Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling down

I was talking to my rescue friend this morning and she said to me "All the stress and anxiety all comes from the dogs." I stopped and thought, she is right. All the nasty people who scream and yell at you b/c they don't get their way. Or the people who freak out about every little thing their dog does. The one thing I have never had happen to me but other rescue friends have are the people that threaten to sue you over something with their dog.... some unknown illness, worms, kennel cough stuff like that. I just have people sue me after they steal my dog and act like children.

I am still convinced something is wrong with this world.... seriously wrong and it needs to be straightened out because I am just not sure how much more I can take. Why can't people just be nice to each other?

Today I received a phone call from my vet that they received a phone call from a women asking a bunch of questions about what tests I have run on the GSD mix puppies and if I had them certified and all this crazy stuff. Oh and if they had seen an ophthalmologist. Ok, first of all they aren't pure breed so you can't register them, 1/2 the tests you are asking about are only if you are going to breed the dog which isn't possible because I had them fixed and really we are a non profit rescue organization no the 8 week old puppy did not go to the ophthalmologist.

So, tonight when everyone comes over to pick and adopt out a puppy they are all going to get a lecture of how these are mix breed puppies not pure breed puppies and that NO a non profit organization who has spent more on food and vet are then the adoption does not run a bunch of un necessary tests. If you have an issue with that you should not take a puppy home.

A little good news today. The mom JRT had her puppies this morning. And then Bad news, one apparently have a cleft pallet. Great so what does that mean for the puppy?

Please God give me strength to keep moving through these hard times.. I am having a hard time and I need strength.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Why so mean?

Tomorrow is the big day for the puppies. They are going to get fixed and then some are headed to their FOREVER home. I am always so happy and sad all at the same time. These puppies have seriously eaten me out of house and home. I have spent so much money feeding these puppies...

Well I have been feeling pretty good about things since I received the judgement in the mail regarding the small claims lawsuit. For those of you who don't know, a women who I have helped MANY TIMES sued me for $3,000 over a photo album. She left the so called photo album at a mutual friends house 3 YEARS A GO! The mutual friend gave me the photo album and asked I give it to the women. Well I miss placed it, felt horrible about miss placing it... I actually didn't know what it was until after I miss placed it and the women got SO upset. I offered to pay to replace the photos and she sued me instead. I am still confused as to why you sue someone over something they already offered but whatever.... Plus she hadn't even looked at the photo album for 3 years, I don't understand why it is so important just because it is now missing... but again whatever.

Then the accident with my friends 1 year old happened May 20th and well I have had an upset stomach ever since. Nothing will stay down. UGH! My anxiety seems to be ok until today. Not sure what happened but this afternoon after being yelled at twice over nothing, my anxiety kicked into turbo gear.

I know this blog post isn't too much about dogs but I just needed to write.

I wonder if I am having anxiety over the puppies getting adopted tomorrow? I really hate this feeling of my heart racing and feeling like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I still have the other law suit going on.. ya know apparently you can be nasty and act like a spoiled child and when someone calls you out on your bullshit you sue for $25K. Really!! Where would you like me to pull that out of my ass?!

I am just done with people being nasty. What is going on in this world. And I am being serious. The other day this lady pulls in my driveway (my dad sells flowers as a hobby) parks behind my car. My car was in the garage but garage door is open and so is my car door and I am standing 5 feet from my car. I say to the lady "I am sorry, would you mind parking over there with the other cars" She gets snotty with me and says "well I wanted to buy some plants and didn't want to carrying that far." I said to her "Oh I am sorry, I live here and need to leave." She got all huffy and moved her car.

Then a few weeks a go some lady hit a water pump in our drive, ran over some plants and tried to drive away. I totally stopped her and she got all nasty with me b/c it "was a brand new car" Really lady??!! You smash shit in my yard/drive and were going to drive away and you are upset b/c it is a new car... um.. you were driving it and the pump was in the same place it was when you parked next to it.

I am just done with nasty people... just really done!

Then today someone tells my husband and I we can do something, we do it and they get mad. REALLY!!

Oh and a friend of mine gets upset with me over something he screwed up at my house which has not put me in the hole close to $3K. Gee thanks for coming to my house breaking my stuff...

