Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling down

I was talking to my rescue friend this morning and she said to me "All the stress and anxiety all comes from the dogs." I stopped and thought, she is right. All the nasty people who scream and yell at you b/c they don't get their way. Or the people who freak out about every little thing their dog does. The one thing I have never had happen to me but other rescue friends have are the people that threaten to sue you over something with their dog.... some unknown illness, worms, kennel cough stuff like that. I just have people sue me after they steal my dog and act like children.

I am still convinced something is wrong with this world.... seriously wrong and it needs to be straightened out because I am just not sure how much more I can take. Why can't people just be nice to each other?

Today I received a phone call from my vet that they received a phone call from a women asking a bunch of questions about what tests I have run on the GSD mix puppies and if I had them certified and all this crazy stuff. Oh and if they had seen an ophthalmologist. Ok, first of all they aren't pure breed so you can't register them, 1/2 the tests you are asking about are only if you are going to breed the dog which isn't possible because I had them fixed and really we are a non profit rescue organization no the 8 week old puppy did not go to the ophthalmologist.

So, tonight when everyone comes over to pick and adopt out a puppy they are all going to get a lecture of how these are mix breed puppies not pure breed puppies and that NO a non profit organization who has spent more on food and vet are then the adoption does not run a bunch of un necessary tests. If you have an issue with that you should not take a puppy home.

A little good news today. The mom JRT had her puppies this morning. And then Bad news, one apparently have a cleft pallet. Great so what does that mean for the puppy?

Please God give me strength to keep moving through these hard times.. I am having a hard time and I need strength.


Dogman2 said...

Just sending a little love your way...Thanks for all you are doing for my friends...Woof....Woof...

English Rider said...

I do know a great dog who was born with a cleft palette. A vet tech adopted him at 4 days old, when his owner brought him in to be put to sleep. They hand raised him and he had surgery. There is no sign of any deformity, other than mental. He doesn't know he's a dog:) There are angels out there. I hope one (or ten) cross your path. If the pup is from any half-way recognizable breed, the breed rescues sometimes have angel-funds to take care of just this kind of case. Good luck!