Friday, August 29, 2008

not getting the puppy

So, I just got an email from the college girl saying she found a guy that was willing to take the puppy. UGH!! So, how long do you think before I get an email from him saying he got this puppy and can't handle it..LOL!!

I really hope it isn't some backyard breeder. UGH!

Weekly update....

What a crazy week and last week were just crazy busy. Not really with dogs just with life.

Well things are going pretty good. I checked Pet Finder today and called Ohio Pounds to check on JRT's and it looks like I am in the free and clear... for now anyways.. LOL!! Nothing needs me. That is honestly a good thing.

I have two families coming out tonight to see Razzel and Rose. Hopefully they will like them.

I am getting a 12 week old puppy today. Some college girl got it from some old guy that was given the puppy as a gift but it was too much for him to handle and not the college girl is learning VERY quickly how much work a puppy is and a JRT puppy at that.

I LOVE PUPPIES but not living at my house.. LOL!! They are so much work. LOL!! I will post some pictures when I get him. I bet he is CUTE!! I hope he still has puppy breath. That is the best. I am sure by the time the weekend is over I will be sending an email to my volunteers asking if anyone wants to foster him.. LOL!!

Well I am getting ready for the annual fund raiser. Hopefully it is a success. Looks like we are going to have a lot of cool things at the fund raiser. A lady that adopt a dog from me is going to bring her agility stuff out and set it up so people can see what their dogs can do. That is going to be SO much fun, I can't wait. I am going to have micro chipping, a tag making company and a two dog groomers and a lady who owns a dog boarding facility there too.

I have some REALLY cool raffle prizes including a 1 week stay in a condo in Florida.

So much fun! Now, I just have to get the food. UGH! I want to buy it all right now so I can have everything done and organized but I don't think food is going to last till next Saturday... LOL!!

Well fingers crossed that Rose and Razzel find homes tonight!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Fran is cracking me up! You can tell she is feeling better. She RUNS around the back yard like she is on fire... LOL!! Too funny.

Her favorite thing to do however, is sit right outside the kitchen window and chew on a bone FOR HOURS!!

You can tell she isn't 100% secure in herself yet because she does still walk like she is un sure of herself but definite improvement.

She had her shots last week and is scheduled to be spayed on September 10th! YAY!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why I do rescue

I received a call from my friend who does Aussie Rescue. A women was sent to a nursing home. She has 3 Aussies. 1 is 13 years old and blind and the other 2 will be 8 years old in November and have never been away from her or each other.

If those dogs would have been turned into the pound they would have been killed IMMEDIATELY! Why? You probably just said to yourself. Well #1. They are considered owner surrenders and they can be put down any time. There isn't a law that says the dog pound would have to hold them for any length of time. #2. They would have been killed just because of their age. #3. The blind one would have been killed just for being blind and the two 8 year olds are so scared they would have been killed for that.

So, really they have nothing going for them here.

Denise was able to get them last night and I am holding the two 8 year olds at my house. Not that have the room but seriously what am I supposed to do? Let them die? I don't think so!

So, anyone out there who might read this or know someone who truly honestly wants to RESCUE something these three need rescuing!

Here are pictures of the 8 year olds..... Oh and don't worry I am putting them on a diet.. LOL!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caught Franny playing with toys today :-)

So I am sitting in my dinning room going through my mail. I here Fran wrestling around on the couch. I couldn't figure out what she was doing. I walk into the TV room and she is playing with toys!! She is tossing them around, jumping up and down off the couch and taring up the stuff turtle. She wasn't too sure she wanted me to play with her but as long as she thought I wasn't watching she would play. Too cute. So, I ran upstairs got my camera and snapped a few pictures!


And the after math of the turtle.. LOL!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Franny Pictues

Fran hanging out on her favorite spot on the couch!

Fran out side with her foster sister Suzzie and foster brother Petey is in the back.

Fran stricking a pose for the camera :-)

***If you click on the pictures it will make them bigger so you can see them better. You will notice that her hair is sort of starting to grow back on her neck and if you look at her legs / feet you can see how red they are from her itching at them. Hopefully the shot and medicine she got on Thursday will help that to start going away.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Franny update

Fran went to the vet yesterday. She is really chewing at her feet. She is chewing so much that she made her chin all raw!

The vet said at this point it could be seasonal allergies. UGH! He did another test just to make it isn't mites and we couldn't come up with anything. BUT just to be safe we have her some more topical medicine and the vet gave her a shot for her allergies.

Everyone at the office said she does look really good. That makes me feel better because I see her everyday so it is hard to notice.

I will try to get some pictures up this weekend of her.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally some good news!