I need another job just to pay for the crap people destroy at my house. Oh and a 2nd job to pay for the crazy laws suites...

Oh and I get an email yesterday (a week later) from a lady upset at me because the came to the adoption event to see a dog that got adopted. um... that is why it is an adoption event, so dogs can get adopted.

Oh please God please give me the strength to get through all this... I am starting to be depressed at what this world has come to. Seriously. Who wants to have kids... I don't want to create a human being to have to live in this horrible world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting the puppies ready..

Well the puppies are going to be ready to go home on Tuesday. I have 8 applications approved and 9 puppies. Waiting for one person to get back to me with her landlord's information. It is always so hard "choosing" homes, you don't want to disappoint anyone but you want to make sure the puppies get the best possible home. It is a lot of pressure because everyone wants a puppy but are they going to still want it when it is all grown up?? Out of all the puppies I have ever adopted out only 1 time did I have one return... well and one STOLEN, still wish I could have gotten her back but apparently you can steal from a non profit and then sue them! Hopefully that will be over soon.

Anyway, most of the puppies will hopefully be going home on Tuesday. I love them but I can't wait till they can be in their own home. Plus I must be honest they are SO MUCH WORK. LOL

With my BFF's daughter being in the hospital this entire week has been just overwhelming. I couldn't imagine being her right now. She has been at the hospital since Friday afternoon.. never leaving.. .oh geez.

I do have a pregnant female JRT who should be having puppies any now... the ultra sound only showed 4 puppies so that will be so nice. Little puppies and only being 4 will be MUCH easier to take care of.

Oh and on Friday it looks like I am getting in two more JRT's OH BOY! Why can't I say no???

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Takes time...

Why is it that people adopt a dog and expect it to be 100% perfect right off the bat? I just don't understand... you wanted a dog I didn't force one on you so STOP being so whinny about EVERYTHING! Yes, dogs are a lot of work. Yes, your schedule is now different. Yes, you have to take them outside SEVERAL times a day. Jesus people!

Just so frustrating.. I wonder if people have a baby and after a few days at home want to "give it back" because it is a lot of work? And because it has changed their schedule. LOL!

Sorry just needed to vent and I am sure anyone in rescue totally knows where I am coming from on this one.

Well as an update on a few topics.... My BFF's baby is doing better. Things are starting to look up. And as an update on my post regarding being sued for a lost photo album. The judge gave his verdict a few weeks ago. He rewarded her with ZERO money. He said that her suit against the two people she said she was suing because they didn't return her phone call was dismissed. He said that myself and the other lady she sued "successfully" defended ourselves.

Well she sure screwed up this didn't she! I offered her money, she sued me for the money I already offered her and she got ZERO plus had to spend at least $130 for the law suit. Lesson learned for me on this one...

To be really honest I think she is just jealous of me and was trying to get money out of me. People think that because I have a large farm and it is kept up that I have money. NEWS FLASH! I don't, I work very hard on my farm to make it look nice. Just because you don't have money doesn't mean you have to be dirty and messy... I really don't understand why if you are clean and neat that people think you have money. UGH! So ridiculous.

Oh let's see what else is going on.... um... a few other things that I probably can't talk about right now. LOL

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My weekend

Friday I spent the day getting ready for the huge adoption event on the East side of Cleveland (about an hour from my house). At 4:30 I received a text message from my BFF that her 1 year old little girl was life flighted to Metro Hospital in Cleveland. Needless to say the world stopped for me at that moment. My BFF (Liz) told me to get a hold of her mom for details. I tried calling but she didn't answer. Shortly after that Liz called me, told me what happened and asked me to go to her mom's to get Ayden, her 3 year old son. By the time I got to her mom's house her mom had already made arrangements for Ayden to go to someoene's house while her, Liz's dad and Liz's husband went to the hospital. Liz was at the hospital b/c she was in the helicopter with her daughter.

So, what happened... very long story short but Madde (my BFF's little girl) was standing behind a 4-wheeler trailer with her brother Ayden. Ayden being a typical 3 year old was playing with he pin that keeps the trailer gate up and pulled it out. The gate fell and crush Madde his 1 year old sister. Madde has a cracked skull and swelling on the brain. She has been on machines to help her breath, to keep her paralyzed and sleeping.

