Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend up date... including another Fran update

So, Saturday this really nice couple came out and fell in LOVE with Dorothy. My crazy little puppy mill dog that I pulled from a small pound south of Columbus. I LOVE this dog she is so darn cute but she is a little crazy. But can't really blame her she did spend her first few years trapped in a wire cage with no human contact!

Anyways, despite me telling them she is different they wanted to try. That is when you know someone is a good person. You tell them all the bad things about the dog they want and it doesn't change their mind.

To make sure that it was going to be a good match for everyone the family took Dorothy home for a trial. I normally don't need this but Dorothy is a special case and I need to make sure Dorothy and the family will be happy forever.

So far so good. I spoke with the family Saturday late afternoon and they emailed me this morning. Dorothy is settling in and learning to be a normal dog. I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Tony my newest addition to foster family was adopted last night. Thanks to my friend Carla who saved him from the pound and then got him vetted for me, he is now safe FOREVER!

Ringo was a totally ham to a couple that came over... Thursday night I think it was so he is going home with them on Tuesday night!

I think that is all the good news I have about adoptions for right now.

Now for Fran. OMG she is so darn cute. This morning I called for all the dogs to go outside with me to feed horses... everyone came running including Fran. You should see her run. It is kinda funny. She has these long legs and I am not sure she knows where to put them. She runs with her head down, back in an arch and tail down as if she did something wrong. She is just scared but trying to be a normal dog.

She lets all the other dogs go first and then runs out after them. I went in the barn fed horses and went back up to the house. I called everyone to come back in the house but didn't see Fran. So, I walked around back calling her name. She came RUNNING as fast as she could to me from the back yard / tree line. OMG it was so freaking cute.

I took all the dogs in the house and gave them each a cookie. Fran takes her cookie and runs in the living room and jumps up on the couch to eat it. So, no one can bother her. Then back to the closet for some more sleep in her dog bed... LOL!!

She is so freaking cute.

Oh and the medicine seems to be working. Her skin isn't hot any more!! Still smells but not hot!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I came across the picture of Fran while looking at other dogs for adoption. I already have two dogs and a cat, but I was helping my friend who was looking to adopt. She has since found a great dog to rescue and is very happy! I think about Fran and hope that she continues to thrive in your loving environment!! I will pray for her recovery! Please continue to post on her condition. I am planning on donating money and a toy for this cutie! God bless! Christine