Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Fran Update

So, I took Fran to the vet on Friday. The vet seems to think she looks better. I don't but then again I see her everyday so maybe she does.

We put her on some really strong medication. I hope it helps. She definitely has a bad skin infection from all the scratching :-( The medication should help the skin infection and hopefully she will stop being so itchy.

She was getting a lot of love and attention at the vet office. Everyone that walked in couldn't get enough of her and stop petting her. She was loving every minute of it. She just loves attention but you can tell she just isn't 100% sure what people are going to do... pet her or hit her :-(

When I first got her last week I had her separated from everyone living in big crate and getting walked 6 times a day. I wasn't sure if her skin issues would be contagious and had to wait for the lab results.

On Tuesday she was definitely feeling better I let her run around the yard with all the other dogs. She really seemed to enjoy herself. Instead of keeping her separate and alone I went a head and put her in the kennels with everyone. However, when I brought her home from the vet on Friday I decide to just keep her in the house.

The vet gave me special shampoo and medicine for her so I figured it would just be easy to keep an eye on her in the house.

So, last night I was watching TV and realized I wasn't sure where she was. I went looking for her and for some reason I had a feeling I should check the coat closet in the kitchen. Yep, there she was sound a sleep on the floor. All rolled up like a cat would sleep. I figured she must like it in there so I took the dog bed and put it in the closet for her. I then put her in the dog bed. She couldn't have been happier!

She is so darn cute! You call her name she will come out of the closet and check out what you want. She goes outside to go potty every time to tell her to. I don't need a leash or anything. I just say come on Fran, go out side, go potty and she does. When she comes back in the house she will walk around for a minute and then it is straight back into the closet.

Here are some pictures of her in the closet!
And here is one picture of her coming out of the closet!! The closet is where those red curtains are behind her.


dara.legg said...

How can I get in touch with you? My husband and I are in love with the pictures of little Fran, and can give her a good home when she's ready. We have had JRTs in our lives for the last 15 years. I'm horrible at the Internet and can't find your number.......

beth said...

I love Fran. She is so precious, she has stolen my heart. I have 4 JRT's that I have rescued. Angel 4yrs, Bailey 3yrs, Charlie 2yrs, and Daisy 2yrs. Fran would be a great addition to our happy family. Please let me know where I can send money to help with her treatment. Also, I would like information on how to adopt her. We would take wonderful care of her, and I am sure she would just love to run and play with my puppies!!!!!!!!!

nrsbeth said...

I am sorry I did not give you my email address. it is thank you, beth