. Yea, OK!

Then we had the person who tried to fake their landlord.  Gave us a number that went to a friend and so when we called they acted like the landlord.  Yea, NOT THAT STUPID!  When we called the leasing office that owns the property SURPRISE they don't allow that size / breed of a dog.

Really people?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rough week

This past week has been a rough one.  I am always trying to balance a "life", a farm, a career, a marriage, a dog rescue and two elderly parents.  I am not sure if people realize there is more to me then just running a rescue.  As my sister said yesterday my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. I am a leader and I get things done.  The problem is I have my own life, my own issues, my own things I need to take care of and I simply can not take care of everyone all the time.  This week was a clear indication of that.

Monday I received word one of the rescue volunteers losing their home and 3 foster dogs to a fire and I sprung into action.  I spent MANY hours not being at home getting done so that they could have a roof over their heads that would allow their 5 dogs.

Due to dog aggression issues one of our rescue's dogs has to be euthanized.  He was a danger to himself and others.

Due to the fact I worked WAY TOO MANY hours the week before and I wasn't home this past week, an accident happened and a puppy is now in the vet hospital with a grim outlook on life and has been there since Friday late afternoon.

AND the stress of having to do court stuff for my harassment issue.

I tried to re home one of my dogs but he is SO attached to me, it doesn't look like that is going to be happening.  I have only had him since January but I have put a lot of work into him and he is very well trained FOR ME and he is VERY attached to me. I am not sure I will be able to place him.  He kind of reminds me of Chi Chi, a JRT who was so abused he only really trusts my sister in law and me.  My brother after almost 2 years can finally pet him SOMETIMES!

People screw with these dogs heads SO BADLY they they never come back.

I tried to send my one JRT to a foster home. I just needed a break from her... long story but goes back to my harassment issue.  She was so bad they had to bring her back.  I swear she is part beagle.  She got into the trash and ate God only knows what and spread it ALL over their house.  She didn't bark or destroy anything but she was also afraid of the cats.  Ridiculous.  She is back at my house now and technically is my mom's dog... hopefully my mom will start working with her more and not letting her get away with murder and we can get this 9 year old pain in my ass dog under control.  She doesn't do bad things when I am around.... just when my mom is around b/c she lets her get away with it.  So annoying.

I was hoping this year 2012 would be a great year.  It has been a so so year.  Not as stressful as last year but not that great either.  A lot of heart break this year... the death of my horse, the death to a puppy, Sally having to be put down due to abuse and neglect, issues with my parents irresponsibility and honestly this new job I took.... I really miss everyone I worked with at my old company.  The company wasn't great but the people were some of my closes friends and here the company is great but the people aren't so nice.  I guess you can't have everything. LOL!

Lucky for me I have a wonderful husband and I feel like our marriage only gets stronger every day.  I am glad 2011 is behind me and I will be glad when 2012 is too.  2013 will hold new challenges for me as I am expecting my first child in early March. (I really think it will be more February... seriously I will run out of room). I will continue to do rescue and I will continue to take care of my parents even though it is a HUGE burden which I have found there are others out there that have also taken care of elderly parents but none that were able to continue doing it for more then a few years....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire took their lives

Early morning on Monday a volunteer and foster family for both my rescue and another local rescue lost EVERYTHING!  And I mean everything in a house fire.  Husband and wife and 4 of their dogs made it out without a scratch, 1 dog was found by firer fighters and brought back with Oxygen and 3 rescue foster dogs died in the fire.

Since I found out about this 2 hours after it happened, I rallied the rescue group and others to start collecting donations and I talked to my brother to see if he would offer his empty rental house to them.  I knew full well that they were not going to be able to find a place that would allow 5 canine family members and I know this family wasn't going to stay anywhere without them!  Can't say I can blame her.

Last night we have stuff loaded into the rental and did some cleaning.  I am going back over tonight to do more cleaning and organizing.  Hopefully soon we will have the house ready for them to move in.  At least that is my hope!

Be thankful what you have because you never know when it can all be taken away!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adoption event rejections

Yesterday's adoption event was crazy busy.  9 dogs were able to find homes which is AWESOME!  But for the first time ever there were 4 people I turned down.. I mean I turn down people but usually one not 4!

The first one was CREEPY!  And wanted one of my Pit Bulls.  When I told him that we do criminal background checks on all of our Pits his reaction was "Oh"  and not a good oh but a bad oh like oh SHIT! kind of oh.

Then a women with 2 dogs, 2 cats and the female dog is not fixed.  I told her I am sorry I would not be able to adopt to her until her female is fixed.  She walked away all upset.  Came back about 10 minutes later and questioned me as to why.  I explained to her that "accidents" happen... it took a few examples for her to then understand what I meant by "accidents"  Hopefully she understands the importance of having her dog fixed.