I did go up to the hospital when Liz wanted me to and was there until 1 a.m. Now mind you I still needed to get some paper work ready for the adoption event on Saturday and I had to bath dogs.

My sister in law came over and bathed all the dogs but one. That was actually very helpful but I still didn't get to sleep until 2:00 a.m. and had to be up at 6:00 a.m.

The event went well but my full heart wasn't in it b/c of Madde. She is still in the hospital and the outcome of how she will be is still un know so if you could keep your paws crossed and many prayers for her please do.

The event went well. 5 dogs went to their forever homes. We raised over $500

I was exhausted after the event but it was good and we will go back next year.... requesting two booths however.. lol they were pretty small. And ONLY magnets sold... nothing else so next year dogs and magnets are all I will take.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bought a puppy

Last night my husband and I were talking about our friends... more his then mine but whatever. He went over their house yesterday to give them a quote on some work they need done. I told him not to forget to invite them to our 4th of July camping party. He then tells me he is pissed because they wen to Toledo and bought a Doxie puppy from some breeder.


These are people that have heard my stories of the horrible breeders, the dog over population and have come over to play with the puppies I have. They know what I do and they know that there is a huge over population issue.

The wife said "Well you know how (husband) is, he can't wait for anything"

OMG a rescue friend of mine JUST HAD A LITTER of pure breed Doxie puppies.

REALLY F*#)(*@ nice.

You can call me when you want a job but you can't call me to at least see if I can get you a puppy.

Whatever, I told my husband DO NOT INVITE them to the camping party. I am done!

Don't get me wrong I do NOT have any issue with someone buying a dog from a breeder. IF THE BREEDER IS LEGITIMATE! But I 100% guarantee you this breeder is NOT. I know the husband and I am sure he say an ad in the paper and just went and bought it.

I also don't blame people who don't know any better... THEY KNOW BETTER!

I stopped being friends with two people I was friends with in High School b/c they pulled the same stupid shit. Heck the wife even helped me with the rescue and had her friends come over to look at dogs. So, she really knew better..... they bought a 5 week old (illegal in Ohio) puppy from a back yard hill billy in Medina. Since the day I saw them at the vet with their 5 week old puppy I haven't talked to them.

Sorry but I don't have time to be friend with people that stupid. Now their first dog was bought from a breeder. HOWEVER, the breeder was legitimate. The dog was fixed and they signed a contract.

I am so angry!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Daughter wants to breed them...

Ok, my rescue friend sent me an application today. Here are a few parts of the application:

*Describe a typical day in the dog's life with you and in your home:companion in my room and rest of home , travel with me, walks, runs toys to play with, regular schedual for food and outside toileting.

*What activities do you plan with this dog? described above, this is my little buddy.

*Do you intend to keep this dog primarily inside or outside? mostly inside

*Where will the dog sleep?my room

*Why have you decided to adopt a dog?I wanted to help give a home

Why did you choose this dog?both small, older, need little training , I need a smaller dog, not a big dog person

*Have you had a rescue dog before? If yes, describe your experience:Spike our german shepard is a rescue dog , met him in the pound, and just had a feeling he needed to come home with us. He's great, gentel, obediant,loves the kids , gentel with the cats,

*Please list the dogs and other animals currently in your home (age, sex, breed, temperament, socialization with dogs). This question must be answered in full

Spike 2 year old shepard mix husky male, gentle as described above, good with visitors, greets them then sets aside.

Luna 1 year old elk hound shepard mix, loves everything every one very playful, still in puppy stage ,neither dog has trouble with other animals in the park.

Jake stray kitten we adopted 5-6 years ago from lady in westlake, jakes is jake, scratch his head once in a while and hes fine

Balou 6 month old kitten my grand daughter brought home one day and hes been here since, in the p roc ess o fhaving him fixed.

* Are the animals currently in your home neutered or spayed?

just jake is fixed, balou in process, and the dogs no my daughter is thinki;ng of breeding them.