My sweet little Malcolm was scheduled to be put to sleep on Tuesday because he was sick and we couldn't fix him. My wonderful vet just couldn't do it and suggested we run more tests. Good news he might not be as sick as we thought. He may just have a low sodium and potassium deficiency which is treated with baking soda and banana's! YAY!! We have him on that now and I should start to see results in 3 days. PRAY FOR US!!!

The 4 dogs I adopted out on Saturday are doing well. Carl, now Buckeye came down with a sinus infection so I picked him up yesterday to treat him. No big deal, rest and some medicine. I brought him home because I didn't think it was fair to the family to have a sick dog. He will probably be going home tomorrow.

Regal came back to me last weekend. Her new brother and sister just couldn't handle her energy and they were getting mad at her. So, she is on a 10 day trial with a new family that doesn't have any other older dogs! Hopefully that poor sweet girl can finally have a home.

This really great lady came out with her two cute puppies the other night and met Teka. She really seemed to love her. So, hopefully that will work out.

The family that took Dorothy home for a trial decide it wasn't going to work but that is ok. They learned alot about Dorothy and what Dorothy likes and doesn't like so now it should be a lot easier to find Dorothy a forever home. They are probably going to get another dog but will wait till summer is over and they aren't running around every weekend. You know how that goes...

There is a family that is going to come see Spud either this Sunday or next. I am really hoping for this Sunday because I could use the room. I am getting two new dogs today and there are few other that I am trying to get out of shelters before it is too late :-( Already too late for a 3rd one that I wanted to get out...poor baby.

I think that is it for what is going on.

Oh FRAN!! She has another vet appointment this week. She is doing better but has had runny stool the last few days and has had a few accidents in the house. They all seem to be at night when everyone is sleeping and right by the door. Poor girl. Last night she pooped 3 times in the dinning room. YUK!

Her skin isn't pink everywhere and her neck isn't as gross as it was before so we were able to put her collar back on her. She is eating at her feet and her chin is all raw and red. That just showed up the other day. So, good thing we are going to the vet. My poor million dollar baby.

People have been very help full with her medical bills. One nice guy Mr. Legg sent a very generous donation and really wants to adopt her. I sent him an application so hopefully he completes it. Sounds like just a super nice guy.

Well cross your fingers and PRAY! That some of these babied find homes soon. Some have been with me too long.

Puppy Mill kills 80 dogs!

Legal killing of 80 dogs outrages
Advocates push for new legislation
Intelligencer Journal
Published: Aug 14, 2008
01:21 EST


Two Berks County commercial kennel operators shot and killed 80 dogs after dog wardens ordered some of the animals be examined by veterinarians, state dog law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

And because they broke no current Pennsylvania law by slaughtering the dogs, animal advocates and some lawmakers are outraged.

Elmer Zimmerman of Kutztown shot 70 dogs after an inspection last month, officials of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement said.

His brother, Ammon Zimmerman, operator of a kennel next door, shot 10 of his own dogs, officials said.

"We went out on July 24 and inspected Elmer's kennel. There were various kennel violations we said we'd be citing them for, and the warden ordered vet checks on 39 dogs," said Jessie Smith, deputy secretary of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. "(Elmer Zimmerman) told the warden, 'I think I'm going out of business.' We suggested that he surrender the dogs, but he was not agreeable to that. Then he called the warden back over the weekend and said he shot the dogs."

Wardens had ordered vet checks for dogs with flea and fly bites. They also issued citations for keeping the dogs in extreme heat, with insufficient bedding and in cages with floors that could allow their paws to fall through.

Elmer Zimmerman told The Philadelphia Inquirer he feared the state was trying to close his kennel and said a veterinarian recommended destroying the dogs.

"They were old, and we were hearing that (officials) don't want kennels anymore," he said. "The best thing to do was get rid of them."

Ammon Zimmerman told a reporter the decision to destroy the dogs was "none of your business."

The incident has outraged animal advocates and strengthened resolve of backers of House Bill 2525, which seeks to improve life for dogs living in the state's commercial breeding kennels. H.B. 2525 includes a provision that would prohibit commercial breeders from shooting their own dogs by requiring euthanization by a veterinarian.

"The governor is very, very upset by this," Teresa Candori, spokeswoman for Gov. Ed Rendell, said. "He is a dog lover, and he's outraged by this news. He believes this is evidence that House Bill 2525 is desperately needed."

For Smith's part, she believes money was at the root of the Zimmermans' actions.

"That someone would shoot 70 dogs rather than spend money to do a vet check is extremely problematic," Smith said.

Still, she said she doesn't know why the Zimmermans chose to kill their breeder dogs rather than turn them over to any of the dozens of shelters, rescue groups and others willing to take even sick and ailing animals discarded by commercial breeding kennels.

