Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Takes time...

Why is it that people adopt a dog and expect it to be 100% perfect right off the bat? I just don't understand... you wanted a dog I didn't force one on you so STOP being so whinny about EVERYTHING! Yes, dogs are a lot of work. Yes, your schedule is now different. Yes, you have to take them outside SEVERAL times a day. Jesus people!

Just so frustrating.. I wonder if people have a baby and after a few days at home want to "give it back" because it is a lot of work? And because it has changed their schedule. LOL!

Sorry just needed to vent and I am sure anyone in rescue totally knows where I am coming from on this one.

Well as an update on a few topics.... My BFF's baby is doing better. Things are starting to look up. And as an update on my post regarding being sued for a lost photo album. The judge gave his verdict a few weeks ago. He rewarded her with ZERO money. He said that her suit against the two people she said she was suing because they didn't return her phone call was dismissed. He said that myself and the other lady she sued "successfully" defended ourselves.

Well she sure screwed up this didn't she! I offered her money, she sued me for the money I already offered her and she got ZERO plus had to spend at least $130 for the law suit. Lesson learned for me on this one...

To be really honest I think she is just jealous of me and was trying to get money out of me. People think that because I have a large farm and it is kept up that I have money. NEWS FLASH! I don't, I work very hard on my farm to make it look nice. Just because you don't have money doesn't mean you have to be dirty and messy... I really don't understand why if you are clean and neat that people think you have money. UGH! So ridiculous.

Oh let's see what else is going on.... um... a few other things that I probably can't talk about right now. LOL

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