Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekly update....

What a crazy week and last week were just crazy busy. Not really with dogs just with life.

Well things are going pretty good. I checked Pet Finder today and called Ohio Pounds to check on JRT's and it looks like I am in the free and clear... for now anyways.. LOL!! Nothing needs me. That is honestly a good thing.

I have two families coming out tonight to see Razzel and Rose. Hopefully they will like them.

I am getting a 12 week old puppy today. Some college girl got it from some old guy that was given the puppy as a gift but it was too much for him to handle and not the college girl is learning VERY quickly how much work a puppy is and a JRT puppy at that.

I LOVE PUPPIES but not living at my house.. LOL!! They are so much work. LOL!! I will post some pictures when I get him. I bet he is CUTE!! I hope he still has puppy breath. That is the best. I am sure by the time the weekend is over I will be sending an email to my volunteers asking if anyone wants to foster him.. LOL!!

Well I am getting ready for the annual fund raiser. Hopefully it is a success. Looks like we are going to have a lot of cool things at the fund raiser. A lady that adopt a dog from me is going to bring her agility stuff out and set it up so people can see what their dogs can do. That is going to be SO much fun, I can't wait. I am going to have micro chipping, a tag making company and a two dog groomers and a lady who owns a dog boarding facility there too.

I have some REALLY cool raffle prizes including a 1 week stay in a condo in Florida.

So much fun! Now, I just have to get the food. UGH! I want to buy it all right now so I can have everything done and organized but I don't think food is going to last till next Saturday... LOL!!

Well fingers crossed that Rose and Razzel find homes tonight!

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