I asked my friend if I could PLEASE PLEASE respond to this lady. She said YES so this is what I wrote:

Thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless pet and I believe your daughters two dogs were also adopted from a shelter, Lorain County Dog Pound maybe? I just wanted to give you some information that maybe you aren't aware of. First of all Lorain County Dog Pound has a MANDATORY spay/neuter program which was instituted a few months ago. Why? Might you ask... well it seems that there were too many people not getting their dogs fixed which was creating more homeless pets. The entire reason Dog Pounds exist is because people allow their dogs to run free, don't take care of the pets and / or don't get their dogs fixed which creates unwanted puppies. Did you know that 6 MILLION dogs every year are killed in the United States because there are not enough homes for all the homeless dogs?

You may not be aware but in the city of Elyria there is a 4 pet maximum and most of the mobile home parks in Elyria there is a 3 pet limit. This does include cats and dogs. If you are going to breed you MUST have a kennel license but to get a kennel license you must have a business license. AND if you are going to sell the puppies you MUST report the sale of the puppies on your income tax, if you do not you can get in HUGE troubled with the government for tax fraud both with State and Federal.

That brings me to why it is VERY VERY important to have dogs fixed as soon as possible. Female dogs are more susceptible to mammary cancer (a.k.a. breast cancer) and also a horrible infection called Pyometra which is very hard to detect and usually by the time the owner realizes the dog is sick it is too late. The dog dies slowly in horrible pain assuming emergency surgery does not save her life and the surgery can cost $800 to well over $1,000. And now to male dogs... males dogs are very susceptible to testicular cancer AND a male dog can smell a female in heat over 50 miles away. Male dogs are more likely to leave home in search of a female in heat and if a dog gets 50 miles away they will not be able to find their way home. Hence the fact most of the dogs in shelters are males.... I was contacted by a man whose dogs ate through his garage wall to get to his female in heat. Male dogs can be very aggressive when trying to get to a female.... aggressive towards people and other animals and obviously go to great lengths destroying property to get to a female.

The entire reason that Gloria, myself and many other dedicate all of our free time and spare money (yea, like anyone has any of that with these gas prices and economy) is because it is not fair that dogs are killed in shelters, their bodies thrown into a dumpster and taken to the land fill like trash just because people OVER BREED their dogs creating more unwanted pets. We feel horrible when we walk into a dark, cold, damp pound knowing that today is kill day and we only have room for 2 dogs but there are 10 that need a place to call home. We have to decide who we can save and leave the shelter knowing that the dogs we left behind will not be alive when we go to sleep that night. It is not something we like to do and through education we hope to help reduce the number of unwanted pets. That is the reason for my email, I am pleading with you to please please convince your daughter to fix her dogs before it is too late and another litter of unwanted puppies is created. And if what I have said so far doesn't convince you that breeding two dogs with un known medical histories who are mutts isn't a good idea.... then let me tell you about what all goes into a litter of puppies.

First, sometimes male dogs will kill puppies. So, you are going to have to keep the mom and puppies separate from the male. As I stated above male dogs can become very aggressive when a female is in heat and living in a mobile home I am sure it is going to be difficult to keep them apart. Mom dogs go into heat a week after giving birth. Before the puppies are born you do have to get a high quality puppy food for the mom, which is expensive especially with large dogs. Puppies regardless of the health of the mom are born with worms. So at 2 weeks and usually 2 more times before they are 8 weeks you will have to get worming medicine for the puppies and MOM from your vet. If you give too much or too little you can make the puppies very sick. If you give the wrong wormer you could kill the puppies. Before the puppies are born you do have to get a high quality puppy food for the mom, which is expensive especially with large dogs. Then at about 2.5 weeks old the puppies start eating soft dog food and that means more poop and the mom doesn't always clean it all. So, you are CONSTANTLY cleaning up news papers and doing laundry to make sure the puppies are clean so they don't get sick and of course the smell. UGH! It could make a horse pass out! I just recently rescued a dog that was pregnant and she had 9 puppies (average litter for large breed dog) who eat $67 worth of soft dog food in 4 days! And it is middle of the road dog food...nothing special. AND to top it off it is ILLEGAL in the state of Ohio to separate mom dogs from puppies prior to 8 weeks old. AND TRUST ME by the time the puppies are 6 weeks old you can't WAIT for 8 weeks to come. You have done nothing but clean up poop. NOT ENJOYABLE and so much work. And this is assuming their aren't any complications.... umbilical cords wrapped around necks, feet, ect. when the puppy is born, the mom having dead puppies inside of her that can cause her to die from infection, having trouble with labor requiring emergency surgery and what if you have to bottle feed... forget sleeping or going to work b/c puppies need feed every few hours. Endless issues... just like humans.