Asked if she thought the Zimmermans were sending a message to the bureau that dog law enforcement will not be tolerated by kennel operators, Smith replied, "I sure don't want to say that. But I wouldn't say I think you're wrong in analyzing it that way."

An insight into the Zimmermans' actions might lie in what happened last month to Limestone Kennel owner John Blank, who also said at the time that he was closing down his Cochranville kennel.

Blank, 54, offered free breeder dogs in a Lancaster newspaper ad and unknowingly gave nine dogs to members of Main Line Animal Rescue. Based on the dogs' ailing condition, MLAR tipped off Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which sent an undercover agent to the kennel.

Blank illegally sold the agent a sickly 3-week-old puppy that died from dehydration a short time later. Pennsylvania law prohibits puppies younger than 7 weeks from being sold.

Within days, PSPCA raided Blank's kennel ­ with a film crew from a national television show in tow. They seized dogs with eyes missing due to untreated disease, severed ears, abscesses, skin conditions and splayed feet from years of standing in wire-floored cages.

Within a matter of days, the Bureau revoked Blank's license to operate Limestone Kennel, a move Blank didn't contest.

A crew from Animal Planet's "Animal Cops: Philadelphia" filmed Blank being led away in handcuffs to face three misdemeanor counts and 23 summary charges of animal cruelty for the condition of his dogs.

As part of a plea agreement, Blank surrendered 66 dogs to PSPCA. He pleaded guilty to eight summary counts of animal cruelty, two summary counts of failing to maintain a sanitary and humane kennel and one summary count of harassment.

He was fined $576, placed on 2 years' probation and forbidden from ever operating a kennel.

Blank was permitted to keep two pet dogs. He also agreed to unannounced inspections by bureau wardens and officers from Chester County Adult Probation.

"Unfortunately, under current law, kennel owners may kill their dogs for any reason, even if it is simply to save money," H.B. 2525's prime sponsor Rep. James E. Casorio Jr. of Westmoreland County wrote in a Friday press release in response to the Zimmerman killings.

"In just the past few weeks, we have been reminded of the horrors that take place in some of these commercial kennels. It is clear that the people who want my bill blocked view the dogs in their care simply as livestock ­ an expendable commodity … ," Casorio wrote. "Dogs continue to suffer and die in Pennsylvania because this group of legislators has chosen to protect irresponsible kennel owners at the expense of thousands of dogs who are sick, suffering and even being killed."

Ken Brandt, lobbyist for the Pennsylvania Professional Dog Breeders' Association, which opposes H.B. 2525, said his group didn't support the Zimmermans' actions. He said there were other ways to resolve the situation, "like in a court."

Both Zimmermans surrendered their kennel licenses. Elmer Zimmerman pleaded guilty to four dog-law violations, Smith said.

Meanwhile, animal advocates are being urged to come to the Kutztown area for a candlelight memorial service Friday night "to memorialize and remember 80 dogs and puppies who died a sudden, tragic death, but who suffer no longer." Participants should bring a candle and meet at Kutztown and Hottenstein roads at 8 p.m.

For more information about the vigil, go to North Penn Puppy Mill Watch's Web site, For more information about H.B. 2525, go to

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend up dated

Well I am pretty much an emotional basket case. I am so lost without my dog. She was my shadow, she went everywhere with me and all of a sudden GONE! She wasn't old, she wasn't sick, nothing!

I had an adoption event on Saturday. I was a mess, keeping it together was so hard. But I did sort of.. and 4 dogs were adopted into great homes! We were so busy that I was supposed to leave at 3pm and didn't even get home till 5:30... LOL!

Sunday I felt like do absolutely NOTHING! So, that is exactly what I did... NOTHING.

The dogs were exhausted from Saturday so Sunday was a quiet day.

Monday was back to the daily routine.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Penny Died today

Born (guess date she was a rescue) September 10, 2005

Died August 8, 2008

I miss you more then you will ever know, my Penny. Tonight will be hard to sleep without you. My sweet little girl.

It is the weekend!


Did I mention that there are dogs everywhere.. LOL!!

I have offically run out of room to put them. Fran is living in my house full time doing well. She actually was running around yesterday wanting play. SO CUTE!!

I have 3 kennels. Large ones for my rescue. I really don't like to have more then 2 big dogs.. 3 is the max in a kennel and 4 little dogs in one kennel. 3 is really the prefect number. Well I have every kennel full.

Kennel #1 has 4 dogs.

Kennel #2 has 3 dogs

Kennely #3 has 2 big dogs one smallish dog

3 dogs in my barn and Fran in the house!