Then her daughter who several volunteers heard her on the phone with someone saying "We just won't tell the landlord.  he will never know we got a dog"  Come on girl really!  We call your landlord... he is going to know!  Idiot!  She also asked me before filling out an application "what would make someone not get approved to adopt."  I told her I am not going to tell you those things because then you would lie on the application!  I then said to her you have to be 21 years old and not currently in school in order to adopt.  She walked away but then came back about 10 minutes later and interrupted me while I was talking to someone else to question me on that.

THEN the most ridiculous one yet.  A 19 year old girl got her 19 year old boy friend to have his dad come up to the adoption event to LIE and say he was going to to adopt the puppy.  Again volunteers over heard her talking to her boyfriend on how they were going to pull of this scheme.  I explained to the boyfriend's father and to the girlfriend that the contract they sign is legally binding and that the dog can not go live with anyone else... meaning when the girlfriend and boyfriend decided to get a place of their own and live together they can't take the dog!  All of a sudden the girlfriend didn't want the puppy any more.  BIG FREAKING SURPRISE!

It was so funny b/c when we were standing in the parking lot after we had everything loaded up and ready to go home (we being the volunteers), the dad sped out of the parking lot making sure his truck was really loud and fast.  I laughed b/c #1 is truck was a piece of shit #2 does he think that is going to change my mind??

A few volunteers are worried that the people we turned down will try to fill out applications on line and lie BUT I am going to be over the top with the applications that come through for the dogs who people were trying to lie to get and if I have one bad feeling about something the answer will be NO!

I don't think people understand how the internet works.  There are websites to find if you really own your home, how much you paid for it, what your taxes are each year and what you still owe on it.  CREEPY! I know!  There are websites that show satellite pictures of your house so I know if you are lying about having a fence.  AND there are websites that I can use to see if you have a criminal record.... Oh I can go on and on.

Sorry folks but I am not going to let (if I can help it) my dogs go to some a-hole!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I tell every adopter everything I know about the dog. I hold nothing back because well if I were them I would want to know too.  Even though it has cost me adoptions, I don't really consider it a loss because they people and the dog would have gone home and been unhappy.  I don't ever want anyone to be unhappy.

I also tell everyone that if they need anything to let me know. I am here for them for the life of the dog.  What  is frustrating is when I have people say to me
"What haven't you told me about this dog I need to know" or they tell me they are having an issue and I tell them that the dog didn't have that issue with me and I would have to get back to them on what to do after I speak to my vet and trainer and they just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again.  I heard you the first time, I don't know what you want me to do.  I told you I will have to find out for you.

OR when I tell them what to do to fix the "issue" and they refuse and then call me to complain.... OMG!  I told you what to do and you are NOT LISTENING!!!!!!  Yes, I am.  NO YOU AREN'T because you aren't doing what I told you to do.

For the love of God, don't call me and complain and ask for advice and then when I give it to you ignore me!

So frustrating.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have some applications on some of the dogs but not as many as I would like.  Lorain County pound is FULL, Holmes County pound is FULL and about every other pound in the state of Ohio is pleading for help!

I could squeeze in one more dog if I even wanted to or had the time to.

I really really hope Saturday goes well.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Took in 17 puppies, 2 mom dogs all on Sunday.  And Thursday took in 2 JRT's.

That puts us at nearly 50 dogs.  God help me!

This weekend is our monthly adoption event. PLEASE cross your paws it goes well.  AND we do have Christmas Breakfast tickets on sale now $12 for adults all you can eat and PICTURES WITH THE REAL SANTA :-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Shelters are full .

Shelters are full to the brim with dogs.  It is crazy, I can't believe how full everyone is.  I swear things keep getting worse and worse.  We are getting in two more mom dogs with about 20 puppies between the two of them.  They were going to die.  AND we took in a blind JRT and it's seeing friend AND AND AND AND the list keeps going.  We have so many dogs in the rescue right now.  I have closed the doors for right now b/c if we are going to go financially under if I keep taking in dogs.

We have an adoption event on November 10th.  I am hoping between now and then we adopt out at least 15 dogs.  I have to.  WE NEED ADOPTIONS BAD!!!!!!!

And we are holding a Christmas breakfast on December 1st from 9 - 12.  Pictures with the REAL Santa.  Hopefully we can sell enough tickets to make it worth it.  We need to sell 500! YIKES!

Well off to start my weekend and pray I can get through the weekend without my picture taken!  LOL That is my goal every weekend, I am just not usually very successful at it.