Just food for thought to share with your daughter. Hoping she decides to have her dogs fixed there are SEVERAL low cost spay neuter locations near where you live.. there is one in Lorain on Rt 58 and one in Avon near the Harley Davidson.

Good luck and we will all cross our paws that the dogs get fixed soon. Once all the animals are fixed in your home Gloria welcomes you to resubmit your application. At this time she will be unable to approve your application


Monday, May 16, 2011

Strange things people ask

What does "Dog Rescue" mean to you?
I ask this because I get some of the strangest comments and questions from people. I always answer them and I try really hard not to come off snotty or rude but sometimes I am sure I do. I know growing up you are taught there are no stupid questions but you know what sometimes I think there are.

It seems whenever I have puppies I get the same questions.

What was the dad? It always says in the petfinder/adopt a pet posting if we know who the dad was or not. Sometimes I feel like asking "can you read? it says in the listing the mom was a stray and no one knew she was pregnant.

How big will they get? ok that one I can somewhat understand but what I don't understand is when this is followed by I don't want a dog over XX pounds. My response is usually "with a rescue puppy not knowing the dad it is probably best that you get a full grown dog." And of course they always email back but I want a puppy."

Will the dog have health issues when it gets older? I don't know let me check my magical crystal ball!!! UGH!

Oh my favorite question is "Will you take less for the dog then what you are asking?" OMG I am not e-bay or a flea market.... ok so with that question I do get a little rude. I usually list all the expenses of what we have into the dog. I say nothing else just list what we have spent on the dog thus far. It is usually MORE then the adoption fee.

Does the dog shed?

Do you know why someone got rid of him/her? "Well the dog was a stray at the shelter whose owners never came looking for him but yes I know the exact reason NOT!"

Then the weird statements I get from people

"I don't want a dog that is already fixed because I want my vet to do it."

"You are getting the puppy fixed at 8 weeks is that safe." No it isn't safe but I thought I would give it a try and see what happens. lol

"I really really like this dog but he is too skinny. I don't want to adopt a dog that is skinny."

"I don't want a dog that will bark"

"I don't think I should have to pay for a rescue dog" ya, know what you are correct I work a full time job trying support my family and volunteer all my FREE time so you can have a fully vetted, housebroken dog FOR FREE!

My favorite all time comment that was made but not to me but one of my rescue friends.... let me set the stage for the comment real quick.
My rescue friend had a litter of puppies, they were all pretty much identical looking very hard to tell apart. So, instead of having people pre pick she wait till they were all fixed and then had people come over as she approved their applications and pick up and take home a puppy. I forget exactly how many puppies she had but regardless she had left two messages for this one family. They finally called her back by that time there was only one puppy left. When the family found out that all the puppies but one were adopted this is what they said
"Well what is wrong with this puppy that no picked it? We don't want the last puppy because something must be wrong with it."
My friend was so shocked she said OK and hung up. LOL!!

Any other rescue folks out there are more then welcome to make comments on this post about the silly things people have said or asked you. We can all use a good laugh and it helps to know we aren't alone in this lonely volunteer work we do!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 more to go

Took in a few new dogs over the last few days which puts the total number of dogs rescued to 698. 2 more dogs till I reach 700 dogs rescued!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Buddy was one of my rescue dog!

Sports helping Mentor-on-the-Lake man win against scars of war

Click to enlarge

Leo Kelly never expected to win a gold medal after a car crash left him in a coma for six months.

Since the crash seven years ago, Kelly has accepted the fact that he is disabled, and it has allowed him to gain freedom by participating in the Disabled Veterans Sports Clinic through the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, he said.

