Friday, August 8, 2008

It is the weekend!


Did I mention that there are dogs everywhere.. LOL!!

I have offically run out of room to put them. Fran is living in my house full time doing well. She actually was running around yesterday wanting play. SO CUTE!!

I have 3 kennels. Large ones for my rescue. I really don't like to have more then 2 big dogs.. 3 is the max in a kennel and 4 little dogs in one kennel. 3 is really the prefect number. Well I have every kennel full.

Kennel #1 has 4 dogs.

Kennel #2 has 3 dogs

Kennely #3 has 2 big dogs one smallish dog

3 dogs in my barn and Fran in the house!

Offically out of room. No where to put one single more dog! UGH!

Ok, so the good news. ADOPTION EVENT TOMORROW!! YAY!!!!!

With any luck some will find homes. The last event I had at this place 5 dogs found homes. Here is to hoping that happens again.

So, today is one crazy day. I am leaving work a little early running to a vet office (not my normal vet) picking up Ally who was spayed today, driving to Sandusky to pick up 5 more dogs that were in Toledo having surgery and 2 more foster dogs. I am then going home letting everyone play a little, giving bathes to the monsters, making sure I have everything ready for tomorrow, loading crates in the van, cleaning kennels, giving everyone fresh food and water, giving medicine to those who need it and then putting everyone away.

How many dogs is that???? 13 dogs living at my house! No wait 14 with Fran, 18 if you count the ones I own.

HOLY COW! Yea, I am full. No more doggies till some of these get perfect forever homes. LOL!!

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