Monday, May 30, 2011

Why so mean?

Tomorrow is the big day for the puppies. They are going to get fixed and then some are headed to their FOREVER home. I am always so happy and sad all at the same time. These puppies have seriously eaten me out of house and home. I have spent so much money feeding these puppies...

Well I have been feeling pretty good about things since I received the judgement in the mail regarding the small claims lawsuit. For those of you who don't know, a women who I have helped MANY TIMES sued me for $3,000 over a photo album. She left the so called photo album at a mutual friends house 3 YEARS A GO! The mutual friend gave me the photo album and asked I give it to the women. Well I miss placed it, felt horrible about miss placing it... I actually didn't know what it was until after I miss placed it and the women got SO upset. I offered to pay to replace the photos and she sued me instead. I am still confused as to why you sue someone over something they already offered but whatever.... Plus she hadn't even looked at the photo album for 3 years, I don't understand why it is so important just because it is now missing... but again whatever.

Then the accident with my friends 1 year old happened May 20th and well I have had an upset stomach ever since. Nothing will stay down. UGH! My anxiety seems to be ok until today. Not sure what happened but this afternoon after being yelled at twice over nothing, my anxiety kicked into turbo gear.

I know this blog post isn't too much about dogs but I just needed to write.

I wonder if I am having anxiety over the puppies getting adopted tomorrow? I really hate this feeling of my heart racing and feeling like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I still have the other law suit going on.. ya know apparently you can be nasty and act like a spoiled child and when someone calls you out on your bullshit you sue for $25K. Really!! Where would you like me to pull that out of my ass?!

I am just done with people being nasty. What is going on in this world. And I am being serious. The other day this lady pulls in my driveway (my dad sells flowers as a hobby) parks behind my car. My car was in the garage but garage door is open and so is my car door and I am standing 5 feet from my car. I say to the lady "I am sorry, would you mind parking over there with the other cars" She gets snotty with me and says "well I wanted to buy some plants and didn't want to carrying that far." I said to her "Oh I am sorry, I live here and need to leave." She got all huffy and moved her car.

Then a few weeks a go some lady hit a water pump in our drive, ran over some plants and tried to drive away. I totally stopped her and she got all nasty with me b/c it "was a brand new car" Really lady??!! You smash shit in my yard/drive and were going to drive away and you are upset b/c it is a new car... um.. you were driving it and the pump was in the same place it was when you parked next to it.

I am just done with nasty people... just really done!

Then today someone tells my husband and I we can do something, we do it and they get mad. REALLY!!

Oh and a friend of mine gets upset with me over something he screwed up at my house which has not put me in the hole close to $3K. Gee thanks for coming to my house breaking my stuff...

I need another job just to pay for the crap people destroy at my house. Oh and a 2nd job to pay for the crazy laws suites...

Oh and I get an email yesterday (a week later) from a lady upset at me because the came to the adoption event to see a dog that got adopted. um... that is why it is an adoption event, so dogs can get adopted.

Oh please God please give me the strength to get through all this... I am starting to be depressed at what this world has come to. Seriously. Who wants to have kids... I don't want to create a human being to have to live in this horrible world.

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Allison at Novice Life said...

Oh Amy, I can totally relate. DOn't you hate it when everything is good so it just leaves you with anxiety waiting for something to go wrong!