Kelly, of Mentor-on-the-Lake, served in the Army during Desert Storm. He has suffered from panic attacks and post traumatic stress nightmares and then his physical injuries from the crash after his service, he said.

It took five years for him to decide to participate in the sports clinic, but he realized that talking with other veterans brought him a sense of peace, he said.

"I really just didn't want to admit that I was disabled," he acknowledged.

The Veterans Affairs sports clinic aims to keep veterans active, said Janelle Howard, a recreation therapist.

The program offers a variety of sports, including archery, curling, rock climbing and scuba diving.

He won the 2010 gold medal in skiing with a time of 39 seconds.

He was able to ski by using a specially designed chair and with help from a partner on skis.

The physical preparation required attending a fitness clinic two days a week, Kelly said.

"Mentally, it was just kind of getting over everything," he said.

Before the crash, Kelly was very active and had worked as a firefighter, so the ensuing adjustment was difficult, he said.

After the accident he stayed at various hospitals before moving out with his father. He has now been living on his own for four years.

He uses a wheelchair, and has made significant progress since the crash.

His service dog Buddy, a Jack Russell terrier, helps him avoid panic attacks and regain awareness during nightmares.

"He'll lick my face, bark at me or bite my ear. Whatever it takes," he said.

Kelly said he strongly recommends a service dog to any veteran who suffers from the mental anguish of war.

Kelly has several other medals on display in his home, some from target shooting and other sports, and others from his military service.

With the recent marking of the 20-year anniversary of Desert Storm, Kelly knows that his nightmares might increase.

"I have them every once in a while, maybe once a month," he said. "Usually it's around anniversary time."

The help of his service dog and playing sports have really helped him to turn things around.

"In the past eight months I've changed so much — my whole attitude, my whole personality," Kelly said. "I used to have the shades pulled down with no lights on and sit in the dark."

He definitely plans to continue participating in the sporting events, and told his coach to sign him up for everything, he said.

Here is a link to the article

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Multiple Breed Rescue

Check them out on Facebook

Or on Twitter

AND check out the really cute awesome dogs they have up for adoption

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dogs Dogs and more Dogs!

I think I mentioned this already but I was SO SICK last week. I was in bed pretty much all week the only reason I got up was to feed the puppies. That totally put me behind at work but what are you going to do!?

Anyway, Thursday I agree to take in two JRT mixes that my sister in law picked up off transport for me.


Indiana Jones

They are both nice little dogs, we are having small issue with Indy but we are working through this and I hope by June he will be ready for adoption.. I hope!

Then Saturday after being sick all week I couldn't help myself and went to the dog pound ;-) There was this really cute JRT there


Look at that face.. .see why I sucked it up and went to the pound. Who cares I was sick and wanted nothing more then to go to bed, he could be dead!

Then of course I walked through the pound "Just to see" what all was there....

Randy! Pure Breed Weimaraner.
How the heck was I going to leave him in the shelter?! I mean come on!

THEN Sunday, my friend June called me and said do you want a Mount Feist. HELL YEA! I have always wanted a Feist. So, Sunday evening I got in the Feist. He is so cool. I don't have a picture yet but I will work on that maybe tomorrow.

And because apprently I am FLIPPING CRAZY.. lol I commited to take in 3 more JRT's. They are getting picked up Friday by an adopter and then she is bringing them to my house.


Ok, this makes me VERY FULL... I need get some dogs adopted ASAP. LOL!

Monday, May 9, 2011

BIG Adoption Event coming soon!

May 21, 2011 9:30am to 3:00pm
RAIN OR SHINE this event will take place
Open your heart and your home to a dog or cat in need. This year’s PAWS-4-A-Cause event will be Saturday, May 21st, from 9:30 to 3:00pm at the Moreland Hills Polo Grounds/Cleveland Metroparks, South Chagrin Reservation.
Adopt-a-thon: Dogs & cats from PAWS and over 20 local rescue organizations will be available for adoption!

