Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Return return return

What a week. What a year!

Well Greta STOPPED totally taking care of her puppies so this weekend I bathed them and starting getting on a feeding schedule. What a pain, I think because they were malnourished they are a little slower in development then other puppies. They are 4. 5 weeks old and haven't figured out how to eat hard dog food yet. Cola's puppies were eating hard dog food at 3 weeks! I am sure they are going to be fine when they are dogs, no health issues but they are just slow maturing.

It was a long weekend. Then to top it off I woke up Monday sick as a dog (no pun intended). I have seriously been in bed since Monday. I got up on Monday long enough to make it to work for a few hours but Tuesday didn't make it to work, today I made it to work for about 4 hours.... my head felt like it was going to explode. I haven't done anything but sleep, hence no blog posts this week and I do get up feed puppies and then go back to bed. It is really important that I keep them on feeding schedule.

Then to top it off I have received two emails from people needing to return the dog they adopted... what stinks is it is all because life has changed, not necessarily the dogs fault. It has been crazy this year (let me add 2011 has SUCKED so far). I had Splash returned after 4 years, Scooter returned after 4 years, Driver returned after 2 years, now Logan and Polly after 4 years, Dudley after 1.5 years...... CRAZY! I think that is more returns then I have had in all 6 years of being in rescue!!

I haven't taken any dogs out of shelters since early March. A foster home took a ONE dog out of our local shelter two Saturday's ago but that is it :-( How much does that suck!!!??? I keep getting these really cute pictures of dogs that need help. Something has got to give either dogs need to get adopted ASAP or it needs to stop raining so I can use the out door kennels. I am having a hard time not taking in all these dogs that need help. If I could find some temporary foster homes that would help too... just 2 - 4 weeks of help would be great b/c by then Greta's puppies will be adopted and maybe just maybe it will stop raining so I can use my outdoor kennels.

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