Offically out of room. No where to put one single more dog! UGH!

Ok, so the good news. ADOPTION EVENT TOMORROW!! YAY!!!!!

With any luck some will find homes. The last event I had at this place 5 dogs found homes. Here is to hoping that happens again.

So, today is one crazy day. I am leaving work a little early running to a vet office (not my normal vet) picking up Ally who was spayed today, driving to Sandusky to pick up 5 more dogs that were in Toledo having surgery and 2 more foster dogs. I am then going home letting everyone play a little, giving bathes to the monsters, making sure I have everything ready for tomorrow, loading crates in the van, cleaning kennels, giving everyone fresh food and water, giving medicine to those who need it and then putting everyone away.

How many dogs is that???? 13 dogs living at my house! No wait 14 with Fran, 18 if you count the ones I own.

HOLY COW! Yea, I am full. No more doggies till some of these get perfect forever homes. LOL!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend up date... including another Fran update

So, Saturday this really nice couple came out and fell in LOVE with Dorothy. My crazy little puppy mill dog that I pulled from a small pound south of Columbus. I LOVE this dog she is so darn cute but she is a little crazy. But can't really blame her she did spend her first few years trapped in a wire cage with no human contact!

Anyways, despite me telling them she is different they wanted to try. That is when you know someone is a good person. You tell them all the bad things about the dog they want and it doesn't change their mind.

To make sure that it was going to be a good match for everyone the family took Dorothy home for a trial. I normally don't need this but Dorothy is a special case and I need to make sure Dorothy and the family will be happy forever.

So far so good. I spoke with the family Saturday late afternoon and they emailed me this morning. Dorothy is settling in and learning to be a normal dog. I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Tony my newest addition to foster family was adopted last night. Thanks to my friend Carla who saved him from the pound and then got him vetted for me, he is now safe FOREVER!

Ringo was a totally ham to a couple that came over... Thursday night I think it was so he is going home with them on Tuesday night!

I think that is all the good news I have about adoptions for right now.

Now for Fran. OMG she is so darn cute. This morning I called for all the dogs to go outside with me to feed horses... everyone came running including Fran. You should see her run. It is kinda funny. She has these long legs and I am not sure she knows where to put them. She runs with her head down, back in an arch and tail down as if she did something wrong. She is just scared but trying to be a normal dog.

She lets all the other dogs go first and then runs out after them. I went in the barn fed horses and went back up to the house. I called everyone to come back in the house but didn't see Fran. So, I walked around back calling her name. She came RUNNING as fast as she could to me from the back yard / tree line. OMG it was so freaking cute.

I took all the dogs in the house and gave them each a cookie. Fran takes her cookie and runs in the living room and jumps up on the couch to eat it. So, no one can bother her. Then back to the closet for some more sleep in her dog bed... LOL!!

She is so freaking cute.

Oh and the medicine seems to be working. Her skin isn't hot any more!! Still smells but not hot!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Fran Update

So, I took Fran to the vet on Friday. The vet seems to think she looks better. I don't but then again I see her everyday so maybe she does.

We put her on some really strong medication. I hope it helps. She definitely has a bad skin infection from all the scratching :-( The medication should help the skin infection and hopefully she will stop being so itchy.

She was getting a lot of love and attention at the vet office. Everyone that walked in couldn't get enough of her and stop petting her. She was loving every minute of it. She just loves attention but you can tell she just isn't 100% sure what people are going to do... pet her or hit her :-(

When I first got her last week I had her separated from everyone living in big crate and getting walked 6 times a day. I wasn't sure if her skin issues would be contagious and had to wait for the lab results.

On Tuesday she was definitely feeling better I let her run around the yard with all the other dogs. She really seemed to enjoy herself. Instead of keeping her separate and alone I went a head and put her in the kennels with everyone. However, when I brought her home from the vet on Friday I decide to just keep her in the house.

The vet gave me special shampoo and medicine for her so I figured it would just be easy to keep an eye on her in the house.

So, last night I was watching TV and realized I wasn't sure where she was. I went looking for her and for some reason I had a feeling I should check the coat closet in the kitchen. Yep, there she was sound a sleep on the floor. All rolled up like a cat would sleep. I figured she must like it in there so I took the dog bed and put it in the closet for her. I then put her in the dog bed. She couldn't have been happier!

She is so darn cute! You call her name she will come out of the closet and check out what you want. She goes outside to go potty every time to tell her to. I don't need a leash or anything. I just say come on Fran, go out side, go potty and she does. When she comes back in the house she will walk around for a minute and then it is straight back into the closet.

Here are some pictures of her in the closet!
And here is one picture of her coming out of the closet!! The closet is where those red curtains are behind her.