Dog Walk: You will also have your choice of a 1 or 2 mile dog walk around the park. Bring your favorite canine and walk with your friends and family. Dog walk pre-registration is $25 ($30 for day-of registration) and includes a doggie bag or goodies and a t-shirt. (t-shirt guaranteed for pre-registrants; t-shirt for day-of-registrants is subject to availability)
Family Fun Day: There's something for everyone, including those with four legs! There will be canine demonstrations, dog contests, craft and pet-related vendors, food vendors, a Big Ticket Raffle, microchipping and more!

Admission is free! Parking is free!

This event helps generate funds to continue our foster care program and provide medical care for the animals of PAWS. All proceeds will help PAWS continue its mission to help stray and abused dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
PAWS has a FirstGiving page which will be used to register for the Dog Walk and/or fundraise for this year’s PAWS-4-A-Cause event. Click here to get started, then click on the big orange “Raise Money” button. From here you can “Register online now” as a $25 walker and create a fundraising page to help us raise more. Or you can fundraise only by choosing “Register Offline”. You’ll be able to create your own personalized fundraising page. From here you’ll have the ability to send emails to friends and family to help you reach your goals. To print and mail in the registration form instead, please click here.
Place: Moreland Hills Polo Grounds / Cleveland Metroparks - South Chagrin Reservation
Address: 3841 Chagrin River Rd, Moreland Hills, OH 44022
Phone No: 216-402-1106
From I-271 Chagrin Blvd. Exit - Take Chagrin Blvd. east to Lander Circle and continue on Chagrin Blvd. east. Turn left onto River Road. The Cleveland Metroparks (South Chagrin Reservation) Polo Field will be on the right.
From Ohio Turnpike Exit 13 - Head towards Cleveland on I-480 west. Exit at the Hudson/Twinsburg exit, Rt. 91 and head North. Follow Rt. 91 North through Twinsburg and Solon until you come to Chagrin Blvd. Turn right onto Chagrin Blvd. and follow until you reach River Road. Turn left onto River Road. The Cleveland Metroparks (South Chagrin Reservation) Polo Field will be on the right.
Raffle Prizes
This year’s Big Ticket Raffle will include 3 huge packages from Downtown, East Side and West Side, each worth over $1,000! Hotel rooms, dinners, entertainment tickets, etc. If you have any questions about the reverse raffle contact Michelle Sefcik at 216.870.7779 or email at bigticketraffle@pawsohio.org If you need tickets to sell or have money to turn in, please contact Kelly Carbone at Please turn in as much raffle ticket money and tickets before the event that you can.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Return return return

What a week. What a year!

Well Greta STOPPED totally taking care of her puppies so this weekend I bathed them and starting getting on a feeding schedule. What a pain, I think because they were malnourished they are a little slower in development then other puppies. They are 4. 5 weeks old and haven't figured out how to eat hard dog food yet. Cola's puppies were eating hard dog food at 3 weeks! I am sure they are going to be fine when they are dogs, no health issues but they are just slow maturing.

It was a long weekend. Then to top it off I woke up Monday sick as a dog (no pun intended). I have seriously been in bed since Monday. I got up on Monday long enough to make it to work for a few hours but Tuesday didn't make it to work, today I made it to work for about 4 hours.... my head felt like it was going to explode. I haven't done anything but sleep, hence no blog posts this week and I do get up feed puppies and then go back to bed. It is really important that I keep them on feeding schedule.

Then to top it off I have received two emails from people needing to return the dog they adopted... what stinks is it is all because life has changed, not necessarily the dogs fault. It has been crazy this year (let me add 2011 has SUCKED so far). I had Splash returned after 4 years, Scooter returned after 4 years, Driver returned after 2 years, now Logan and Polly after 4 years, Dudley after 1.5 years...... CRAZY! I think that is more returns then I have had in all 6 years of being in rescue!!

I haven't taken any dogs out of shelters since early March. A foster home took a ONE dog out of our local shelter two Saturday's ago but that is it :-( How much does that suck!!!??? I keep getting these really cute pictures of dogs that need help. Something has got to give either dogs need to get adopted ASAP or it needs to stop raining so I can use the out door kennels. I am having a hard time not taking in all these dogs that need help. If I could find some temporary foster homes that would help too... just 2 - 4 weeks of help would be great b/c by then Greta's puppies will be adopted and maybe just maybe it will stop raining so I can use my outdoor kennels.