Wednesday, November 28, 2012

why lie

I am not really sure where lying is going to get someone.  I mean 99% of the time you get caught.  You might not get caught right away but you are going to get caught eventually.

We have had SEVERAL people lie on applications to adopt a dog.  REALLY???  They say they own their house but when we check the auditors website THEY DON'T!  Then we ask them why their house is listed under someone else's name and one person confessed that she did lie and the other person said they weren't going to get a dog right now, they changed their mind. Yea, OK!

Then we had the person who tried to fake their landlord.  Gave us a number that went to a friend and so when we called they acted like the landlord.  Yea, NOT THAT STUPID!  When we called the leasing office that owns the property SURPRISE they don't allow that size / breed of a dog.

Really people?

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